The Rush to Judgement, Amerikkkan Style

The Rush to Judgement Amerikkkan Style

Everyone wonders what is going on and no one takes responsibility for solving the problem. That is the starting point for the same ole, same ole Amerikkkan war mongering disaster. Then the next step is someone coming up and pointing out why the danged pile of crap is not working; usually it is not a beautiful hollyweird image that we have grown to expect. Once again, it is an average american who just points it out and since they aren’t attractive in a hollyweird way, the saving information is disregarded. So along comes our expert in all her unattractive glory and s/he runs into a cop, who decides that her dress is way out of the narrowing narrow-minded cultural norms for the psychopathic nazis running the US, and she is arrested, and off to prison goes the future. Because see, it is just easier to block the future rather than change the now seriously deteriorating status quo. And block the future they will too.
I took on this town because I knew that there was really strange and very destructive things going on culturally in the judicial system here, and whaddaya know? I was right. A friend of mine came through here and found that he was also just a little too far out in left field for the nazis running this place too. Off he went to the looney bin, sent there by the loonies in charge here. One judge is so damaged by doing domestic violence cases, so crippled emotionally that she is functionally incapable of believing that a man can be innocent to the point of ignoring exonerating evidence, and the other can’t seem to be able to read or respond to huge bodies of law that he is responsible for adjudicating. Add to that an illegal law that gives any old white liar that appears credible the ability to criminalize anyone they don’t like, and off goes the rest of us to prison or the street after they clean you out of what you had left. Damn those evidentiary standards and those laws about corroborating witnesses; full speed ahead on destroying those people who stand in the way of their delusional agendas all the while proclaiming their superiority in maintaining the rule of law.
Fifteen years the Christic Institute tried to get a braindead nazi republican judge to do the right thing about Bush’s drug-fueled mass murdering holocaust down there in central america and the mideast; the two ends of the Iran-Contra drug running mass murder operation. You knew the stinkbug had been run from above by the rightwing criminal elements in the state department but who was going to stop them? Not Judge King; no way, no how. And he persistently stonewalled justice until the plaintiffs ran out of steam and money. It’s all on the record if they haven’t sealed the record, but we got it written up anyways in case, like the torture video and analog records, the stuff just disappears again. And the sad thing about all this is that most judges like the two retards above, are mostly military veterans I found out. That is the main reason why they are incapable of operating without prejudice; that is the main reason why they are incapable of dealing with situations that aren’t just oversimplistic black and white, good guy bad girl, good rich bad poor crap that they do almost reflexively; that conditioning is the main reason why it is that they are fuctionally incapable of actually upholding the Constitution, Bill of Rights and most importantly, binding international human rights treaties and international law.
Jesus Christ, what do you do with a country that has to be legally forced to provide for all of its people, that is so far gone that it just leaves 2/5ths of it’s population behind with no respect for their humanity or value to the state. That is where the nazis and the communists were before world war II when a whole lot of the planet’s population got eliminated that time. And now the situation is a whole lot worse because everyone wrongfully thinks that the solution is more stupid wars, more military to enforce more slavery globally. And that does fulfill biblical prophecy about the fate of humanity as well. That is one helluva advanced state of stupid there kids; we’re just behind the jihadists bombing hospitals in Syria and Yemen while murdering off doctors in Iraq. And yes, independent sources have witnessed US planes resupplying ISIL in the mideast just like the last time and the time before that and the time before that too. And for some reason, we Americans just can’t seem to stop the worst criminals on the planet, our criminal misleaders, from just doing the really really stupid again.
It must be something about how they are indoctrinated into the system that they are just oblivious to the consequences of their actions. They know that it is their butt if what they propose doesn’t work; yeah, some billionaire could cover for the mistakes but it does not change the fact of the mistake or the depraved motivation behind it. Let’s take a look at an example. The National Institutes of Health (or whatever) does not recognize the existence of cannabis receptors in the brain. At first glance, this negligence doesn’t make any sense. But then on realizes that in order to maintain cannabis as a schedule 1 drug for the nazi billionaires, you have to class it similar to an opiate, thus the reason for pretending that the receptors don’t exist. Because then you can’t class it as a dangerous drug if the existence of the receptors is acknowledged. This is one example among many that our criminal corporate misleaders of both parties will force down our throats and call good (for them, at least until the consequences catch up to them).
Imagine, the best legal brains who worked on the worst program in US history; the drug war against all legal and moral prohibitions against cruelty (the nazis called it tough love). And in this simple reality that you can buy a legal mind and they would do it thinking, maybe misled, that somehow a program this illegal and murdering would be called good; that was how far gone the US was 30 years ago and it is a lot farther gone now. And you can see by the nature of the budget cuts forced on us by the criminals, how our further demise, our further slow new nazi mass kill is to be engineered. And the really nasty thing about the two party system is that both parties are culturally fascist and totalitarian, forgetting even now that if you want to win an election, you got to have people that support you enough to vote for you.
Now lets look at another example. The US should have taken the lead on converting our nation and the rest of the planet to electrical clean power generation in order to even start reversing global warming without major socioeconomic disruption/collapse (notice I did NOT say climate change-the planet is warming overall more than cooling). The crucial time for that was 1950-1990. During that time, we had Kennedy, the peacemaker, (war is REALLY, REALLY BAD if you actually want to cool off the planet) taken out by the war mongering profiteering nazis. Yes, GHW Bush was in Dallas even though he lied and said he wasn’t. See article, The Hidden Government Group Linking JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and 911 for a history of major manipulative propaganda stunts and how they were done-these kind of stunts are mostly done by greedy people of all political stripes, but mostly nazis. So the last opportunity we had to save ourselves by going electric was 1980, when Bush did the October Surprise and stole that election that time, then tried to murder Raygun and take the presidency with his wacko rightwing oilman friends. And I want to say right here that nothing is set in stone, and that we are expected to maintain our efforts to save all life on the planet even if we fail the situation overall. James Watt said that he was going to allow the planet to be killed off because it was the end of the world. Well it’s not the end of the universe, and we still must maintain the true faith of the Savior even when men fail him as bad as this man has. We are still preserved eternally by our actions and the state of our hearts; our destiny is still ours and ours alone with Jesus Christ even as the night of planetary destruction comes upon us more and more.
Now ask yourself how many judges are going to do the right thing about these kind of complex issues. Not many and whaddaya know? They don’t most times because most of our judges in the US are really nazis or are in the pocket of nazis or corporations, having worked for them before their public employment. Judges are also influenced sometimes very directly to throw a case a certain direction regardless of the facts; this even beyond their own very human limitations in situation after situation. The republicans have always wanted to have the ability to just lie up a charge without any evidence, and nail a person or group of people to the cross without any substantial evidence at all; that is the easiest way to eliminate the next enemy they conjure up and the next one after that one; an endless war of all against all with no end. . . so the gravy train never stops for the “wise men and women” in high places. And when faced with issues as complex and politically charged as say, drug policy or global warming consequences, they will initially hugely fail the situation, especially if they don’t have any significant experience on the bench. I will leave you with this thought. The nazis used the court system as the first line of political attack on their mass murdering agenda against the lives of the german people; this also happened in the stalinist Soviet Union. Now as you can see, the US court system has become the same kind of cruel joke on justice that the kangaroo courts were in those other totalitarian mass madnesses; remember how we got 2 million plus people in prison? The damn dumb criminally subversive drug war. And what you don’t know is that the cells in those private immigration detention centers are running a whopping $147/day or around 70,000/yr.. See what the problem is yet? Psycho fascists enriching themselves in the most destructive way possible; to the point that when it is time to humanely care, they can’t even begin to do it in any significantly competent way. And once again, it is up to us bedraggled old strays to rein the stinking nazi bastards in.
And just as they said that Jesus was only a man, they will now say that there is no other worlds than this one for our souls to inhabit. Laugh all you want; you will find that the true and loving Jesus Christ, abandoned by the false prophets of the end times, will provide us the saving solutions to our planetary debacle; it will end up being the only way out. The only way to eternal life beyond the grave. Read it yourself; The old earth shall pass away (because of human corruption and massive failures), and a new heaven and earth shall take its place. God Bless You and Keep You All by the Name, Shed Blood, and Divinity of Jesus Christ and all of the Saints, Known and Unknown, a Holy and Eternal provision for all, even the least among us.


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Lyle Courtsal is a disabled author/activist who has worked variously as a school bus driver, tree planter, truck driver, and shipyard laborer. He has also attended three colleges, but prefers studying on his own. During the past several years, he has developed a street outreach method for getting intensively self-poisoned, dually-diagnosed addict/alcoholics off the streets and into truly helpful hands while maintaining constitutional standards of non-discrimination and privacy. His technique has an 80 percent success rate. Lyle likes really big, old, live trees; Frisbees; sailing; mid-70s long nose Kenworths going really fast; hardcore rock; true decency; generosity of spirit; and freedom. He presently more-or-less exists in Seattle, Washington. He goes to church at least once a month whether he needs it or not. Check out the book-Enjoy!!

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