The Undead Center and Budget Cuts

On The Undead Center and Budget Cuts!!

The debate over Bernie Sanders version of post-trotskyite democratic socialism is an educational one; look what happened to Trotsky. The right in seeking to invoke the usual groundless fears, urges the average American to consider Stalinist Russian purges, slave camps, targeted repression of both individuals and groups conveniently forgetting the subversive fascist initiatives already instituted by their own powers behind the throne; think Carl Rove eliminating his election IT man who ended up in the garbage dump; one very inconvenient individual and that cool subversive drug war with the SWAT raids and the machine guns killing off those bad ole black people in those durned dirty slums. Then there’s the rage imagined against the brown and black outgroups and the fear of what could happen if we actually did return to adequate Keynesian economic pump-priming; a working diversified local-regional economy complete with adequate housing, food and medical care, oh, the horror. Let’s just remember who the real failure was in the 1980’s; Newt Gingrich first cutting all kinds of budgets to the bone and then demonizing the people affected by the consequent collapse while falsely alleging that the previous status quo was failing when actually it worked much better than anything he did; remember tax breaks have actually been found to NOT create any new jobs, another inconvenient fact.
What we all seem to be afraid of is a predatory politicized enslaving totalitarianism that can emerge from a variety of sectors and scenarios. Given the present huge inequality of resources, the only voices actually heard are only those voices previously vetted as “acceptable” to their elite benefactors while other dissenting voices are on their own. Well guess what? When a proposed policy is not vetted adequately by critical voices and brains, and the number of brains is limited to those who are parroting the properly optimistic message desired, all you get is the positivist crap that led to the 2008 bank fraud/collapse which by the way, still remains practically uninvestigated by the legal authorities. Why? GW Bush wouldn’t allow it; we all know what happened there, It was just like the greek “crash”; Goldman Sachs role was conveniently hidden by who? Those who stood to lose if a properly independent and critical investigation actually took place.
I digress. In a peerfect world, this is what I wanted to see. I wanted the credit wasted bailing out the present outdated and now death-dealing paradigm redirected to main street and the lives of our people, rather than just to the usual extortionate suspects on Wall Street and overseas. When combined with adequate wage increases, this would have acted to reverse the present demand crisis-long term recession/depression that the present misleaders are taking advantage of. Is making sure the elderly/disabled get adequate resources to survive their old age with some quality of life OK with you? Is making sure that all children receive and adequate education for an increasingly skill-centric job market OK with you? Is replacing aging infrastructure with newer better stuff OK with you (remember those pesky aging nuclear plants that are now licensed beyond their safe operating lifespan). Because so far, your “free market” final solutions have proven time and again to be abject failures for the majority of the American people, you know, the ones who are deemed to be “acceptably disposable” by your friends; the Kochs and their one percenter friends. The real lesson here is that contrived theories concocted out of thin air have proven historically time and again to be wrong-headed; clearly some kind of mixed real world responses are necessary especially in the present crisis where lives are actually on the line. Yup, those old folks really did freeze to death in the UK when David Cameron “stuck to his guns”, murdering off thousands of those innocent middle eastern people while gutting his domestic budget to do so to support an outdated energy paradigm that will kill us off in time. Of course,, that would take thinking about someone other than yourself sometimes.
Lyle Courtsal


Nazis and Bugs

Dear People,
I wrote this on your site. It said that your sql syntax would not take comments on the Mumia petition so here it is. 25% of the prison population and 25% of the homeless population have hepatitis C. Drug price for curing it is a whopping $84,000 per 83 day course. A study found that drug pricing had nothing to do with research and development costs and everything to do with an exploitative monopoly taking advantage of the consuming public and the taxpayer. What do you think their costs of production are? I’ll bet you it’s a lot less than $84,000 per treatment course.
And lets take a look at the history of the AIDS virus, which is most likely an engineered virus, as in cobbled together in a lab and then spread in the population. When AIDS first emerged in the 1980s, it did not spread like a naturally occurring plague or disease. It was believed to have been spread in a hepatitis B vaccine and emerged in a targeted population in three US cities LA, NY, and San Francisco. Then up jumps the nazi GHW Bush who says AIDS is the judgement of God; no, it is the warped actions of an antichristic proto-nazi and friends who wants to ill and kill off 1/3rd to 2/5ths of an affected targeted people. Take a look at the AIDS spread in Africa; this is not the only time that nazis spread bugs and killed large numbers of people, but it is one of the hardest diseases to reverse, but reverse it we did; cannabis was used to reverse wasting syndrome. It gives you the munchies as your body de-stresses. I got a great video of some patients talking about just that and being as running alcohol during prohibition runs in our family bloodline, I ran the cannabis when it was illegal for AIDS patients during the murdering 80s so they would survive wasting syndrome; I am a real and a proud American and a Christian as well.
I digress. 25% of the homeless population has hepatitis C and 25% of the prison population has hepatitis C. So a drug price of $84,000 a treatment course is just plain highway robbery. What is the cost+ 5% of development and production? One helluva lot lower than $84,000 per course. What is more than a little interesting and terrifying is that some people would weaponize a virus strain to kill off a large number of a targeted population This is what happened in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe in the middle 1980’s; the nazis in the apartheid south african CIO spread anthrax and even marburg in six provinces of Zimbabwe during a regional brushfire war that ultimately got the colonialists run out of that country.
The book Doctor Mary’s Monkey covers how AIDS was made using shotgun gene manipulation during the early 1960’s and then “improved” over time. Now we see hepatitis C; both bugs mutate randomly and often so it is real hard to develop a healthcare response that works for a long time because you have to adapt the medicine for the new strain that is still constantly re-mutating. Sick. . . One can see how it is that the killer combination of hunger, malnutrition, and AIDS kills so many people living in fourth world poverty conditions. And that is not the only weaponized bug spread in Africa during the murdering 80’s. The history detailed in the book Rhodesian Front War by Henrik Ellert tells how both anthrax and marburg are believed to have been spread intentionally in six provinces in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe to ill and kill off the people in the way of “progress” there. There’s also experimentation in prisons and psych hospitals that goes on too. I received an e-mail at the WTO N30 ’99 protests shutdown that Kissinger-Ferguson at the State Department office of population affairs were going around to countries telling them that if they didn’t reduce their population by 1/3rd, that they would come in, start a civil war, and kill then off that way. And this is Killary’s good buddy.
So the nazis taking power in the US now propose cutting food stamps, housing, medical access, mass transportation, and higher education; that ought to ruin what is left of our neighborhoods and also eliminate those who are vulnerable, isolated, and living with chronic health conditions unsupported, you know, like the old folks. You’re shit out of luck if you don’t have health insurance in the New World Order; forget about most doctors in the US delivering healthcare for free, ain’t happening but there are beautiful exceptions who have retained their humanity. I have seen the police run people out of the local hospital untreated because they didn’t have health insurance and they were in real bad shape sometimes. That is a huge violation of the hippocratic oath, but some doctors are just plain psychos who should’ve never entered the profession; witness the one in San Francisco that ran a cannabis user out of the hospital because he thought it was messing up his lungs; dumbasse whiner. It actually clears your lungs.
What will reverse this slide into hell? A well developed grassroots movement that truly understands what is at stake with the drug war and the fascist corruption of culture and society in general. Everything about the mass murders of the Third Reich was legal and culturally affirmed; the german people went on to kill jews and other targeted peoples after the war had ended and other nations cooperated with this culturally sanctioned barbarity. And similarly there are people in the US indoctrinated to feel justified in illing and killing people off who use words like malingerer, lazy, comminist, queer, muslim, terrorist, etc., to justify their supremacist rage. Someone other than their fearless leader has to be the problem and so off they go on the delusional blame game. That is why I so appreciated the works of Wilhelm Reich describing the cultural roots of nativist fascism in the US and it’s various justifications for repression, exploitation, and mass murder. And this is why I took his work much further in my ebook on the drug war.
So take a look at the article in Third World Quarterly volume 23, #6 pp. 1159-1179 by Ian Martinez on the use of biological weapons in that war in Zimbabwe. That may have been where the anthrax spreader person of interest Stephen Hatfill may have gotten his start. And remember how it was that the Rainbow Gathering in Dick Cheney’s home state of Wyoming was attacked by a spray plane spreading water contaminated by giardia, making everyone sick during that festival. You could just hear the nazis saying goddamn dirty hippies should be made sick because they ain’t planet killing nazis like us. . . . And that is also why it is that if there is a shred of humanity left in corporate fascist Amerikkka, they should get the price of the hepatitis C drug down to where it can be effectively purchased and used by the peoples that need it; because there really is something much, much more important than the mere short term bottom line; like the lives of Mumia Abu-Jamal and others wrongfully sentenced to way too long in a prison system that makes a mockery of justice every day it works. Remember Angola and think how many people slave away in US prisons for cents on the dollar these days taking jobs away from us while making the new nazis of the global corporate plantation rich; that’s why they go to hell in the end.
Lyle Courtsal,,,,, and three good books; The Phoenix Program, by Douglas Valentine, In the Land of Hungry Ghosts, by Gabor Mate’ MD, and The Final Mission: Spooky 8, by Bob King.
PS MY daddy did long range trips in the north atlantic with the coast guard; that’s when I learned that it was more important to survive and outlast them than try and best them in combat. STAY ALIVE LOVERS AND FIGHTERS. We’re in this for the long haul.

Bad Cannabis Research. . . .

Dear People,
Just been considering all the research out there that has been cherry picked for the big propaganda outlets out there. I remember how low it got when I-502 was in play. The gal who beheaded her child was on pot AND PCP and also really socially isolated, depressed, and abandoned by the rest of the yuppies racing to work.
Then there was Dharma Rosada. The white pigs in Seattle tried to say it was pot that drove her to suicide; nope, a whole lot of women who are violently sexually assaulted are parasuicidal for a long, long time after.
Then there was the New Zealand longitudinal study passed into the big propaganda outlets via Columbia University. Done by a grad student, It neglected to factor in socioeconomic factors like having a conscience and choosing your own way in it’s subjective evaluation of what added up to “success” in an ascendent dictatorship like the US; Hey, I got a bridge for sale, cheap. But the study I really do love came from that found that teen suicide rates were lower in states where medical marijuana was legal; that’s the ticket!! Then consider this: brain malnutrition is the real causal factor behind the memory loss, not the cannabis and is reversible ( and the nutritional medicine section (Archie Kalokerinos) on megavitamin therapy). And what one uncovers more and more as one continues the conversation is that they have no rational reason for hating cannabis and hippies other than the bright colors, long hair, and that durned loud music. Aaahh, go away, get old, and hate on someone else, will ya? Keep on fighting, we’re winning. Let’s get 1,000,000+ people out of jail.
Lyle Courtsal,,, and three good books; The Phoenix Program, by Douglas Valentine, In the Land of Hungry Ghosts, by Gabor Mate’ MD., and The Final Mission: Spooky 8, by Bob King.

It’s a Declared Corporate Fascist Open Season on the American People and Cannabis.

Yup, facts and perspective be damned; the nazis are deadset against cannabis being legalized responsibly. All the lies, all the false allegations, all the crap that I have been reading about the noble weed are back in the propaganda rags again. And gawd, these pigs have never gone lower in their stinking drunken lives either. First the nazi puppet in Theattle tries to blame the suicide of a woman on cannabis when she had been abused and then left without help for decades, actually isolated by the ravages of poverty and left uncared for by the Bush-Reagan budget cuts in the 1980’s. That’s what really killed her; none of you cared enough about her to reach out, meet her and get into her world with her a little, you know, treat her like a human being and be a friend to her. Whaddaya expect from Theattle, decency and responsibility? Forget it, it’s a loser yuppie fascist town; that’s what happens when you give computer geeks too much money and not enough love. They’re just plain insipid, nasty. and arrogant, especially when they don’t have a clue. To see them get off on the power they imagine wield in those murdering computer games is so educational about why this nation fails again and again and again. Overkill again, ya fawking nazis. I digress.
So on to the next one. Yahoo “news” is always kind of sensationalist and braindead too, seeking to always make weird assertions seem normal. So suddenly today, a month before some really bad cannabis bills hit the elections this year, the nazi pigs suddenly start in with the crap.Omigawd, fido is getting into it and dying. Why didn’t I hear about this years ago? Why now? Because the nazis don’t want it legal; it works too good and it doesn’t kill off enough people. The stupid white pig fascist at in Theattle waited until no one could respond and hit it with the crap illogic that is not even responsible science but that crap nazi rag never did anything outside the box it’s advertisers made for them to die in; they bent over shamelessly and repeatedly for the nazi bucks. You know about Coors, don’t you?
So the horror stories about Fido, and the lies about the causality of Dharma Rosada’s suicide and that should be enough to really kill off the thought of getting 1,000,000 people out of prison in the US drag. This just proves just how lousy, worthless, selfish, dumb, immoral, and just plain inhumane and braindead most average subhuman amerikkkans really are, you know, the normies. The pigs in Theattle first tried to make out like they weren’t the reefer madness types, but that is how most irresponsible drunken sensationalists are; they try and preface the bullshit by saying they’re not. And you can tell when they know they’re pumping crap because you have no way to reach them and call them on it. They know that they are at that stage in their career that they must pump crap in order to further their career or they won’t ascend and become a 100% completely sold out corporate propagandist. They must lay it down for the boss or they’re fired. The crap drunks in Theattle hate hippies so they were always making fun of them; somehow peace and love wasn’t enough for them. They longed for the good old days; they wanted to fly B-52’s and kill millions of peasants and entire regions of biota jest like their parents in the good old days in 50’s era fascist amerikkka.
So I go and raise hell with of all sites; I got this braindead tirade from Rob Kall even before he read it. How dare I call a fellow journalist an irresponsible hack? Well Rob, because he was one. And that is what makes me wonder about you too, Rob, because you can’t handle the idea that a person could be wrong and that is why it is that I respond to crap when I read it. So go ahead, pig, censor me. You’re just one more stupid pig fascist ruining the country and the future when you make that choice, asshole. And you pose as being so cool, but really you’re just cold now, because you wouldn’t care about those 1,500,000 people wrongly held in our huge prison system; a sign of your failure both as a person and as a journalist. And that is why it is we continue to go totally wrong as a nation and a people once again on a crucial issue that affects 10’s of millions of peoples’ lives. That’s why the global nazi pigs torched Branson’s island home; because he dared say the right thing and disrupt a corporate fascist nightmare by doing the right thing for millions and millions of voiceless, defenseless people. And that should be what journalism is all about. Canada figured it out, but they are way smarter than we are as a people. That’s what free health care and higher education does for a people; it frees them from the shackles of fear and the lies that bind up their hearts, lives, and futures. F#@k you, Rob. Burn in hell, you gutless fascist yuppie hack scum; look, you got overcooked bulls&%t on your sleeve where your heart should be.
Lyle Courtsal

Towards a Humane, Workable Future.

HOMELESSNESS/POVERTY: the center-right response to homelessness in Seattle has been grossly inadequate for the last 100+ years, except for ten years in the 60’s and 70’s when the brook amendment housing provided adequate subsidies for housing all people; 1/4th income for rent, no income, no rent. Those standards have been steadily degraded ever since by both parties as they gradually got more and more bought off. Here are some other Great Society programs that worked that have been gutted by the privatization of survival services initiated by the republicans. It is a shame that the “liberals” you misrepresent and romanticize did not bring up the cuts to these programs as important. When you put the actions of the “violent” protesters baited by the police and also abused and singled out for their politics and even their appearance at school and even at home, you should be able to understand why it is that sometimes people get violent when you only report attacks on the police and white enfranchised people, not poor people, especially people of color. Poor people in general are under attacks from a variety of sources both at home and at work most every day, and that’s why people get violent and suddenly snap and commit seemingly senseless violence. This is because we are constantly subjected to harassments and abuses of our rights every day,especially poor people living in isolation and poverty intentionally inflicted on them every day. This is why I put so much effort into understanding and responding to the daily depravity of the drug war and our devolving have-have not corporate dictatorship.
Budget Cuts, Wage Cuts, Economic De-Regulation drive
Depression, Job, and Home Losses

Home foreclosures are just one of many negative economic consequences of the budget cuts the nazis, eerrr republicans have been doing. How many jobs have been lost over the last forty years of republican/republicratic economic policymaking? The corporados at the Democratic Leadership Council knew that making over the democratic party into just another party that served corporate interests was an essential factor to making a unipolar corporate society dependent upon a few multinational corporations for their socioeconomic survival and everyone else gets thrown overboard, sink or swim. Go lightly into that sweatshop now, no complaining or we shoot you and your friends and their friends too, lucky winner.
I am not accepting throwing old people, the disabled, the homeless, and the undertrained under/unemployed under the bus as part of the “solution” to the manufactured crisis created by criminal right wing budget cutting and debt ceiling mass hysteria. By subsidizing housing, food, medical access, mass transportation, and higher education, we lay a foundation for dealing with a challenging and difficult future in a proactive, constructive, and creative way that includes all of our people, not just the nice looking young ones and the ones already being nickel and dimed to death working for those nicey-nicey nazi corporations.
By restoring funding that has been cut through a financial transaction tax as advocated by national nurses united, Wall St. is made to pay up their share of what they owe us for annihilating our collective future by cutting the budget by cutting taxes on the rich and enabling tax haven tax evasion by them as well. By going beyond doing just the minimum to alleviate poverty and actually doing the job adequately so that people can actually grow up a meaningful future for themselves, we grow up our most precious resource, the minds, abilities, and lives of our people. Most anti-poverty programs and education funding is at levels that are 1/2 to 2/3rds of what would be minimally adequate levels. By restricting economic subsidization, the nazis, eerrr republicans were able to short-circuit FDR’s recovery policies just like the new nazis, eerrr republicans of today sabotaged the stimulus investments.
By the way, Thyssen-Krupp banked the proceeds of the development of the nazi war machine and the slow death slave labor camps through a banking network in Germany, the netherlands, and into the US via the Bush’s, the Dulles Brothers, and Union Bank. Their legacy continues on in dictatorship after dictatorship, death squad after death squad set up by US business interests globally with the US Chamber of Commerce as their front group. Fascism requires slavery for it’s “success” and most people just don’t like slavery especially if they are the ones imprisoned and enslaved. The creation of a new global overclass was the assumption that Donald Trump built on in Miami. The building is still pretty much empty so we must be winning; he lost on that one. So here we are three generations later and the nazi dream of a global network of slave state dictatorships is almost realizable; only Russia and China have yet to comply with the will of the worst people on the planet. What are we missing here? A brain that is actually in touch with the reality of the situation because our leaders seemed to have missed it completely. A minimum level of compassion and understanding, that’s what. It’s up to us now.
We plebes at the bottom of the political crap pile can hardly be induced to vote let alone give a crap. Heck even if you did, they ain’t listening. As always, the pigs are only listening to the money. And money mishandled by braindead right-wingers is the main reason this country is in such really bad shape again. So there’s electoral politics that has become like just another episode of the Lucy and Ricky show; pretty much a deadasse boring center-right corporate propaganda show. Thank God I am old enough that pretending I am interested is no longer required; heck I can even fall asleep if I want to and people won’t even mind anymore. They won’t even check if I’m dead sleeping without breathing for that long. I can count on one thing; no one cares about me, and that is always how it has been; most times the pathetic nazi pigs are holding themselves back from killing me most all the time now. Cool; me and Jesus. . . forever. Where the action is now; is with the congressional committees that you and I have little or no access to. Hey, we elected an arsonist as a lawmaker; you voted them in, now all you have to do is trust them, right? Wrong again but that is the assumption they operate under once they’re in there. Believe me when I tell you, the cuts to survival services will be done quietly, bureaucratically as only totalitarian puppets acting in their own interests can. It ain’t pretty and that’s why they hide it from you. So here are the cuts and their totally inadequate private sector replacements.

–SUBSIDIZED HOUSING; Program was a centerpiece of the Great Society with hugely positive intergenerational outcomes for both poor and minority peoples as well as elderly and disabled people; both educational and cultural. Housing worked in the 70’s because everyone got housed with very little screening out of people. With the republican counter-revolution during the 80’s, that all changed and quickly too. First the rent went up from 1/4 income for rent to 1/3rd, then the no income, no rent provision that preserved vulnerable tenancy went the way of the buffalo. Then the pigs organized entire private communities where the rents were much higher and forced tenants into those communities with the first year paid for at the lower level, but rents were increasing across the board much higher than even most subsidized public housing out there and most of the occupants of these communities were refugees, so forget about getting a good job; they were the wrong color for that. After the republicrats were done with that policy, the rents were fully more than half the average market rate, some of the highest rents in the country.
They took a program that worked for our most vulnerable and needy, and gutted it completely. Paul Schell/Schlactenhaufen, the former mayor of Theattle used to make his money doing HUD condo developments up and down the west coast all the while laundering killer drug proceeds into the deals. His developments did not get one homeless person off the street in his entire time doing these deals. His family had interests in Cargill and he got the family business a 99 year lease to that grain terminal there while mayor. That’s the nazis colluding in fixing grain prices so poor people starve; another new modern day global nazi mass murder. So naturally when the opportunity arose to privatize the Senior Housing and turn it into condos, both parties were on board with that and that is why my friend Dawn Montoya got murdered AND disappeared by both nazified parties in Theattle; Repugnicratic indeed.
So, needless to say, when Newt and the gang came along and said subsidized housing was a “failure”, I had to wonder how and why he would come to that conclusion. It wasn’t a failure before he and his friends cut the budget for the other support services that kept people living viably in the housing. So once again, the criminal nazi pigs create a crisis out of something that worked for decades, then say it was a failure after sabotaging it mercilessly in about every way they could; screening, bullshit rules, drug tests for benefits proposed, sterilization for benefits proposed, and a whole slew of abusive management policies like curfews, cameras, nazi security guards, hostile cops, sleazy greasy politicians who take theirs off the top before you and I, and wacked out crackheads breaking into my room stealing my stuff because I wasn’t a stupid over-militarized nazi sellout like they were; fawk you and your useless empty condos ya dumb thieving pigs. The church based housing nonprofits in Theattle were even worse; no one could come in and see anyone without ID and you had to sign in. They kicked my LRRP friend Billy out of his apartment after 15 years on the street for walking down the hall without a shirt on. This is why people hate anti-christians, because of hair-splitting puritanical nazi bullcrap like this. He was turned down by the Catholics (Archdiocesan Housing Authority) for a man who was employed when he actually needed it more. Like I said, puritannical nazis giving God a bad name. He finally ended up dying of cancer in one of those downtown flophouses they call hotels, and he deserved a lot better than that; I hope he got it three days after he was dead. Like I said, they took what worked, filled it full of bullshit as only republicans and nazis can with the intent of destroying it from within right from the start, and killed her, him, and it; still killing today, goddamn them all to hell.
****Solution: restore original middle 70’s Brook Amendment housing laws; specifically 1/4 income for rent, no income, no rent for eligible people including elderly, disabled, homeless, and under/unemployed people. Restrict background checks and targeted, harassing apt./house searches and evictions by housing authority personnel. Every time I would push for or assert my rights, the pigs at SHA would try and evict me. Remember, all digital keycard systems are also data collection systems that are electrical dependent, and housing authority cameras are on city-wide networks. Do like the worst of the british and just turn off the video cameras when your special ops people do the terror bombings on the subways.

–FOOD STAMPS; Food stamps worked for the majority of americans very well. but the nazis, eerrr republicans decided that it had to go as well. So they started the usual bullshit rule song and dance in order to 1) reduce the benefit amount by low-balling the cost of living. and 2) reducing the people on it by legally rendering them ineligible to get benefits. A fair amount of states keep people from getting food stamps if they are drug addicts with convictions; a serious violation of US law, human rights, and international law. Then in keeping with the privatization initiatives so loved first by the nazis, they started trying to replace what worked, food stamps and adequately funded social security, with what has always failed people in need in Amerikkka historically, food banks and donation baskets. You can’t get a special diet out of a food bank to save your life, so you are another fatality forgotten. All you get out of a food bank is someone asking for ID, illegally putting your name on a military list, and a bunch of crap food that no one else wants to eat. Some of it is probably made in other countries with lower food and pesticide safety standards than the US, so there’s another factor in the nazis’ favor; you’ll die eating crap that isn’t even legal to eat in the US. This isn’t important to most of you until you actually see the pictures of the deformities in the children of the workers poisoned by the crap the banana companies was using as pesticide down there.
***Solution: increase food stamp outlays by 1/3rd for families making less than $50,000/yr.; individuals making less than $14,000/yr.. Allow food stamp recipients to purchase hot deli. food.

–MEDICAL ACCESS; Medicare/Medicaid has been slowly, ever so slowly cut back, cut back, cut back over the last 35 years until the elderly and disabled had no medicine and no adequate healthcare under the budget cuts already put through. Like it or not, a person on the present health insurance out there can’t afford the specialists they will need for their conditions to be properly treated at present payouts. My battered friend will not get the repair surgery required to re-attach the hip replacement; this person was in such pain that it was literally killing her. And the bastard that beat her lied his way out of it too, and had an abuse history that included 8 other women interstate. 1 and a half years; too little in my view for the damage done. Battered women and others will be on survival services for up to 10 years solid depending on the level of violence involved before they will be employable again.
In addition to payouts being too small for many conditions and situations, these programs fail because they do not fund preventive medical strategies as well as alternative/complementary strategies for both preventing and dealing with diseases and other conditions. The guys with the most expensive and death-dealing jobs, the surgeons, repress the preventive strategy that works because if you prevent diseases, not as many people get opened up and worked on. That would be a good thing if you knew anything about just how many mistakes end up dead for whatever was done wrong by whomever that time. A friend informed a friend that he messed up the first 50 he did, then he got it; what a relief, huh. We can definitely do a lot better than this, I know.
****Solutions: increase payouts so that the treatments that are adequate for managing and reversing the persons’ condition and situation are easily accessible for the patient/consumer, so that the patient/consumer has a survivable and adequate quality of life in a patient-centered care model. Adequate high quality medical treatments integrated into a preventive healthcare strategy, means no unnecessary second or third surgeries. Make it so that certified practitioners of alternative/complementary therapies including counseling can be directly compensated for their services without having to go through MD’s.

–MASS TRANSPORTATION; Mass transit service and infrastructure investments were hugely cut and a special target of the new nazis, Grinch and Gramm. These amounted to tens of billions of dollars cut out of mass transit at a pivotal time in it’s development per major city, so the jobs that could have been created by an increase in transit capacity were instead cut, cut, cut and turned into an outsize military budget in the largest “peacetime” military buildup in US history, why just like the nazis, huh. And what does the military do mostly in the US? Free up more oil so they can fuel the military (M1A2 tank gets a half mile per gallon). So yeah, the bus services were cut back to commuter services completely abandoning large parts of the cities that had used to be serviced adequately 24/7 and holidays. Now the bus company where I live is so broke that they don’t run sundays and holidays and the appointments for dial a ride service for the disabled shuts down now at 4pm; thanks notzis for less than nothing again. They cut routes and pulled up so many stops that I didn’t know why they were even running buses on many lines in seattle; and a lot of drivers treated the passengers like crap most all the time. One nasty ole woman made this child get off the bus for having a cup of soup open. Gawd get rid of that one would you please. . !! Of course, the yuppie commuters get the good buses and no video cameras on the bus. And see how highspeed rail is just taking off and leaving us under the republicans. What could be a great rail system is constantly being cut, cut, cut back, then the notzis ridicule what they have actually wrought once again. Well, you cut the funding for it, idiots, it’s all your fault, not mine, idiot pig.
The rates for using buses have gone nothing but up, up, up and the usual excuses are put forward; but it really is them durned nazi budget cutters again. See it is either subsidized like the postal service is, or it isn’t and is no longer affordable for the people who most need it, the elderly, disabled, homeless, and under/unemployed. And for you jerks out there who can only puke up mass media platitudes in response to personal desperation, the US has never adequately employed it’s people in it’s entire history nor has it ever made a serious effort to, except under FDR and into the middle 70’s. Maybe that’s why the captains of industry tried to do a coup against him; they couldn’t make a killing like they were used to under slavery. And what goes around comes around again. Some career logger was saying that he had noticed that the feds weren’t planting trees anymore. Well, he didn’t like it too much when I told him Raygun cut that budget right off in 1980 when he, the Grinch, and Gramm first went nuts with the hatchet then.
****Solutions: Integrate regional mass transit/commuter services into a national highspeed rail system remembering that most accidents have happened because of maintenance budget cuts, under-staffing, privatization/outsourcing, and a lack of trained staff for the systems used. Adequately fund community based dial a ride access for an increasing elderly/disabled population.

–SOCIAL SECURITY; This program works for a whole lot of americans, especially the elderly and disabled; that’s why it must go, go, go. You have no idea how pissed off rich people get when an older person who no longer gives a crap what nazis think, just goes and calls them what they really are, a bunch of thieving immoral nazi pigs in business for all the usual wrong reasons. That and that alone is enough reason for the worst on wall street to kill off the best of America any way they can. Of course the notzis killed off social security, reducing payouts any way they could.
They did this by averaging the cost of living into one national number low-balled by taking prices from the lowest price areas and averaging for all item prices while excluding insurance premiums, gas, and other expenses as included in prices accepted as if we won’t need cars or healthcare or fun for the last 30 years of our lives. Oh yeah, that’s right, I forgot, we’re all supposed to just up and die after 50; how inconsiderate of me. So that’s how it is that social security payouts are around 1/2 to 2/3rds what they should be in order to really free up extra spending money for the elderly, disabled, and others. All these reductions and exclusions mean less money gets to the bottom of the economy and is a major reason why it is we are in a recession that is actually a structural depression that has occurred completely as a consequence of the republican budget cuts and other economic frauds as well; Mitt the hostile takeover/leveraged buyout king nothing. They would take a business that had run well for a couple of decades, screw it up royal, then gut it and take it overseas with our money. That’s why we don’t have an economy or a future; because the pigs kill it over and over and over again just as it starts working again. That’s dumb nazi death cult members for ya. Look at the two old pigs who did the social security “compromise”. One, Erskine Bowles was old enough to bootlick the nazis when they first came over here seeking to be embraced by their intellectual counterparts in the US at Harvard and other schools. The other, Alan Simpson, a real nazi, a republican, just wanted to mindlessly cut cut cut, more more more as he was originally subconsciously programmed by the CIA in the 50’s; the original puppet on a string puking out a message from on high, screw you. If you look at it from the larger long term bureaucratic perspective, it is one long downhill slide from a good amount in the 70’s without the crap, to the present payouts cut back to the bone. Even the repugnicrats wouldn’t help out on getting the true COLA formulas from SSA because the new nazis, the ones who want help with their outsize college debt, don’t even remember grandma in her hugely unfair situation, as usual, young white americans only think of themselves again. And that really is the social psychological trends for the US; narcissism and passive-aggression, not even that fascinating really; the ingredients for the psychopathic outcomes we are now seeing again as usual during a period of economic downturn. Where did it turn around back there? did it really at all for us? Nope, not at all. And that’s why I alerted other countries about our hack, hack, hack, cut, cut, cut program and it’s depression creating initiatives a long time ago. It speaks to the massive lack of character for most amerikkkans that somehow there should be a debate and a compromise on the backs of the poorest and least powerful among us. We say to both parties; don’t balance the budget on the backs of the poor, they say OK, and then go and balance the budget on the backs of the poor. Don’t worry though, even the buses don’t run good enough to get us to the meetings where the pigs decide if you live or die now where I live; no mistake there.
****Solutions: Move to a responsive regional COLA system that includes all living expenses realistically priced in the pricing formula and shop at the yuppie food co-ops and other stores the poor are presently excluded from culturally and sometimes legally in Theattle so that they can purchase high quality organic food rather than crap from the convenience stores or the supermarkets that buy from global corporate markets where a person doesn’t know what they’re getting (see food stamps above). An across the board $400/mo. increase in social security payouts for people whose income is below $40,000/yr. is a good start at reversing the cuts in social security the last 40 years. A little note on inflation; price increases always precede wage/salary increases; the most damaging consequences of economic de-regulation both regionally and globally with cuts in regulatory agencies a close second. Remember federal office of civil rights didn’t do any cases;50 attorneys just sat on their ass and played stocks all day while collecting a salary.

–EDUCATION/HIGHER EDUCATION/SKILLS TRAINING: We managed to keep the two year community colleges funded in Theattle but the military moved in on Seattle public schools and messed that up royal with both charter school privatization initiatives and attempted union busting kind of going together to really undermine the quality of education there. We found that the private schools would dump learning disabled children on the now grossly underfunded public system, and also that the district tax boundaries were enabling more well off communities to walk off with funds leaving the poorer neighborhood behind. Like many other situations outlined here, a compensatory federal subsidization would reverse that imbalance of resources. Also what I realized was that a really important factor in continuing education was the capacity for learning new skills through the statewide library network, so when we did a massive upgrade of the library system in washington state, it was with a mind to supporting lifelong learning.
****Solutions: Enable teachers to upgrade skills while preserving union-scale wages and expertise. Restrict military-police involvement in schools to moral standards outlined by the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and international human rights standards, especially in poorer neighborhoods where gentrifying influences may be much higher. When youth are led to write a spy novelette about avoiding the police in schools, you are in a situation where the police are too present in an educational environment. A competitive globalized “race to the bottom of the barrel” in education will only result in a huge loss of developed human potential locally, regionally, and nationally, meaning that this nation will get even farther behind other developed nations in our actual ability to respond appropriately to increasingly complex regional/global problems as they arise and grow, with global warming as one major example. Remember a labor sympathetic management is a much more constructive and conflict reducing management than one which is hostile to labor interests in both the short-term and the long-term. Finally remember that only 6% of the rightwing are scientists and many of those may be corporate influenced. Studies have shown that independent publicly funded studies are much more objective in most all areas than corporate funded and/or influenced studies. The loss of Antioch Uinversity in Yellow Springs Ohio, was a huge loss of an effective accessible non-elitist/non-judgemental/ open campus work-study higher education environment that worked; cain’t have that, huh. The deregulation of the economy is the main causal factor in skyrocketing tuitions and the debt problems for the next generation or even two at that.

–VETERANS: The suicide rate for veterans for 2012 is even higher than 2011. Blame George Bush for everything, really. Combat veterans who are not officers or long-term career are the most at-risk for this outcome. A lot of people should not be soldiers, but when you incentivize access to higher education via military service, a person is forced into the military if they are poor in order to get a higher education; they roll the dice. I ran into three groups of people most at-risk for serious ongoing homelessness and crisis in our lack of a culture; domestic violence victim/survivors, sexual abuse victim/survivors, and combat veterans with security clearances who had no one to talk to. When I learned that combat surgeons trained in inner city ghettos, then I understood much more about why it was that so many people were self-medicating in the US; it was the stress, trauma, brain malnutrition, and deadening, soul killing overwork and sleep deprivation that was the main causal factors; poverty in other words. I found that working only the psychological side of PTSD was not that effective; one also had to work the physiological side as well. Bastyr University is one naturopathic college that did a lot of stress work that could be adapted to suicide and addiction/alcoholism prevention efforts targeted to veterans and others. I learned when I chased the meetings on this that nutritional and other alternative/complementary med/psych solutions were not included in the mainstream of the medical community that was serving this population in Theattle. Finally my friend Billy molested by his dad at age 11 and who went way beyond the call of duty in Vietnam was kicked out of “Christian” run housing for walking down a hall without a T-shirt after being repeatedly passed over for housing in the Archdiocesan Housing Authority in Seattle and died of cancer in a flophouse; that’s why the final surprise is all those church leaders going to hell.
****Solutions: All of the above funding increased with feeling. I would run into people with security clearances with no one to talk to and we would talk for a long time, sometimes a very, very long time until we both really felt like the issues that they had were resolved and that they wouldn’t kill themselves before morning; that they were stable enough to carry on again. Also I would teach them how it was that by both doing counseling and by feeding their brain correctly would help them make it through the day on an even keel somewhat, without going off the deep end and doing something bad to themselves or anyone else.
Finally I would try to give them one more reason to live; that they were the true bearers of history. When the pigs start lying and trying to dress up history by putting blood red lipstick on a nazi pig, they could refute them with the truth and honor the dead by serving the truth. What was cool was being able to reaffirm their humanity by telling them that yeah it was normal to feel pangs of conscience for what they had done, but God still loved them because their pangs were one more sign that their moral integrity was still there. It’s the ones who torture and kill for fun that you really have to watch out for. I’ll tell you too, that Bill was one of my best friends too, that we had a lot of fun and a lot of seriousness too, as well because he was a great person having survived so much and still able to make people feel loved; a little happier in the daily slog through the trenches of this life. Getting him really stoned one sunny afternoon and then ripping off the one-liners and double entendres until we were just busting our guts laughing our heads off nonstop for four hours in the sunshine at his “base” near that four star hotel on that matchless sunny afternoon will be forever unforgettable. I hope I am good enough to see you again on the other side, man.
PS Finally one key to his continued survival on the streets of seattle was my success at keeping him off the distilled alcohol. Bill was a maintenance drinker, not a drunk. He did a few beers a day along with about two meals a day of food and that is why it is that he lasted as long as he did. He was offered a year inpatient at an inpatient rehab program but he didn’t go. An outpatient program would have worked much better for him in his situation since he had a routine and didn’t want to give that up. He loved his freedom and his friends in Seattle.

–DISASTER/EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: what became crystal-clear in both the Valdez oil spill and the Katrina disaster was the contingency planning, pre-planning, and preparedness for the worst-case was virtually non-existent for several reasons, mostly having to do with republican budget cuts in planning and substantive preparedness. In the Valdez situation, spill response equipment had degraded to the point of being unusable. In the case of the recent east coast superstorm, the survival services response in NYC was pathetic. Many more lives would have been lost if it hadn’t been for the volunteers humping supplies up the stairs sometimes 18-20 stories. The pre-planning just was not there so the services were not online quick enough to prevent real damage to entire communities of people. The power should have been back on in the public housing high-rises within two day; it was not on for two weeks to my knowledge. Basements should have been pumped out in two days; as it was they were still submerged and the electrical gear in them rusting and deteriorating underwater for more than a week. Of course Wall Street e-trading was back online within 48 hours; the machinery of death always has priority over our lives any day of the week.
****Solutions: What I realized when we did the Seattle Hempfest for three days in the park there, was that we were not only doing a festival , we were putting up and running a temporary village that took pretty good care of up to 120,000 people a day through the place. What you do in a major disaster is recover from it as quickly as possible with the lowest possible loss of life. That means understanding the nature of the many threats that one type of disaster will have verses another and responding specifically after educating the populace about how to survive the disaster and the many possible threats that will be in their immediate environment after the worst of the disaster is over. For us in Theattle facing a possible earthquake/tsunami combination with an intensity of 9 on the richter scale, advance preparedness is key; the city of theattle estimates that 5,500 hundred buildings needed to be structurally retrofitted in order to survive such a massive shake. The recent 6.5 loosened outside marble fixtures that fell to the street along with some brick walls. It’s a really spooky feeling when the earth really starts moving around as a friend of mine will attest when he went thru a real mover in california. I also found myself going around to my union brothers in the skilled trades to think of ways that they and their equipment and knowledge could be put to second use in a major disaster situation like an earthquake/tsunami combination. For every situation, there is a response that can be crafted and if that response is prepared in advance, the more quickly it will be implemented reducing chaos, violence, loss of life, and downtime. What kind of things may you be faced with? explosions, fires, major toxic nuclear/chemical/biological releases and clouds (can predict drift), floods, arcing shock hazards, no potable water, no food, no heat, no power, no sewage, unstable infrastructure like bridges, dams, and other partially compromised structures, trapped people, responders who need additional help, special tools, and special medical skills. Also people will take advantage of the chaos and commit crimes too, so be ready for that as well. If you have something to offer, something to give, someone will accept it, even take it and even appreciate it sometimes.
So what is the core services a village needs to support human life? Food, shelter, fire/medical response/support, water, sewage disposal/processing (away from food stores and preparation and medical facilities; see humanure handbook), safe storage and community security, transportation, fire suppression/hazard management, communications (ham radio, telecommunications, media), morgue services, childcare and guidance away from threats, music, trained first responder teams (south korean made sure that at least one family member was trained in CPR and mouth to mouth breathing (let me tell you; it is a trip to bring someone back too; had a guy blue out on me on the floor of payday loan store one time and he came back)). Finally, remember the difference between visual cover and bullet stopping cover and how to turn off the power and the natural gas supply if necessary.

I used to always hear about everyone that mattered (white people) in Seattle wondering what was going on with generation X. They were being left behind by the budget cutters and their fellow travelers in the private sector; no one in the mainstream big lie propaganda outlets really covered their situation in depth because the good ones weren’t allowed to by their editors most times and the bad ones were more than wiling to take the money and lie, lie, lie whenever the republicans and the corporations sent them a new batch to try out on the public. It was an amazingly low day when this blondhaired bimbo at Q13 fawks news just pumped crap over the airwaves in cooperation with the pigs at the Downtown Seattle Assn. for weeks not only grossly misrepresenting the causality of the situation of the homeless as being their own fault, but then just openly lying about what they were doing on the street for weeks and weeks and weeks. What a shame was brought on the profession of journalism by this propagandistic stuntperson.
What is not only more distressing, but really more revelatory is how many historical realities were just conveniently forgotten by the reporters on the may day demonstrations this year. The WTO was not a riot, yet the reporters seemed to be seeking to sensationalize violence and property damage again. What was reported this time just was not that big a deal, but they tried to create this context of fear for the audience that was all out of proportion to what was actually going on. While they were grasping at straws trying to demonize the protesters, they failed to mention at all that the use of military CS gas at the WTO ’99 on civilians was grossly illegal and actually did kill one homeless native american and blinded another homeless person who I had to help for almost an hour taking me away from my street responsibilities as a medic and media person.
At no time were the police attacks on people at the street cafes on capitol hill ever mentioned in KIRO’s coverage. KIRO has always been both biased for the police and also for the enfranchised, running really conservative perspectives on economics and business development that are not only not well thought out, they didn’t work at stimulating the economy for the last 30 years and they won’t work for the next 30 years for the majority of the people in the country. Did they know about the flash-bang thrown into the medic huddle in Oakland last year? Did they know about Wall Street financing the NYPD? Do they know that 10-20 people were permanently maimed by clubbings done by the police nationally? Or that to disperse an occupy camp providing survival services to homeless and other poor people using force and gas (was this CS too?) was illegal under US and international law?
Of course all the big lie propagandists are going to be concerned about is “disruptions” of predatory capitalist activity; the horror of having their increasingly short media attention span being broken up by the intrusion of unpleasant social truths, let alone any unpleasant history and this is no accident either. Journalistic self-censorship is taught culturally and even academically in the media/newspaper production process starting in high school when things unpleasant to many times proto-fascist teachers trying to manage large classes just clearcut a child’s creativity in the editorial and critiquing process, and that was before the rightwing burned and banned great books and the militarized agencies that bought up entire book runs in order to prevent them getting to the mass culture. And this is in keeping with the narcissistic mass psychological trends in Amerikkka. A study wrote up two major trends in the US that I actually agree with; narcissism and passive-aggression. These would naturally lay the foundations for an exclusionary ingroup-outgroup,have-have not social dynamic that is very hard to overcome personally and culturally, and which was a major driving factor for the mass shootings we are seeing along with the daily in-group abuses of any members of the many out-groups in the US that so many mainstream people in the US disavow but are definitely aware of when called on it with any kind of persistence.
–See also for a lot more on George Bush and the drug war, (the 4 page A-Z medical index is great), and the article Sergeant Northcutt’s Post-Iraq Nightmare and Margot St. James “Repeal the War on Whores and Drugs” at Loosen up theattle. The real riot happened in Cincinnati during the WTO’99. 11 blocks of stores were destroyed when one too many black people was killed by pigs there; now that was a riot Theattle, not anything that happened anywhere near Theattle at any tme in the last 60 years. What a laughriot it was to hear you say that over and over and over again when the only parties who were seriously violent anywhere near you in the last 60 years at any protests were done by the police with the violence being provoked by police actions time and again. That’s why you don’t really rock now Theattle and never really have. Too bad. Sayonara, Lyle Courtsal

Dear Mr. Imhofe. . .

While I appreciate your obsessive “fascination” with Iranian oil reserves, directional drilling, and fracking, a word of caution. If y’all burn all that oil, you’re children and grandchildren are gonna die along with the rest of the complex lifeforms on the planet. We are 420 ppm carbon; it needs to be at 350, got it? Didja see all those countries walk out of the climate summit? It was mostly because of 5 intransigent first world nations; basically you misled bought off dummies. We know that there’s a diversified energy future out there but you bought off dummies rigged four elections and put the stupidest meanest criminal nazi people in the country in power, basically bent on killing off all life on the planet in the service of their braindead greed and will to power (Satan).
Now I have always believed that when people say no to something like directional drilling and fracking that they have to come up with something else. We have. See the report Carbon Free, Nuclear Free at They’ll give it to you for free too; wow, cool, free, FREE; what a concept. Free of lying greedy stupid corporate nazi influences in policymaking. Why shades of Bob Dole and Eisenhower, who fought the nazis in the second world war; I know that nazis pretty much suck as people too, and they’re not just kinda stupid, they’re really stupid, kinda like greed and bad information has made you. . . Send in the hit teams; I’ll be hard to kill.
I have already made a real hard choice for you; oil and outdated technology or food security Oklahoma is sitting on the Oglalla acquifer; if you mess up those groundwater formations, your agriculture is toast for at least the next five years and maybe a whole lot more. Notice how it is that the people in the Phillipines are asking for food and water, not oil and natural gas. So, I know; give them what they need because, hey, if you don’t, they starve to death. How do you maintain food security in a 100 year drought? You work really hard at preserving groundwater resources as things dry out. Then your wells don’t run dry or get poisoned as they are now. Go ahead and lie again about that; you’ll go to hell forever along with George and Dick.
So do me a favor; think and act independently for a change. Food security is more important than oil and gas. So make the acquifers that your agriculture and your people are dependent upon a higher priority than your stupid oil nazi friends and their damn wells. And remember, if you have any grandchildren, to keep them the hell away from Dick Chcney; he screws ’em, kills ’em, and maybe he eats them too; I don’t know you’d have to check with the secret service on the eating part, but we sure do know about the screwing part. Love ya,
Lyle Courtsal
PS Imagine this; you turn on the water faucet, and this weird brown liquid spurts out and then catches fire; WEIRD AND NOT GOOD!! It’s also kinda radioactive too. You don’t want it in your food or your water, period and that’s what happens when you don’t make an energy transformation for 40 years. See you in hell. . . though I may not be staying.

I Remember Dharma.

Dear Strangers
I read with horrified fascination your article on Dharma Rosada: Thank God I got out of your town alive. A lot didn’t. And yeah, your tripe is even worse than that thirties reefer madness crap, idiots. You really are serious. . . Bush; the education president. Romney, the sidekick. You the dupe paying their way. . .

On the Recent Passing of Dharma Rosada

Somehow we Amerikkkans end up getting it all wrong very persistently, don’t we? We absolutely must avoid certain things about our lack of a culture and even ourselves in order to maintain our position in the overt culture, our “friendly networks”. We must earn enough money in order to survive somewhat. We must work in order to get enough money to survive somewhat. We must complete training in order to qualify to work for chump change. We must pass a genetic test and get a drug test in order to get most jobs now (you didn’t know that the drug test was mainly done in order to get at your DNA, huh). Above all, you must not rock the boat, especially if the boat is thought of as someone else’s. That changes arbitrarily from day to day depending on which yuppie you piss off that day. But what happens if you can’t work for ten years plus as many DV, battering, and sexual abuse survivors can’t?
When any of these strictures are violated, however stupid and abusive, you are excluded from one or another part of that which is required for your full survival as an individual. You get laid off or fired first, your friends start to talk and avoid you and pretty soon, the bottom drops out of your life. We all have learned how to blame that seeming “failure” on various causes which most times are over-simplistic and many times just plain wrong. But since the crowd reinforces the belief, it becomes self-perpetuating but still pretty much useless as an effectively humane solution. Still a person who is unemployable due to a mental disability will be alienated and excluded, ostracized even, not just because of not having enough money, you and yours in the crowd will ridicule and abuse her, and some will bully and exploit her, and others still will demean her; its the amerikkkan way of death every danged, deadass boring, grey day.
It is crystal clear from my evaluation of her situation that cannabis was not the major causal factor driving Dharma Rosada to her lonely death. “Snapping” as a psychological phenomenon does not occur as a consequence of cannabis usage. The blunting of the awareness of cognitive dissonance enabled me to survive situations that were unsurvivable for many others of my generation. The weed enabled me to specify my personality and identity, endure the conflicts, the double-binding negations, and also the occasional random emotionally driven abuse that is so commonplace in our lack of a culture. If anything, cannabis enabled Dharma to survive as long as she did; a lot more die sooner and easier; killer drugs are everywhere these days.
Cannabis not only helped me survive what was otherwise unsurvivable, it also catalyzed a self-therapeutic process that no mainstream psychologist could come close to equaling. This is true for many, many people on the fringes of our “society”. In the time that I did a supportive brief counseling outreach to homeless people and others, I had to discipline nine social workers for abusing and/or neglecting homeless people and now I am working on another one; another amerikkkan who thought they were fit to judge while not understanding at all the situation their clientele were in the middle of and not really caring either. Here’ one more early negating personal double-binding psychological situation; the braindead social worker wannabe peddling the myth that your self-worth is based upon your employment status. On the one hand, work is peddled as “freedom” and the only way out; on the other hand, there has never been enough living family-wage jobs out there to provide adequate employment for everyone that wants it in the country.
Obviously Ms. Rosada was very lonely and very depressed, but in ways most Amerikkkans don’t understand. To have an awareness that is large and more expansive than most to start with, then to be placed in a small square box all alone with no one around you actively engaged with a similar worldview and consciousness is really, really bad for you. The walls start closing in and you may start creating realities in order to cope, especially if you are not eating right or at all. How’s your diet doing these days? Not so great, huh. Over time, with all the environmental stressors, your brain chemistry starts going haywire so the downward spiral starts intensifying. You try to live in that box of socioeconomic limitations and repressive strictures for long enough and yeah, just like a person in prison, you can go really, really nuts after awhile. Budget cuts kill in so many ways; daily, a person is a little worse off than before, and who really understands enough to care at all when you can hardly keep up with your own bills and responsibilities anymore in the limitations of your own situation?
I used to walk streets running errands or just running around clearing my own head, and I would stop and talk to people who seemed at risk of falling into the void opening slowly under their feet. We would talk sometimes for 15 minutes, sometimes for a couple of hours out there on those lonely streets until I was pretty sure they weren’t going to hurt themselves or anyone else; until I was pretty sure that they would make it to the next morning without killing themselves or someone else. In the case of three 15 year old girls, with broken hearts, I would ask them to walk with me off that bridge I used to walk across in Portland when I didn’t have enough bus fare (good thing too). A few times, I bought people what they needed to get through to the morning too if they were really desperate and I had it. What is a person supposed to do if effectively there is no adequate medically competent inpatient rehab out there? Find a way out yourself. People kick cold turkey all the time. That’s what killed Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston; the kick.
So there she is, a new being at a higher level of awareness trapped in a box of stricture tightening around her as her awareness grows. Her soul craves the land, the trees, her people, her culture, her language, and her unsupported and thwarted identity. She is very fragile in her new skin and as always, there is no one there to validate, to give her encouragement and perspective appropriate to who she is. A native american said “everyone hates a half-breed”, but the lifeless walls don’t even give her that. They are silent while the insistent forces grow in intensity. Snap!!, and the forces take over driving her to her destruction. She was far beyond driven crazy a long time before that horrible day, see. . . . and we didn’t help. See why National Nurses United says “budget cuts kill” yet? Anyone remember Kitty Genovese? Can you say pass the buck?
Can you see now what an essential and basic travesty it is to blame Dharma’s situation on cannabis? It is just plain wrong, but a very easy mistake to make for us. “Oh, they’re on drugs” we say when a person acts strange, outside the box. About the man run over in the street; “Oh, he was homeless”, and somehow that is supposed to be the end of it for us, that’s OK. And that really is the end of it for them too, because once again the specific lonely horrors are way too much for us to take, and we escape back to relative comfort, from that which is really unsurvivable for us all. But like the tortures at Abu Giraib and Marion, Illinois HSU, there is no escape for them. They will do the time, and someone will continue to abuse and torture them regularly, feeling completely justified in doing so, even though their reasons are born in hell. The only thing they can count on is that you will avoid and forget about them as soon as possible. For they are not like you, so you avoid and talk and leave them behind in your own mad races through another day in the emerging nightmare.
Somehow though, afflicted as you are, you are sure that cannabis is responsible. Even though studies show you to be wrong time and again. Is it the advertisers threatening you? Could it be the shunning have-have not social context Boeing, Microsoft, and the military so carefully engineered for those crap nonprofits to grow up in and abuse the homeless with? How about the budget cuts and all those new illegal laws and abusive policies the past leadership of your fair shitty came up with the last now 40 years for the best parts of even you to slowly change, conform to, and slowly die in. No, you have been subconsciously programmed by your daily diet of really bad corporate media to think that it is only the voiceless, defenseless scapegoat of that particular day or hour, demonized by the blond-haired, blue-eyed commentator puking up the lies prescribed to misrepresent their situation in a way satisfactory to the mass murdering greaseballs at central corporate. There’s so many of them now; they pretty much have a scapegoat that covers everyone now, except for the psychopathic superrich running the situation into the ground; the real problem.
And that is why sometimes I would take the chance to make contact with anothers’ world, engaging them, educating them, sometimes tricking them even into becoming aware of ways that may give them a way out of their specific darknesses. Sometimes I would teach, sometimes I would learn about how deep and overwhelming that darkness could be, and together we would try to find a way out, an escape from those horrors so that the next day was easier and less overwhelming than the last. And now that is why I fight for more housing, more funding for great food for poor people, more medical access, more counseling and services, and more cannabis for my community. Because the case studies that I know of don’t express the sentiments reflected in your articles. Because most psychologists don’t respect the experiences and lives of their clientele enough to actually let them speak for themselves and honor that. Because my government can’t be trusted to do an unbiased study. The NIH studies on cannabis were structured to create negative outcomes; the only ones allowed to be funded of course. Because cannabis didn’t kill Dharma Rosada; this country and it’s people did in the choices they were led to make for the last 40 years, undermining the survival services safety net of the great society before Raygun slowly more and more, day after day after day. It failed the standards of their barbarity and so they killed it just like they did so many other people and things that worked in the 60’s and 70’s you don’t know about. Have you thought about Leonard Peltier rotting in jail for these last thirty five years for doing the right thing for his people; another huge set-up of an innocent and beautiful person in the way of corporate planetary mass suicide by greed; the demon god Progress? Thinking hurts so you quit, preferring alcohol and pills and whatever works. . .
And this is why it is that so many others besides her have chosen what seemed to be the only way out at the time; because maybe that was all the republicans left for her to die in. It’s the unholy worship of the all-mighty dollar again; people making a killing in all the wrong ways again. That’s why you don’t even hear about the ravages of alcohol and pharmaceuticals, or the horrors of AIDS and Hep C ravaging person after person after person. That’s why you don’t hear the drug test has an iron clad 30% error rate, even process GC/MS, or that cannabis has negligible effects on driving ability (had to get those studies done in other countries). That’s why you never hear about it’s full beneficial medical efficacy in the US; the doctor who knew was forced to go to Canada to get the work done, the word out, and he is still doing it thank God.
Because cannabis is much safer, healthier, and funner to use than the killer addictives (alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, powder drugs, needle drugs). And finally the real problem doesn’t want you to get out of the rut they made for you to die in and figure out the scam independently. That can really get you killed these days, especially if there’s a lot of money involved. Get it, suckahs? Drug war? It’s a killing joke on all of us and that is why I am just saying no to the nazicorporocratic I-502. Cuz cannabis is much better for you than alcohol and pharmaceuticals, and them lying, thieving Bush-Mitt nazis don’t belong in my piss and my life. Fweedom, justice, equality, generosity, privacy; what concepts. . . . all but forgotten, just like me, Dharma, and millions of others, because we didn’t sell out for an easy, dirty, bloody nazi buck like you, bent over with buttocks spread like bitchs for the new nazis. Fawk you Theattle, your yuppy asses still stink, ya spineless pansies. Lose on, losers, bend some over more cuz that’s how Mitt likes it, bitch, don’t I know. What was the name of that woman Bush repeatedly raped during high school? Margie Schoedinger. She recently committed suicide at 33; no one cared. The repeated vicious rapes and the lack of a community response killed her, not the cannabis idiots. And remember, Dharna jumped from the ledge when the cops broke down the front door of her apartment. Sorry Dharma. I wish I had had the courage to talk with you and get to know you because we were both in the same sinking boat alone, together. .
Lyle Courtsal