Convicted by Prejudice. . .

Convicted by Prejudice

Recently the realization crept over me that I had been subject to a most tricky and messed up insider miscarriage of injustice, that is, an even more messed up outcome than even is usually pumped out by the courtroom bonecrushers (see movie, Nothing But Trouble done by Dan Akroyd-they almost blew up hollyweird trying to shut down their legacies). So the city picks up this case against my false accusing persecutor and then suddenly I am once again the target of malicious mis-prosecution. How did this occur once again? My false accuser is friends with the prosecuting attorney, C, and is represented by the pro-tem judge, N. So when the case comes forward, the pro-tem judge and the biased prosecutor move together to ignore my exonerating evidence and pursue charges against me once again, again with no actual substantial evidence. Did the pro-tem judge recuse himself appropriately when my case came up in front of him? Hell no. Did he factor in the exonerating evidence and testimony that proved malicious prosecution and stop persecuting me? Hell no. He makes money off DV convictions regardless of how he gets them and the man is automatically lying even when he can prove what he is saying; I saw this bias happen in other cases that he did, invalidating the defendant’s evidence and testimony all the time.
This is a witch hunt plain and simple. I defy their cruelty that is also VERY ILLEGAL and discriminatory. They were the ones who wrongfully banned the homeless, and blocked them from access to food, saving shelter, and medical access; yes folks and PT Barnum, a complete ban from survival services, an awe-inspiring display of white collar criminal legislation and malicious republican propaganda. The dang survival services nonprofits were designed and funded to merely be a feel-good propaganda stunt and nothing more. The hater wolves bleat, bleat, bleat about accountability and then stock up on lawyers to beat off and destroy the lives of the whistleblowers. This is why it is that they should have a food bank up and running in Coyle by december or they weren’t you know what. . . . They retaliated by closing the campground (first time since it was originally opened up) and this was once again B, and his crew of wretched godless screwball hater republicans messing stuff up because they can (a real bad case of hellbound dickhead syndrome. . . ). And see, what I am demonstrating by all of this is to show that they never intended on helping people or bettering our situation at all because when given the chance, they just messed everything up beyond all recognition because they could. B’s long term agenda always was to just shut everything down and ruin the community for everyone else while he and his killer clown friends got their way, and now here is the clear proof on that cruelty, incompetence, and illegal negligence; business as usual for corporate funded survival services nonprofits in the new nutzi Amerikkka!!!
See, this is that very same community that lied up all these reasons to put me in the county jail when I was completely innocent. They told the lies; they believed the lies; they acted on the lies illegally and wrongfully because I did not look like them (and what’s more, I didn’t want to look or be like them either). Judge J. hated people that she termed anarchists (must be that fabricated eco-terrorist meme again, huh-heck, there’s studies out there that show the rightwing domestic terrorist threat is a bigger one that the Islamic threat-remember how Bush did 911? but who wants to face up to the fact that their sketchy friend or that salesman in the fitted suit could have a hidden life messing with guns and drugs); I guess she thought I was one and even if I was, that is still no reason to wrongfully convict me when I had provably done nothing wrong because the system demonstrates its essential corruption and malleability when “the community”, actually death cult, demonstrates this kind of irrational emotionalized prejudice and bias. Further, if a person’s situation is dealt with justly, then they are less likely to act in a vengeful manner if their situation is responded to justly and humanely, with mercy as is legally specified and expected- see article 45 of the OAS charter, which the US is a signatory to and whatever part of the constitution they/re crapping on today for their friends and an easy dirty bloody nazi buck.
Mine was not the worst case of wrongful conviction that is out there these days. So do you think that possibly 2/5ths of the people in prison in the US shouldn’t be there. I do because I have experienced the kind of closed-minded emotionalized, irrational, legalistic prejudice that operates in the courts, and this does come from a supremacist ingroup-lawyers. There’s so many false convictions worse than mine that most all of the good legal people are working on them and don’t have time for ours ( This even though, what convicted me and many others in this city was just the word of one lying person without any other proof or corroborating testimony. This is how one knows when the fascist threat is awakening once again; when hateful emotionalized prejudicial stereotyping suffices as the only grounds for a conviction against the rules of evidence; the evidence that would exonerate the defendant. Because see, they can’t find a law that conforms or adapts itself well enough to situations where “the facts” change daily or even hourly.
Prosecutors are always seeking to suppress exonerating evidence because their conviction rate is considered as a success rate by some scumbag nazis out there, when actually the success of the prosecutors’ office is to only mount a prosecution when you have adequate evidence and testimony to actually PROVE THE CASE. There is an extensive history of abuse in the US to back this up too. The inquisitor says that I have not met this or that standard in proving my innocence, but my accuser didn’t meet evidentiary standards in the initial accusations, falsified and overgeneral as they were. And what I had found was that a lot of exonerating evidence was withheld from my attorney that was only discovered later on. But then judge K. ignored the exonerating police report and the additional proof of my innocence that was on the record, as well as the fact that the situation described also did not meet the legal standards required in order to validate the issuance of the order in the first place. There was not enough specific evidence or additional testimony to prove the false and overgeneral allegations so the order was issued illegally and wrongfully by the city. This is specifically the kind of legal outcomes that are generated by emotionalized vendettas produced by protected hateful in-groups.
This is not the first time that this particular railroad job has been done here. The Pro-Tem judge habitually ignored the defendants exonerating testimony, assuming automatically that the defendant was lying; this even though I had exonerating evidence and testimony. Then both the prosecutor and the Pro-Tem judge presumed guilt because the prosecutor was friends with the false accuser, and the Pro-Tem judge was her attorney!! So when it came time for them to act as the disinterested state, they completely failed at that because they both went into the proceeding biased, ignoring exonerating evidence, and presuming guilt with only one person’s uncorroborated hearsay. She was white, right, and enfranchised, therefore irrationally presumed credible; I was left, disabled, and disenfranchised, therefore reactively presumed guilty.
And the actual truth was that she was lying her head off in ways that other nazis like her would find believable and credible; this irrational deeply held belief overwhelmed the actually much more complicated, but still provable truth of the situation. The sledgehammer of her oh-so-awful lied up story overwhelmed completely the actual truth of the situation, and so many dumbass nazis found it believable that they completely failed the truth and the justice of the situation because of their own huge hateful biases and prejudices against the defendant and a whole lot of other poor people, me. And this is how it is that poor people and people of color end up in prison so much more than enfranchised white people; because white people understand the situation of other white people so when they act to punish, they punish their own humanely or not at all. When the truth is told them by a person from an excluded outgroup whose experience is outside their awareness and consequent area of competency, they don’t believe it even when it is proven to them beyond a reasonable doubt. Who would if they perceived themselves as threatened? Remember the blond psycho in Addams Family Values-Poor Debbie. . . only one mansion. . . They don’t believe that a person like them would lie and falsely accuse someone of something they actually didn’t do. And this happens all the time in the US, which is the main reason that I believe that fully 2/5ths of the people in prison in the US shouldn’t be there and the rest are overpenalized by at least 1/3rd across the board. Because I, like many others falsely and wrongfully convicted in the US, was completely innocent of all the charges that were made against me. This is what happens when the profit motive drives conviction rates. This is what happens when two ex-military judges just ignore the rules of evidence and railroad their emotionalized delusional prejudices on a situation; disregarding the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and legally binding international human rights treaties in repeatedly and continually perpetrating hateful legalistic violence against the most defenseless in the community; this because a few sets of illegal laws wrongfully invalidating more basic foundational legal protections say they can. Thus the perennial tension between freedom and fascism is once again distorted by the timeless root of all evil; Greed. And from it comes the various pseudo-rationalizations for all kinds of new, predatory, and illegal laws. Like many other aspects of government, the law should not be reduced to merely a base business but so many times it does. A nation is only as good as it’s people; its not rocket science, it is something much more subtle and well developed. The paradox being that the more complex a civilization becomes, the more vulnerable to collapse, partial or complete it becomes. I remain innocent of all charges laid by my false accuser and her associates, Lord Have Mercy. A prophet is hated in his own land. Listen to the album The Sound of White Noise-If Only by Anthrax, and Black Sunshine by White Zombie.


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Lyle Courtsal is a disabled author/activist who has worked variously as a school bus driver, tree planter, truck driver, and shipyard laborer. He has also attended three colleges, but prefers studying on his own. During the past several years, he has developed a street outreach method for getting intensively self-poisoned, dually-diagnosed addict/alcoholics off the streets and into truly helpful hands while maintaining constitutional standards of non-discrimination and privacy. His technique has an 80 percent success rate. Lyle likes really big, old, live trees; Frisbees; sailing; mid-70s long nose Kenworths going really fast; hardcore rock; true decency; generosity of spirit; and freedom. He presently more-or-less exists in Seattle, Washington. He goes to church at least once a month whether he needs it or not. Check out the book-Enjoy!!

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