Cultural Appropriation and Personal Fetishization. . . Not Again. . .

I did four months in jail total for a crime I did not commit. The people that did it lived in what was imagined to be a nice-nicey yuppy vacation/retirement paradise; close to the water and the trees (the really big ones are gone now though, like the tarpon in Florida). But there was a divide between the haves, perceived as valued because they were thought to be employed, and the have-nots who were relentlessly lied about and framed up on false charges based only on the lies said by some of the haves-of course they always tell the truth-right, uh-huh. This is how the poorest and the largest county in Washington State raised money and it is also how the US elites loot themselves out of depressions-using thieving criminal police state tactics. And near everyone there participated in this criminal system of illegal plunder to get by and pay their salaries. I realized halfway through the ordeal that this was mainly a political and a cultural repression (duuuhhhhh, Lyle. . . ) and was instigated and maintained by the misleadership of both parties in cooperation with the survival services nonprofits in this small city social laboratory.
Now a whole lot of people like to point to Martin Luther King, jr. as an icon and an example of how social justice activism works. But they fail to commit to his most important values; he was both anti-war and pro-economic justice for poor and otherwise socially marginalized peoples. Nope, they just use his name as a manipulative device to push their “tidied up” private sector, pro-corporate agendas and then attack people that point out their personal and institutional failings. I should “know better” than to push without compromise his most essential values; be “realistic”. And it is specifically these essential compromises that guarantees their continuing “failures”; these are necessary otherwise they won’t get funded by the corporate foundation networks. Private sector “community” banking is pushed by the Roosevelt Institute, rather than public banking because there is no transparency and consequent effective public oversight; corporate foundations fund nonprofit survival services because there is effectively no oversight either; vulnerable homeless adults are abused in various ways all the time by these corporate funded nonprofits and their management ideologies justify this abuse, even though illegal. People forget that Roosevelt co-opted most of the left’s most important ideas; rewriting them, watering them down, and then assimilating them into the centrist repugnicratic elites and the stupid right-wingers tried to assassinate him even then. People forget that Roosevelt allowed Pearl Harbor to happen; the war was the only thing that Amerikkkans could figure out to justify such massive subsidization of the economy in order to reverse the depression that time. And remember, when the jewish refugees from the nazi holocaust came calling, he denied them entry and protection. See? But compromise is no solution because they will still try and eliminate you even though you do; that’s how nazis are.
The big question is, can corporate funded nonprofits learn? And if they learn, can they respond appropriately to changing circumstances humanely? Can they even maintain legal operational standards? Not so far even after 30 years of messing things up for everyone else. The republicans created them to be propaganda stunts that say they are providing services adequately when actually they are not. People always want to be made to feel like everything’s OK even when they’re not. And this is nowhere more present than in the corporate funded private sector “community banking” concept that co-opts the much more responsive and transparent, socially responsible public banking initiatives out there. So there I am doing activism for traditionalist native americans. They do not support zero-tolerance, drug free nazi initiatives. They just were force-fed it in order to get access to corporate supported foundation funding. And the nonprofit survival services delivery agencies where I live demonize and systematically criminalize poor and vulnerable people lying up false charges against poor and homeless people especially if they are perceived as having no socioeconomic “value” to the still culturally fascist white “community”; the all out hatred is something to witness; as bad as someone coming up and hitting them over the head without warning. And damned if they didn’t lie up repeated false allegations against me because I wasn’t perceived as one of them; 20 people lying a total of 60 times trying to destroy my life-it was perceived as their “job”. Yup, four months in prison total by a fascist “work is freedom” white girl drug warrior; just “helping out” putting those who didn’t agree with her on the street, then into the hole, and then into the grave.
It was more than a little sad and pathetic to see how every person managing that nonprofit just went along with the lies and did nothing to protect any homeless and poor people at all; we had been dehumanized and devalued by the ideology of a proto-nazi corporate funded nonprofit subculture. And all the while, she’s participating in a “community” that reinforces her depravity collectively because she hides what her true beliefs are and they want to believe her when she lies even outrageously. And they will go to those native american poetry readings taking the stuff out of the culture that they don’t like, all the while posing as being supported by native american peoples and still killing them off as always all over the country. Native americans don’t punish criminals near as sadistically and harmfully as white people; as a matter of fact few countries match the brutality of US prisons generally. There’s a saying; “Walk your talk”, but how do you know what and how to walk if the best parts of your cultural traditions have been annihilated once again by the usual white european suspects? And this is what the journal Cultural Survival chronicles too if you can find it out there in the libraries.
So let’s make a big change for a change. That’s what they always say, but they don’t really do it at all. Actually what this nonprofit was doing was destroying the best political parts of the youth under their “care” all the while perpetuating the proto-nazi values of unregenerate white Amerikkkan culture under the cover of being all cool, native american, and punk. And when it came time for them to protect the homeless and the poor, they completely shined it on; allowing two of my friends to be murdered by gangs here (they were really hung up about gangs having no understanding of their actual function in communities fractured by poverty), and another homeless woman who they had illegally banned from the location to have her face caved in by a proto-nazi indoctrinated teen gang-oldest individual-40+. And when it came time for the local police and the state to enforce the legal civil rights laws that were supposed to be maintained by the nonprofits, they, being nazi-indoctrinated as well, completely failed to do so; Pilate washing his hands before the slaughter. There was a man and a family here that went down in history as not slaughtering native americans, but they were few and far between; the exception not the rule. Most white folks who came here slaughtered here and that is still accepted by some as a “business method”. Tell my neighbor with the noose in the window of his business that he’s driving off possible tourist customers and messing up the town. Remember the bible; Thou Shalt Not Ill and Kill. . . So easy to forget for some. . . .
So I am choosing to commit to some basic policy initiatives. 1) Public Banking to support sanctuary states that uphold the national rule of law against this present criminal cultural depravity, 2) I am supporting publicly funded survival services delivery knowing that the private sector nonprofits have utterly failed at the mission requirements for 30 years. 3) I am supporting a massive buildout of subsidized very low-income and extremely low-income dual-use disabled public housing (wheelchair accessible), and I am not letting the lies and psychosis of Ben Carson and others get in the way of that. 4) I am supporting increased food stamp, medicaid, and Veterans Administration funding because believe it or not, it really is cheaper and more cost-effective than the private sector alternatives being pushed out there by the corporate sector. There oughta be a law and there are laws if you do the research and find them. I did. 5) I support local-regional micro-small business development because both parties don’t support that even though that is where both the foundations of, and the sources of innovations in, the economy and the society are found. 6) Effective public oversight of private business is essential because we have learned the mistakes of corporate self-regulation before and before that time too. 7) I am supporting public single payer health insurance too. Notice how none of the major parties support these initiatives with any kind of enthusiasm. . . . . See the sallyforth fraud/whistleblower situation covered by CBS news. Corporate self-regulation is a cruel joke on the public; if an investigator is not independent, how can she/he actually act to reverse various institutional abuses?
That is the problem with the cult of personality. Policy is really not about an individual, it is about solutions that practically work and are somewhat cost-effective long term, not gravy trains for rich dumb criminals who don’t have the best interests of society at heart, only their enrichment and self-aggrandizement. Nowhere is this seen better than at the socioeconomic intersections of public and higher education. If children are not fed adequately, then they don’t fully develop higher brain functions. If children live in toxic environments, they could be crippled developmentally for life, as in that damned lead poisoning situation in Flint, Michigan. If children and their families are poor and even homeless, the children are living in what is a pretty stressful, chaotic, sometimes poisonous, and sometimes very violent context; hardly enabling them to freely learn without toxics and past stresses interfering with those processes. If a teacher has a large class size and is not supported by a competent administration, then the work of teaching becomes even that much more difficult. And I am sorry Miss Barone, but I was pretty traumatized in 5th grade and also was unsupported with what were various chemical poisoning consequences affecting my behavior and thought processes that they didn’t understand until after I had graduated high school in the ’70’s. The only way I found out about it was the in-depth research that I did independently at a university, and the really sad thing about all this is that my mother, who was similarly overdosed on this particular chemical, could not accept this chain of causality at all for her persistent depression. Neither could my father because them chemicals that they use in the workplace that hurt and kill people all the time aren’t dangerous or toxic. Right. . . .
The point of all this is that people and events are exploited propagandistically to both justify and push initiatives that the people used for that media manipulation would not support in their extremely inadequate and compromised and consequently mostly ineffectual forms. Why would they shoot Martin Luther King, jr.? Because he, like Paul Wellstone stood squarely in the way of war in Vietnam. And like King, Wellstone, a supporter of peace had to go because he was in the way of war profiteering by the nazis criminals in the US. Geez, did Bush support murdering Kennedy or did Johnson? They both did because they both stood to make out like bandits from the Vietnam war. The Gulf of Tonkin was littered with oil rigs back then and even now; I don’t know. And most every war since I was born was all about stealing more oil and not letting host countries and peoples profit from that trade at all. That is why Ochoa, a cocaine kingpin had to go along with Noriega; they took too much money and used to benefit their peoples, and that, my friends is DEFINITELY NOT what good mass murdering, predatory nazis dealing cocaine do. They loot what they want and leave the ensuing mess for the rest of us to clean up. And it is deeply saddening to think that the main reason our planet is dying now as fast as it is, is because of a fundamental attitude that the murdering and the looting comes first ahead of everything else, even all life on the planet. And that my friends, is definitely not what King and Roosevelt actually stood for at all, and certainly won’t help the rest of us but that is what the corporations are forcing on us via the nonprofits. Global warming consequences are really starting to add up now; rising sea levels, really intense storms (190 mph recorded in the phillipines that time), changing environments (it’s getting real hard to survive as a polar bear now), and conditions that are practically unsurvivable for humans and a lot of other forms of life globally. It’s said that the sixth extinction has already begun and there are certain parts of our oceans that really are dead zones now.
But you see, if I am not dressed up like a clown show in a three piece suit, some people won’t take me seriously I hear. So what? If they don’t take me seriously the way I am, then they won’t take me seriously when I dress up like their clown show. And if I get too specific on a historical situation, then they accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist thus justifying discrediting any truths more complicated than they are willing and able to believe as true; notice how this is their failing, not mine. You see, most all the stuff I write is based on factual reporting that many times comes from on-the-ground sources; whose testimony many times contradicts the liars on high. And this is the pathway to both peace and prosperity for most all of us; when the liars are put in their places by those who tell the truth. A bastard Richard Wolf, pumping lies for Israel and it’s NWO backers, called Kevin Barrett a “truther” for telling the truth about 911 and other false flag attacks that Israeli intelligence knew about most specifically. So why did they let the ensuing consequences play out if they knew better? Because they stood to benefit from the attacks, and whaddaya know? They did. I am not an anti-semite, I just oppose massive repeated war crimes as an acceptable business as usual. “YOU’RE KILLING ALL LIFE ON THE PLANET WACKOS”!!


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Lyle Courtsal is a disabled author/activist who has worked variously as a school bus driver, tree planter, truck driver, and shipyard laborer. He has also attended three colleges, but prefers studying on his own. During the past several years, he has developed a street outreach method for getting intensively self-poisoned, dually-diagnosed addict/alcoholics off the streets and into truly helpful hands while maintaining constitutional standards of non-discrimination and privacy. His technique has an 80 percent success rate. Lyle likes really big, old, live trees; Frisbees; sailing; mid-70s long nose Kenworths going really fast; hardcore rock; true decency; generosity of spirit; and freedom. He presently more-or-less exists in Seattle, Washington. He goes to church at least once a month whether he needs it or not. Check out the book-Enjoy!!

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