Yes We Can. . . Take the Radioactive Whammy Out of the Fukushima Wastewater.

Dear People,
    The increased cost of treating out fukushima wastewater to drinking water quality should be offset by the savings gained in reducing long term systems costs like lowered disease rates, sustained fisheries, and happier, less stressful workers and relatives. I sent the addresses to your seattle consulate emergency line Friday when I was blocked going to you online; increased surveillance/internet blocking in US since January. Stupid. here is information from my friend will at,, 206-383-4817. See also Mr. Wiseman worked with Will in developing these processes detailed.

Dear People,

There are ways of dealing with that radioactive water so that the radioactive “whammy” is taken out of it or is at least significantly reduced. There’s filtration that removes ultrafine particles ( stage water filtration takes out uranium dust-systems to small city scale), distillation that concentrates the crap so that it is more effectively processed by the anti-whammy process (does it also move the tritiated molecules into what is distilled out?) (, and finally what a friend terms the browns gas process ( and other radionic processes as well that directly neutralize the radiation. There are also other processes that I haven’t thought of at the Green Chemistry journal; processes like chelation, and others that separate or remove the tritiated water from the “clean” water. So please contact these people if you are interested in moving forward with a process or combination of processes to clean up that water and save the planet. (he will do technical consultations).

I am also a physicist and I have worked with many of the worlds leading scientific community in the past and I am also trying to put together what I believe is an important perspective to my trying to put into reality, Plasma Nuclear Decontamination Technological projects.
Thereof, due to the current Fukushima Nuclear Contamination that is currently destroying the entire Northern Hemisphere’s aquifers, and contaminating the entire planet.
I headed up a team scientists in the early 1990s where we had filed patents on our discoveries and while working at that time also working with the renown Dr. Yull Brown, thus our finding out that water based and sourced plasma technologies will in fact transmute the elements and as well also readily neutralize all nuclear contaminates and particulate.
Our patents became classified almost immediately.
Yet, currently during this worldwide nuclear extinction event that Plasma Nuclear Decontamination Filtration Technologies will readily transmute all nuclear contamination and the means to do so is urgently is urgently needed to be further explored immediately.
This matter needs to be immediately addressed and to be now brought into effect due to this current (Fukushima and fifteen thousand other mostly not being reported nuclear meltdowns and leaks now also occurring and taking place.).
The observation of what Plasma Technologies are, is in fact only to be further  considered to be an infinite and never ending and expanding way of learning to explore and to find logical understanding of this critical future of human, planetary, and universal sciences and knowledge.
And, in one way of considering this as to what it is currently and for what it will be in the future is in actuality, the beginning of a next step up the ladder of human thinking and doing for the next many thousands of years to come.
Plasma Energies, Plasma as a transmutation and Nuclear Filtration Technologie can also be transcended from as well also from simple power sources such to be powered as technologies from the source of the plasma that is produced from water primarily and from other simple means as was explained by the inventor now deceased Paul Patone Geet International who had appeared several times on my AllDayLive TV program. l.
  I feel that is my most important reason for contacting your offices is to see if you can perceive what I am explaining here.
I have written and posted on-line many thousands of news reports on these subjects and as well as many one hour educational media programs concerning this concern but I feel that if we as a people and as a concerned community do not wake up soon and move forward to address this Nuclear Extinction Event Circumstance and to try to find the right people to work with and to try to get these right people to work with me to start exploring, architecting and building (Manufacturing) Plasma Nuclear Decontamination Technologies, then there literally may not be any hope for the human race to survive this time in our global historical moment.
To begin to find a means to manufacture Nuclear Decontamination and Water and Air Filtration Technologies as soon as possible and to have you and your offices also consider that your assistance concerning this matter will be greatly appreciated.   Sincerely and thank you (Dr.) Will P. Wilson  –  apfn Fukushima Nuclear Extinction Event  –  – apfn Plasma Nuclear Decontamination  –

A Simple, Artless Perversion. . . .

Hatred and anger have always been root amerikkkan values because war is for our criminal misleaders, the most profitable activity. And lying up reasons to hate others is also a nother core amerikkkan motivated. And the churches is where many times that hatred finds it’s birth in wrongful judgmental beliefs. This many times is the main reason why it is that so many things that could work well in this country usually crash and burn in serious dysfunction. And that hatred, that irrationa judgementalism is born in selfish narcissistic expectations rather than mature acceptance, understanding, tolerance, compassion, even Love. It is in fact the opposite of Love in most every way. It is the entryway to the luciferic void on the way down to the perfect punishment in Hell prepared for the hater, murderer, the exploiter, and the liar.
How does this hatred express itself in real life? This person took over a two story building in town, and immediately terminated the tenancy of a friend of mine in a wheelchair. Then this person got rid of the benches across from her new secondhand store along with the garbage can. Why was this? She explained to me that these people were taking advantage of the system; how exactly, I don’t know, but clearly this woman was in hater lala land on everything she thought about the situation, but I am sure she, working in cooperation with the police or whomever (republican headquarters is just right down the street.), she managed to completely ruin the neighborhood with her delusional and malicious attitudes. This is just one example among many of people who also ruin communities via their various malicious delusional beliefs. Take the homeless for example. This woman at fox news in Seattle hated on the homeless telling malicious lies about them for six months in order to push the usual nazi clean-‘em-‘up agenda you’ll see the real estate interests do all over the US. Down in Olympia, they went so far as to pay someone to throw a brick through a window in order to hate on and demonize the homeless for that damage. Of course the newspaper reporter just went with the story told her; no proof involved, guilty until proven innocent just like nazis do because you know, the homeless aren’t really people deserving of due process protections.
Now let’s look at some other hate-filled delusional nazi beliefs. I was accused by a catholic woman crackhead of being a gay person and gays were bad according to her because they exploited children. No, crazies of all stripes exploit children, even fine upstanding respectable white people like Dick Cheney exploit children; it almost never is the people you think it would be and a lot of times it is a relative or a friend of the family; quite normal looking really. The only way you can even get close to their tendencies is to psychologically profile them. I was even accused of going for children by this psycho nazi logger in the community. I hated to tell him that actually it was him and his friends who were much more likely to mess with children than me, but facts are not important to the rightwingers among us. Truth is just too complicated and grey for their hate-filled agendas. That’s why they end up murdering so many people when they finally snap and decide. Of course then there are the Bush’s among us lying up reasons to go to war, even dropping three skyscrapers in order to first blame and then attack the Islamic world in order to steal the oil in Iraq; the worst foreign policy decision made possibly in human history, but God forbid that our money wouldn’t be used to benefit their military investments and oil business. Tony Blair knew that his activities invading Iraq were criminal and yet he did it anyways. The oil deals had been made months in advance; the money was just too good for the pig murderer.
And now we turn to my final one and my favorite one too. I volunteered at a youth center for six months opening it up in the mornings to get the homeless out of the cold rainy weather in the mornings. Little did I know that the manager of the place was a rabid brain dead zero-tolerance, drug free nazi; absolutely no help to anyone on the street either sober or using. She had the youth staff voting on whether a person was a gang member or not, so she could kick them out of the place in cooperation with the cops; who believed every lying word the nazi and her staff said. 6-8 of my homeless friends were banned from the place for a year based on either her lying word or the votes by the staff against the person. I had this person lie up allegations on police reports at least six times against me; no consequences for her. She was an enfranchised white nazi drug warrior; she could do no wrong in their eyes. Heck, I had one of them a sergeant lie up allegations against me along with other officers on the force who also lied about me too. I wasn’t like them; therefore I must be a criminal. And the prosecuting attorney Ashcraft was a personal friend of hers so there was no way he was going to prosecute her for repeat pre-meditated class B felony perjury or repeated falisfying police reports, no way, not her and justice be damned. He was a nazi too. So I did a total of four months in prison when I was completely innocent; not a lot of time when it comes to wrongful convictions, but still wrongful anyways and extremely damaging for me in a variety of ways, but who cares about me? No one in Port Townsend. I had a total of 20 nice white people say a total of 60 lies about me; no consequences for them either. They’re white people.
So I wrote it all up, stopped her from getting her social worker license, and then made sure that everyone knew that you are not helping anyone, anyone when you maliciously label them wrongfully and push them away from help and support they need in order to make a change, say, leaving a gang or, quitting drugs. People like this drive people to drink and drug more, not quit. And this litany of fascist corruption continues on down the line. So you can’t get into housing if you can’t pass a drug test, and you can’t quit drugs until you get housing, adequate food, and medical support in quitting should you decide to quit. It’s a death-dealing double bind that most people solve by going homeless and doing whatever they damn well please, fuck you and your goddamn stupid wrongful death-dealing nazi rules. And I don’t care if you do drugs, just don’t hurt or kill yourself or someone else or destroy private property. Otherwise, you can do whatever you need to do to get through the day in my kingdom. And they also have found that a person will significantly reduce both the frequency and the intensity of their drug consumption if they are housed but don’t let the truth get in the way of your irrational psychopathic puritannical hatred. Hey look nazis, there’s still native americans alive; didn’t ill and kill all of them and the rest of us off. And remember, the nazis did kill off a whole lot more than 6 million jews, they murdered off EVERYONE who was not like them. That’s what they did then and that’s what they want to do now again here in the US too. And that is why it is that rather than help the homeless get off the street and help them get their lives back together, this town would lie up charges against them and criminalize them, ruining their lives further, again when they were clearly innocent of all charges. And the convictions were based on prejudice most all the time with no supporting evidence because the haters didn’t want to help the homeless, the nazis wanted them run out of town. And that is why I only shop at Safeway and in Port Townsend when I absolutely have to. Because cops always shot people to death who had shoplifted less than ten dollars of items from Safeway, especially when they were black.

And this is scriptural too. Remember the bit about The Leader of All Shall Be the Servant of All and that bit about Thou Shalt Not Kill (ill and kill). Well tell that nazi Eric Prince and Betsy Devos that they got it all wrong and hell awaits if they don’t  repent and change their ways. Article Blackwater Founder Eric Prince Implicated in Murder.

Deterrence by Death #2

Deterrence by Death #2

Dear People,

The paradox of repressing heroin addiction out of sight, out of mind is what really ills and kills off heroin addicts and others. There is the direct threat of fatal overdoses and then there’s the diseases that are spread via syringes. Burying the addict in the shadows of the black market and the back allies guarantees that the number of both those mostly fatal occurrences will definitely increase. Addicts can access NONJUDGEMENTAL and helpful medical assistance only one way presently outside of jail; a needle exchange, which will also not have what is necessary to resuscitate an overdosing addict. So a second way of assisting addicts and also getting them long term medical assistance is a place where they can talk with medical professionals and also receive overdose reversing therapies should they make a mistake. So this is why a safe needle drug injection site is essential to saving lives, reducing fatalities, and stopping the spread of related diseases (that are sometimes very expensive to treat when the drugs are priced 30 to 100 times over the cost of production).
This all seems bad from Mr. Miloscia’s perspective; that somehow he wants to both treat using addicts like crap rather than save them, and then seems to think that this threat, this pall of possible injury and death actually reduces needle drug usage overall. He is dead wrong on both counts. We are in a bad state socioeconomically so use has skyrocketed as people self-medicate to feel better both about themselves and their lives, When a complex problem like addiction comes out of the shadows, it is much easier to solve that complicated problem in ways that are both effective and humane, actually saving lives rather than ruining them further or directly killing them as Mr. Miloscia’s policy of malign neglect would do. So let us dedicate ourselves to a new set of goals when dealing with this complicated set of problems. We will dedicate ourselves to saving addicts lives by loving them out of the darkness, and caring for them enough that finally they want to care for themselves enough to stay off drugs consistently so that they don’t die before their god-appointed time. It seems like Mr. Miloscia has not had a lot of experience with actual addicts in his life; that is how his malicious and delusional attitudes about addiction have germinated. He would know instinctively that having a drug addiction is a miserable experience; feeding the monkey every day is a real chore and most addicts want to get free. The first step to freedom is that safe needle drug injection site. The next step is allowing doctors to prescribe an addict their drug of choice so that they don’t die using poison dope. We have a chance here to save lives; would the republicans consign that opportunity to the ashcan of history and the addict to the graveyard? I won’t be the one to choose to do that.
Lyle Courtsal,

Dear People,
I heard sometimes that you were discussing drug policy at the redmond reporter. So here’s what I have learned doing street outreach to homeless addict/alcoholics these last 15-20 years. Your biggest problem are those people usually enfranchised who both know absolutely nothing about drug addiction and who also have an ax to grind with those who have been irrationally blamed for the bad times these last 20-30 years by the real problem, the lying rightwingers and those who pick up their lying misrepresentations about how people become homeless in the first place. First clue; it usually ain’t drugs, that comes later.
First you lose your job, then your housing, then you’re on the street. It is that easy too. So then the enfranchised people start avoiding your glance (except the good hearted ones, and to be honest, a lot of people assisted my friend William Langlois jr., just not his sick, messed up father) and your requests for assistance. Occasionally an attacker will try and hurt you because they then can lie and say you started it (and a bad cop will believe that too along with the lazy judge, and then hurt you more by putting you in prison rather than the person who attacked you and then lied about doing it). See, many people have been miseducated to think that you will not benefit from help; that’s so the nonprofits can take the money and make sure that they get it and not the homeless who actually need it.
They will say that you will use it for drugs, as if somehow they won’t (and they do it all the time too). But they are believed and you are not, so they prevail in court even when they lie about what happened so you’re screwed even if you didn’t do it. And that is the main problem with the drug war and those who fight it. It is eminently designed to harm the addict and anyone else who is maliciously and wrongfully accused of being a druggie or whatever else. Some of our very best people were found to be druggies and I, being somewhat normal, still appreciate them after their loss to us. I don’t just throw them into the ashcan of history just because they killed themselves with drugs (hey, how else are you supposed to deal with the unfolding four ring circus of death brought to you by the latest set of criminal idiots in charge in DC? And believe it or not, the drug war actually is a criminal operation against all humanity; one of many run by the nazis in charge right now (did you see them seig heiling in those new york bars after they “won”)?
So lets forget about that unfolding horror for now and think what a humane, legal response to the complexities of unemployment, addiction, homelessness, untreated medical conditions, and violence would look like. Let’s start with this thought; poverty is violence and is also criminal when people cannot survive in the context in which they are placed. When the republicans cut the budget the first time, they cut it huge, throwing the nation into a recession that put a huge number of people out of their houses and onto the street. Then they started the drug war propaganda, maliciously misrepresenting these people as dirty, lazy, and drug addicted; all of it was lying nazi BS, but who fact checks anymore? Not the liars and not those who need to believe them for whatever sick reason they need to do that. They needed to hate on someone to make themselves feel better, and that someone had to be someone who wouldn’t attack them back and ruin their lives for the privilege of ruining theirs (serious assault and recreational murder has always been a hidden pastime for many white male borderline psychopaths in the US and if their friendly neighborhood cops are the same way, they will not only get away with it, they may get a reward too, empowering the lie further).
So the idea of what would actually work at reducing drug use and fatalities in the US is not generally something that is accepted as good policy with these kind of psychos. And this is what would work. 1) low barrier housing (no background check, no credit check, no drug test for access to housing- you just get it and this is because the US has never adequately employed all of it’s people in it’s entire sordid history; therefore you need to be taken care of by big government and that is legally required too-see Howard Zinn’s book, A People’s History of the United States before they ban it in your community too. 2) adequate food via the food stamp program-2/5ths increase in outlays there too since it has been cut back so much these last thirty years of criminal corporate repugnicratic rule. 3) Adequate medical access- this will come from a single payer public system that cuts the private insurance scammers out of controlling the market getting the prices down. A public system has the effect of both making sure that the poorest people in the system are adequately cared for and also that there is a low end to market prices that is publicly overseen-no lying private sector scammers in the mix fixng prices. 4) adequate mass transportation so the person can get to where they need to go without blowing the budget doing it- see how the nazis want to cut that to the bone again? That’s the influence of the petroleum industry on our politics-if they don’t have you in a gas guzzling car or believing in the next stupid oil war, they have failed. 5) higher education-this will free your mind enough that you will be ready to believe that nutritional supplementation for stress is one way that I can balance out the nutrients in your brain so that you can actually maintain sobriety for a few days if you want it (,
So basically, getting out of drug addiction is just as hard as getting housed again out of homelessness. Simple if we were a humane society; near impossible in Amerikkka. So this is what we need to do. We need to become that sane, humane, smart society again if we actually want to reverse the opioid overdose epidemic. It has to be OK again to talk to your doctor and your loved ones about your drug use; this will only happen when HIPAA protections extend to protecting that conversation from the secret police on your smartphone. It has to be OK to have a safe needle drug injection site in your community. It has to be OK to have a needle exchange in your community. And it must be safe for people different from you to live in your community. See how it is that so many people who are targeted by hate media are getting attacked in our communities when they have done nothing wrong; that has to stop and there are laws covering that too.
And what do the republicans say about safe needle drug injection sites as access points for addicts to get help? They lie from a lack of experience and say that these sites enable drug addiction. And this delusional belief is exactly WRONG again there, lying white rightwing planet killers. Think for more than thirty second; a person engages with a healthcare professional and then starts getting the care they need. That means they are starting to care for themselves again. That may be something they haven’t thought was practically and substantially possible for a long, long time. That also means that the fuck-its are starting to be in retreat for a change and they will also start thinking that life is worth living so they are less likely to make a fatal mistake the next time they fix up. They get stocked up with needles, maybe the latest cut report from King County public health so they don’t do poison dope, and off they go, thank you very much and I will be back to see you again to learn some more and get some more care, maybe even a place to live, good food, and some peace of mind if I stay alive. And they want to stay alive; its just that very few people understand what that actually requires; they aren’t drug addicts so what do they know? Not very much really, so really they are little or no help at all-stupid jerk republicans again.
So really, as you can see, this is not rocket science; anyone can do it. Your heart just has to be in the right place to care for people. And that patience is in short supply in the new reich; that is why it is that so many people live in fear of actually caring for addicts. This is because we have put a whole lot of time into hating on them via well-funded proto-nazi miseducation programs like the drug war, like the muslim ban, like the lefty ban and associated lying demonization programs; because if we actually go humane, it is believed that it will cost a lot more than maintaining the presently seriously deteriorating status quo, and that is also a pile of lied up proto-nazi crap too. Yup, we costed it out; it is actually cheaper to house, feed, and care for people than not to do so, especially children at certain developmental stages in their growth (1-20 years of age). When you factor in the long term systems costs, it’s a slam-dunk. . . so let’s just try one or two safe needle drug injection sites and a health education outreach around opioid overdoses in King County coupled with adequate supplies of low barrier housing, good food, and adequate medical access (more food stamp investment-food banks suck for those that need a special diet) for starters, and see how many lives we save. . . . Because no lives matter to our criminal misleaders right now. . . except theirs. . . really. . . . You can see that what was missing in Vancouver BC was the housing component. The tories in Canada made sure that a safe healthy system would never happen there either. Mr. Carson’s position is based on a program that has been underfunded in Vancouver for years and years. We got our five years of good outcomes in Seattle/King County under a democrat, not a nazi. Second avenue was free of street dealers for five years when services were there and Bush was apoplectic. . .
Lyle Courtsal, (the archives). . . .
PS. See article for why Bush was apoplectic; Mitch McConnell’s Freighted Ties to a Shadowy Shipping Company at
PPS The best books on the drug war that I have seen: The Phoenix Program, by Douglas Valentine, In the Land of Hungry Ghosts, by Gabor Mate”MD, and The Final Mission: Spooky 8, by Bob King, and
PPS. Finally Mr. Carson, yes, life is messy in a ghetto, but that is mainly because of nazi/republican/tory budget cut consequences. The ghetto you refer to was there before the safe needle drug injection site was. Notice how the people were still alive, not dead. That is because they were being supported and helped, not abandoned as you and yours  would do. That ghetto is actually a long term repugnicratic/Tory/republican/nazi budget cut ghetto, but why let the truth get in the way of your murdering, hate-filled agendas?

Cultural Appropriation and Personal Fetishization. . . Not Again. . .

I did four months in jail total for a crime I did not commit. The people that did it lived in what was imagined to be a nice-nicey yuppy vacation/retirement paradise; close to the water and the trees (the really big ones are gone now though, like the tarpon in Florida). But there was a divide between the haves, perceived as valued because they were thought to be employed, and the have-nots who were relentlessly lied about and framed up on false charges based only on the lies said by some of the haves-of course they always tell the truth-right, uh-huh. This is how the poorest and the largest county in Washington State raised money and it is also how the US elites loot themselves out of depressions-using thieving criminal police state tactics. And near everyone there participated in this criminal system of illegal plunder to get by and pay their salaries. I realized halfway through the ordeal that this was mainly a political and a cultural repression (duuuhhhhh, Lyle. . . ) and was instigated and maintained by the misleadership of both parties in cooperation with the survival services nonprofits in this small city social laboratory.
Now a whole lot of people like to point to Martin Luther King, jr. as an icon and an example of how social justice activism works. But they fail to commit to his most important values; he was both anti-war and pro-economic justice for poor and otherwise socially marginalized peoples. Nope, they just use his name as a manipulative device to push their “tidied up” private sector, pro-corporate agendas and then attack people that point out their personal and institutional failings. I should “know better” than to push without compromise his most essential values; be “realistic”. And it is specifically these essential compromises that guarantees their continuing “failures”; these are necessary otherwise they won’t get funded by the corporate foundation networks. Private sector “community” banking is pushed by the Roosevelt Institute, rather than public banking because there is no transparency and consequent effective public oversight; corporate foundations fund nonprofit survival services because there is effectively no oversight either; vulnerable homeless adults are abused in various ways all the time by these corporate funded nonprofits and their management ideologies justify this abuse, even though illegal. People forget that Roosevelt co-opted most of the left’s most important ideas; rewriting them, watering them down, and then assimilating them into the centrist repugnicratic elites and the stupid right-wingers tried to assassinate him even then. People forget that Roosevelt allowed Pearl Harbor to happen; the war was the only thing that Amerikkkans could figure out to justify such massive subsidization of the economy in order to reverse the depression that time. And remember, when the jewish refugees from the nazi holocaust came calling, he denied them entry and protection. See? But compromise is no solution because they will still try and eliminate you even though you do; that’s how nazis are.
The big question is, can corporate funded nonprofits learn? And if they learn, can they respond appropriately to changing circumstances humanely? Can they even maintain legal operational standards? Not so far even after 30 years of messing things up for everyone else. The republicans created them to be propaganda stunts that say they are providing services adequately when actually they are not. People always want to be made to feel like everything’s OK even when they’re not. And this is nowhere more present than in the corporate funded private sector “community banking” concept that co-opts the much more responsive and transparent, socially responsible public banking initiatives out there. So there I am doing activism for traditionalist native americans. They do not support zero-tolerance, drug free nazi initiatives. They just were force-fed it in order to get access to corporate supported foundation funding. And the nonprofit survival services delivery agencies where I live demonize and systematically criminalize poor and vulnerable people lying up false charges against poor and homeless people especially if they are perceived as having no socioeconomic “value” to the still culturally fascist white “community”; the all out hatred is something to witness; as bad as someone coming up and hitting them over the head without warning. And damned if they didn’t lie up repeated false allegations against me because I wasn’t perceived as one of them; 20 people lying a total of 60 times trying to destroy my life-it was perceived as their “job”. Yup, four months in prison total by a fascist “work is freedom” white girl drug warrior; just “helping out” putting those who didn’t agree with her on the street, then into the hole, and then into the grave.
It was more than a little sad and pathetic to see how every person managing that nonprofit just went along with the lies and did nothing to protect any homeless and poor people at all; we had been dehumanized and devalued by the ideology of a proto-nazi corporate funded nonprofit subculture. And all the while, she’s participating in a “community” that reinforces her depravity collectively because she hides what her true beliefs are and they want to believe her when she lies even outrageously. And they will go to those native american poetry readings taking the stuff out of the culture that they don’t like, all the while posing as being supported by native american peoples and still killing them off as always all over the country. Native americans don’t punish criminals near as sadistically and harmfully as white people; as a matter of fact few countries match the brutality of US prisons generally. There’s a saying; “Walk your talk”, but how do you know what and how to walk if the best parts of your cultural traditions have been annihilated once again by the usual white european suspects? And this is what the journal Cultural Survival chronicles too if you can find it out there in the libraries.
So let’s make a big change for a change. That’s what they always say, but they don’t really do it at all. Actually what this nonprofit was doing was destroying the best political parts of the youth under their “care” all the while perpetuating the proto-nazi values of unregenerate white Amerikkkan culture under the cover of being all cool, native american, and punk. And when it came time for them to protect the homeless and the poor, they completely shined it on; allowing two of my friends to be murdered by gangs here (they were really hung up about gangs having no understanding of their actual function in communities fractured by poverty), and another homeless woman who they had illegally banned from the location to have her face caved in by a proto-nazi indoctrinated teen gang-oldest individual-40+. And when it came time for the local police and the state to enforce the legal civil rights laws that were supposed to be maintained by the nonprofits, they, being nazi-indoctrinated as well, completely failed to do so; Pilate washing his hands before the slaughter. There was a man and a family here that went down in history as not slaughtering native americans, but they were few and far between; the exception not the rule. Most white folks who came here slaughtered here and that is still accepted by some as a “business method”. Tell my neighbor with the noose in the window of his business that he’s driving off possible tourist customers and messing up the town. Remember the bible; Thou Shalt Not Ill and Kill. . . So easy to forget for some. . . .
So I am choosing to commit to some basic policy initiatives. 1) Public Banking to support sanctuary states that uphold the national rule of law against this present criminal cultural depravity, 2) I am supporting publicly funded survival services delivery knowing that the private sector nonprofits have utterly failed at the mission requirements for 30 years. 3) I am supporting a massive buildout of subsidized very low-income and extremely low-income dual-use disabled public housing (wheelchair accessible), and I am not letting the lies and psychosis of Ben Carson and others get in the way of that. 4) I am supporting increased food stamp, medicaid, and Veterans Administration funding because believe it or not, it really is cheaper and more cost-effective than the private sector alternatives being pushed out there by the corporate sector. There oughta be a law and there are laws if you do the research and find them. I did. 5) I support local-regional micro-small business development because both parties don’t support that even though that is where both the foundations of, and the sources of innovations in, the economy and the society are found. 6) Effective public oversight of private business is essential because we have learned the mistakes of corporate self-regulation before and before that time too. 7) I am supporting public single payer health insurance too. Notice how none of the major parties support these initiatives with any kind of enthusiasm. . . . . See the sallyforth fraud/whistleblower situation covered by CBS news. Corporate self-regulation is a cruel joke on the public; if an investigator is not independent, how can she/he actually act to reverse various institutional abuses?
That is the problem with the cult of personality. Policy is really not about an individual, it is about solutions that practically work and are somewhat cost-effective long term, not gravy trains for rich dumb criminals who don’t have the best interests of society at heart, only their enrichment and self-aggrandizement. Nowhere is this seen better than at the socioeconomic intersections of public and higher education. If children are not fed adequately, then they don’t fully develop higher brain functions. If children live in toxic environments, they could be crippled developmentally for life, as in that damned lead poisoning situation in Flint, Michigan. If children and their families are poor and even homeless, the children are living in what is a pretty stressful, chaotic, sometimes poisonous, and sometimes very violent context; hardly enabling them to freely learn without toxics and past stresses interfering with those processes. If a teacher has a large class size and is not supported by a competent administration, then the work of teaching becomes even that much more difficult. And I am sorry Miss Barone, but I was pretty traumatized in 5th grade and also was unsupported with what were various chemical poisoning consequences affecting my behavior and thought processes that they didn’t understand until after I had graduated high school in the ’70’s. The only way I found out about it was the in-depth research that I did independently at a university, and the really sad thing about all this is that my mother, who was similarly overdosed on this particular chemical, could not accept this chain of causality at all for her persistent depression. Neither could my father because them chemicals that they use in the workplace that hurt and kill people all the time aren’t dangerous or toxic. Right. . . .
The point of all this is that people and events are exploited propagandistically to both justify and push initiatives that the people used for that media manipulation would not support in their extremely inadequate and compromised and consequently mostly ineffectual forms. Why would they shoot Martin Luther King, jr.? Because he, like Paul Wellstone stood squarely in the way of war in Vietnam. And like King, Wellstone, a supporter of peace had to go because he was in the way of war profiteering by the nazis criminals in the US. Geez, did Bush support murdering Kennedy or did Johnson? They both did because they both stood to make out like bandits from the Vietnam war. The Gulf of Tonkin was littered with oil rigs back then and even now; I don’t know. And most every war since I was born was all about stealing more oil and not letting host countries and peoples profit from that trade at all. That is why Ochoa, a cocaine kingpin had to go along with Noriega; they took too much money and used to benefit their peoples, and that, my friends is DEFINITELY NOT what good mass murdering, predatory nazis dealing cocaine do. They loot what they want and leave the ensuing mess for the rest of us to clean up. And it is deeply saddening to think that the main reason our planet is dying now as fast as it is, is because of a fundamental attitude that the murdering and the looting comes first ahead of everything else, even all life on the planet. And that my friends, is definitely not what King and Roosevelt actually stood for at all, and certainly won’t help the rest of us but that is what the corporations are forcing on us via the nonprofits. Global warming consequences are really starting to add up now; rising sea levels, really intense storms (190 mph recorded in the phillipines that time), changing environments (it’s getting real hard to survive as a polar bear now), and conditions that are practically unsurvivable for humans and a lot of other forms of life globally. It’s said that the sixth extinction has already begun and there are certain parts of our oceans that really are dead zones now.
But you see, if I am not dressed up like a clown show in a three piece suit, some people won’t take me seriously I hear. So what? If they don’t take me seriously the way I am, then they won’t take me seriously when I dress up like their clown show. And if I get too specific on a historical situation, then they accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist thus justifying discrediting any truths more complicated than they are willing and able to believe as true; notice how this is their failing, not mine. You see, most all the stuff I write is based on factual reporting that many times comes from on-the-ground sources; whose testimony many times contradicts the liars on high. And this is the pathway to both peace and prosperity for most all of us; when the liars are put in their places by those who tell the truth. A bastard Richard Wolf, pumping lies for Israel and it’s NWO backers, called Kevin Barrett a “truther” for telling the truth about 911 and other false flag attacks that Israeli intelligence knew about most specifically. So why did they let the ensuing consequences play out if they knew better? Because they stood to benefit from the attacks, and whaddaya know? They did. I am not an anti-semite, I just oppose massive repeated war crimes as an acceptable business as usual. “YOU’RE KILLING ALL LIFE ON THE PLANET WACKOS”!!

Voodoo Doodoo Economics and Mitt the Snitt.

The Constantine Report, July 29, 2012
(Lyle Courtsal is the author of Violent Politics, Empowering Liberation: US Drug Wars in Cultural Perspective.)
For years we heard that union-busting and economic deregulation were the saviors of the day for America during the ’80s. Yeah, the rich got a lot richer than before, and they were plenty rich then. They made all kinds of claims, that these changes would amount to an economic miracle, making America “more competitive” with other nations. Somehow, though, when you put all the pieces together, it just didn’t add up at all. There were a lot of things they didn’t say, and that is why the situation got a whole lot worse than before, rather than better. As a matter of fact, they were running sometimes three sets of books, one for them, one for the investors, and one for the tax man. Guess which ones were faked.
The budget-cutting programs resulted in lost services and consequently lost jobs and even lost lives across the board. There were huge cuts to subsidized housing, food stamps, medical access, mass transportation, higher education, public education, survival utility upgrades, major infrastructure and cultural events. When the job losses were coupled with economic deregulation, allowing major industries to merge into fewer and fewer players in major markets, prices rose significantly for goods and services, and have not stopped rising since. Add wage-cutting and the legal theft of retirement funds when businesses reorganized, and you had a situation where, in almost exact opposition to the promises, the foundations of the economy dropped out from under the people and they were left to sink or swim on their own. Many sank.
People lost their houses and even their apartments as jobs evaporated. Killer dope was everywhere; later we found out it was allowed to flood in with revenue used to fund the death squad dictatorships that sprung up like flowers of evil all over the US sphere of influence, forced on people by the military contractors. We later found out that Kissinger and Ferguson in the State Dept. office of population affairs were going around to countries saying either you get rid of 1/3rd of your population or we are going to start a civil war and get rid of them, which they did anywhere they could get away with it. This was supported by the rest of the Bush nazis, including Romney , a “moderate” fascist. It seemed to work out that we got the opposite of whatever they promised, with that pattern of intentional misrepresentation becoming almost unerringly predictable.
And anywhere they could get away with it, they used the bureaucracy to make survival needs for the elderly, disabled, homeless, and unemployed much, much harder to get. They did what coyotes and vultures do: They went after the weak and defenseless, culled the herd, so to speak. But remember, these are people and not animals (I think); they chose intentionally to attack where people did not care to help or even go. Watching a person slowly deteriorate over time as things go to hell around him is not a pretty sight, and most Amerikkkans are not exactly known for their fortitude in hard times. Why deal with unpleasant situations where people are in desperate need, losing everything they love, even their personhood, when you can use your contacts, turn the page, change direction and become a warmongering multimillionaire stock, currency and commodity swindler like GW Bush and his fascist ancestors? Easy, I decided, I wasn’t leaving my people behind the way they did for an easy, dirty, bloody buck. I took the high, hard, lonely road and decided to blow serious holes in their lying nazi drug war.
What did we conclude? That their budget-cutting initiatives were the problem, driving the skyrocketing addiction, survival crime, homelessness and poverty rates. That the socioeconomic breakdown and consequent loss of economic potentials and diversity at the local-regional level were a direct consequence of the Bush nazis and Romney s of this world shipping the jobs overseas to slave-wage sweatshops and deregulated “business environments”, where anything went; thus the reason that Union Carbide went to Bhopal, India and killed all those people with a process that was decided to be too dangerous and unstable for use in the US by publicly-funded agencies. That what was sold as a free market transformation was actually heavily-subsidized by tax breaks and giveaways for the worst and stupidest men in the state for all the usual greedy, wrongheaded, malicious reasons. They clearly decided to sacrifice the lives of their people and the possibilities of the future for an easy, dirty, bloody buck to be had scamming off in the de-regulated economy.
Mitt Romney was just one more barracuda preying in the feeding frenzy of corporate reorganization. The sharks had a $200-million/yr. union-busting consulting business built on jobs killed by the reorganizing, as corporation after corporation copped out on its responsibilities to communities. The skeletons of factories, and operations shipped overseas, were all that were left as corporations globalized on the backs of the misled and deceived taxpayers and their representatives in government and business.
Bush- Reagan ran a .5-2% asset-to-debt ratio at the major banks during this time to both fund the globalization and the militarization of business interests in the US sphere of influence. Anyone who raised a fuss about it was targeted, repressed and many times murdered off by killer, drug-funded private sector “security forces” or death squads, whether private or special ops police. There was only one problem with all this goddamn war everywhere. It was neither viable or sustainable in the long term; it’s “successes” were only a figment of the fevered imaginations of it’s deluded and many times misled architects. Further, there is nothing more environmentally destructive than war. Just take a look a the fuel consumption of an M1A1 tank; 1/2 mile per gallon of fuel burned, and all these goddamn nazi pukes seemed able to do was start more wars and murder off more people.
So where does Mitt the Moron go to talk and consult with about foreign policy? That mass murdering child raping nazi traitor Dick (head) Cheney. Well, my craw is already overfull of lying crap from that muthahfuckin’ nazi pig; words can’t describe the actual level of my complete disgust and repugnance for that mass murdering global criminal. Didn’t he blow Paul Wellstone out of the sky when Wellstone’s committee blocked his next free oil war for all the wrong reasons? Yup, with two stingers just like that president in Rwanda in the way of war and nazi “progress” there. Paul Wellstone was one person worthy of leadership and heaven and that’s why Cheney got rid of him.
No roadblocks would be tolerated in his quest for more ill-gotten gain. He made the bargain with the devil and the devil delivered on his terms. There was only one way and that was through Paul Wellstone. If you want more of that duplicity and madness, America, you can have it for voting in the new nazi agenda again. Because his economic policy is just more lying crap, smoke and mirrors that didn’t deliver on it’s promises, and that isn’t going to get us through a difficult and challenging future that we now face because of those nazi pigs stealing everything that wasn’t tied down, rather than growing us a viable future that takes care of everyone, not just the worst men in the state: those who use the threat of death to achieve their objectives, and killing when their initiatives are properly blocked.
Mitt Romney , as a nazi errand boy, introduced the job-killing socioeconomic context and then took advantage of it to suck the blood of America off the top with the Bushies. Don’t let his nice talk and looks deceive – he will backstab you along with the rest to his gain and your loss in so many more ways than just economic. He and his stole the heart of America and ate it, gutting her in the process like the ritual cult mass killers that they all are. Stop them now or your life and our collective future is their next ill-gotten meal.
What really, really bothers me about all this is that the pig bankers got their bailout from us, then transfered it to the international economy and told us to take a hike until we conformed to their snake-oil free market structural adjustment programs that killed our economy and future. Sick, sick, sick and it’s makes me sick just thinking about how many millions they have killed off already and how many billions are starving to death now.

Deterrence by Death #1

So here comes the big dirty nazi wave again, to come crashing over all of our heads again. The criminal nazi pig Sessions has that urge to ill and kill thang going on in his psycho head again, just like before. So I have read up on this stuff before a lot, you know, writing a book on the drug war and Bush’s involvement in setting up that mass murdering low intensity conflict that time; anything for a reason to ill and kill off the innocents so that the nazis achieve their first step in reducing the human population by 1/3rd as a first step towards achieving the goal of a 500 million person population as stipulated in the Georgia Guidestones; this way to hell for all who accept this fabricated fascist malarkey as acceptably humane goals for humanity. So here we go, with the new nazi government willing and killing again for all the wrong reasons; Money, money, and more money. the question is. are they looting the future? Yup, Uh huh, sure are; it’s all they know how to do well, Lie, Cheat, Steal, Kill and Destroy again and again and again. . .
See how mass murdering Mobster one let in mass murdering Mobster 2 into the White House? Yup, the pig nazi had Duterte over for a tete a’ tete. You know, the guy paying his nazi criminal friends to kill off the drug addicts for $100 a hit in the Philippines, no less. Well, we found out that the cop who murdered the carver five seconds after exiting his car here also got a $25 bounty for murdering off a native american. Now lets see how that plays out in a community that has made the mostly unachievable goal of a zero tolerance, drug free, nazi community. So all the good fine upstanding respectable lying white nazis all say that they are drug free, healthy and happy because if they don’t they will not benefit as a good drug free nazi; no housing, no food (banned from the community centers for how you dress and the things you say that shock the nazis-too much hard truth is usually more than they can take most times).
How does this apply to the drug war nazis? The “ideal” of the drug free nazi was pushed as the perfect person in this really messed up community that I know of. So you are a good perfect nazi if you are drug free and a bad American if you’re not. And believe me, you’re even worse if you don’t embrace intellectually the good drug free nazi as the “ideal” perfect way for a person to be, and the zero tolerance nazi/puritan values system as the way for the community to be too-this is not only really stupid, it also happens to be criminal as well. And never mind the fact that the cultures that don’t alter consciousness occasionally are the ones that are really ultimately self-destructive; they WOULD attack their own people if they thought from the malignancy of their own really messed up worldview that it would “help”. And this is why it is that people like Beauregard Sessions and his traitor criminal friends in the cabinet fronting for the mass murdering sociopathic nazi billionaires (The Kochs, The Devos’s, Peter G Peterson, etc.; people that just live in a twisted up bubble divorced from an awareness of a reality more complicated than they can handle, being oversimplistic black and white thinkers ultimately unable to either face up to or solve problems that are more complicated than they can understand.) are THE REAL LONG TERM MENACE TO THE DIVERSITY AND CONSEQUENT VIABILITY OF OUR LEGALLY ESTABLISHED OPEN DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY. Because they think that killing off or incarcerating drug addicts somehow makes society “better”. And this is how nazis think; their “solutions” are the result of just cobbling something together out of the twisted recesses of what is left of their warped out twisted evil minds. Gee, I guess they aren’t really helping the drug addict to live another day, huh; hell no they aren’t. No, what they are trying to ill and kill off are people who challenge their death-dealing ways; makin’ a killing agin, huh. . . . See, there’s nothing considered more “subversive” of their subversion than a person who has healed as a result of their drug experiences and can challenge their aberrent, abhorrent, delusional nazi worldview that the planet and it’s peoples just exist for their exploitation and enrichment and nothing else.
So what works at reducing drug addiction as a public health threat? It is as simple as this; Housing, feeding, and caring for people medically. There is data out there that shows that self-medication is significanlty reduced by doing those simple things. Now why is that? Because Gabor Mate’ MD has made the Stress-Trauma- Addiction connection. That is, that when you are facing overwhelming stress in situations that have no or just extremely difficult solutions that are beyond you to achieve on your own, you will tend to self-medicate more especially if you are facing personal dead ends, or at least seeming personal dead ends. So ask yourself, are you isolating because there’s no one who you trust to confide in that will not harm you or ruin your situation further by their actions or inactions? Are you eating enough food? (Eat first, drink and drug later, consciously in a ceremony celebrating the first day that you start taking care of yourself again-yes, you are worth it-YOU ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE- I GOT THIS ON GOOD AUTHORITY TOO; DON’T LISTEN TO THE NAYSAYERS. . . AND THERE WILL BE PLENTY-REMEMBER DONALD SUTHERLAND DRIVING THE TANK IN KELLY’S HEROES-“NO NEGATIVE WAVES, MAN”-NONE. . . SO STFU AND QUICK UNNERSTANDT?)
See how the whole category of drug addict is one more negatively constructed label that the real problem in Amerikkkka uses to justify murdering off those who aren’t nazis? Twas ever thus. See unregenerate humanity comes with a buried Urge to Kill that we can’t acknowledge in polite company. So it gets repressed, buried and twisted up, and my white ass redneck nazi neighbors go out and travel one or two days, find a hooker, and rape her and then murder her off (for fun-anything to get away from the missus and her driving you to drink with her crap). See this is the culture that crap like Beauregard and his nazi friends get raised up in to become this inglorious obscenity crapping up our nation with their royally messed up subversive criminal nazi BS!! I digress once again.
So what would a drug addict need to get through to the next day if physically addicted? More of what they are addicted to, huh. So if it’s a black market economy that supplies them, they have to come up with $60 every two day to be adequately supplied; that’s why they steal sometimes at gunpoint, but mostly not. They just steal; anything to put off the withdrawal until another day. But now we know that de-stressing a person does a lot to reduce the need to self-medicate. So housing a person and feeding them does a lot to reduce cravings for the drug they are addicted to (see for a better way to feed your brain and reduce drug cravings); the medical support saves and lengthens their lives-something else the criminal nazis misleaders running the government don’t want either. Further a safe needle drug injection site is gggrrreeeaatttt at reversing possible overdose fatalities. One of Beauregard’s criminal nazi friends blocked that here in the Washington State legislature blocked that one saying that it would increase drug use; actually wrong again there, stupid self-serving criminal nazi traitor, an effective public health response would both save lives and reduce usage, you blathering hellbound idiot pig, you hateful servant of satan and the rest of those demons, you, liar are the servant of the father of lies himself and your republican friends profit off the black market too. Really.
So our erstwhile drug addict friend is now housed, fed, and cared for medically with ongoing medical/psychological support. And this housing is not run by nazis who would evict the person if they came up with a positive drug test either (they do here)-remember my standard for POSSIBLE eviction is either MAJOR PROVABLE DISRUPTION OR MAJOR PROVABLE PROPERTY DAMAGE, not just a dirty UA; and remember I haven’t necessarily decided to evict them either; just talk with them about what happened and repairing the damage or pleasing the cops enough that they are not engaged in destroying the addicts life too, again for the money. The main reason why the nice upstanding respectable white ass nazis went for me was because 1) I didn’t look like them, 2) I didn’t act like them, 3) I said things that sometimes really pissed them off about their very human failings in the understanding, loving, compassionate, humane department; and there were serious criminal failures too-they just lied really good and plausibly too. See, if you knew about addiction medically, you wouldn’t do all the harmful nazified things that otherwise you would want to do to the person labeled addict/alcoholic, right? Right, because you actually want to save a life, not destroy it further, huh, as is actually required under the laws of our nation and are also acceptable agreed upon humane legal norms internationally-not allowed to destroy lives with indoctrinated militarized police.
What are some things that drug addicts have asked for to better both their situations and the society around them? They asked for their drug of choice to be prescribed to them by a doctor-protected by the doctor-patient privacy standards (Toronto Globe and Mail a couple of years ago). This works because they are getting medical support and doing a standardized quality controlled substance that will not ill them or kill them off as desired by the aforementioned nazis running the black market dope into the country and are also in Beauregard’s proto-nazi party-Mitch McConnell, the Bush’s, etc, etc., etc.. Also they no longer have to resort to survival crime in order to secure what their bodies need in order to get through another damned day. And remember that drug money is used to fund off the shelf paramilitaries too, like the AUC in Colombia and Eric Prince’s private mass murdering friends too-hey, they even murdered off the whistleblowers too, huh. . . So see, no one is innocent are they? And no one is even close to fit to judge anyone in this horrid hugely degenerate slow death situation created by the illegal laws pushed by the nazis and the republican budget cutting to what holds them back; what is left of our government after they rape, murder and kill that off too, huh. Remember how Grover Norquist said that he wanted to take the government and drown it in the bathtub? Right, see what did I tell you about these nazis? Total criminals on a scale we don’t understand too. These were the guys playing golf with balls that had Nancy Pelosi’s head on them, all of them. So nazis and friends, what we need are people who are understanding about drug addiction and who care for drug addicts and other homeless and poor people. Remember we even really understand, huh. These were the guys playing golf with balls that had Nancy Pelosi’s head on the balls- Koo-Koo, man. . . .
And these are the mass murdering criminal psychos that are setting drug policy in the US among other things? Yessirree, and they mean mean business too, as in kill off all the useless eaters a’ la Henry “Kill all the Children” Kissinger and friends too with the heavily armed militarized police in combination with the criminal nazi budget cuts and all those other fraudulent scams like for-profit prisons why it is they hated me; they hated me because 1) I was poor, 2) I didn’t look like their yuppie fashion victim asses, and 3) I said things that they didn’t like about their very human proto-nazi failings that were harming sometimes criminally, my homeless and poor friends. So if you really care about drug addicts, then you will house, feed, and care for them medically remembering that they will probably need to be housed, fed, and cared for as special people with a possibly fatal medical/psychological condition that they need all the help they can get in dealing with for the rest of their lives. And why am I doing this? Because Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jaye Delistovic were two people who had more goodness and humanity in them than most all of the people that I regularly come in contact with; definitely really great human beings, definitely worth saving, unlike Beauregard the nazi traitor trying to ill them and kill them off by any means necessary because they aren’t good compliant unquestioning lying (actually not) drug free nazis. The criminally subversive drug war was started by the nazis so that they could criminalize the people of color and the hippies trying to stop WW III that time and create a decent humane caring society, remember? And yes, Beauregard and friends would like to kill them, us all off, and not just because Killer Kissinger wants to reduce population by 1/3rd; he wants to kill them because they aren’t nazis like him and they don’t support mass murdering proto-nazi policies like our mass murdering drug war. So commit with me today to do all you can do to save drug addicts lives’, not ill and kill them off with SWAT drug raids, budget cuts to survival services (to fund the next stupid war crime), and malicious nazi zero tolerance cultural exclusion; that also acted to illegally excludes them from food and saving help. Malicious proto-nazi labeling helps no one, no one and actually makes the overall problem much, much worse; because you see, you got it in your mind that since it it now A-OK to ill and kill off addicts and other poor people who aren’t nazis, you’ll probably want to ill and kill off anyone else who you consider a pain in the ass too. Look what you did to Jesus Christ. See how the nazi turds got it wrong repeatedly on the truth of the situation and how to make it better? Right.
Love ya, Lyle Courtsal,,,,,,,,

The Rush to Judgement, Amerikkkan Style

The Rush to Judgement Amerikkkan Style

Everyone wonders what is going on and no one takes responsibility for solving the problem. That is the starting point for the same ole, same ole Amerikkkan war mongering disaster. Then the next step is someone coming up and pointing out why the danged pile of crap is not working; usually it is not a beautiful hollyweird image that we have grown to expect. Once again, it is an average american who just points it out and since they aren’t attractive in a hollyweird way, the saving information is disregarded. So along comes our expert in all her unattractive glory and s/he runs into a cop, who decides that her dress is way out of the narrowing narrow-minded cultural norms for the psychopathic nazis running the US, and she is arrested, and off to prison goes the future. Because see, it is just easier to block the future rather than change the now seriously deteriorating status quo. And block the future they will too.
I took on this town because I knew that there was really strange and very destructive things going on culturally in the judicial system here, and whaddaya know? I was right. A friend of mine came through here and found that he was also just a little too far out in left field for the nazis running this place too. Off he went to the looney bin, sent there by the loonies in charge here. One judge is so damaged by doing domestic violence cases, so crippled emotionally that she is functionally incapable of believing that a man can be innocent to the point of ignoring exonerating evidence, and the other can’t seem to be able to read or respond to huge bodies of law that he is responsible for adjudicating. Add to that an illegal law that gives any old white liar that appears credible the ability to criminalize anyone they don’t like, and off goes the rest of us to prison or the street after they clean you out of what you had left. Damn those evidentiary standards and those laws about corroborating witnesses; full speed ahead on destroying those people who stand in the way of their delusional agendas all the while proclaiming their superiority in maintaining the rule of law.
Fifteen years the Christic Institute tried to get a braindead nazi republican judge to do the right thing about Bush’s drug-fueled mass murdering holocaust down there in central america and the mideast; the two ends of the Iran-Contra drug running mass murder operation. You knew the stinkbug had been run from above by the rightwing criminal elements in the state department but who was going to stop them? Not Judge King; no way, no how. And he persistently stonewalled justice until the plaintiffs ran out of steam and money. It’s all on the record if they haven’t sealed the record, but we got it written up anyways in case, like the torture video and analog records, the stuff just disappears again. And the sad thing about all this is that most judges like the two retards above, are mostly military veterans I found out. That is the main reason why they are incapable of operating without prejudice; that is the main reason why they are incapable of dealing with situations that aren’t just oversimplistic black and white, good guy bad girl, good rich bad poor crap that they do almost reflexively; that conditioning is the main reason why it is that they are fuctionally incapable of actually upholding the Constitution, Bill of Rights and most importantly, binding international human rights treaties and international law.
Jesus Christ, what do you do with a country that has to be legally forced to provide for all of its people, that is so far gone that it just leaves 2/5ths of it’s population behind with no respect for their humanity or value to the state. That is where the nazis and the communists were before world war II when a whole lot of the planet’s population got eliminated that time. And now the situation is a whole lot worse because everyone wrongfully thinks that the solution is more stupid wars, more military to enforce more slavery globally. And that does fulfill biblical prophecy about the fate of humanity as well. That is one helluva advanced state of stupid there kids; we’re just behind the jihadists bombing hospitals in Syria and Yemen while murdering off doctors in Iraq. And yes, independent sources have witnessed US planes resupplying ISIL in the mideast just like the last time and the time before that and the time before that too. And for some reason, we Americans just can’t seem to stop the worst criminals on the planet, our criminal misleaders, from just doing the really really stupid again.
It must be something about how they are indoctrinated into the system that they are just oblivious to the consequences of their actions. They know that it is their butt if what they propose doesn’t work; yeah, some billionaire could cover for the mistakes but it does not change the fact of the mistake or the depraved motivation behind it. Let’s take a look at an example. The National Institutes of Health (or whatever) does not recognize the existence of cannabis receptors in the brain. At first glance, this negligence doesn’t make any sense. But then on realizes that in order to maintain cannabis as a schedule 1 drug for the nazi billionaires, you have to class it similar to an opiate, thus the reason for pretending that the receptors don’t exist. Because then you can’t class it as a dangerous drug if the existence of the receptors is acknowledged. This is one example among many that our criminal corporate misleaders of both parties will force down our throats and call good (for them, at least until the consequences catch up to them).
Imagine, the best legal brains who worked on the worst program in US history; the drug war against all legal and moral prohibitions against cruelty (the nazis called it tough love). And in this simple reality that you can buy a legal mind and they would do it thinking, maybe misled, that somehow a program this illegal and murdering would be called good; that was how far gone the US was 30 years ago and it is a lot farther gone now. And you can see by the nature of the budget cuts forced on us by the criminals, how our further demise, our further slow new nazi mass kill is to be engineered. And the really nasty thing about the two party system is that both parties are culturally fascist and totalitarian, forgetting even now that if you want to win an election, you got to have people that support you enough to vote for you.
Now lets look at another example. The US should have taken the lead on converting our nation and the rest of the planet to electrical clean power generation in order to even start reversing global warming without major socioeconomic disruption/collapse (notice I did NOT say climate change-the planet is warming overall more than cooling). The crucial time for that was 1950-1990. During that time, we had Kennedy, the peacemaker, (war is REALLY, REALLY BAD if you actually want to cool off the planet) taken out by the war mongering profiteering nazis. Yes, GHW Bush was in Dallas even though he lied and said he wasn’t. See article, The Hidden Government Group Linking JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and 911 for a history of major manipulative propaganda stunts and how they were done-these kind of stunts are mostly done by greedy people of all political stripes, but mostly nazis. So the last opportunity we had to save ourselves by going electric was 1980, when Bush did the October Surprise and stole that election that time, then tried to murder Raygun and take the presidency with his wacko rightwing oilman friends. And I want to say right here that nothing is set in stone, and that we are expected to maintain our efforts to save all life on the planet even if we fail the situation overall. James Watt said that he was going to allow the planet to be killed off because it was the end of the world. Well it’s not the end of the universe, and we still must maintain the true faith of the Savior even when men fail him as bad as this man has. We are still preserved eternally by our actions and the state of our hearts; our destiny is still ours and ours alone with Jesus Christ even as the night of planetary destruction comes upon us more and more.
Now ask yourself how many judges are going to do the right thing about these kind of complex issues. Not many and whaddaya know? They don’t most times because most of our judges in the US are really nazis or are in the pocket of nazis or corporations, having worked for them before their public employment. Judges are also influenced sometimes very directly to throw a case a certain direction regardless of the facts; this even beyond their own very human limitations in situation after situation. The republicans have always wanted to have the ability to just lie up a charge without any evidence, and nail a person or group of people to the cross without any substantial evidence at all; that is the easiest way to eliminate the next enemy they conjure up and the next one after that one; an endless war of all against all with no end. . . so the gravy train never stops for the “wise men and women” in high places. And when faced with issues as complex and politically charged as say, drug policy or global warming consequences, they will initially hugely fail the situation, especially if they don’t have any significant experience on the bench. I will leave you with this thought. The nazis used the court system as the first line of political attack on their mass murdering agenda against the lives of the german people; this also happened in the stalinist Soviet Union. Now as you can see, the US court system has become the same kind of cruel joke on justice that the kangaroo courts were in those other totalitarian mass madnesses; remember how we got 2 million plus people in prison? The damn dumb criminally subversive drug war. And what you don’t know is that the cells in those private immigration detention centers are running a whopping $147/day or around 70,000/yr.. See what the problem is yet? Psycho fascists enriching themselves in the most destructive way possible; to the point that when it is time to humanely care, they can’t even begin to do it in any significantly competent way. And once again, it is up to us bedraggled old strays to rein the stinking nazi bastards in.
And just as they said that Jesus was only a man, they will now say that there is no other worlds than this one for our souls to inhabit. Laugh all you want; you will find that the true and loving Jesus Christ, abandoned by the false prophets of the end times, will provide us the saving solutions to our planetary debacle; it will end up being the only way out. The only way to eternal life beyond the grave. Read it yourself; The old earth shall pass away (because of human corruption and massive failures), and a new heaven and earth shall take its place. God Bless You and Keep You All by the Name, Shed Blood, and Divinity of Jesus Christ and all of the Saints, Known and Unknown, a Holy and Eternal provision for all, even the least among us.