Moving Forward, Not Backwards. . .

Yes this page is all about nothing but trouble, but if you go through the muck I raked up, you come to solutions. It is so easy to say no and I have done so many times when necessary, even to the point of imprisonment and threats and yeah it is always necessary. Yeah, and they have made it really, really hard to give them constructive feedback and so many times they are just not listening to you, they are listening to the money and the vague fears in the back of their head saying,”This guys crazy for even thinking this can be done”. But don’t stop there, take what you have learned from the fight and bring it forward into your very own special solutions.

Here are some basic concepts for you in your struggle. Make a plan and follow through, and when its’ time to go into hostile territory, remember, Tell a friend, take a friend, Prepare well if you can, watch yer back, yer six, get in as far as you can, get what you came for, and for gods sakes, get the hell out when they realize who you really are (down that route you and your friends hopefully had prepared in advance). Be creative and try to be nice even when they dump huge loads of crap on you; Try. ( Some very simple saying should inform all efforts that you come up with when you help people; You are a person when you are born into this world and nothing less, When you cross that border, you are an American, Everybody bleeds red, and no one is a second class citizen or an animal in my world. I stand with the Elephant Man; “I AM A HUMAN BEING”; NO ONE IS ILLEGAL.