Elderly/Disabled Torture.

Dear Ms. Hooyman,
I saw your presentation on the elderly on TV and I can tell you, you don’t even know the half of it yet. I had to deal with three real nasty cases of elder/disabled abuse because no one in your fair city of seattle would or could do it. One was a durable power of attorney stealing an estate, one was a person repeatedly overdosed on psych tranqs on purpose and then drug raped, and one was a person repeatedly persecuted for standing up for their rights. All three cases passed over repeatedly by every police agency in the state. How does this affect us?
Buford Pusser came out of that nazi camp at Hayden Lake, Idaho a full blown psychotic. He came to Seattle, asked Harborview for help, was denied illegally, and went down to Los Angeles and shot up a jewish daycare. It was a jew who had her family killed off who was doing the repeat murder attempts using drug overdoses, finally facilitating an anal rape of the tenant and getting completely away with it, protected because she could blackmail other officials who were also involved here. She wanted vengeance for losing her family in Latvia; sure enough this guy was a Latvian and, yes, they killed off a whole lot of jews back then, but he wasn’t involved. The victims name is Vladimir Fedorov and the perpetrators name is Karen Aubin. Aubin’s brother Michael was involved in child torture at Haut de la Garenne (see http://www.itn.co.uk keyword search Haut de la Garenne). The good, fine upstanding, RICH, respectable child torturers of Jersey objected to the investigation and it was halted; for a day. Turns out that the network was probably linked to Margaret Thatcher’s crew of nazi idiots-remember Jimmy Saville? The police chief of Manchester was probably murdered to protect them. You’d think decent people would assist Mr. Fedorov and investigate and prosecute out the situation; nope, the Seattle Hsg. Authority had him transferred to Everett and covered it up completely.
All the social workers and staff involved in all situations covered up for both the attempted murders and the estate theft and the county ombudsman did nothing as usual; not a good thing for a city to be doing. For more insight into what I and others went through in the torture at the Housing Authority torture dome under Tom Tierney, take a look at the move Bubba Ho-Tep. A funny depiction of a very serious serial killing machine. Place a person under stress, isolate them from help, deny them medical care, and systematically wear them down whenever they stand up for their rights and you have the new improved modern slow death machine ameriKKKan style. Why else would they protect Aubin and her cocaine dealing friend Kelly? They only had to deal with one 2,000 year old mummy. I had to face systematic organized crime and I won, I survived. What is going on at tri-court in the Seattle Housing Authority does qualify as torture in all forms medical and psychological under international law and the motivation was to drive the low income tenants out of the buildings in order to increase revenue; once again that pesky greed motivation that drives most all criminals.
We tried to have a symposium on elder protection and crime prevention, but it was sabotaged by a corporate/United Way nonprofit frontperson from the UW school of social work wasting our time selling her programs at your very corrupt military-corporate funded institution; just like the tenants weren’t even there at all again. We don’t have any money, Dearie, are you doing this for the credit? Now that the recession has hit your budget hard, look for even more sabotage of any efforts to achieve the goal of elder/disabled protection and any attempts at doing unbiased scientific research. I wrote an essay on the uselessness of corporate funded research and those who take the money and screw up. It’s called Microwaves, Murres, and Marijuana. You must request it since you are right in the middle of the swamp there. I have to know you are dedicated enough to request things from such as me. You see, I have standards and the institution you are dependent on has repeatedly failed to even meet those minimal standards. I am an American and a Christian, and I support the Bill of Rights and the right to personal privacy, unlike near every public and private institution in Seattle.
Further, if a city as corrupt as seattle actually is publicized as being so, the tourism and other businesses either don’t come or leave along with everyone else except those who are benefitting from the corruption and abuse. It is a deep shame to see you and your middle class friends repeatedly get suckered by the next jive huckster politician the global pigs who run seattle put up. it is your mess now; have a nice quake. I am getting too old for this shit and I have a constructive future in mind for all real americans, just so they meet my minimum standards of public and personal conduct.
Lyle Courtsal


The Missing Pieces

Dear People,
Here are the missing pieces on the drug/terror war. There were drug-running flights done by the US military in cooperation with the CIA. How they were organized and managed is detailed in the book, The Final Mission; Spooky 8. The security detail would be taken out on the out of country end of the eighth mission for the detail, set up by a mole in the detail. Then I ran into the article, The Secret History of Rupert Murdoch on the web. It is a teaching example of how a person of his “stature” invests and profits from the drug business, remembering most all the private banking divisions of the big five banks from hell are deeply involved in all aspects of the killer drug business as are a fair number of our political and economic leaders in the US. This article proved all that I have been saying about the situation all these years. The book The Iran-Contra Scandal put out by the National Security Archives makes the linkage between GHW Bush and the central/south american mass murderers. And people forget that Big Pharma drugs kill way more people in the US than any of the legally prohibited drugs, and they are all over the place in the US along with the meth. Many people use the legally prohibited drugs medicinally too, because the prescription drugs are too expensive for them to purchase.
Why were most of the people in the US incapable of coming to the conclusion that a medically based harm reduction approach was the correct strategy to use in response to the drug/alcohol problem? Because everything in the US is about the money and they spent around $75 billion a year misleading the American people away from what would have worked while cutting higher education funding to the bone, privatizing and corporatizing education, and dropping the bottom out of the economy and throwing everyone in prison who may have been a problem to the rise of fascism in the US. How much power do these people wield? A train stopped ten miles south of Medford Oregon and offloaded around 50 barrels of chemicals for the meth business down there awhile ago and these kind of things go on all the time. No one talks about it because they’re fearing for their lives if they do.
What are the solutions to the problems above? Doing a demand side strategy that alleviates poverty and and de-stresses and resolves the individuals specific stress-driven brain malnutrition and other medical issues. Most homeless people are there because of socioeconomic factors completely beyond their control and have untreated medical conditions. Medically supported housing and good food is the missing piece. Look at Canada; free higher education, housing trusts, and healthcare; it works. The most important investment a country can make is in it’s people. They used to have a lot more than just that and it worked even better then. And most all drug treatment programs don’t deal with a person’s nutritional deficiencies; this is also what is missing in PTSD treatment in the US, whatever the source of the trauma, whether combat related, or inner city violence related, or domestic violence related. Look at the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. Bastyr University has done a lot of stress work, but I don’t know if they were smart enough to see how that related to the treatment of PTSD in all of it’s manifestations in the US Drag.
People talk about violence against women but violence is as Amerikkkan as apple pie. It is everywhere and affects everyone too, more or less, with the most ubiquitous form of violence in the Amerikkkan dream/nightmare being institutionalized poverty inflicted on the system by it’s criminal leaders. We fight about everything, rather than rethink anything at all and try a different, better way. The US is at least ten times as violent as Canada, but they’re catching up with us now that they have cut all their anti-poverty programs to the bone too. When I took a somewhat close look at the laws developed in the 1980’s by the new nazi drug warriors, I saw the best and brightest legal minds working to develop some of the best law ever made. Too bad that it was dedicated to a strategy so misguided, so misconceived, but that’s stupid greed in the US; really, really competent and yet completely depraved in their life’s expression; so sure that they’re right they don’t listen to anyone who threatens their personal status quo. And so many times are still completely wrong about so much. You know what works? Really good food; see study Frequent Food Insecurity Among Needle Drug Users, and think about this; 25% of homeless people in Los Angeles have hepatitis C. And I keep on searching for better multivitamins and that Columbia Gorge Vitasea Superfood Drink.
Lyle Courtsal http://www.3mpub.com, http://www.naroonews.com, http://www.realcostofprisons.org, http://www.norml.org, http://www.hemptrade.ca, http://www.doctoryourself.com, http://www.bastyr.edu, http://www.orthomed.org, http://www.constantinereport.com, http://www.alannasser.org, http://www.alternet.org, http://www.globalresearch.ca, and three books, The Phoenix Program, by Douglas Valentine, In the Land of Hungry Ghosts, by Gabor Mate’ MD, and The Final Mission: Spooky 8, by Bob King.

Driving Stoned. . .

Dear People,                                           
     So let’s start our journey to fatal embraces on the highways of North America. Those involved are stressed out after a day of work 6-8 hours long jacked up on the usual over-acidic coffee with the usual corporate junk food added for flavor. They are sleep deprived and also malnourished as a consequence. They are running down the road at around 65-75 mph with around a car length and a half between then; way too close as always. Suddenly it starts raining and the oil that is trapped in the pavement comes up to grease the pavement. A slip of concentration, a sudden move of the hand and you are off and sliding all over the place to run into the car or truck beside you.
     Bush and the globalist criminals de-regulated truck lengths and other specifications so the truck next to you with the trainee has  locked up his wheels and has just jackknifed into you, slamming you into the median grass where you flip over and the brand new plastic eggshell car crushes after you’ve gone airborne in the spin, trapping you in the wreckage. The gas tank also not built to spec., catches fire and the flames start moving towards you. Chances are someone will come along, but will they be able to remove you from the vehicle; probably so but sometimes not until the fire trucks and the medics, 45 minutes away usually, get there.
     So what’s the point of this? Your crap cannabis study does not control for these factors in it’s data collection and processing methods. In addition, it does not control for socioeconomic factors, pre-existing medical conditions, and the dominant culture you’re part of usually always misrepresents and misinterprets the reasons why a person is not seen as “successful”. Well your version of success is killing off what little life is left on the planet (climate disruption dispatches) and most likely, like Mark Twain, you are pretty depressed about the set of present circumstances so I will try and be easy on you, but there are one million people in prison in the US that shouldn’t be there.
     See how it is that you really needed to be there to understand anything about why it is there are fatal accidents on highways? I was there for 8 years driving semis down the highway while you idiots signed off on Bush’s globalizing drug war crap, and yeah, I was nicely stoned most all the time as well. But once again, your researcher really did minimize the other factors involved in the situation; the alcohol and the prescription drugs that the person might also have been doing. I saw the idiots crossing over in front of me five foot off my front bumper and, like a railroad engineer, if anything had gone wrong, there would have been very little I could have done to change things. That’s why I quit running down the road when the trailer size went up and the pay went down; because I did not want to risk my life anymore in one of the most dangerous professions out there now that the stupid fascist de-regulators got done eviscerating the industry.
     So how many factors didn’t your researchers control for in their bogus goddamn study? Let’s see, between 15 and 30 factors just mentioned above; so for the sake of reality’s sake, we’ll add another fifteen just like the people writing those goddamn laws that they are extorting us into the pavement with every day we pretend to care about each other now that the tories are in power; back to familiar mass suicidal insanities. And you want to focus on cannabis as the problem; not in my world nazis. See how it is that your risk assessment is completely tainted and compromised by the initial data collection methods and your hugely flawed “analysis” of that rotten goddamn worthless “data”? But you won’t get your degree unless you bend over and say “yes” to your advisor, and you won’t get funded again unless you change that data to fit the conclusions desired by your funders and the damn stupid trustees, and you won’t keep your job unless you bury your nose between the cheeks one more time, so you do. You bend over once more and do it just as you have a thousand times before; the habit now is much less painful than the first time, you have “grown up” enough to know not to even consider the third and only way out of the mess you’re in now; doing the correct thing and telling them where they can shove it (so shove it).
     And how the hell did I survive out there and avoid those messy chain reaction pileups that happen so often now out there? I trained up really good, learned everything I could about what I was doing, and I put my heart and soul into it until I couldn’t do it anymore. I actually knew what I was doing out there and sometimes that won’t even save you, huh. A guy I knew was stone cold sober when he fell asleep and wrecked this beautiful cabover freightliner with a 425 cat ATAAC in it; three months in the hospital. My father took a spin in the rain across a four lane highway and luckily didn’t hit anyone. My mother was not so lucky, wrecked three times and did get hurt a couple of times; once again both stone cold sober. And guess what else? Sometimes we professionals would get together when no one was around and run down the road at 85 mph in the middle of the night when it wasn’t raining; don’t tell mama, bitches. Go look at I-10 out of california with the guys running produce from LA to NYC in two to three days; the cops just sit there and watch them run, see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya. . . . People want to maintain the illusion that they are in control, but that is the biggest fat lie ever perpetrated on humankind. And you stupid bought off fascist country bumpkins want to blame cannabis for fatal accidents? Good luck on that because you may lock down the highways, but that still won’t solve the problem. Because you see, you still don’t even understand the first thing about it-as usual.
                         Love ya, Lyle Courtsal  http://www.3mpub.com,
        http://www.orthomed.org, http://www.hemptrade.ca, http://www.norml.org
PS 9 out of 2795 studies are “quality”? My asse. That’s called ignoring the facts that are inconvenient for your damned ginned up agenda.

New Nazi Slow Mass Ill and Kill

From Welfare State to Mass Kill State:

Spectacular Multi-facetted Mass Kill Programs Initiated by

Criminal Right Wing Republicans, Repugnicrats

In a move long expected and dreaded by the saner members of Congress and the American people, the nazis, eerrr republicrats moved to cut hundreds of billions of dollars from the federal budget. Obama signed off on these cuts that spared medicare and medicaid from the worst of the ones proposed by the nazis, eerrr republicans. Lets see what other kinds of programs are out there that hurt and ultimately kill off our people.
–The “Drug War” When I looked at the institutional policies and laws created to make Amerikkka’s drug war happen, I realized that once again an “US verses them” dynamic had been artificially socially engineered to create a scapegoated outgroup that had no voice or defense against the “New Prohibitionists” and their death dealing ways. This was yet another pretext for the further militarization of our nation and yet another illegitimate justification for people to exclude, punish, and attack socially and sometimes violently people whose medical and psychological condition would mean that they actually would have no choice about using certain addictive and other drugs in order to cope with their daily existence in hell on the mean streets of Amerikkka trying to get up enough money for another hit or blast. The nazis, eerrr republicrats had always asserted that a person chose to start using drugs and therefore should be denied adequate medical support while they were using and heavily addicted. I know though that if a person has a physiological makeup and much more importantly, a history of violent abuse and personal negation in their past, they are much more likely to use drugs or alcohol in order to cope with the daily horrors of their existence in their condition. One person I ran into working the streets had a $300/day heroin habit. We have 1 million people in jail for marijuana possession and trafficking in the US today; part of the highest prison population in the world, period. It should be understood that this is not creative business activity though the book Prison Profiteers explains the specific economic dynamics of this destructive fascist predation very well.
–In Seattle, WA and Vancouver BC something else happened since there was such high levels of addict/alcoholics on the streets of both cities. In Vancouver BC, the Insite safe needle drug injection site was set up so that addicts could fix up safely with clean needles and access rehab if they needed it. Also there was some 80 medically supported apartments created in both cities so that addicts could stay housed if they quit. Of course, the ones in Seattle were run by these hateful a-hole social workers who understood nothing about addiction at all; the job was just a stepping stone to better things for them. Relapses were allowed just so addicts stopped using again. Relapse prevention is an essential component of any serious outpatient efforts to support people after rehab. The budget cuts proposed by the rightwing nazis, eerrr republicans would cut all such outpatient public health support to those dying slowly on our streets. What was found in Vancouver BC was that 90% of needle drug users had been abused as children. plan on 7-10 relapses if a person has been seriously abused or has an intense violence exposure history. Interestingly enough, the most important factor in supporting addict/alcoholics in recovery, a diet appropriate to their body/mind type, has also been heavily cut into by the nazi budget cutters reducing, privatizing, and digitizing the food stamp program. This is another way the banks and the military contractors such as Lockheed pad their wallets at public expense.
–The budget cuts would cut even more support to individuals and families on food stamps and medicare/medicaid/social security. The number of children hungry in the US is growing rapidly as the republicans cut even more of the heart out of our infrastructure and small/medium scale business development efforts to create even more dependence on a few predatory, pathological corporations for employment and well being. Historically they have not been real good providers, if you know what I mean. This coupled with the privatization of education means that even more people will go without food, shelter, medical access/adequate care, transportation, and educational access for them to grow up a future with. Thus a soulish death is also facilitated because no one knows better than the one denied how much of the future they are really missing out on without education and adequate employment opportunities that pay a decent living wage. Part of the reason the central and south american countries degenerated into dictatorships was union busting and wage cutting to slave levels; no one could buy what the economic system had to sell, so their economies progressively collapsed further and further with the starvation, the poverty, and the killer drug revenue supported paramilitaries killing millions in the regions affected. The rightwing elites in charge literally made a killing. The corruption and attempted elimination of the US postal service by the nazis, eerrr republicans is instructive about how it is that any program they attempt to eliminate is first corrupted from within by cutbacks in service, and let me tell you right now, this would be another factor crippling Amerikkka’s forward socioeconomic motion into the future. Some people say that we as a nation have been going backwards more than forwards ever since the first of four stolen elections put nazis illegally into office; Reagan in 1980 courtesy of the Bush-engineered October Surprise. As vice president, Bush then went on to try and eliminate Reagan so he could be president.
–Taxpayer supported public housing for elderly/disabled people in Amerikkka is being systematically cut for these people as well as people who are unemployed due to systemic economic collapse as a consequence of nazi de-regulation and union-busting. One commentator even showed that Milton Friedman was precipitating a pre-meditated economic collapse by the policies he was supporting peddling his “Free Market” snake oil policy like a huckster selling bad cures in a turn of the century traveling medicine show. This policy had the direct impact of eliminating micro and small businesses and cooperative farms in Nicaragua when the “moderate” Chamorro was elected president there after the Sandinistas fell from power due to repeated private, killer drug revenue- supported US paramilitary attacks.
–The nazis, eerrr republicans pushed housing privatization in the 80’s/90’s putting a large number of people on the streets who were unable to take care of themselves. What happened to them? One person I knew who had Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome from a life spent drinking too much and couldn’t take care of herself at age 71 ended up dead on the street of pneumonia when a hospital refused to treat her and turned her out on the street to die. Another, a veteran possibly forced out, left a hospital drunk at 11:43 pm on a freezing night and froze to death by morning. He should have been allowed to stay overnight since it was so cold, but they didn’t keep him until he sobered up; they may have turned him out and he died. Now how’s that for cold-blooded? So much for the privatization of health care. And remember, these were all nice enfranchised white middle class social workers and nurses who did these kind of things to these voiceless vulnerable people over and over and over again. I had to discipline 15 social workers for abusing or denying services to homeless people in obvious overwhelming need and personal crisis to serious suicide risk. I would spend time with such at-risk homeless until I was sure they would not kill themselves that night. The uncaring attitudes that I encountered from enfranchised, employed middle class amerikkkan bureaucrats and others was awe-inspiringly horrifying to see. What is wrong with us that we as a people really wouldn’t care about each other in these situations of slowly increasing desperation and overwhelming need? What fundamental quality have we lost as a people? The proper humane compassionate response that is born of understanding the situations of death-dealing impoverishment that the homeless are forced to slowly die in all over Amerikkka due to elite economic theft/predation.
–High speed rail transportation is available all over Europe. Who stopped Obama and the democrats from even beginning it here? The rightwing kooks in congress again. The same ones who blocked levee construction that would have cut damage to New Orleans by 2/3rds and also left that I-35 freeway bridge unmaintained for ten years until it was finally overloaded during construction and collapsed. The republicans knew about the bridge and it’s needed repairs for ten years and never did them. Mass transportation is real all over Europe with really good service into neighborhoods and people needing supportive transportation. There is really no adequate levels of mass transportation in the US, with even urban mass transit cut to the bone; just the minimum for the commute to and from work, with shutdowns earlier and earlier in the evening, not much at night at all. Social engineering is very much alive and well, when one realized how well people are manipulated by the presence or absence of mass transit in an area. No poor people can really get to the meetings where policies are being set (that will most likely leave them home(less) without adequate food or shelter. Once again, just the minimum is done in the US. Even if you got a job in Portland, Oregon, you were going to have to walk to work to do it once you got it the bus system was that bad there.
–By allowing rule by corporation in the US political economy, a huge number of other saving local/regional economic and social possibilities fall by the wayside undeveloped. This negligence means that the US economy will still fail to support all of the people living in the country adequately, just as has always been the case historically for the country. This record of shame is not surprising though when you consider that the newcomers to this nation saw fit to kill off 16 million native americans in 500 years; the largest continuing mass murder committed by any nation in history and which is still going on too. The tools of this mass kill; slow starvation, disease, outright military attacks on resisting traditionals, forced marchs/relocation, (navaho new lands by episcopal church from big mountain arizona-1980’s), land and resource theft, livestock kills (illegal under international law), discriminatory incarceration and lynchings, attacks on religious gathering places (longhouse repressions and eliminations along with indigenous languages and beliefs), and the usual militarized mass slaughters. I found out also that before and during world war II, the japanese were also lynched, had their homes and farms burned, and some considered internment as necessary for their safety and survival. Gee, I wonder if they ever thought to imprison the abusers rather than the japanese? No, because the abusers were their nice, upstanding, respectable hard working (sure) white neighbors down the street. Actually, they just lie, cheat steal, scam, murder, kill, and destroy better than the poor, that’s all.
–See Article Eu Austerity Killing Greece; Report Shows Suicide, Infant Death, and Mental Illness on the Rise at http://www.globalresearch.ca

Microwaves, Marijuana, and Murres

What commonality do these three words share? The truth about all of them in the specifics of their situations were grossly misrepresented by corporate funded researchers. Let’s go into each of them in depth.

–Microwaves: Microwave energy (electromagnetic radiation) can be very damaging to human beings and all other forms of life at high enough levels as measured in milliwatts per square centimeter (mw per sq.cm). The australians do not accept over 2 milliwatts per square centimeter for exposure levels for their people. When I went and tested a seattle housing authority building, it was well over 10 mw.per sq.cm. The cell antenna on the roof was unshielded so the tenants were not protected from this intense radiation hazard. The corporate funded researchers say hey, no problem. The independent researchers reporting in Townsend Letters for Doctors came to much different conclusions that you need to read for yourselves. All I know is that a man living under such an antenna array died of cancer way before his time. Researchers who tell the truth are often shut down by both corporate and university board members, or the research conclusions are invalidated by attacks by malicious, often stupid, irresponsible, paid off peers, hey just like the Cheneys of this world. This is the main reason Lynn Cheney created the association of college trustees and alumni; famous for their persecution of Ward Churchill, again for telling the truth the real mass murderers would rather not have you hear, you know, about the white folks spreading the disease tainted blankets-University of Colorado. Interesting to see how the other white folks jt got on board the railroad to hell, rather than deal with the grey area issues appropriately. Everyone hates a half-breed and a friend of mine pointed out that the europeans were originally organized into tribes; attack that longhouse nazis.

–Marijuana: The stories and the bad research that has come from the rightwing of the US waging the war against people called the War On Drugs should be legendary if Americans could even begin to discern the truth from the lies. But the lack of education funding given to the american people starting in the murdering ’80s and continuing to the present day guarantees that they would not be able to tell good research from methodologically flawed research on cannabis becauset they have no long term subcultural experience. Suffice it to say that the falsified conclusions of the Partnership for a Drug Free America are a sick and sad joke, when it refers to cannabis. This is also why it is that http://www.rxmarijuana.com comes to much different conclusions regarding efficacy of cannabis sativa and indica as medicine. This is why it is that the FBI confiscated all the records taken from the medical marijuana clinics in california. Stay stupid and arrogant even snobbish and contemptuous of complicated truths; that’s how they want ya. Learn to maintain consistent mental focus for more than 15 minutes and read the four page medical index at this site and others. What if an uneducated, immoral and self centered society, 60% of us, dictated that those people, 40% of patients out there who said that marijuana was the only thing that effectively alleviated their symptoms, could not have that medicine? Why that would be one more crime against humanity committed by the criminal right wing and their minions. Remember, if I had not started smoking it at 14, I would have been one more teen suicide statistic in the US. Hey, look, our teen suicide rate spikes coincide with the time Darth Reagan instituted marijuana prohibition with the “liberals” along for the ride to the bank ahead of fatal oxycontin overdoses. Why? because he was a second rate sellout nazi traitor who sacrificed the truth and the safety of his people for easy, dirty money just like the pig nazi did a lot of times before that. Gee, isn’t Rush Limbaugh an oxycontin dealer? 15 yrs, GP for us; a mansion for him. Now would be a good time to grow hemp along with marijuana because hemp uses less pesticides and herbicides than cotton and it doesn’t rot like cotton. Also your fisheries are starting to seriously collapse from the top down, so a complete plant-based protein source would be a real good idea to cultivate in the deteriorating regional-global situation. Try and remember these are logarithmic processes with huge secondary synergies. All of a sudden, you just lost access to your major port cities globally.

Murres: Murres, murres,where did all the murres go after the Exxon Valdez oil spill? Don’t ask the biology dept. at the University of Washington. They already laid down and lied their paid off heads for mother exxon for the easy dirty nazi bucks too. See, they only measured one very small source of mortality/morbidify for these really cool birds; washups, you know, onshore. Well, vey few of them will wash up when they are coated with oil offshore. Ask a biologist why. Here it is;
–they can no longer float effectively or swim since their bouyancy is so negatively affected by the huge amount of oil that they are exposed to. They also are no longer effectively insulated from the cold water either, sot they die of drowning, exposure, and predation in a fully human created catastrophe. All the Alaska Fish and Wildlife people could say when confronted with the artificially manipulated data from the UW nazis was “There was a whole lot more here before than now”. I later found out that wash-ups represented only 4% of total mortality and once again not from the University of Washington.

Do me and the truth a favor for a change; publish it once in awhile,rather than easy lies that are palatable for white, right nazi pigs who are not real Americans in my book. Try this too; credit me for my work.
Lyle Courtsal
PS March 19, 2001 newsweek on bush child trafficking networks on top of global drug running networks; also http://www.icij.org.
June 19, 2007 New York Times pg. A5 on more networks (WhooHooo!!).

Two Children

Two Children

Surviving a chaos of violence, starvation and germs
bombs and missiles going off all around them
The stink of sewage from a ditch not far away.
Bullets zinging by them missing so far.
Huddled together living in fear of a
circumstance they don’t understand.
parents gone, dead, maybe murdered
Two children dead of heart attacks
found huddled together, five years of age
by a doctor doing on-the-ground body counts in Iraq
Way higher civilian counts than anyone else had.
He found two more just the same way
Somewhere else.

It was when the IDF used white phosphorus
on civilians in southern Lebanon.
charred, burned, dead bodies of innocent children
Call ’em what you want;
They’re still civilians.
Call ’em what you want; they’re still
War criminals.

Two children twelve years of age
House run under by an armored bulldozer
running in the streets starving under an
illegal food and medical embargo.
Parents dead, gone; no medical care for them.
Mama dead in childbirth
.308 sniper fire flies by them as they
fight tanks and dozers with slings and rocks
They swear after this they will fight
the rest of their lives to survive and
so their people and values survive too
the global predator that has come
and stolen their lands.

Two children playing, luxuriating in the noonday sun
Japanese children playing without a care
Big bright flash and they are gone
75% of them boiled away by a bomb
no one should ever use on
anyone, Ever.
Forward, demon progress;
no apologies
Only deformities

Lyle Courtsal 8/7/10

Jill instead of Ill and Kill

JILL INSTEAD OF ILL AND KILL; http://www.Jill2016.com

Killary is a Goddamn Republican. I made a New Years Resolution
There is no Way in Heaven or Hell I am voting for that
Goddamn Lying Fascist Corporate *&%$#!!! No Effing Way!!!

–There really is 31 murders that are unsolved related to Ill and Kill Clinton. Vincent Foster’s body was moved from where he was murdered to where he was found dead. He knew way too much about the drug money laundering into the real estate projects, so he had to go. See youtube video The Clinton Murders. 175 tons of cocaine through Mena, Arkansas supporting nazi death squads all over the world, especially the colombian AUC; they would lie all the time about how much of the trade was controlled by FARC. See video The Clinton Murders on youtube.com.

–She gave a “pro-growth” speech to wall street insiders, pushing de-regulation in all its forms economic and environmental, just like a republican would. See http://www.globalresearch.ca article on that archived. Funny how closely associated the Bush’s and the Clintons are; same death cult, different parties, same corporate parasites. A wall street expert describes her plan to regulate the banksters as “moving deck chairs on the Titanic”. Not exactly Glass-Steagall, huh. http://www.wallstreetonparade.com

–She continued to fund and support the Honduran dictatorship even after she was told not to by the commander in chief. Many of the overseas funders for the Clinton Foundation were leaders of these slave state dictatorships. The violence in these military corporate slave states is what those children were sent out of their countries by their parents because they were going to be murdered if they stayed; some actually were after they were returned. First the trade deal or the budget cuts kill off the nations economy, then comes the guns and drugs from all of them too. Oh, just the other day, someone inside said that the secretary of state was always traveling with Clinton Foundation documents; indicating the presence of huge interrelated conflicts of interest for Wall Street’s bitch and her husband. No self respecting democrat would let a mass murdering criminal dictator stand. They would’ve reinstated Zelaya. Remember this; those children were returned to their country of origin by the nazis, eerrr republicans and then five were promptly murdered upon return. These are the people who matter to me and any decent person would have acted to save them, not murder them off or endanger them further.

–Let’s take a look at another DLC repugnicrat; Rahm Emanuel. So where were the great majority of the public schools recently closed in Chicago? In poor neighborhoods, black neighborhoods even. Was the budget cut load spread around to communities that actually could pay? Probably not; because of tax districts. And so bit by bit, those poorer communities are systematically decimated by budget cuts and privatization. Also extremely disappointing to see how Rahm buried that video of that man murdered by the police for more than a year. Now this is pretty typical conduct for racist zionists generally. The israeli judicial is plagued by racist and religious biases; forget about prosecuting and sentencing their IDF war criminals adequately. And Killary by saying she wants to block the BDS movement, seems to be enabling the criminal mass death dealing of the now overtly fascist Israeli apartheid state; remember how it was that there was a huge intelligence apparat built up under Raygun that included apartheid Israel, South Africa, and the US during the murdering 80’s and had a huge list of groups to surveil and probably interfere with as well. See book, The Burglary, by Betty Medsger. Also the entire collection of Covert Action Quarterly are probably in the Library of Congress; if not, they are somewhere else. This is where us regular guys learn how the professionals do it. See movie, The Professional about the DEA, CIA, and the mob. Not a nice story but the little 13 year old girl makes it.

–The DLC repugnicrats were specifically formed by the CIA and their corporate slave masters to do what they have done to both the party and the country for the last thirty years; rape it and the rest of the planet too. Give the party and the nation over to the worst corporate criminals on the planet. That is how the Rodhams made their money and she ended up in Wellesley; she could pay. My mom wrote her way in on a scholarship and those blue-blooded bitches treated her like the shit under their heels because she was the best of America, better than them. . . .

–You didn’t hear about how it was that Barack lied to the public when he said he was going to rein in Wall Street. He was heard telling the banksters that they didn’t need to worry about any serious enforcement or Glass-Steagall being reinstated under his watch, according to an SEC insider. See, he lied to you and just let them rip and run as usual. And she will too because she is a lying double talking corporate whore for the CFR too. Remember how her husband Bill repealed Glass-Steagall and did all those military-corporate slave state trade deals for their dictator friends then? Did you hear how she picked up the lie direct from the Wall Street Journal that what Sanders wants to do would cost $18-20 trill.? THAT WAS ANOTHER MASSIVE NAZI LIE FROM THE USUAL SUSPECTS. It would only be $1.8 trill.. MATH AGAIN. . . .

–She and those other DLC mass murderers killed off 1.7 million Iraqis with the 16 year Iraqi medical blockade, remember? Ill and Kill and Holbrooke and Mad Murdering Madeleine Albright did it along with all that crap in eastern europe they did too. Remember Rwanda ’94? They did nothing to save lives at all; and Kagame was their ugandan fascist figurehead who also did nothing or less than nothing; he took advantage of the situation to take power and create what? Another dictatorship posing as a democracy. The democrats were just fine with slavery and racism in the south in the 1800’s; it was the republicans who ended it back then, not the democrats. Kagame’s people wanted to steal resources in Northeast Congo.

–The Bush’s and their associates the Clintons did a fund drive for the haitian refugees, and then took the proceeds and invested the donated money into a five star hotel investment, leaving the refugees with no water or food as usual. Their plan for Haiti consists of free trade zones (no unions, no safe regulation, slave wages-think TPP) just like everywhere else that republicans and repugnicrats have invaded and ruined. Remember how she pushed that trade deal for two years and said that it was the “gold standard”, then lied and said she was against it? See, you can’t trust her; nothing about her is honest or reliable; Her word is no good.

–Just like Barack was no friend of black people, Killary will be no friend of women and children, especially poor ones. Ill and KIll presided over the end of welfare as we know it, cut medicaid/medicare, food stamps, social security, public education, housing, and initiated the private sector nonprofit replacements along with the Bush nazis that have never adequately met the need while punishing poor people illegally in a variety of ways, keeping the donated monies to pay their salaries ahead of feeding people or caring for them and spreading discriminatory exclusionary practices; poor not working not allowed to participate. PRIVATIZATION IS STUPID, PRIVATIZATION HAS FAILED REPEATEDLY IN THE PAST JUST AS IT IS NOW AGAIN IN SO MANY WAYS!!! It is just a gravy train for the fatcats; another way of stealing your money into their pockets.

–Whaat was going on in Benghazi? A weapons pipeline to support the fundamentalist wackos doing the killing in Syria. Expect more of the same from the hawk mass murderer Killary. She says that voting for the invasion of Iraq was a mistake, but is she telling the truth? AGAIN, HELL NO. And remember, what happened in Libya to Qaddafi was all about the oil once again, just like in Somalia and the Sudan along with Gaza and the Golan Heights as well. Likewise in Syria; it is the jumping off point for a later attack on Iran. We kept the Cheney nazi from nuking Iran in 2007-2008 by shutting down criminal attempts to get nukes to iraq so that Cheney could nuke Iran. An invasion of Syria and Iran ends up stepping on Russia and China’s toes heavily; our poorly thought out aggression is destabilizing the region and driving us towards regional-global nuclear war and planetary omnicide by multiple factors. Here I come Jesus. I told them not to attack Iraq, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Lebanon, and all of the rest. Did they listen? HELL NO. The only thing they are listening to is their insatiable will to power, and ever-growing GREED.

–And that explains so much about Ill and Kill. They will say anything for the money and the power. And like my ex-girlfriend, you can’t tell when they are telling the truth and when they are lying. But like her, they will do anything for the money including lying better than I breathe. Don’t listen to their promises; they’re lying. Look at their past history and record; IT SUCKS.

PS Dear whiney repugnicrats. Remember election 2000, when Al Gore could’ve actually fought to get those 86,000 black voters counted and then WON the election? He just dropped the ball when he could’ve made a real difference. Why was that? Win or lose, Al Gore as an insider had already won. It didn’t matter if he won or lost to him; it only mattered to us. I called the dem party and told them that I had 400 economists on my side pushing for a 2/5ths increase for social security payouts. I told Barbara Boxer too. And I also told them that Barack and Killary can become real democrats again any time after they stand up for this 2/5ths increase; that’s how I will know that they are not Bush republicans anymore. We were and are the ones who stand to lose under republicans or their spineless friends, corporate repugnicrats like Billary and Killary, Ill and Kill, and their errand boy Rahm. Likewise, Killary already a Wall Street insider who profits from modern global slavery, does not actually lose if she loses the election. We are the ones who will continue to lose under either corporate republican or corporate DLC repugnicratic leadership.
Lyle Courtsal www,3mpub.com, http://www.Jill2016.com, http://www.splcenter.org

PS There is NOTHING you can do to make me vote for that lying mass murdering nazi pig; I won’t do it. So lose again. . .