The Poor People to Prison Pipeline; Bush’s Housing Program. . . .

The Railroad Job Examined. . . .

“Historically, whenever the working class opens its mouth to call for revolution, the soft pillow of the petite bourgeoisie has been willing to suffocate it. Capitalists always build up the petite bourgeoisie exactly to act as enforcement agents for capitalist domination of the working class. The challenge for the serious progressive, radical or revolutionary militant who happens to be a member of the petite bourgeoisie is to jump this imposed track, to consciously reject this role, and prevent being used (inadvertently or otherwise) for reactionary purposes.”

Stephanie McMillan.

Dear People,
Why do we hear about islamic domestic terrorism and not rightwing domestic terrorism which is much more common and also very destructive? Because the rightwing are not only considered sacrosanct, they also serve a purpose for the holistic strategy of repression, fear, and consequent disempowerment required for a democracy to dictatorship transition. The nazi pigs were determined by the corporate media to be the only parties allowed to talk and talk they do, instilling all kinds of fear and anxiety in affected communities and nones the wiser. The plague of cop murders is the endpoint on that hugely destructive racist continuum of racist and consequently classist abuse because hey, they are the wrong color to get a job working for the racist pigs.
You can easily identify racist rightwing domestic terrorists if you listen to them or read their writings. The guy down the street from me has a noose in his window and yeah, he profiles out as a borderline psychopath. Yup, went more than a little nuts on the two transgender people a few years back waving his pistol back and forth threatening to kill them. And yup, people like him still murder off far too many of them too. I have had all kinds of people lie and say all kinds of things about them that weren’t provably true but some people will still believe it when told because they hate them so much too.
And yes, you can profile for psychopathic tendencies in people. There’s the F-scale test for psychopaths that is accurate 70% of the time. You want to know what kinds of things can happen, read the intelligence section of the Southern Poverty Law Center. What I will not forget is the 8 cops who beat Kelly Thomas to death on That’s how they also murdered Michael Randall Ealy as well. And then my friend was almost beaten to death by 8 cops in a McDonalds parking lot where I live because my friend called them nazis; they wouldn’t have done anything if they weren’t though. . .
But what really bothers me is the attacks that are media sensationalized. There were military personnel at the Eagle of Death Metal attack in France; they were told to observe but not intervene. Chatter on the attack was caught three weeks before the attacks but nothing was done. Why? Because at least three intelligence agencies wanted to take advantage of the attack to lock down Paris in advance of the global warming meetings; look ma, no protesters. And then France entered the mideast quagmire shortly after that; getting their chunk of the oil resources, I guess. They’re busy making a mess os and want to kill liberals and, oh the horror, socialists, off too. Look at Duterte talking about purifying the nation from the pestilence of street people; they murdered them off in squads in Colombian cities. They hid and lived in the sewers. Who knows what the total dead was from Operation Condor, but I know it’s always more than they say.
You see, America has always had a nazi problem; from Father Coughlin pushing hatred in the name of God in the thirties to the more recent manifestations of random violence from assaults to church/mosque arsons to the attack on a jewish community center; all are fair game for the “lone wolf” random terrorist criminals who practice recreational murder on the run all over the nation. My friend Michael Taylor was lynched in August of 2016 by two roamers, who first stole his VA benefits at gunpoint every month for five months, then hung him in august. I don’t know to this day why he didn’t ask for help, but the system here had let him down repeatedly. I knew of two other attacks on him here, so there definitely must be more that he went through that I didn’t know about. And then there’s the no-knock SWAT raids that killed so many unnecessarily. Norm Stamper, former chief of police has a lot to say about that and a lot of other subjects; interesting. But I sure know this, don’t imprison people if you want them to quit doing drugs someday; it hurts and makes them self-medicate more, not less so it is definitely NOT helpful for their long term health and safety. But once again, it is the people who imagine themselves good, passing judgement on those they consider bad, and who understands this as a medical problem? Very few indeed. So cover the development of the nations first safe needle drug injection site in Seattle when it is operational, and know that is the missing piece for preventing overdoses and saving lives, which is what good Christians should be doing, not illing and killing people off with budget cuts, death squads, and SWAT raids. By focused positive activity, we can reverse the paralysis of fear that more and more binds this nation and people from facing the Central African Republic too, but who cares about them, right?
And then look at the Trump gal trying to sensationalize the Bowling Green Massacre; it just never really happened, huh. And all of this an attempt to make Islamics sign their name to a registry. The really sick thing is that Bush had the towers wired up in advance; the plane hits didn’t take the building down, the explosives did. The towers were designed to withstand plane hits, just not well placed explosives. And remember I have witnesses proving all of this. It’s just that 17 year olds don’t understand things the way that I do; our people did it and blamed the Islamics so that they could go into the mideast and steal all that oil too, which they did.
I wrote an essay on Fundamentalism and Terrorism because it is not a race of people you are looking for, it is a psychological type; see above. And those types come from all races and serve a set of values that a subculture they belong to may share and push their extremism to the kill point. Also there are certain theologies/ideologies that teach that it is OK to kill in the name of God; Bannon’s crusader myths, etc.. Judging from the language I heard them say this morning on the radio, that liberals were viruses to be eliminated, a lot of great people, the rest of us, have a lot to worry about from these crazies. And who is keeping track of them? Cops some of whom actually support their idea and thus interfere with , even destroy, people that actually know how to deal with their part of a difficult and complex future.
Lyle Courtsal,,,,,,,,

Here in the Pacific Northwest and all over the US, there are some real biases hidden in the community, serious unspoken, unstated biases that distort the collective un/subconscious making certain well-crafted lies more palatable and believable than others. And the community I live in, more or less, has it in for me; they’re criminal haters, I am not. See, I have a beard, I am 6’4” tall, wear black pants, and have humane values, therefore an enemy of the now criminal nazi state. I keep on asking for more, more, more conscious, principled behavior from those who are not able to even begin to think about that. So hit ‘em with the laws wrongfully applied because they ain’t good nazis or fellow travelers. And that is what they did. As soon as I refuted her lies about cannabis in a meeting and had some support, not much needless to say, but enough to take the hate out of her agenda, that was the start of the malicious lies from her and certain of her staff at the Boiler Room.
I find out that most of the people coming off the street were first appraised personally, then voted on as acceptable human beings or “gang members”. And she really had them voting on this too; no equal rights standards anywhere. . . As soon as anyone said something the least bit out of line in her view, out the door they went with her and the youth staff lying up allegations every step of the way. And the legal system here knows what the deal is; get the poor people out of the downtown core by any means necessary, and that is what they do. And the only way they can do that here is to find a way to enact a year long ban against those poor and homeless people, even just lying up every word of the allegations which she did repeatedly along with others of her ilk; it was “the principle of the thang”. . . . “them’s the rules”. . . . yeah, but aren’t they immoral and illegal? Actually it may have had to do with her mother getting raped by bikers probably when the gal was little and permanently affected by the violence to the point where when anyone, anyone who looked like the guys who did her mother must also be just like them; sorry nazis, not me. . . . See how out of control that really is. . .But maybe, as I usually do, I am giving her too much credit.
So here goes the railroad court; Marla comes in and makes up a whole lot of lies about how it was that I was stalking and threatening her with an imaginary blue BMW and four large imaginary gang associates; no plate numbers of course. You’d think with all this alleged harassment and threats of violence, that she would get a plate number from the car, but no, and why? Because it doesn’t exist either just like the alleged contacts that never actually happened. And since I had a lot of prior wrongful convictions that I couldn’t fight; actually I was willing to fight them, but as soon as the nazi liar, loved by the prosecutor and other predator/parasites in the system who profit from legalistic intimidation and coerced guilty pleas heard about it, why of course Lyle is guilty; look at all those wrongful prior convictions that he didn’t have an adequate defense on that time, remember? See, if I didn’t get out, then I would lose my place to live and all my stuff because these people would steal it and said so already one time. . . And that is exactly what they tried to do too. So that would be a coerced guilty plea, I believe.
She makes up the lies seen above. One of her coworkers lies and says that I want to blow the Boiler Room up; the third time Colin has changed his story (13-2-109-2/7). She has no witnesses to the alleged stalking and threats; no specific dates, times, places, or what was said because these situations she alleged actually never happened. And of course the conviction machine is off and running with another wrongful conviction on the situation; that’s how they make money and get rid of the people they don’t like here-it’s kind of like a machine. One democrat gloated about my incarceration also wanting to believe every lie they said about me too (how’s that affect your headspace? pretty negative, huh-why I’m a green party member now. . . ). They steal it on wrongful convictions while destroying the reputation of people like me who are not like them; we’re nicer, better even, and it really, really bugs ‘em-ha!! The judge grants the anti-harassment order with no legal grounds because she doesn’t like my beard, my height, my black pants, and my humane values-how dare I!!! This though definitely does NOT constitute a preponderance of evidence as required for issuing the order under the statute, but the law does not apply to me in Port Townsend and this is exactly what my friend who was lynched here found out too; they weren’t going to do anything to protect him when he was attacked repeatedly by racists on the ground and in the system here; he was poor, vulnerable, homeless, and also the wrong color for protection from the system here. And maybe some of them were in on attacking and harming him too, huh.
So the judge wrongfully issues the order with no substantial evidence, but the five already lied up illegal wrongful bans on me from other nicey-nicey yuppie white proto-nazi people who didn’t like my beard, my height, my black pants, and my humane politics. A total of 60 lies were said by 20 different people to harm me maliciously in this community finally succeeding in putting me in prison for a total of four months; what a waste of a prison-$147/day for private refugee/immigrant detention. . . . harming good people who were actually innocent. See, I wouldn’t affirm her wrongful ban decisions on my friends that she did for whatever wacked out reason she and her youth staff who also hated the homeless made up, and most times she didn’t have any substantial reasons at all for kicking them out other than the fact that she just hated the homeless.
So lets see how everyone broke the law in my situation. The original prosecutor was a rabid domestic violence nut job always looking for a conviction to boost the numbers the way she wanted them to go; more guilty men, no convictions for women even when they were guilty as sin-both her and another three judges would just ignore defendant evidence and testimony. The judge used to be a similar prosecutor, finding people guilty like myself on once again no substantial evidence but her uncorroborated hearsay that was now also provably false; she filed two false police reports; her youth staff instigated by her filed false incident reports as well; remember them voting on us as people before? They really did too. The pig nutzis actually voted that way. . . Completely illegal and perfectly fine with the “christian” executive director too, because every lying word said to him, he believed. The youth staff were people; the homeless were disrespected and dehumanized with their words and humanity ignored. I refused to apologize to Brittany because she lied her damn white head off too; just because you quit crank don’t mean you stopped being a lying nazi abuser. I did nothing, NOTHING wrong at all.
So when it came time to re-up the anti-harassment order, she just started lying yuge again. Take a look at police report 11-1501; every word referencing me is a malicious lie. And that’s not all. The police officers involved were more than happy to go along with the lies too, even to the point of misrepresenting my demeanor and behavior along with the youth staff: lets take a look at how they lied too. Not one ever investigated her for the perjury and the reckless endangerment because my life and the lives of the 6-8 other homeless lied about and abused by the system did not matter to them. There’s a great book about how people here kill people they don’t like; Starvation Heights, by Gregg Olsen.
1) Brittany lied and said I was cussing at her; nope-uncorroborated hearsay again. The youth staff, instigated by the managers and a board member, fabricate 5-7 incident reports as well.
2) Marla lies and says I am in her front yard jumping around and yelling; her husband says I am in the back yard-no reference on my alleged behavior. Actually i was in the street going to check on my friend in the power chair who had been abandoned by caregivers for up to four days; like those veterans in Walter Reed under the Bush nazis.
3) The youth staff lies and says that I am stalking them surveilling the UU church circling around the block repeatedly to do so, when actually I was just there for a poetry reading. They lied again and tried to say that I saw Marla there because she was outside; that was a lie too because she was inside; the poetry reading had already started. And se how it is that they lie in order to get the situation just above the limitations for issuing an order; lying and saying a person is just crazy and threatening enough; their language is intentionally suffused throughout with this kind of fear-mongering. And these nazi pigs were trying to play native american; wait, if they knew how you lied about people and put them outside in the cold, very few native americans would find you acceptable as a leader.
4) There was no substantial evidence backing up the malicious false and wrongful allegations. it was always uncorroborated hearsay from one person, an unreliable source with a malicious agenda against the homeless on every incident report-do you think the police took my word for it even after I had proved she had lied? Hell no, I was an american and they were nazis upholding illegal laws with no evidence, just another damn psycho white nazi liar messing up another decent person. 5) She lied and said she was in the front of the bar when I walked in, when actually she was on the back porch hiding from me it later turned out. So there was another violation of the order based on lies and false testimony. She had no reason to fear me. it spoke volumes about how guilty she felt about abusing me and destroying my life and reputation in the community. Even my friends had her lying to them about what I am alleged to have done? 6) Did any judge reverse the decision based on the rule of law? Hell no, man, they only make money off a growing crime problem. . . . Did they take my testimony as the truth even after I had proven she had lied in securing the order along with her lying associate Colin? Nope. Because they hated me too. And that is why when two men from NY state came here and stole my friends VA benefits at gunpoint for five months straight, he did not ask the police for help; and why is that? They had endangered his life too. He probably felt like they wouldn’t do anything for him just the way they did nothing but harm me too. There is another factor too though; mandatory minimum sentencing largely eliminates judicial discretion in sentencing; republicans again making the situation much, much worse overall. . .

So now you can see how it is that five psycho judges with no actual substantial evidence at all would just send someone up the creek on lies-uncorroborated hearsay because they don’t like their beard, their height, their black pants, and their humane politics. Because they hate their guts and believe every lying word said about them, and that one hater judge clearly did hate me and even said so, and also said that I should have gotten him off my case. And thats how it is that a dictatorship ends up with 2 million+ in prison and 6 million on probation/parole. That’s how it is that nonviolent drug offenders have their conditions worsened by wrongful incarceration rather than assisting them with adequate medical care; because they hate them for all the aforementioned lied up reasons and other malicious falsehoods; never mind that what she and her associates did is considered repeat class B felony perjury resulting in the reckless endangerment of those homeless people put wrongfully on the street in a winter cold snap. And this is also how it is that a nation’s political economy just collapses and implodes under the weight of the over-investment in police and military, killing off the creative spirit of the people while giving the money to the worst people in the state with even worse and more destructive ideas than you can even imagine. There is social research on this; Glenn Greenwald published an article on the intimidating effects of invasive surveillance combined with punitive and selective over-regulation of our lives. The malicious threat of attack always working against the interests of decent, humane social possibilities.
Because it is no longer a system of justice, it is a money making conviction machine that has fundamentally abandoned the rule of law and replaced it with emotionalized prejudice with no basis in reality, just like in pre-war nazi germany. To see how one judge was functionally incapable of seeing a man as innocent, and the other judge refuse to interpret the constitution is pretty crappy for the rest of us, especially if you are being sentenced by them, and also just ignored huge bodies of law in his wicked out decision making process. A friend in front of him says that he thinks like a drunk; thank you for the help. Because these days they can really throw the book at you giving you a sentence or a fine three times longer or higher than it should be even if you were actually substantially guilty. Then there’s the purgatory of the plea bargain. You take the plea because if you lose the trial, you get three to ten times the sentence for making them work. I should have gone with an Alfred plea here to start off with because I wouldn’t have gotten a fair trial here in a million years, but who knew? And we could’ve challenged the probable cause statement too because of how many lies were said by the false accuser. But beyond that, they’re lawyers and enfranchised bureaucrats, and we are subhuman indigent defendants. It became clear that what they were looking to cook up was the ability for one person, my false accuser, to have the ability with the cooperation of this extremely corrupt, destructive and  biased court to be able to just on the word of a liar and no proof, issue an order that would result in a person being criminally convicted and punished for not being a nice, quiet obedient kulak and work myself to death for the fascist criminal state; sorry. Be afraid, be very afraid. . . . Because this is exactly how the courts  were in pr-war nazi germany; irrationally corrupted and emotionalized with a whole system of unspoken cultural biases shared between the now hugely corrupt and emotionalized in-group subculture. And forget about them upholding huge areas of the law that they personally don’t like, like medical marijuana laws and other protections. And rationality and facts b be damned, these are my deeply irrational deeply held beliefs you’re talking about here; the stuff that makes life fun for bullies and other psycho exploiters. Prison industries is a big moneymaker for this state. Ya keep on partying, just more carefully among known frenemies so you don’t get caught by the blue meanies. There’s strength in numbers; some people are much nicer when others are watching. Some of them have to be re-elected too, you know. Be nice. But even beyond that, when a society makes really, really bad, poorly thought out choices for a long, long time, then that society may just end up collapsing under the weight of it’s inhumanity and consequent stupidity. Can you listen to me, but more importantly, can you respond appropriately? And with a lot of misleaders in the US cult of personality, they are not able to either respect you or respond adequately to your very valid concerns. And that does not bode well for anyone, anywhere. . . . See how many nations have become military-corporate global slave state plantation dictatorships while masquerading as democracies in the meeting rooms most of us can’t get into; they all reassure each other that they really aren’t that cruel and unfeeling, but secretly some know they really are and those that they think of as kooks may just be correct. . . Uhoh.
In the Superior Court of Jefferson County in the State of Washington

Marla Overman
vs.                                                                          No Contact Order #13668/also #13-2-109-7
Lyle Courtsal Appellate Brief-Arguments

THE COURT ERRED IN UPHOLDING THE HARASSMENT ISSUE AND NO-CONTACT ORDER #13668; THERE WAS NO SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENTIARY BASIS. The judge alleged that an informant had told her that the respondent was “intimidating” after the respondent had almost fallen standing up to speak at the caucus. This is a subjective politicized evaluation that should have been disregarded by the bench in their decision making. The informant intended to politically retaliate against the petitioner for opposing the losing candidate at the caucus. The judge was misled by the informant with other long term biasing factors influencing the decision. This constitutes retaliation against the respondent’s creed. This continues a pattern and practice of biased validation of uncorroborated hearsay that turns out to be pre-meditated perjury upon further examination. Also the no-contact order was overbroad and the limitation on third party contact interferes with the respondent’s free speech rights, right to an adequate defense, and right to due process. RCW 10.14.080 section 7 says “The court shall not prohibit the respondent from exercising constitutionally protected free speech”.
THE COURT ERRED BY RETALIATING AGAINST THE RESPONDENT FOR HIS CREED AND RELIGION. The respondent was unalterably opposed to banning people from saving shelter n the middle of a winter survival emergency. The staff was fabricating reasons to ban the vulnerable adult homeless from the Boiler Room many times for issues way too minor to justify a year long ban; the disagreement between Marko Pozzi and the adult staff detailed in his statement is an example of one such situation; the ban constitutes a violation of his free speech rights. Title 74:73:34:180, RCW 49.60.180,210
THE COURT ERRED IN ALLOWING REPEATED RETALIATIONS AGAINST THE RESPONDENT BY THE PETITIONER FOR HIS CREED AND RELIGION. The respondent was suspended for thirty days from volunteer employment after speaking about drug enforcement priorities at a public forum. Also the Boiler Room misused an administrative ban policy against vulnerable homeless adults, many of which were under state and federal civil rights and disability protections (Marko Pozzi and Lyle Courtsal-others are listed on the record as well). The management also misused criminal street gang designations as well, falsely alleging gang affiliation when there was none proven on the respondent and another individual. This was done based on a person’s appearance and nothing more. Title 74:73.34.180, RCW 49.60.180,210
RCW: 9A.72.020 (1), RCW 10.37.140, RCW 9A.76.175 Attach.D pp. Respondent was limited from presenting his case repeatedly by the judges in every appearance. This includes pro-tem and outside judges as well. This amount of bias and discrimination coming from the bench regardless of person presiding is very troubling, especially when the respondent’s testimony contradicts, and his evidence disproved the false allegations made by the petitioner. See police report 11-1501 made by the petitioner to get the no-contact order extended. The respondent is not a gang leader in the devil’s disciples, does not have gang associates that would stalk and threaten a person, and does not own nor do any of his friends own a blue BMW. The petitioner also alleged that the respondent and his imaginary gang associates were stalking her and threatening her except that no specific dates, times, places, or what was specifically said was ever reported to anyone or put on paper. The respondent remembered very clearly when his life was threatened repeatedly in Seattle, what was said (or not said in the anonymous calls), and why the calls were made.
THE COURT ERRED IN ALLOWING THE PETITIONER TO FILE FALSIFIED INSTRUMENTS AND DOCUMENTS INTO THE RECORD. RCW 40.16.030 See attachment. D police report 11-1501 and also associated incident reports and respondent evaluations denying false allegations and other false degrading comments reported as being allegedly said by the respondent.
THE COURT ERRED BY ALLOWING A BAN BASED ON FALSE TESTIMONY AND UNCORROBORATED HEARSAY TO INTERFERE WITH THE RESPONDENTS RIGHT TO SUBSIST. OAS Charter article 45; the US is a signatory to the treaty. The excessive 500 ft. radius was also in force on the bus, which the respondent needed to use to survive and get around given his disability and other conditions. This limited his ability to access items necessary for properly treating his medical conditions and accessing available food sources in the community. See article 45 of the Organization of American States listed in the Table of Authorities.                                                                                                                                              THE COURT ERRED IN ALLOWING THE STAFF OF THE BOILER ROOM TO VOTE ON CRAP CRITERIA WHO WAS ALLOWED IN THE BOILER ROOM AND WHO WASN’T. THE GAME THEY WERE PLAYING PUT PEOPLE ON THE STREET IN A WINTER COLD SNAP, ENDANGERING THEIR LIVES. THIS CONSTITUTES MALICIOUS DISCRIMINATORY EXCLUSION AND RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT. RCW 9A.36.050. Further, they were willing to lie repeatedly about the respondent on the record, repeatedly misrepresenting his conduct in order to wrongfully criminalize him and others when they had done absolutely nothing wrong.
THE COURT ERRED IN ALLOWING THE RESPONDENT TO BE UNLAWFULLY IMPRISONED AND WRONGFULLY MEDICATED. RCW:9A.40.040 (6), (7). Respondent was court-ordered to Jefferson Mental Health Services on a plea deal. The doctors ignored his previous successful treatment modalities and tried to force drug him with Abilify without reading the warning labels on it’s use. The drug could’ve killed the respondent given his conditions. The respondent also should never have been imprisoned given his disabilities and his health conditions. The petitioner had previously alleged that the respondent had been prohibited from attending the programs there. This did not happen in the situation specified by the petitioner; the respondent did not want to waste limited resources at JMHS by going unnecessarily.
THE COURT ERRED IN ALLOWING A MALICIOUS PROSECUTION TO PROCEED ON UNCORROBORATED HEARSAY AND FALSIFIED TESTIMONY. RCW 9.62.010, (2) There was no reliable witness confirmation of any of the allegations made. There was one person reporting on the specific situations over and over and over again with no corroborating witness testimony or evidence proving the allegations made. A person must be crazy to think that the respondent would cuss out those youth when they had already been treating the vulnerable adult homeless as badly as they did. There was no responsible adult intervening to change their abusive attitudes and conduct at any time. At no time did the Port Townsend prosecuting attorney’s office investigate the perjury allegations. Chris Ashcraft seems closely personally associated with the petitioner and is biased.
THE COURT ERRED IN NOT PROTECTING RESPONDENT FROM INTIMIDATION AS A LEGALLY PROTECTED DISABLED PERSON. RCW 74.34.020 (2)-abuse definition, RCW 74.34.020 (2c) mental abuse definition. Respondent was forced to take guilty pleas when innocent in order to get out of jail and save his housing situation. Respondent was also intimidated by the threat of the prosecutor Johanna Van Der Lee invalidating the plea deal and threatening to incarcerate him in order to prevent respondent from appealing decisions in his matters given his innocence on all the charges made by the petitioner.Bias and discrimination is banned by Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.
Mr. Courtsal was threatened with incarceration and the loss of his housing as a consequence of that possible imprisonment. Also, at the time the picture was taken by the petitioner and her associates, the respondent was going to check up on a vulnerable adult at Discovery View, who had been neglected and abandoned by his caregivers for up to four days at a time.
RCW 9.101.010, 9.94A.030 Respondent found that the petitioner was instigating the staff to vote on whether the respondent was a gang member with no proof whatsoever. This designation is then passed on to a national police database. The respondent wants his name taken off it ASAP. This misdesignation happened repeatedly during the respondent’s activity as a volunteer at the Boiler Room. with the youth staff voting on whether the person was a gang member or not This is an extremely damaging designation to hang on a person without any proof or felony history.
THE COURT ERRED IN ALLOWING RESPONDENT TO BE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST BY INVALIDATING HIS TESTIMONY AND IGNORING HIS EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE AND TESTIMONY. Both the prosecutors from the city of Port Townsend and the judges regular and replacement were consistent in invalidating the defendants exculpatory evidence and ignoring his testimony refuting the charges that were based on uncorroborated hearsay testimony made by unreliable sources with a malicious agenda and biases against the respondent. Also the three way case 13-2-00109-7 was originally set up so that the petitioner was the defendant in the case. This may have something to do with his alleged past criminal history which consists of convictions where he was forced to take a guilty plea in order to save his living situation because of a wrongfully instituted and excessive bail. They actually should have been alfred pleas because the respondent as a disabled person living in poverty has always been discriminated against and wrongfully found guilty and criminalized in most all courts in his entire life experience. Code of Judicial Conduct Rule 2.6 (A), Rule 2.3 (B)
Most all of the respondents’ criminal history consists of situations where he was unable to obtain adequate representation and other situations where reporting officers refused to take his side of the story before instituting administrative bans or making false charges against him. Not one ban instituted against the respondent in Port Townsend was actually legally impartial, legally enacted, and adequately substantiated. Finally the combination of repeated harassment, wrongful bans, malicious prosecution, unlawful imprisonment, and interfering with the respondent’s right to subsist constitute a higher intensity of abuse than harassment and is defined as intentional persecution risking serious injury or death given his physical limitations and medical conditions. The respondent should not have ever been put in jail. RCW 9A.36.080, US cases Fatin vs. INS, Bastanipour vs. INS

The respondent asks that the court rescind the no-contact order #13668 given the lack of substantial grounds for securing it initially. The respondent also asks that all the other charges related to the illegally obtained order would also be vacated. Further the respondent hopes that the court will deal with the repeat pre-meditated perjuries and the false police reports made by the petitioner appropriate to the law given the seriousness of the offenses committed by the petitioner and her associates against the respondent in this matter. Additionally, the respondent asks the court to reduce the exclusion radius from 500 feet to 10 feet if the court decides to make this ban permanent. Then it will not interfere with the respondent’s right to subsist or participate in the community, and also that the respondent be allowed to ride the bus around downtown Port Townsend circle unimpeded by the excessive 500 foot rule f it is allowed to stand unmodified. Finally, the petitioner was first represented by Noah Harrison who initially secured the no contact order #13668, his staff was informed of the extensive perjuries of the petitioner and did nothing. Then Mr. Harrison is adjudicating my case based on a charge related to the no contact order; a huge conflict of interest since properly, Noah Harrison as pro-tem judge should’ve done an adequate investigation of the petitioners evidence for her allegations, which he didn’t do. What the respondent noticed throughout all the proceedings was the fact that all the judges and prosecutors presumed guilt and even acted against the exculpatory evidence, indicating a deeply entrenched cultural bias against the homeless and the poor of the county, that drives a conviction machine rewarded by the fine/fee system. At least I didn’t have to pay for my imprisonment considering that I was innocent of all charges.

So the site got hacked and the first paragraphs were italicized by some traitor (2/9/17); what’s really important here is to see how it is that the blue meanies are messing with my site because I am asking that they do a better job at what they are doing than they’d like. So now they will retaliate against me legally for asking them to deal with an intentional fabricater/confabulator or four or ten all instigated by my false accuser. And this folks is how white right liars do it too. A corrupt kangaroo court system was an essential component of the nazi rise and came up with a unique and comprehensive system of malicious  labeling that buttressed their system  of lies that were conjured up over a period of years. These people here had been maliciously lying about people here for decades; criminal discrimination like this was second nature for this community, just a part of their sick lack of a life. They treated newcomers here like myself like rotting crap; I even saw this senile old rightwing farmer bastard try and run a woman newcomer over in a parking lot. And believe me when I tell you abuses like this go on all the time in the small towns and cities of rural Amerikkka.




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Lyle Courtsal is a disabled author/activist who has worked variously as a school bus driver, tree planter, truck driver, and shipyard laborer. He has also attended three colleges, but prefers studying on his own. During the past several years, he has developed a street outreach method for getting intensively self-poisoned, dually-diagnosed addict/alcoholics off the streets and into truly helpful hands while maintaining constitutional standards of non-discrimination and privacy. His technique has an 80 percent success rate. Lyle likes really big, old, live trees; Frisbees; sailing; mid-70s long nose Kenworths going really fast; hardcore rock; true decency; generosity of spirit; and freedom. He presently more-or-less exists in Seattle, Washington. He goes to church at least once a month whether he needs it or not. Check out the book-Enjoy!!

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