The Quick and Dirty Local Banking Guide

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Funding Your
Grassroots Community Future
(All the Things They Don’t Want You Doing. . . )

It can get real discouraging trying to work an unresponsive system in order to try and get it to do what you want. It all comes down to having or not having the bucks to get the job done in the end. So when they stop you from getting the bucks using and rigging the system against you in order to do so, I guess you gotta change up your game and try something different. So given the fact of the dumbass wall street scammers dominating the game running the situation into the ground while preying on our trust and our lives, let’s go at the problem so that we get the solutions we actually need without actually having to engage them directly. So if I want an empowered main street economic development to manifest, then maybe I should actually focus on doing that and not what the two parties of wall street want us to do. You see, it’s more than there’s room for both main street and wall street, the one actually needs the other in order to survive and sustain itself in the long term; losing the one now imperils the other as well.
And there’s another whole sector of society that never gets funding from either main street or wall street, and that’s the people who live down those unimproved dirt roads just outside of the little town that you almost never hear about in a good light in the lamestream corporate media or from the two wall street parties. Outnumbered in the process unless the dems actually are listening (how many times has that happened?), your needs are almost universally ignored in the US drag. You see, since you don’t have things, you are therefore no longer considered a person culturally. Of course there are people who will help you out, but they are in the minority, not the majority. The majority are searching for reasons not to help a person out. That’s the motivation behind social labeling and demonization, so you can exclude them from help; not have to care for them in other words.
But the most weirdly beautiful, unlikely things can happen when you do go the distance and care though. A human life will blossom and achieve its full potential because of your sacrifices. A future will bloom in your midst. And that’s where the fear and the control trip kick in because you aren’t really in control of the outcome, though it will probably be better than you think. There I go again. . . . !!! During the 60’s and 70’s, we got to the point where we wanted to add new areas of enterprise to the existing political economy in the US. It was a rough row to hoe to say the least, but we did get it done. We had to do our own banking and insurance because we got frozen out of the existing fascist culture or the lack thereof in the US. So we did. The college I went to had both food and housing co-ops on campus, six of them. They were slowly but surely phasing them out when I left as the whole nation swung right and stupid under Bush-Raygun. The cooperative movement really took hold in the 60’s and 70’s, but it has been downhill ever since with people rejecting the idea of just giving a certain amount of filthy lucre away to a good cause. Sure people still do it but not like they used to, especially with the current ongoing global drug war on terror and recession in our faces; see how it’s all about fear and paralysis yet?
So what do I do about fear and paralysis? I make a plan for the future that overcomes that fear and just do the plan as best I can. So where are the problems in our economy? There’s no money for the main street and the back roads that may become main streets. How do I beat that problem? I keep the tax monies and the extended credit as local as possible, ie, we make up our own money from our resources by loaning it out at a ratio of 10 dollars loaned for every dollar we have. That’s what’s called a revolving loan fund and every county should have a couple of them; this is why. Every business area has differing and specific needs, so you format your profit/not for profit community bank/ revolving loan fund for the functions you intend it to finance; like very/extremely low income housing, or small business development, or school upgrades or bridge or water system or sewer system maintenance.
So notice how it is that both parties don’t really do that much about reversing poverty or supporting local economic development or upgrading local infrastructure. They seem to be focused on wall street and the big institutions because it is believed that that’s where the big money lies. Well, Bernie disproved that theory and we showed each other what we can do when we put our minds to it. Let’s take Bernie’s movement a few steps further. Let’s outreach to those who are excluded from the lamestream corporate culture; the freaks, the minorities, the elderly, the disabled, the homeless, and the unemployed, overcoming our negative lamestream cultural programming about these people as we do. I saw a fox news anchor spew lies about the homeless for a solid six months; and what was really educational for me was to see how most everything they believed about them and their truth was a lie they had intentionally fabricate. As usual, they had no specific, effective, workable, HUMANE solutions. And what I later found out was that a lot of people just don’t have what it takes to get beyond those convenient lies to a more complex truth about the situation and that is mostly why we fail those situations as badly as we do. We are kept in a state of constant terror about not ending up like other people already dropped off the edge of the world for whatever trumped up nonsense they have been attacked by.
For those of you that want to do something to help out in your community, town, and city, let’s just try something. Let’s create inclusive spaces where everyone is welcome and help each other out doing what needs to be done in our communities. A person should be asked to leave if they are physically violent or destroy property; but not for anything else. So you got something you want to do like a business or an art project or a community project like an extremely low income housing development. How do we pay for it; the hater fascist bankers just said no again. We create our own community banks for supporting our community projects. So who is in my community? Those in prison, those homeless, and those invisible unemployed I consider part of my community, but not in a lot of other people’s narrow-minded, truncated misconceptions of community. I can come up with ways to help people out by listening to people who have been there, so then I know how to help out in the best, most constructive, most humane way.
So when I am threatened by budget cuts that cut my income, I need to have a way to replace that lost income. When they want to cut my pay and take away my earned wages, then I have to have a way to replace that income. So I create a revolving loan fund legally making one dollar into ten so I can take care of my community and invest in the future. So I want a public not-for-profit infrastructure revolving loan fund bank for public investment, etc.. I want a private for-profit bank for micro/small local-regional business development since both parties have largely omitted this kind of investment in their budgets; there is a huge shortage of local investment credit for our national county-level future. Some combination of public or private; not-for-profit, nonprofit, or for-profit should be specific enough to protect you from hostile takeovers; additional legal language specifying the function of the bank will probably be necessary for good protection. You can create as many revolving loan funds as you want; just remember you have to pay the money borrowed back at some point; not that the republicans ever did during the murdering ’80’s.. It is reported that we lost a huge number of local-regional community banks when Clinton signed off on eliminating Glass-Steagall protections and this is one more way to replace that lost money to support local community investment. Also when credit is locally controlled, then people who are not able to understand our situations or just see our communities as something to steal from or prey upon, don’t have the power to ruin our local situations from afar and/or on high. The really sad pathetic thing about all this is that the dems did not support public banking at all in 2016 for obvious reasons. The Green party did mention it during their campaign, it was a platform item, but who was listening? Not too many people even after the lamestream corporate news media allowed Jill Stein a teensy bit of time on the air to appear fair; nowhere near as much as Trump. She was smart, decent, and a woman; Trump was dumb, greedy, and a man, so he got access, and lots of it too.
The big problems people ran into back then was coming up with adequate legally required business insurance. Also county code restrictions were reactively forced on situations rather than having the capability of responding appropriately to new situations outside the fascist coffin; sometimes a county code can allow a variance if the community leaders aren’t too stupid or reactively fascist, insane, and maybe even bought off. What I found was that fears need to be laid to rest consciously and rationally in discussions in the community if a controversial project is to move forward. Those fears may even be exploited by some parties in order to benefit themselves at the expense of the rest of the community. There are ways of compensating for this if you’re dedicated to that (and I hope you are). This is how you do that; you compare and contrast their propaganda with the usually more complex truth of the actual situation; then come to the solutions that are appropriate and specific to the situations.
Towards that end, I developed a bottom-up review process over the leadership of any group so that if they are taking the group in the wrong direction and destroying the groups mission, a simple majority can override their decision-making, getting the mess back into the channel, if the leaders are incompetent or criminally abusive of the group or the community. That’s also a way of breaking consensus deadlocks too. Many corporate funded nonprofits are pretty abusive and most don’t respond to correction. A nation is only as good as it’s people. Amerikkka has been fascist for a long, long time, and most poor people regardless of gender get royally screwed in the court system as it is presently populated with republicans. it’s not about fair anymore, it’s all about the money. Finally if you have a problem like an issue for an activist campaign, find a solution for your problem before they take it over and ruin it by not responding to the major issues you bring up in their co-opting non-solution. That will take dedicated lawyers; seen any lately? I am looking for a good civil rights attorney or five. The changes we need to make are pretty big but doable; yes it is doable to reduce fossil fuel consumption by 70%. I know now that we can do this if we choose to. It will be the greedy ones who will kill us off in the end.,,,,,,, Three great books; The Phoenix Program, by Douglas Valentine, In the Land of Hungry Ghosts, by Gabor Mate’ MD, and The Final Mission: Spooky 8, by Bob King.
Lyle Courtsal January 14, 2017

Neo-Conservatism as a Betrayal of Jewish Values (and Christian, and Islamic Values as well-Thank You Dr. Maltbie).

Neoconservatism As A Betrayal Of Jewish Values
Compounding the pathology of terrorism.
— Dr. Paul Maltby
Compassion and justice shine out as core values in Jewish ethics. Consider the obligation of tzedakah, which in Hebrew means both charity and justice, and which, when dutifully practiced, is esteemed for its redemptive power: “Zion shall be redeemed by justice, and those in her who repent, by tzedakah;” “By tzedakah shalt thou be established” (Isaiah 1:27; 54:14. See also Genesis 18:19; Proverbs 21:3.). The injunction in Leviticus to “love your neighbor as yourself” (19.18) is understood not only as a moral precept but as a rule of conduct that yields practical benefits. (Famously, Rabbi Hillel defended this “golden rule” as “the whole Torah; the rest is explanation.”) T. H. Huxley, though Victorian England’s pre-eminent agnostic, could, with the Torah in mind, write: “The Bible has been the Magna Charta of the poor and the oppressed; down to modern times no State has had a constitution in which the interests of the people are so largely taken into account…as that drawn up for Israel in Deuteronomy and Leviticus.” And recall the oft-cited principle of tikkun olam – healing the world – voiced both in prayer and in the Mishnah; a principle which may be advanced through the performance of mitzvot, and which is venerated as a force that counters social chaos.
Compassion and justice have long served as guides to action among many American Jews who, for decades, have been committed to progressive social causes: the labor struggles of the early 20th Century; the Civil Rights movement; the anti-war protests of the Sixties; the fight for women’s rights – causes that helped “heal” America. Then, in the Reagan era, neoconservatism was strategically developed as a counterforce to the radically democratic trends of the Sixties and Seventies. The policies of this movement have conspicuously flouted and betrayed the very principles that have inspired the activism of generations of American Jews. Moreover, alas, neoconservativism is the creation of Jewish intellectuals and, today, the movement flourishes largely (though not exclusively) under Jewish leadership. Here, the point is to see how neoconservative doctrine deviates from the Jewish values outlined above.
In his editorial  Were They Really So Wrong?, Jonathan Tobin, Editor of the weekly Jewish Exponent, argues the virtues of Bush’s neoconservative foreign policy advisors. In particular, he defends the belligerent stance of Norman Podhoretz, seen by many as the godfather of neoconservatism. Tobin approvingly cites Podhoretz’s use of the term “Islamofascism” (a term trumpeted in the title of the latter’s 2007 book, World War IV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofascism). Yet, he misses the paradox that, as a key signatory to the manifesto of the Project for a New American Century, Podhoretz himself may be accused of adherence to fascist principles. Indeed, a review of the PNAC’s “Statement of Principles” (1997) and its other statements will reveal the project’s extreme-right tendencies: the militarism, whereby force, in particular pre-emptive strikes, is favored over diplomacy; a gung-ho readiness to keep America on a perpetual war-footing; a military budget that exceeds that of all other nations combined; and an ultra-nationalism that aspires to nothing less than unchallengeable American global dominance. The goal is to “shape a new century favorable to American principles and interests;” to pursue “a Reaganite policy of military strength…to ensure…[American] greatness in the next [century].” Such a brazenly hegemonic ambition does not take into account that other cultures do not necessarily respect or want America’s free-market system. American interests, as secured by the imposition of American principles abroad, are the chief concern of the neocons; the welfare of non-Americans, whose countries may be attacked and occupied, is wholly subordinate to this concern.
A symptom of how far to the right the political consensus has shifted is the comfort many feel in referring to such thinking by the polite epithet “neoconservative;” in the 60s and 70s, “neo-fascist” would have been deemed the appropriate designation for such militarism and ultra-nationalism.
Tobin buys into the neocons’ fraudulent claim that the Iraq war is all about spreading democracy. He forgets that the neocons originally made their case for war by claiming, first, that Saddam Hussein had links to Al-Qaeda and, later, that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. And when both these claims were exposed as deceits, the neocons had to invoke the “spread of democracy” as their fallback pretext for war. Yet this argument is the least convincing of all. In his 2007 memoir, The Age of Turbulence, Alan Greenspan, the former Federal Reserve Chair (and hardly an advocate of left-wing critique), wrote: “I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil.” Moreover, in the classified but leaked “Defense Policy Guidance” draft of 1992, leading neocon Paul Wolfowitz, then-Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, outlined plans for US intervention in Iraq, to ensure, among other things, “access to vital raw material, primarily Persian Gulf oil.” A PNAC document of 2000 discussed a plan to take military control of the Gulf region as part of its “blueprint for maintaining global US pre-eminence.” And in The Shock Doctrine (2007), Naomi Klein adduces a good deal of evidence to argue that the “rebuilding of Iraq” has, above all else, provided an opportunity to establish a free market: that is, destroy the country’s public sector in order to contract out its services and projects to private US companies. In short, “spreading democracy” is just the current version of a much older imperialist rhetoric: the Conquistadores spoke of their “evangelizing” mission, while European colonialism spoke of its “civilizing” mission.
Next, consider the scandal-laden careers of some leading neocons, whom Tobin conveniently omits to mention:
• Elliott Abrams, convicted in 1991 of lying to Congress in the Iran-Contra Affair. As Reagan’s Assistant Secretary for Inter-American Affairs, he was criticized by human rights groups for covering up mass killings of peasants, in Nicaragua and El Salvador, carried out by military personnel and death squads under the auspices of US-backed dictatorships. This “specialist in massacre denial” was rehabilitated by Bush junior and, since 2001, has served on the National Security Council.
• Lewis Libby, served from 2001-2005 as Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff. In 2007, a federal grand jury investigation into his role in the vindictive leak of a CIA agent’s identity (the “Plame Affair”) led to his conviction on four counts of perjury and obstruction of justice.
• Richard Perle, who in 2003 was forced to resign as Chair of the Defense Policy Board under accusations of being bribed by a defense contractor to use his government appointment to promote the sale of armaments to the Pentagon. Through the shady dealings of Trireme, a private investment company in which Perle is a senior partner, he has been linked to the crooked Saudi arms dealer, Adnan Khashoggi. He has also been “main booster and patron” of the fraudster, Ahmed Chalabi (Alan Weisman, Prince of Darkness: Richard Perle, 2007).
• Ahmed Chalabi, head of the Iraqi National Congress (INC). Chalabi had to flee Jordan when an audit of his Petra Bank revealed that around $200 million of investors’ money had been transferred to Chalabi family holdings in Switzerland and the UK. In Jordan, in 1997, he was tried and convicted in absentia and sentenced to prison. Though already widely known as an embezzler, the neocons found in Chalabi a loyal political ally and used the INC’s mendacious reports about Saddam’s WMDs and ties to Al-Qaeda as a pretext for war with Iraq.
• Paul Wolfowitz, forced to resign as President of the World Bank, in 2007, on a corruption charge. As State Department Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Wolfowitz vigorously opposed a drive by Congress to halt military aid to the regime of Philippines dictator and embezzler, Ferdinand Marcos. And as ambassador to Indonesia during Suharto’s regime, he was widely criticized for his silence in the face of the dictator’s mass murder of East Timorese and the plundering of his own country’s treasury.
• Douglas Feith, forced, in 2005, to resign as head of the Office of Special Plans at the Pentagon (2002-2003) after a report from the Defense Department exposed his role in fabricating information about Saddam’s stockpiles of WMDs and the latter’s links to Al- Qaeda in order to build support for war with Iraq. For ideological reasons, he discredited realistic estimates of the threat posed by Saddam produced by the CIA and other far more dependable intelligence-gathering units.
• Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense under Bush, from 2001 until he was forced to resign for incompetent handling of the Iraq War in 2006. Even after his claim that Saddam harboured WMDs was exposed as a lie, he urged Pentagon officials, in a 2006 memo, to “keep elevating the threat.” The Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay torture scandals occurred on his watch, when he worked hard to circumvent the limits to interrogation techniques and conditions of incarceration upheld by the humanitarian code of the Geneva Convention.
Tobin remains silent in the face of the indisputable fact that many leading neocons are guilty of malfeasance and/or mired in sleaze. Indeed, his list of neocons looks sanitized: Podhoretz, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Jeane Kirkpatrick, William Bennett. Conspicuously absent from his roll-call are all the above controversial figures.
Tobin is concerned – and rightly so – to remind us that not all neocons are Jewish. Yet surely, if he believes so much in the virtues of neoconservatism, would he not want proudly to proclaim the leading role of Jews in the movement? The implication is that there is something embarrassing about the prominence of so many Jewish neocons.. Their presence in the public domain as intellectuals and definers of public policy is conspicuous, the names all-too-familiar: Irving Kristol, Norman Podhoretz, Donald Kagan, Elliott Abrams, Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Lewis Libby …the list goes on. At least 11 of the 25 signatories to the PNAC’s “Statement of Principles” are Jewish.
Perhaps one way to address the issue of the disproportionately large Jewish presence among the neoconservative leadership is to sweep it under the carpet, but that kind of cover-up only abets antisemites with their theories about Jewish plotting in high places. (Search the Web under “Jewish neocons” and you’ll find numerous websites devoted to this theme.) Instead, a more effective way to confront the problem would be for Jewish community leaders to come forward and publicly denounce neoconservative thinking as a betrayal of Jewish values. Indeed, such a denunciation would also serve as an opportunity to reaffirm the values on which Judaism has long prided itself: compassion and justice.
To invoke values like compassion may appear naive from the neoconservative standpoint of realpolitik. Yet, as Chalmers Johnson has persuasively argued, through his concept of “blowback,” seeking military solutions to economic and political problems generates more terrorism against America, undermines democracy at home, and critically weakens the economy. and places an even greater burden on the economically disadvantaged. Indeed, neoconservative thinking has failed both in moral and practical terms. Belligerent foreign policy initiatives have generated more enmity toward, and contempt for, America than at any other time in her history. The trumped-up case for war with Iraq has had catastrophic effects: hundreds of thousands killed or maimed; two million Iraqis uprooted from their homes; a whole generation of children traumatized by war. Not to mention the obscenely high costs of financing the war, both in in economic and human terms: estimates vary from $400-700 million a day, enough to purchase a year’s worth of healthcare for hundreds of thousands of uninsured American children, and the vast majority of American casualties come from the working class and poor communities.
I concede that a clash of ideologies is a problem: a small minority of Islamic extremists simply hate Western culture (although this clash largely boils down to Islamic fundamentalism vs. free-market fundamentalism). However, popular support for this minority would quickly be defused if the US stopped propping up regimes that manage their countries’ resources on behalf of American corporate interests as opposed to the interests of the indigenous populations. In short, American foreign and defense policies that do not callously disregard the needs of the world’s poor would be just, compassionate, and wise.
Tobin lauds the neocons as stout defenders of democracy. Yet, in an editorial that lacks any serious socio-political analysis, he fails to see that the pathology of extremism (Islamic or otherwise) is a structural problem of a world economic order that robs hundreds of millions of the means necessary for a decent and dignified life. However, insofar as the neocons allow self-serving ultra-nationalist interests to override all moral considerations, they merely compound the pathology.
Dr. Paul Maltby teaches in the English Department at West Chester University.

Convicted by Prejudice. . .

Convicted by Prejudice

Recently the realization crept over me that I had been subject to a most tricky and messed up insider miscarriage of injustice, that is, an even more messed up outcome than even is usually pumped out by the courtroom bonecrushers (see movie, Nothing But Trouble done by Dan Akroyd-they almost blew up hollyweird trying to shut down their legacies). So the city picks up this case against my false accusing persecutor and then suddenly I am once again the target of malicious mis-prosecution. How did this occur once again? My false accuser is friends with the prosecuting attorney, C, and is represented by the pro-tem judge, N. So when the case comes forward, the pro-tem judge and the biased prosecutor move together to ignore my exonerating evidence and pursue charges against me once again, again with no actual substantial evidence. Did the pro-tem judge recuse himself appropriately when my case came up in front of him? Hell no. Did he factor in the exonerating evidence and testimony that proved malicious prosecution and stop persecuting me? Hell no. He makes money off DV convictions regardless of how he gets them and the man is automatically lying even when he can prove what he is saying; I saw this bias happen in other cases that he did, invalidating the defendant’s evidence and testimony all the time.
This is a witch hunt plain and simple. I defy their cruelty that is also VERY ILLEGAL and discriminatory. They were the ones who wrongfully banned the homeless, and blocked them from access to food, saving shelter, and medical access; yes folks and PT Barnum, a complete ban from survival services, an awe-inspiring display of white collar criminal legislation and malicious republican propaganda. The dang survival services nonprofits were designed and funded to merely be a feel-good propaganda stunt and nothing more. The hater wolves bleat, bleat, bleat about accountability and then stock up on lawyers to beat off and destroy the lives of the whistleblowers. This is why it is that they should have a food bank up and running in Coyle by december or they weren’t you know what. . . . They retaliated by closing the campground (first time since it was originally opened up) and this was once again B, and his crew of wretched godless screwball hater republicans messing stuff up because they can (a real bad case of hellbound dickhead syndrome. . . ). And see, what I am demonstrating by all of this is to show that they never intended on helping people or bettering our situation at all because when given the chance, they just messed everything up beyond all recognition because they could. B’s long term agenda always was to just shut everything down and ruin the community for everyone else while he and his killer clown friends got their way, and now here is the clear proof on that cruelty, incompetence, and illegal negligence; business as usual for corporate funded survival services nonprofits in the new nutzi Amerikkka!!!
See, this is that very same community that lied up all these reasons to put me in the county jail when I was completely innocent. They told the lies; they believed the lies; they acted on the lies illegally and wrongfully because I did not look like them (and what’s more, I didn’t want to look or be like them either). Judge J. hated people that she termed anarchists (must be that fabricated eco-terrorist meme again, huh-heck, there’s studies out there that show the rightwing domestic terrorist threat is a bigger one that the Islamic threat-remember how Bush did 911? but who wants to face up to the fact that their sketchy friend or that salesman in the fitted suit could have a hidden life messing with guns and drugs); I guess she thought I was one and even if I was, that is still no reason to wrongfully convict me when I had provably done nothing wrong because the system demonstrates its essential corruption and malleability when “the community”, actually death cult, demonstrates this kind of irrational emotionalized prejudice and bias. Further, if a person’s situation is dealt with justly, then they are less likely to act in a vengeful manner if their situation is responded to justly and humanely, with mercy as is legally specified and expected- see article 45 of the OAS charter, which the US is a signatory to and whatever part of the constitution they/re crapping on today for their friends and an easy dirty bloody nazi buck.
Mine was not the worst case of wrongful conviction that is out there these days. So do you think that possibly 2/5ths of the people in prison in the US shouldn’t be there. I do because I have experienced the kind of closed-minded emotionalized, irrational, legalistic prejudice that operates in the courts, and this does come from a supremacist ingroup-lawyers. There’s so many false convictions worse than mine that most all of the good legal people are working on them and don’t have time for ours ( This even though, what convicted me and many others in this city was just the word of one lying person without any other proof or corroborating testimony. This is how one knows when the fascist threat is awakening once again; when hateful emotionalized prejudicial stereotyping suffices as the only grounds for a conviction against the rules of evidence; the evidence that would exonerate the defendant. Because see, they can’t find a law that conforms or adapts itself well enough to situations where “the facts” change daily or even hourly.
Prosecutors are always seeking to suppress exonerating evidence because their conviction rate is considered as a success rate by some scumbag nazis out there, when actually the success of the prosecutors’ office is to only mount a prosecution when you have adequate evidence and testimony to actually PROVE THE CASE. There is an extensive history of abuse in the US to back this up too. The inquisitor says that I have not met this or that standard in proving my innocence, but my accuser didn’t meet evidentiary standards in the initial accusations, falsified and overgeneral as they were. And what I had found was that a lot of exonerating evidence was withheld from my attorney that was only discovered later on. But then judge K. ignored the exonerating police report and the additional proof of my innocence that was on the record, as well as the fact that the situation described also did not meet the legal standards required in order to validate the issuance of the order in the first place. There was not enough specific evidence or additional testimony to prove the false and overgeneral allegations so the order was issued illegally and wrongfully by the city. This is specifically the kind of legal outcomes that are generated by emotionalized vendettas produced by protected hateful in-groups.
This is not the first time that this particular railroad job has been done here. The Pro-Tem judge habitually ignored the defendants exonerating testimony, assuming automatically that the defendant was lying; this even though I had exonerating evidence and testimony. Then both the prosecutor and the Pro-Tem judge presumed guilt because the prosecutor was friends with the false accuser, and the Pro-Tem judge was her attorney!! So when it came time for them to act as the disinterested state, they completely failed at that because they both went into the proceeding biased, ignoring exonerating evidence, and presuming guilt with only one person’s uncorroborated hearsay. She was white, right, and enfranchised, therefore irrationally presumed credible; I was left, disabled, and disenfranchised, therefore reactively presumed guilty.
And the actual truth was that she was lying her head off in ways that other nazis like her would find believable and credible; this irrational deeply held belief overwhelmed the actually much more complicated, but still provable truth of the situation. The sledgehammer of her oh-so-awful lied up story overwhelmed completely the actual truth of the situation, and so many dumbass nazis found it believable that they completely failed the truth and the justice of the situation because of their own huge hateful biases and prejudices against the defendant and a whole lot of other poor people, me. And this is how it is that poor people and people of color end up in prison so much more than enfranchised white people; because white people understand the situation of other white people so when they act to punish, they punish their own humanely or not at all. When the truth is told them by a person from an excluded outgroup whose experience is outside their awareness and consequent area of competency, they don’t believe it even when it is proven to them beyond a reasonable doubt. Who would if they perceived themselves as threatened? Remember the blond psycho in Addams Family Values-Poor Debbie. . . only one mansion. . . They don’t believe that a person like them would lie and falsely accuse someone of something they actually didn’t do. And this happens all the time in the US, which is the main reason that I believe that fully 2/5ths of the people in prison in the US shouldn’t be there and the rest are overpenalized by at least 1/3rd across the board. Because I, like many others falsely and wrongfully convicted in the US, was completely innocent of all the charges that were made against me. This is what happens when the profit motive drives conviction rates. This is what happens when two ex-military judges just ignore the rules of evidence and railroad their emotionalized delusional prejudices on a situation; disregarding the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and legally binding international human rights treaties in repeatedly and continually perpetrating hateful legalistic violence against the most defenseless in the community; this because a few sets of illegal laws wrongfully invalidating more basic foundational legal protections say they can. Thus the perennial tension between freedom and fascism is once again distorted by the timeless root of all evil; Greed. And from it comes the various pseudo-rationalizations for all kinds of new, predatory, and illegal laws. Like many other aspects of government, the law should not be reduced to merely a base business but so many times it does. A nation is only as good as it’s people; its not rocket science, it is something much more subtle and well developed. The paradox being that the more complex a civilization becomes, the more vulnerable to collapse, partial or complete it becomes. I remain innocent of all charges laid by my false accuser and her associates, Lord Have Mercy. A prophet is hated in his own land. Listen to the album The Sound of White Noise-If Only by Anthrax, and Black Sunshine by White Zombie.

In the Labyrinth with the Minotaur.

img_20160810_042839In the Labyrinth with the Minotaur (can you see the noose?)

A long, long time ago, I started on my political career doing drug war work. And what a journey it was too. Along the way, as a disabled author/activist. I learned how it was that most white enfranchised people perceived me. They mostly treated me like a useless piece of crap even when I had much better ideas than they could come up with on situation after situation after situation. That’s when they really start hating you too; when you have better ideas than they have coupled with real-life experience. You have just gone from just being a worthless piece of meat to an active threat to their position, their reputation, and future, so now you are really an enemy now, not just another worthless piece of rotten meat. In my political career, I have also taken down around 40 abusive bureaucrats criminally abusing their power in my situations; they were also messing up a lot of other people too, but were protected by their position and associates from the proper consequences of their criminally abusive activities. They all believed the crap and drank the Kool-Aid of collusion; this even though their methods failed over and over and over again. So whenever you run into a homeless person madly gesticulating and cussing out certain people, there really IS a good reason for it, many, many reasons all white, all right, all self-centered haters.
What I had discovered was that most if not all white enfranchised people and others who had theirs, was that my perceived value as a person was measured mostly by my appearance and nothing else; this even with medical and other professionals. If I looked great, they didn’t believe that I had two chronic health conditions, therefore no mitigating circumstances when they wrongfully convicted me of another charge I was completely innocent of. If I looked bad, then I was automatically guilty, and this was with every worthless GD white right judge in my community, male or female, and even from outside it. No one adjudicated my cases out based on either my testimony or the exonerating evidence put in front of them. I had a conviction history (that was composed of coerced pleas when I was actually innocent); therefore I was guilty until proven innocent, even with the public defenders. I was a mere person; they were lawyers, therefore I was guilty. I didn’t own a mansion and five lawyers, therefore there was no reason to find me innocent and there was a huge number of reasons to find me guilty. I was 1) broke, 2) not a nazi, eerrr conservative republican like the judge who denied my very valid appeal, 3) I had a beard, 4) I had possessions they could legally steal, 5) I was only of value to them in prison and 6) I didn’t just shut up and become a nazi like them lying, hating on, and stealing from the poor the way they did denying them the benefits they had a perfect legal right to because they didn’t like them personally (and that is just way IMMATURE, STUPID, and also VERY ILLEGAL under state, federal, and international law). They created the nonprofits specifically for end-running around civil rights laws in the US. This is why I don’t donate to nonprofits, especially new ones (less than seven years in business).
So every last nonprofit project in Port Townsend was breaking the law and discriminating against the poor people in the community. Every project wrongfully discriminated and illegally banned 10-15 people from their projects because of their situation and personal appearance. One project had the volunteer staff voting on whether or not a homeless person coming through the door was a gang member or not, This irrational and subjective decision was used by the staff to ban those people from the Boiler Room who were believed to be gang members; this even though they had absolutely no history or solid proof. They were relying solely on appearance and whether or not they liked the person in order to make their decisions. And it always came down to one person in a position of group leadership who ultimately banned the people from the project, whatever it was: the #1 fascist dickhead with the god complex, a sociopath in other words.
And these people usually were abusive of the people coming through the door and also had a God complex, that is, they wanted all the power to decide who could come into the community center to eat and who was not allowed; this even though most all the time the accused, banned person was again completely innocent of all baseless, wrongful, and false accusations made against them that the sociopathic misleader used to ban them from the location and illegally from food and shelter. Let’s see, Bob, Jeff, Marla, Pam, Steve, Britney, Tenzing, and most of the volunteers at the Boiler Room and at other businesses too, all the cops who believed the trumped up allegations against the truth and the exonerating evidence, and other places that also rejected and then banned wrongfully people they didn’t like based on the vicious rumor mill that most times got it wrong, but that didn’t matter. The irrational contrived beliefs of the sociopathic leader and their associates prevailed over good common sense and the rule of law most all the time here and all over the US in small rural towns and cities composed mostly of lying white, right people socialized proto-nazi (Arbeit Macht Frei) from birth. This kind of biased, discriminatory rejection characterized by false mythic beliefs and stereotypes was a hallmark of projects in this and many, many other towns in the US. Who’s the superpredator now, Killary? Tax evader in chief. . .
As a disabled person, I have been subject to this kind of malicious discrimination all my life and I watched as this culture of haters believing itself to be drug-free and therefore holier than thou, pushed many, many people with drug problems away from saving help, actually sometimes killing them as a result (my friend Michael Taylor and Esther/Sara). They never wanted to help anyone out who was actually having problems, they wanted to find a reason not to help them out and run them out of town (I saw it one day; this old farmer who could barely see, trying to run over this newcomer with his car in the Pennysave parking lot (Uuuuhhhh, did they get hot when people panhandled there!!!). First, they didn’t love the person, they hated them. Second, they didn’t know what they were doing with people who were still addicted to drugs, so they were not even competent to assist them, as happens in so many nonprofit projects out there that are believed wrongfully to be doing a good job with the monies they are entrusted with. All the backers care about is the fact that they are spending less money; so what if what they are doing doesn’t work and actually makes the problem worse.
I have watched so-called innovators like this mess up more situations with no consequences because there is no effective oversight over these projects maintaining operational standards, standards of conduct if you will. The function they are supposed to served, they completely fail at, where previously adequately supported public entities did a much better job that these fools in their imagined paradise. It was sad to watch just how much they screwed up too, harming innocent people whose only mistake was trusting these criminal abusers to do what their organization promised. This is also typical corruption and abuse for most all nonprofits across the US; don’t just assume that your child is OK at places like these because many times not only are they not properly supervised or taught, they are also learning bad attitudes to community members who are different than them. To leave a ban decision to a 15 year old is not something a normal mature adult would do.
But the sociopathic misleader with a God complex is not normal, they have strong buried emotions which drive their irrational hatred of some of the clientele and signs of this irrational hatred surface in their attitudes and behaviors. If a group was sensitive to this pathology, then it would know to remove the abuser from the position of power since they are violating the law and making the organization open to lawsuits for the continuing institutional discrimination/exclusion/abuse. Properly the boardmembers of the group should intervene, but this intervention never actually happened and the criminally abusive practices continued unabated. This was because the persons abused were perceived as subhuman, therefore not deserving of protection or humane treatment, abandoned as members fo the community; they were not considered members of the community by the abusive sociopathic leaders and their associates. I guess you could say that the psychos listed were criminal gangsters also since they all were committed to breaking the law in their consciously hateful discriminatory exclusion. It was like this in the south for black people; they couldn’t eat in the restaurant, they ate on the back porch (And the little nazis in Port Townsend did this to a friend of mine too-homeless as well).
But no, what prevailed was hateful irrational delusional emotionalism from both the groups and the courts involved (as in believe the lies said about them to the point that they were criminalized with absolutely NO SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE-like in a nazi kangaroo court-some of the charges coming out of Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are like this. . . . ). And this is how I am now certain that the US overall IS nazi, it is not merely going nazi. It always has been nazi in its irrational abuses, discriminations, and consequent exclusions and even worse than that. I remember how it was for the homeless in some places like Spokane where a group of young psychos was attacking them because they were there. Or places like Poulsbo, where the assumption made by the city fathers was that any poor people loitering or otherwise unoccupied must be doing something bad; this is a town whose police were always busting my friends as they hitchhiked through for whatever reason they could trump up (it’s all about the money and nothing else for those nazis, and take a look at those extortionate fines too-set up in collusion with the insurance industry-crime rates going up, up, up, up. . . . ).
But what did you expect from a system that gives access to whomever’s got the money and nothing else? You’re going to get crappy, poorly developed irrational and mostly abusive policymaking that comes from people who mostly don’t have a clue about the situations they are dealing with and don’t care. Take a look at the fools. Max Baucus holds up national public single payer healthcare because he and his buddies are paid off by the health insurance criminals in order to preserve the scam; he and his buddies were not going to ever let that gravy train go by doing the correct thing for the country and our people. And do you think that guy is going to do the correct thing for the country and push that single payer system the way he or she should? Not in a million years; because they’re democrats in congress and you are less than nothing; you do not matter to them at all, even if you are in the majority-this explains their daily disdain and consequent disregard for the mass base.
And that explains the national failure to change and save itself, save the situation and “civilization” by actually doing the correct thing in the situation for a change, rather than just lining their shameless pockets doing the wrong thing persistently as always mostly happens in our congress and various agencies as well. Let’s see what other things have perished under their paid off fascist corporate bootheels. The McGovern candidacy, the Sanders candidacy, the Great Society programs that worked so well (I saw them work well too intergenerationally in Seattle-the stupid paid off rightwing nazis still persistently call them “failures” against the evidence and reality-again, what did I expect from lying nazi criminals who are told what to say by people even worse than they are-Heritage Foundation death cult members). Scott Walker actually stealing the bond monies from the unions of his state on the infrastructure investments they made; the kansas governor cutting the budget and killing off that states’ economy for the sake of the one percenters forcing their lies and delusions on the situation, making it much, much worse than even before; Rick Scott of Florida outsourcing prison healthcare to a for-profit company mostly schooled in how to deny saving healthcare; the prisoners are dying in droves down there denied care by another nazi skinhead with a God complex. See how it is that they locked up any realistic global warming response in the dustbin in the corner? This even though their paid off climate change denier is discredited and gone just like that loco holocaust denier they liked so much for so long paid by the oil companies to lie, lie, lie, and lie again (ya ever heard of a seven shot repeat lying witness-she was my girlfriend for awhile-not anymore. . . ).
They seem to be attempting to impose a specifically anti-christic fascist corporate version of reality and behavior on the culture and we are all the worse for it. They laugh at people’s misery, enjoying their personal advantage and not helping anyone. They can’t speak truths that their financial backers would abhor; this even though to do so would assist the community and other people in actually doing the correct thing for the situation they are dealing with. Because you see, they don’t respect the experts in the community enough to listen to them and actually do the improved correct thing-that costs money-but not as much in the long term as doing the wrong thing very persistently. That’s why they want to get rid of all those pesky government agencies that stop them from doing wrong or the wrong thing in the situation-think Bhopal (the EPA stopped them from doing that very dangerous chemical process in the US-good thing, huh).
And how’s about the economy? They get it wrong all the time because they are selling us a bill of goods that people even more depraved than them are selling as viable; this even though time and again what they propose is believed to be unworkable and when done, whaddaya know? It doesn’t work at all as wrongfully and falsely promised. The idea that tax breaks create jobs; nope, discredited by a study. The idea that abstinence works as a birth control method; nope, not quite. The idea that people of color are dumber than white people; nope, they just can’t afford good schools because the republicans and repugnicrats (like mad max up there) can’t seem to do the correct thing because the idiot one percenters with all that looted money, are paying them specifically NOT to do what would actually work. Smart people wouldn’t do the stupid things we are cooking up, so don’t educate them, they’ll figure out the scam again. And catch this one; in washington state, if you are disabled, you can do your own civil rights discrimination case (without help); wait, I thought the person was disabled and unable to do that effectively-again no actual substantial legal protection because the law is so stuffed chockful of loopholes, you could run a truck through them.
And this is what you can expect over and over from an unresponsive system that is authoritarian and run from the top by the worst men and women in the state to benefit themselves at the expense of the rest of us. This is what our history as a nation is littered with too. Tons of great ideas going nowhere because a bunch of stupid fascist greedheads are running the show into the ground for their benefit at our expense. And so what if it all falls apart ten or fifteen years down the road; by then they will be able to deny that the fiasco is their fault. And believe me when I say, they will always find a way to blame us for what they actually did. And that is exactly what the evil, subversive, fascist drug war did too; it repeatedly blamed the victim/survivor while protecting the real subversive fascist criminals responsible for the mess the stupid program made of our society and even our lives. The only “help” they had for us was faster into the grave and little else. Because you see, the law says unless you have a serious provable incident or activity that justifies banning someone from saving assistance-housing, food, medical care, higher education, you are breaking the law, nazis, and I know and God knows that you criminally and illegally discriminate and exclude in Port Townsend, Washington all the time, nazis-one nazi would make up the lie and the other nazis full of hatred and bloodlust would lie and say it was true. Anything so that they wouldn’t have to accept, love, and then help a person. Jed said he was a satan worshipper, you know, lie, cheat, steal, kill, and destroy. . . Yup, anything to be on top of the shifting pile of stupified, half-dead, stinking, rotting flesh.

A Letter to Nazi Traitor, Pete Peterson and his Superrich, Criminal Nazi, Billionaire Friends. . .

Dear People,

I have heard this off-key litany, this scratching of nails across a blackboard before from nazi a-holes like Peterson about the sources of our debt and most all of it is wrong and also exposes a wrong-headed approach to reducing that debt. Most all of the debt is due to excessive military expenditures, war expenditures and also to the US government supporting military dictatorships whose actions repressing communities also destroys local-regional economies as well, replacing them with something much less productive, regional-global corporate plantations that put much less into the hands of employees while killing them slowing with overwork and dangerous, poisonous workplaces; not a sustainable local-regional economy. Witness how our debt increased first under Ronald Reagan and GHW Bush; huge increases that were mostly devoted to the expansion of the military industrial complex, either military or corporate investment, but not to people outside of that group and certainly did nothing to rebuild main street.
We also have correlated the budget cutting of the republicans and the corporate repugnicrats as being the main factor intensifying recessional trends in the economy. It figures. Think about this. Obama’s stimulus payouts were continuously blocked by the republicans. This investment would’ve stimulated main street economies where most of the employment is created in the US. But no, the republicans blocked that now very necessary investment in deteriorating infrastructure that would’ve also created living, family wage jobs for tens of thousands of people, and then turned around and blamed Obama for what actually was their repeated policy failures.
I told them to spend the $4 bil. on upgrades to Seattle’s mass transportation infrastructure at at time when they were under pressure to cut it from the budget. This investment created those great jobs with a local-regional secondary economic multiplier effect in a slow market. It worked just like I thought it would along with the pump-primer Keynes. This also worked in the economy long term when we refused to cut subsidy and survival services programs that other states like Kansas have cut to the bone. Seattle’s economy did much better than the budget cutters’ red states did economically and socially. And notice how it is that the opiate overdose crisis is much worse in red states too, maybe because they didn’t take the medicare monies. . . . Noticed lately how the economy of Kansas is flopping around like a half dead fish out of water? The consequences of that round of massive budget cutting that time.
So now we are in a recession that is portrayed as a demand crisis, as in no one has any money to spend on non-essentials. Heck, some people are also not able to buy even the essentials with their limited income, whether wage or subsidy income. The secondary effect of this is slow market growth because again, no one has enough money to spend even on essentials, now over-priced. Now what would the impact of that lack of income be on taxes? No one has any money to spend so tax revenues would also be reduced by budget cutting because consumption is way, way down, once again cut to the bone, so to speak. Thus, the depth of the recession is very much tied to the scale of the budget/tax cutting that is done. And that is what we say happens when Newt Gingrich and Phil Gramm cut it down to the bone again that time, after Ronald Reagan became president, and also corresponded to every wave of budget cuts undertaken after that.
So Peterson and company thinking that cutting entitlements and survival services would improve the economy is found to be basically wrong-headed; their actions would worsen, deepen the recession. And further, it has been shown that tax breaks do not improve employment either. What these cuts do though is increase the billionaires’ income while reducing their tax burden (if they already haven’t done so using the ubiquitous tax havens out there). Now about healthcare. They de-regulated the economy, then banned medicare from negotiating drug prices allowing those prices to go through the roof as well. Then benefits are reduced while prices for seeing a doctor remain the same, so more income goes for essentials again, rather than for other things. The best way to reduce costs in healthcare is by seeing a doctor regularly for a check-up so that major illnesses get caught early on before a major investment is required to cure it or at least manage the illness. But if your benefit is cut and the price for the visit is the same, then you will not see the doctor because once again, your income is 3/5ths of what it should be for any kind of adequate quality of life, so no doctor until you are really sick and will need a huge amount of help in order to get better-the spendy emergency room shuffle. So people like Peterson say, OK just cut it off and kill them. And they do die before their time, betrayed by another criminal misleader.
What you have to remember is that in a de-regulated economy, prices go up but wages don’t. They fall precipitously, as much as the damn nazis can cut them, so the recession intensifies because of those malign factors. But that means that the franken-economy still is not going to rise up and walk again because again, no one has any money to spend. So the misleaders get desperate and start using various devices to try and gin things up, make things look better than they actually are. And then the system rewards hare-raising house of cards speculation rather than investing in business activity that would actually create employment, you know, jobs. I know, stock buybacks subsidized by the Fed is one thing; jacking up stock prices artificially higher than the actual value of the business (and by extension the markets too). And your now desperate irrational investor starts taking high flyers on bad information, losing even more because the fundamentals of the economy have not changed for the better. Prices are high, wages are low and getting lower as the one percenters take yours off the top structurally any way they can; tax breaks, union busting/wage cuts, business subsidies, price increases, etc.. This structural history is documented by Alan Nasser who wrote up great histories of US recession/depressions ( And lets not forget Mitt Romney looting the pension plans and the health benefits in the bankruptcy reorganizations that he did. The union rep for Oregon Steel got murdered for trying to intervene in and stop such institutional looting.
What are the solutions? Recovering tax revenues lost to the tax havens all these years (2% tax rate for Apple on the double irish instead of 37%; a loss of 35% of revenue stream for the public). Increasing the personal tax rate to 70% above $250,000/yr as recommended by Thom Hartmann instead of 37% . Remember that Eisenhower had a 90% tax rate on such wealthy individuals. Now get rid of the carried interest loophole too. Targeting our next major bank bailout to main street investments rather than wall street scammers; you get a much better long term return on investment and the money stays local (likewise for public banking-see public banking institute; does your county have a revolving loan fund separate from wall street with their bubbles, crashes, and extortionate bond deal fees-capital appreciation bonds being the next new scam on the block?). Pay a good living family wage instead of chump change for wages, maybe even a bonus if you have a good year.
Now let’s get tricky. The nazis at the Heritage Foundation want to try and say that subsidized housing, food stamps, and medical care has all been a big failure. This is the crap that they bleat whenever someone points out that actually the Great Society programs were very successful at growing up great lives and stabilizing families and communities while reducing crime and healthcare costs generally. The programs stabilized and assisted communities in growing up a diversified future. So I know, let’s pay off the military debt quickly while putting off paying off the survival services programs so that we can misportray social security and other programs as “failures”. Let’s see how the republicans created “failures” out of subsidized housing programs. First they cut the budget for food stamps, higher education, mass transportation, and medicare, then they raised the rent, then the Bush’s and the Clintons and their republican friends flooded the country with cocaine and heroin (still going on now). Then they did their hysteria-mongering media stunts demonizing the poor people on the street as some kind of subhuman animal for doing drugs on the street, their killing floor if you will when nothing else was substantially viable in the situation economically when actually the wall street war mongering plantation owners were the actual superpredators with their free trade zones, dangerous workplaces, and slave wages. The final nail in the mortgage coffin is the loss of the providers’ main job income and there goes the mortgage and the house off in left field in Florida in a holding company with the house doing a whole bunch of nothing much except falling apart unoccupied. This is how a “failure” is created out of what was very successful before. And also look at how the situations mentioned are never the republicans fault; they project defensively after the fact of their actions that they know full well created the situations in the first place. Now about fracking chemicals, drinking water aquifers, and earthquakes. . . and how about a trillion dollars for more nuclear weapons? No thanks. . . .
Love ya, Lyle Courtsal,,,,,,,, and three books: The Phoenix Program, by Douglas Valentine, In the Land of Hungry Ghosts, by Gabor Mate’ MD, and The Final Mission: Spooky 8, by Bob King.

Dear Huntington, W. Va.

Dear Huntington (W. Va),

I ran into an article the other night that alerted me to your debacle; the city with the highest rate of drug overdose fatalities in the US. And I want you to know that it made sense to me. Most of the states with high OD rates were either poor states or red states, as in conservative and consequently broke; it looks like you’re both. Believe me, yours is not the only state on the rocks and going down under corporate republican/repugnicratic leadership (that’s my words for people who have lost their essential humanity in the corporate funded beltway Washington DC death cult there where they feel oh-so-special. . ). I digress.
So you are in a bad way and here’s some ways to make it better. Face up to the fact that it is really either poverty or learned helplessness/hopelessness that is driving people to use. There is this hidden desperation that no one dare speak of, so since they can’t trust anyone to protect their privacy and consequent humanity anymore, it can get way beyond pretty lonely out there real fast if you are in a bad place and around 60% of the people in the US are in this bad place now, maybe even you. Make sure that any health professionals you deal with understand clearly understand just how important it is to your safety that they protect your medical privacy adequately; it is a sign of respect for you. Face up to the fact that there are not enough jobs out there good enough to take care of everyone. Now, don’t you feel better in just facing up to that? Let’s go on to the next one. Unless some people make it so those poor people or those hopeless people get a place to live, food to eat, and adequate medical care from a decent person for starters, their health problems and lives won’t get better and the crime rates won’t go down. A little note on incarcerating nonviolent drug addicts; they will use more after release because of the additional trauma of going to prison; though a friend said that prison is the only thing that would’ve stopped him from using cocaine. What is the just sentence in the situation? What will work best at keeping the person safe and sober or at least using moderately? Usually white conservatives will over-penalize and punish/torture “just for fun”. I will never forget how this republican woman laughed at a person with a long term chronic health condition in a town hall forum one time. Yes you can profile this kind of criminal psychopathology out-sociopath/psychopath. . . . See John Yoo above.
Remember 40 years ago when Raygun became president? Things were going downhill then but still pretty good. But then they started lying and saying that trickle-down worked, and budget cuts were good for you, kind of like Edward Teller telling us that nuclear radiation is perfectly safe, another huge lie from the usual suspects, your misleaders so check stuff out for yourself if something seems wrong. What they didn’t tell you was that they were good for you only if you were so rich that you didn’t have to work for a living anymore. You were still pretty much screwed if you still had to work for a living because the union-busting, and the de-regulation had pulled the rug out from under your personal finances and maybe even the finances and consequent viability of your fair city or town. I know how that feels. My city is run by a leadership of screwballs; almost to the point where they can care about people but not quite. So what they cobbled together to “help” people still pretty much sucks, and this was posited as a good effort too. The doupoly is designed to roll up the red carpet, protect itself, and sacrifice the lives of the poor when hard times like this hits ( It’s all legal too, just like the reich. So if a treatment professsional seems a little off, they probably are. Get a lawyer, and avoid them like the plague. Jerry Garcia was addicted to heroin and died in a treatment center; who knows what happened, but he probably had a crew following him microwaving him for a few years; they weren’t going to stop at the clinic door. Also Billie Holliday was addicted to heroin and was cut off and died in the hospital because she refused to stop singing Strange Fruit, a song about lynching.
I remember West Virginia when we would go backpacking in the Dolly Sods wilderness areas, bouncing down those roads all pounded up by the coal haulers. There were certain places you were warned not to go, just like anywhere but it was new and mysterious (the ex- just loves it and I would too if I wasn’t so old). We’d be doing these drives at night a lot of times, so the odd animal would rush out of the brush trying to kill itself on our bumper. Guess you know what that’s like, huh. It was rough living even when there WAS an economy there, and that was 15-30 years ago. So it has been this gradual slide into fourth world living over these last years that laid the foundation for your present fame as the place with the highest fatal OD rate in the US. There’s not much constructive going on and that is not by accident, but devastation by fiscal design masquerading as seeming error.
So this is what you’re going to do. You start with a low barrier medically supported dual use disabled/elderly subsidized very low income housing initiative. Low barrier means that there is NO drug test, NO background check, and NO credit check for access to housing. You just house them and cut the crap because they will die without housing. The only thing you raise a fuss about is MAJOR property damage or MAJOR provable disruption, and I may not evict them even then. See how this takes the right kind of nice people who understand things? Get rid of the ones with the god complex who want to ban people because they don’t like them for whatever reason. The law says you must make the best effort you can to house, feed, and care for ALL people, and since when have americans obeyed any laws like that?!! Not recently, especially in a hater red state. You are definitely in hostile territory if you are a nice generous person in a red state; they will almost eviscerate you if you ain’t like them. . .
Now for number two; food. Homelessness and poverty really stress people out, so the best way to stabilize them out is with really GOOD food, as in nutritious food. Here is a self-teaching website that will teach you enough about nutrition that you will be able to help yourself and a lot of other people out (, I also use the superfood drinks out there too, like Columbia Gorge Vitasea Superfood Drink with the algae and fruit juices in it-protein-brainfood. There are 8 very distinct body-mind types out there that have very unique nutritional needs; the closer you get to feeding a person’s brain right for the stresses they are under, the closer you are to supporting their continued sobriety in the long term. And sobriety is not even my goal in the situation because I just want to get you to tomorrow better than today and I work with “wet” alcoholic/addicts, and don’t even do the post-recovery support crap. I do know this though; some people will need help the rest of their lives and that IS what we should do too, because they costed this out and found out that it actually is cheaper from a long term systems cost-benefit perspective to house, feed, and care for people adequately than not to do so. I will debate people on this too. So add on a network of outpatient health clinics and there’s no reason why this can’t be a mobile health clinic too. We also had inpatient treatment up to one year available in the Seatlle/King County system that was developed. Some people will need every bit of it and then some especially if there is a history of serious violence exposure. . . outpatient support after inpatient treatment. We lose people mostly for the following reasons; 1) no response for their needs, 2) Negligent, incompetent, undertrained, unsupervised, abusive helping personnel (see advoserv-nice mansion Mister).
So a person is now housed, fed, and cared for, what now? Counseling for any past serious trauma issues or violence exposures will assist a person in grounding in the present and also will help to re-socialize them again too. Then see what kind of things they REALLY like to do, not just what they do and seem good at. This is why it is that I would like 2 years of community college to be free in addition to the 12 grades, considering that life now is much more complicated and difficult than before; a lot more to keep up with than before. So you encourage them to find two things they like to to that are also barterable skills as well as income-generating and get them on that track to their particular special individual future hopefully catalyzing skill sets along the way.
Now people with a serious abuse history are not just immediately going to get life, they are going to make some and maybe even more than a few mistakes, sometimes pretty big if they don’t have anyone who understands the specifics of what they have been through-I have augmented my expertise using libraries sometimes. So you have your harm reduction system set up anticipating 7-10 relapses minimum if there is a violence exposure/abuse history. This system consists of a few things: 1) a needle exchange, 2) adequate amount of subsidized, medically supported dual use very low income housing (HUD extremely low income housing funding-see above), 3) adequate medical support for the population-medicare for all would be a good start (overhead/admin. costs are much higher in the private sector), 4) Adequate food: the private sector nonprofits have been an abject failure at achieving that goal where I live, so lets fund public food stamps adequately especially if you are dealing with young adults under 26 years of age; try and improve whatever you’ve got though so that all those in need get fed adequately without illegal bans or exclusions or unsafe, inedible food-the people with the god complexes will want to run out the people they think of as “bad”-bad ole so and so, bad ole drunks, bad ole criminals, bad ole commies, bad ole neighbors who ripped me off, bad ole this, bad ole that, bad ole, beadle, bad ole, bad ole. . . on and on and on. It will never be perfect, GET over it and just love and help everyone as best you can. If someone screws up really bad in real time, on location and is provable, see if you can cool it down yourself, only call the cops if you can’t do it yourself. Why risk it if they can’t be trusted to help, not hurt people? A volunteer position is considered a job under federal definitions and yes, learning how to love everyone who comes through the door is sometimes real work; the better you do it though, the more people you help and save, the less go to jail needlessly for whatever reason, and the more likely your people will go through a disaster well, because there’s no real strong feelings dividing people up.
As you can see, so much of this has to do with situations that are ruining us that are beyond our control to change. But it’s an election year; a good time to push for whatever it is that you need-see above. And if you get the community organized up, then you will have a grassroots advocacy network that will assist you in getting together what you need to fill in the gaps in your harm reduction system; housing, food, medical access, mass transportation especially for elderly/disabled, and higher education; the foundations upon which any society grows up the peace. From this fertile humane soil will emerge employable people who are stable enough to do a job and also get through a disaster pretty well. There is one person per family trained up to to CPR and first aid in South Korea. And there’s a lot more great things to do that you can add to the list too that can include and occupy people in creating a better situation in your city or town.
I have been mostly dealing with low income drug addict/alcoholics. This system is built somewhat for them, though a lot of professionals don’t have a lot of street experience. Most nice people want to learn; the best way to learn from a patient/client is to both listen and respect them when they are sharing important information with you. You can add on an internet/web/database based education system that can be accessed by people who are middle class/employed through your city or state health department if you don’t have one that is available locally. This can work for all concerned at your library system. You can also write up resource lists too if you don’t have the internet available. There are mobile options available that you can develop too-see the project Remote Medical Access for inspiration.
The best computer troubleshooter I ever ran into was a stone cold cocaine addict, and after he had done way too much work way too fast, he was way addicted. Once he cooled down his jets a bit in recovery, he went on in his profession. One of the most beautiful people I ever met in my life died at 35 of an overdose; don’t let people tell you you are a bad person for being an addict or helping them. Someone went for my black meth head friend with a baseball bat; they hated him because they didn’t know him. They were afraid of a stereotype they learned in the media that was one of the best propaganda operations done in US history; too bad it was so mis-begotten and born to such an evil purpose. WE were taught to hate those poor people and homeless people and people of color because we listen to the TV and take it seriously. 2,000 cop shows later and whaddaya know? You hate poor people because no rich people are on cops, on the news, or ever go to prison. A reporter in Seattle also was allowed to go on the TV news and just relentlessly lie about how bad the homeless were for a solid six months, just making the stuff up out of thin air. . . . sick. . . Q13 Fox Seattle while that psycho Ailes was running the show into the ground that time. . .
So we were taught to hate by the lies of the system under criminal republican leadership; not all republicans are criminals though, just superrich Bush republicans. We can learn to love and care for addicts and poor people and consciously re-program ourselves to love them. It will be an effort though. It seems much easier to just come up with a reason in your head to judge and get rid of people asking for your help than it is to actually help them substantively, commit to them some even. Something in us is out of whack; the ability to care for people has been pretty much destroyed in most of us by how this culture conditions us continually for conformity, hopelessness, capitulation, the acceptance of slow death policies, and re-enslavement from a multiplicity of sources out there throughout the day. But that does not mean that this is our natural human condition; quite the contrary. We are debilitated, then overdriven by contextual factors largely beyond our control. That is no excuse for not continuing to fight the power though. As a matter of fact, a grassroots bipartisan coalition pushed for and got an upgrade to the Seattle Public Library system that the leadership of both parties there didn’t want to do ($125 mil. public and $60 mil. private and only one person was shot at during the whole fight-they missed, he survived). We did it anyways and succeeded that time because we stuck with it. So it is definitely possible to take on this multi-headed beast killer drug addiction and stuff it back into it’s lair together huh. Yup.
And as you can see, this takes more than a little money to do. But if you start and organize, the money will come, or at least you will find out who is not coming through with the money you need to turn the situation around. Max Baucus of North Dakota, a center-right repugnicrat blocked public single payer healthcare for the entirety of his term; he and his friends must have been making big bucks off that. So add a county-level housing trust structure to make better use of existing housing resources, and a county level revolving loan fund to finance what you need (public banking institute). Finally ignore the zero tolerance maniacs like Baucus and rightwing friends; they’re the ones with the destructive sociopathic god complex stuff going on. They will just mess you and anything you try to do up royal unless it is on their wacked out terms; hello lala land, come in.
You may need to go back on some drugs sometimes if you can’t handle things. That’s OK, just don’t overdo the relapse and OD. Drug tolerances can go up and down, so be careful and make up small doses if you haven’t used opiates or similar substances for awhile-ERR ON THE SIDE OF CAUTION. And you can teach other addicts to take smaller doses and to clean up their gear so that it’s sanitary. That and other tactics teaches them that they are valuable people that are worth saving and taking care of. So much of why people use in the US is related to the social consequences of poverty, fascist oppression, and random chaos and violence; exactly what one gets when the survival services budgets are cut to the bone by the crazy red state skinheads in congress. One way we reduced the risk out there is by targeting enforcement on the killer addictive drugs and alcohol while legalizing marijuana. Cannabis saved my life at 14 years of age and children 8 and under are using it to control seizures (reductions from 40-50 a month to 3-5 a month are common-nothing else seems to work as good). Also what I read says that children shouldn’t be using codeine (suppresses breathing) and that there is a wide variability in how fast people metabolize opiates and other drugs (AND WATCH OUT FOR THE COMBINATIONS!!!). SO ALWAYS ERR ON THE SIDE OF MEDICAL CAUTION AND STAY ALIVE. . . USE THE PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE IN ANYTHING YOU DO AND ALWAYS USE CLEAN NEEDLES, WATER, AND COTTONS-NO SHARING. Our health department used to put out cut reports when the cut on the heroin was bad, as can happen in a black market. 200 people were killed in Vancouver BC in two weeks when 75% pure uncut heroin was put on the street there. Also heroin addicts in Canada were pushing to be allowed to have a doctor prescribe heroin to them-takes the crime out of it because it’s paid for. And no 50 mg. hydrocodones (Zohydro). One pill kills a child and they always end up with more than one, so always make sure they can’t get to them at all. SO, ONWARD THROUGH THE FOG AND WHATEVER ELSE SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY BECAUSE. . . YOU ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE; MORE THAN WORTH SAVING. . . . REALLY. . . .

The Moveable Holocaust

So another depraved proto-nazi mass murderer is ruining his country and his people once again. And for some other nazis, it would seem like for all the right reasons too. Duterte has declared war on his people; a war on drug addicts of which there are believed to be 4 million in the Phillipines; geez their economy must be flopping around like a half dead fish on a graving dock (remember how it was Bush-Raygun cut the budget and then demonized the homeless drug addicts created by the consequent socioeconomic collapse). And Duterte, what a gem; seems he wanted in on a recent gang rape too. Total mass murdering psychopath. When cocaine was cheap and easy in the US courtesy of those same nazis, a lot of people were doing it and it ate up quite a few nest-eggs too. Now heroin is all the rage since it’s cheaper than those opiate painkillers. One guy went through $200,000 worth of overpriced black market product in 2 months; bye bye big bucks. I used to tell people coming into some money to make a plan for how you spend it so that you get something you need or that can provide for yourself. I got a mobile home and a vehicle because the buses are so bad where I live (generally most mass transit systems in the US are providing 3/5ths of the service needed to actually be a reliable alternative to the car) cut back by Raygun, the Bush oil nazis, and the cold-blooded zombie nazi Newt during the murdering ’80’s; there are a lot of superrich nazis that definitely don’t want the gas-powered car replaced or even to become efficient (people had small cars modified to get 200 miles per gallon with additives). I digress.
When a superrich person smells a resource worth some money, they start throwing their weight around politically and socially to have their way with the situation, whatever it requires. Usually it requires lots of heavily armed sadistic mass murdering psychopathic types to take out the opposition to your either death-dealing and/or planet-killing initiatives and projects. Usually there is a network of people who stand to make money off the mass murdering, planet killing initiatives, so they will collude in making money any way they can, legal or illegal-the killers get paid cash out of the ever-growing till of stolen proceeds. When a person discovers the criminal fraud or outright theft, they are in a world of hurt then, because they know way too much about the mass-murdering “fearless leader” and his/her friends.
Look at the US drug war; everyone was in on it. First Bush and friends flood the country with cocaine starting in 1980 under Raygun, ostensibly to support and arm the nicaraguan contras. Then they cut the budget massively, throwing the economy into a partial collapse that eliminated millions of great well-paying union jobs. Out on the street everyone went after the banks robo-signed their mortgages, houses, and asset base away. And guess what? They started self-medicating with anything available in order to survive that which is practically unsurvivable by doing what? Bush’s cocaine, which is a crime in the US, especially if you steal or turn tricks to pay for it. Some heroin addicts wanted to make it so they could get their heroin prescribed to them by a doctor(Toronto Globe and Mail). Great idea, but Harper deep-sixed it; why? Because the laws making it illegal acted as a price support for the black market.
There’s no jobs right? Now Bush never gets in trouble for dealing cocaine and heroin, and neither does Rush Limbaugh for dealing oxycontin. He is alleged to have had good reasons why it is that he trafficked in oxycontin. Hey, it’s Rush Limbaugh, that rightwing icon, everyone’s favorite buffoon, a buffoon among proto-nazi buffoons. And since he’s a nazi, it’s A-OK with the other nazis that he traffics in oxycontin; understandable to them (“he’s one of us”-like Mitch McConnell). If you or I were to traffic in oxycontin, we would go to federal prison for 16 years, but not Rush. He’s a good nazi spewing those wacko illegitimate syllogisms that only other braindead nazis listening to him on the radio can make sense of and “understand”. The blowhard inveighs against drug use even while he is both using and trafficking in oxycontin, which is more dangerous than heroin. One 50mg. pill kills a child. But they hate children anyways, unless they’re screwing them.
Do you see the ubiquitous double-standard in law enforcement? If you’re a black person doing cocaine, you go to prison. If you’re Rush Limbaugh doing and dealing oxycontin, you get a reward-good nazi. And on it goes. So when a greedy billionaire gets wind of a windfall deal or project, he or she chases it with everything they got; money, lawyers, connections until they get it and profit from it many times illegally. Witness the Dakota access pipeline builders just plowing up a native american graveyard, a sacred site, doing it before any kind of legal protection would kick in to stop them. And of course, the judicial bench is mostly populated by worthless republican shadows of humanity indoctrinated into the greed-motivated, planet-killing worldview and paradigm, so they will never do the right thing in this situation either-too complicated. Just look at their investment portfolios and connections if you want to know how they’ll judge a situation. Clarence Thomas is a perfect example. He is a Koch puppet; he will sell out the country and the people in the service of their self-serving ambitions, and then find the legal reasons why that is A-OK again. Remember the Holocaust, the Shoah, was completely legal under German law.
What I am saying is that greed is the most deadly planet killing addiction out there. When a person sees a gravy train, they are going to chase it until they get what they think they got coming. This is where the whole idea of guaranteed return on investment comes from and this is the foundation of the rationale that when an investor places a lot of money on a project and it doesn’t work out, then that should be the state’s problem, not theirs, so PAY UP TAXPAYERS for our screwup. A UN legal expert has already said that the TTP trade deal is illegal because it was created in secret and did not include community input in it’s development. However, this is exactly what the trade deals seek to guarantee for the investor; a guaranteed profit/adequate return on investment and if they lose, then they want to be able to sue the nation for their losses. And I am sorry, that is just not how the game works. And this is the real shame too, that a company makes more of a profit by cutting corners and enslaving people; there are so many different ways that greed can kill. So when they come to your valley with the thugs and the guns, make them leave and never come back because they are totally evil and will only destroy everything in sight and even then some. Whether it’s logging, mining, fracking/drilling, or dam building, it is going to fawk sheeeitt way up (did you know that a dam can be a huge source of greenhouse gases?). Yup. They and what they do will be a problem for you and your people even after they get what they want because your worldview threatens their depraved acquisitioning or theft if you will. They bring only death wherever they go because of how they do things. They leave a trail, they leave a mess for us to clean up; there’s 15,000 unremediated uranium mines in the US and the tailings piles are blowing the crap all around the reservations killing people; cancers, deformities, other illnesses completely from those damn mines. There is a much better way of doing things than that; the correct responsible way.
And mass death in hidden forgotten bad places is the name of their game if they don’t like you. Rick Scott privatizes prison healthcare; the only way they can make a profit is by withholding care. So the inmates die in droves denied illegally the healthcare that would’ve saved their lives. And the homeless denied housing for whatever reason will be at an increased risk of dying from either physical violence on the street or from untreated medical conditions that finally maim or kill them. The old folks who lost their retirement funds to the Bush 2008 fraud/collapse; social security only covers 3/5ths of their total expenses so they are picking between the food bills, the drug bills, or the electric heating bills-ALL TOO HIGH. . . Slow death policies from the new nazis in both the corporate funded republican and the repugnicratic party. They always collude in secret against our interests in their bipartisan cooperation in screwing us out of what little pittance we earned.