Deterrence by Death #1

So here comes the big dirty nazi wave again, to come crashing over all of our heads again. The criminal nazi pig Sessions has that urge to ill and kill thang going on in his psycho head again, just like before. So I have read up on this stuff before a lot, you know, writing a book on the drug war and Bush’s involvement in setting up that mass murdering low intensity conflict that time; anything for a reason to ill and kill off the innocents so that the nazis achieve their first step in reducing the human population by 1/3rd as a first step towards achieving the goal of a 500 million person population as stipulated in the Georgia Guidestones; this way to hell for all who accept this fabricated fascist malarkey as acceptably humane goals for humanity. So here we go, with the new nazi government willing and killing again for all the wrong reasons; Money, money, and more money. the question is. are they looting the future? Yup, Uh huh, sure are; it’s all they know how to do well, Lie, Cheat, Steal, Kill and Destroy again and again and again. . .
See how mass murdering Mobster one let in mass murdering Mobster 2 into the White House? Yup, the pig nazi had Duterte over for a tete a’ tete. You know, the guy paying his nazi criminal friends to kill off the drug addicts for $100 a hit in the Philippines, no less. Well, we found out that the cop who murdered the carver five seconds after exiting his car here also got a $25 bounty for murdering off a native american. Now lets see how that plays out in a community that has made the mostly unachievable goal of a zero tolerance, drug free, nazi community. So all the good fine upstanding respectable lying white nazis all say that they are drug free, healthy and happy because if they don’t they will not benefit as a good drug free nazi; no housing, no food (banned from the community centers for how you dress and the things you say that shock the nazis-too much hard truth is usually more than they can take most times).
How does this apply to the drug war nazis? The “ideal” of the drug free nazi was pushed as the perfect person in this really messed up community that I know of. So you are a good perfect nazi if you are drug free and a bad American if you’re not. And believe me, you’re even worse if you don’t embrace intellectually the good drug free nazi as the “ideal” perfect way for a person to be, and the zero tolerance nazi/puritan values system as the way for the community to be too-this is not only really stupid, it also happens to be criminal as well. And never mind the fact that the cultures that don’t alter consciousness occasionally are the ones that are really ultimately self-destructive; they WOULD attack their own people if they thought from the malignancy of their own really messed up worldview that it would “help”. And this is why it is that people like Beauregard Sessions and his traitor criminal friends in the cabinet fronting for the mass murdering sociopathic nazi billionaires (The Kochs, The Devos’s, Peter G Peterson, etc.; people that just live in a twisted up bubble divorced from an awareness of a reality more complicated than they can handle, being oversimplistic black and white thinkers ultimately unable to either face up to or solve problems that are more complicated than they can understand.) are THE REAL LONG TERM MENACE TO THE DIVERSITY AND CONSEQUENT VIABILITY OF OUR LEGALLY ESTABLISHED OPEN DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY. Because they think that killing off or incarcerating drug addicts somehow makes society “better”. And this is how nazis think; their “solutions” are the result of just cobbling something together out of the twisted recesses of what is left of their warped out twisted evil minds. Gee, I guess they aren’t really helping the drug addict to live another day, huh; hell no they aren’t. No, what they are trying to ill and kill off are people who challenge their death-dealing ways; makin’ a killing agin, huh. . . . See, there’s nothing considered more “subversive” of their subversion than a person who has healed as a result of their drug experiences and can challenge their aberrent, abhorrent, delusional nazi worldview that the planet and it’s peoples just exist for their exploitation and enrichment and nothing else.
So what works at reducing drug addiction as a public health threat? It is as simple as this; Housing, feeding, and caring for people medically. There is data out there that shows that self-medication is significanlty reduced by doing those simple things. Now why is that? Because Gabor Mate’ MD has made the Stress-Trauma- Addiction connection. That is, that when you are facing overwhelming stress in situations that have no or just extremely difficult solutions that are beyond you to achieve on your own, you will tend to self-medicate more especially if you are facing personal dead ends, or at least seeming personal dead ends. So ask yourself, are you isolating because there’s no one who you trust to confide in that will not harm you or ruin your situation further by their actions or inactions? Are you eating enough food? (Eat first, drink and drug later, consciously in a ceremony celebrating the first day that you start taking care of yourself again-yes, you are worth it-YOU ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE- I GOT THIS ON GOOD AUTHORITY TOO; DON’T LISTEN TO THE NAYSAYERS. . . AND THERE WILL BE PLENTY-REMEMBER DONALD SUTHERLAND DRIVING THE TANK IN KELLY’S HEROES-“NO NEGATIVE WAVES, MAN”-NONE. . . SO STFU AND QUICK UNNERSTANDT?)
See how the whole category of drug addict is one more negatively constructed label that the real problem in Amerikkkka uses to justify murdering off those who aren’t nazis? Twas ever thus. See unregenerate humanity comes with a buried Urge to Kill that we can’t acknowledge in polite company. So it gets repressed, buried and twisted up, and my white ass redneck nazi neighbors go out and travel one or two days, find a hooker, and rape her and then murder her off (for fun-anything to get away from the missus and her driving you to drink with her crap). See this is the culture that crap like Beauregard and his nazi friends get raised up in to become this inglorious obscenity crapping up our nation with their royally messed up subversive criminal nazi BS!! I digress once again.
So what would a drug addict need to get through to the next day if physically addicted? More of what they are addicted to, huh. So if it’s a black market economy that supplies them, they have to come up with $60 every two day to be adequately supplied; that’s why they steal sometimes at gunpoint, but mostly not. They just steal; anything to put off the withdrawal until another day. But now we know that de-stressing a person does a lot to reduce the need to self-medicate. So housing a person and feeding them does a lot to reduce cravings for the drug they are addicted to (see for a better way to feed your brain and reduce drug cravings); the medical support saves and lengthens their lives-something else the criminal nazis misleaders running the government don’t want either. Further a safe needle drug injection site is gggrrreeeaatttt at reversing possible overdose fatalities. One of Beauregard’s criminal nazi friends blocked that here in the Washington State legislature blocked that one saying that it would increase drug use; actually wrong again there, stupid self-serving criminal nazi traitor, an effective public health response would both save lives and reduce usage, you blathering hellbound idiot pig, you hateful servant of satan and the rest of those demons, you, liar are the servant of the father of lies himself and your republican friends profit off the black market too. Really.
So our erstwhile drug addict friend is now housed, fed, and cared for medically with ongoing medical/psychological support. And this housing is not run by nazis who would evict the person if they came up with a positive drug test either (they do here)-remember my standard for POSSIBLE eviction is either MAJOR PROVABLE DISRUPTION OR MAJOR PROVABLE PROPERTY DAMAGE, not just a dirty UA; and remember I haven’t necessarily decided to evict them either; just talk with them about what happened and repairing the damage or pleasing the cops enough that they are not engaged in destroying the addicts life too, again for the money. The main reason why the nice upstanding respectable white ass nazis went for me was because 1) I didn’t look like them, 2) I didn’t act like them, 3) I said things that sometimes really pissed them off about their very human failings in the understanding, loving, compassionate, humane department; and there were serious criminal failures too-they just lied really good and plausibly too. See, if you knew about addiction medically, you wouldn’t do all the harmful nazified things that otherwise you would want to do to the person labeled addict/alcoholic, right? Right, because you actually want to save a life, not destroy it further, huh, as is actually required under the laws of our nation and are also acceptable agreed upon humane legal norms internationally-not allowed to destroy lives with indoctrinated militarized police.
What are some things that drug addicts have asked for to better both their situations and the society around them? They asked for their drug of choice to be prescribed to them by a doctor-protected by the doctor-patient privacy standards (Toronto Globe and Mail a couple of years ago). This works because they are getting medical support and doing a standardized quality controlled substance that will not ill them or kill them off as desired by the aforementioned nazis running the black market dope into the country and are also in Beauregard’s proto-nazi party-Mitch McConnell, the Bush’s, etc, etc., etc.. Also they no longer have to resort to survival crime in order to secure what their bodies need in order to get through another damned day. And remember that drug money is used to fund off the shelf paramilitaries too, like the AUC in Colombia and Eric Prince’s private mass murdering friends too-hey, they even murdered off the whistleblowers too, huh. . . So see, no one is innocent are they? And no one is even close to fit to judge anyone in this horrid hugely degenerate slow death situation created by the illegal laws pushed by the nazis and the republican budget cutting to what holds them back; what is left of our government after they rape, murder and kill that off too, huh. Remember how Grover Norquist said that he wanted to take the government and drown it in the bathtub? Right, see what did I tell you about these nazis? Total criminals on a scale we don’t understand too. These were the guys playing golf with balls that had Nancy Pelosi’s head on them, all of them. So nazis and friends, what we need are people who are understanding about drug addiction and who care for drug addicts and other homeless and poor people. Remember we even really understand, huh. These were the guys playing golf with balls that had Nancy Pelosi’s head on the balls- Koo-Koo, man. . . .
And these are the mass murdering criminal psychos that are setting drug policy in the US among other things? Yessirree, and they mean mean business too, as in kill off all the useless eaters a’ la Henry “Kill all the Children” Kissinger and friends too with the heavily armed militarized police in combination with the criminal nazi budget cuts and all those other fraudulent scams like for-profit prisons why it is they hated me; they hated me because 1) I was poor, 2) I didn’t look like their yuppie fashion victim asses, and 3) I said things that they didn’t like about their very human proto-nazi failings that were harming sometimes criminally, my homeless and poor friends. So if you really care about drug addicts, then you will house, feed, and care for them medically remembering that they will probably need to be housed, fed, and cared for as special people with a possibly fatal medical/psychological condition that they need all the help they can get in dealing with for the rest of their lives. And why am I doing this? Because Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jaye Delistovic were two people who had more goodness and humanity in them than most all of the people that I regularly come in contact with; definitely really great human beings, definitely worth saving, unlike Beauregard the nazi traitor trying to ill them and kill them off by any means necessary because they aren’t good compliant unquestioning lying (actually not) drug free nazis. The criminally subversive drug war was started by the nazis so that they could criminalize the people of color and the hippies trying to stop WW III that time and create a decent humane caring society, remember? And yes, Beauregard and friends would like to kill them, us all off, and not just because Killer Kissinger wants to reduce population by 1/3rd; he wants to kill them because they aren’t nazis like him and they don’t support mass murdering proto-nazi policies like our mass murdering drug war. So commit with me today to do all you can do to save drug addicts lives’, not ill and kill them off with SWAT drug raids, budget cuts to survival services (to fund the next stupid war crime), and malicious nazi zero tolerance cultural exclusion; that also acted to illegally excludes them from food and saving help. Malicious proto-nazi labeling helps no one, no one and actually makes the overall problem much, much worse; because you see, you got it in your mind that since it it now A-OK to ill and kill off addicts and other poor people who aren’t nazis, you’ll probably want to ill and kill off anyone else who you consider a pain in the ass too. Look what you did to Jesus Christ. See how the nazi turds got it wrong repeatedly on the truth of the situation and how to make it better? Right.
Love ya, Lyle Courtsal,,,,,,,,


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Lyle Courtsal is a disabled author/activist who has worked variously as a school bus driver, tree planter, truck driver, and shipyard laborer. He has also attended three colleges, but prefers studying on his own. During the past several years, he has developed a street outreach method for getting intensively self-poisoned, dually-diagnosed addict/alcoholics off the streets and into truly helpful hands while maintaining constitutional standards of non-discrimination and privacy. His technique has an 80 percent success rate. Lyle likes really big, old, live trees; Frisbees; sailing; mid-70s long nose Kenworths going really fast; hardcore rock; true decency; generosity of spirit; and freedom. He presently more-or-less exists in Seattle, Washington. He goes to church at least once a month whether he needs it or not. Check out the book-Enjoy!!

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