In the Labyrinth with the Minotaur.

img_20160810_042839In the Labyrinth with the Minotaur (can you see the noose?)

A long, long time ago, I started on my political career doing drug war work. And what a journey it was too. Along the way, as a disabled author/activist. I learned how it was that most white enfranchised people perceived me. They mostly treated me like a useless piece of crap even when I had much better ideas than they could come up with on situation after situation after situation. That’s when they really start hating you too; when you have better ideas than they have coupled with real-life experience. You have just gone from just being a worthless piece of meat to an active threat to their position, their reputation, and future, so now you are really an enemy now, not just another worthless piece of rotten meat. In my political career, I have also taken down around 40 abusive bureaucrats criminally abusing their power in my situations; they were also messing up a lot of other people too, but were protected by their position and associates from the proper consequences of their criminally abusive activities. They all believed the crap and drank the Kool-Aid of collusion; this even though their methods failed over and over and over again. So whenever you run into a homeless person madly gesticulating and cussing out certain people, there really IS a good reason for it, many, many reasons all white, all right, all self-centered haters.
What I had discovered was that most if not all white enfranchised people and others who had theirs, was that my perceived value as a person was measured mostly by my appearance and nothing else; this even with medical and other professionals. If I looked great, they didn’t believe that I had two chronic health conditions, therefore no mitigating circumstances when they wrongfully convicted me of another charge I was completely innocent of. If I looked bad, then I was automatically guilty, and this was with every worthless GD white right judge in my community, male or female, and even from outside it. No one adjudicated my cases out based on either my testimony or the exonerating evidence put in front of them. I had a conviction history (that was composed of coerced pleas when I was actually innocent); therefore I was guilty until proven innocent, even with the public defenders. I was a mere person; they were lawyers, therefore I was guilty. I didn’t own a mansion and five lawyers, therefore there was no reason to find me innocent and there was a huge number of reasons to find me guilty. I was 1) broke, 2) not a nazi, eerrr conservative republican like the judge who denied my very valid appeal, 3) I had a beard, 4) I had possessions they could legally steal, 5) I was only of value to them in prison and 6) I didn’t just shut up and become a nazi like them lying, hating on, and stealing from the poor the way they did denying them the benefits they had a perfect legal right to because they didn’t like them personally (and that is just way IMMATURE, STUPID, and also VERY ILLEGAL under state, federal, and international law). They created the nonprofits specifically for end-running around civil rights laws in the US. This is why I don’t donate to nonprofits, especially new ones (less than seven years in business).
So every last nonprofit project in Port Townsend was breaking the law and discriminating against the poor people in the community. Every project wrongfully discriminated and illegally banned 10-15 people from their projects because of their situation and personal appearance. One project had the volunteer staff voting on whether or not a homeless person coming through the door was a gang member or not, This irrational and subjective decision was used by the staff to ban those people from the Boiler Room who were believed to be gang members; this even though they had absolutely no history or solid proof. They were relying solely on appearance and whether or not they liked the person in order to make their decisions. And it always came down to one person in a position of group leadership who ultimately banned the people from the project, whatever it was: the #1 fascist dickhead with the god complex, a sociopath in other words.
And these people usually were abusive of the people coming through the door and also had a God complex, that is, they wanted all the power to decide who could come into the community center to eat and who was not allowed; this even though most all the time the accused, banned person was again completely innocent of all baseless, wrongful, and false accusations made against them that the sociopathic misleader used to ban them from the location and illegally from food and shelter. Let’s see, Bob, Jeff, Marla, Pam, Steve, Britney, Tenzing, and most of the volunteers at the Boiler Room and at other businesses too, all the cops who believed the trumped up allegations against the truth and the exonerating evidence, and other places that also rejected and then banned wrongfully people they didn’t like based on the vicious rumor mill that most times got it wrong, but that didn’t matter. The irrational contrived beliefs of the sociopathic leader and their associates prevailed over good common sense and the rule of law most all the time here and all over the US in small rural towns and cities composed mostly of lying white, right people socialized proto-nazi (Arbeit Macht Frei) from birth. This kind of biased, discriminatory rejection characterized by false mythic beliefs and stereotypes was a hallmark of projects in this and many, many other towns in the US. Who’s the superpredator now, Killary? Tax evader in chief. . .
As a disabled person, I have been subject to this kind of malicious discrimination all my life and I watched as this culture of haters believing itself to be drug-free and therefore holier than thou, pushed many, many people with drug problems away from saving help, actually sometimes killing them as a result (my friend Michael Taylor and Esther/Sara). They never wanted to help anyone out who was actually having problems, they wanted to find a reason not to help them out and run them out of town (I saw it one day; this old farmer who could barely see, trying to run over this newcomer with his car in the Pennysave parking lot (Uuuuhhhh, did they get hot when people panhandled there!!!). First, they didn’t love the person, they hated them. Second, they didn’t know what they were doing with people who were still addicted to drugs, so they were not even competent to assist them, as happens in so many nonprofit projects out there that are believed wrongfully to be doing a good job with the monies they are entrusted with. All the backers care about is the fact that they are spending less money; so what if what they are doing doesn’t work and actually makes the problem worse.
I have watched so-called innovators like this mess up more situations with no consequences because there is no effective oversight over these projects maintaining operational standards, standards of conduct if you will. The function they are supposed to served, they completely fail at, where previously adequately supported public entities did a much better job that these fools in their imagined paradise. It was sad to watch just how much they screwed up too, harming innocent people whose only mistake was trusting these criminal abusers to do what their organization promised. This is also typical corruption and abuse for most all nonprofits across the US; don’t just assume that your child is OK at places like these because many times not only are they not properly supervised or taught, they are also learning bad attitudes to community members who are different than them. To leave a ban decision to a 15 year old is not something a normal mature adult would do.
But the sociopathic misleader with a God complex is not normal, they have strong buried emotions which drive their irrational hatred of some of the clientele and signs of this irrational hatred surface in their attitudes and behaviors. If a group was sensitive to this pathology, then it would know to remove the abuser from the position of power since they are violating the law and making the organization open to lawsuits for the continuing institutional discrimination/exclusion/abuse. Properly the boardmembers of the group should intervene, but this intervention never actually happened and the criminally abusive practices continued unabated. This was because the persons abused were perceived as subhuman, therefore not deserving of protection or humane treatment, abandoned as members fo the community; they were not considered members of the community by the abusive sociopathic leaders and their associates. I guess you could say that the psychos listed were criminal gangsters also since they all were committed to breaking the law in their consciously hateful discriminatory exclusion. It was like this in the south for black people; they couldn’t eat in the restaurant, they ate on the back porch (And the little nazis in Port Townsend did this to a friend of mine too-homeless as well).
But no, what prevailed was hateful irrational delusional emotionalism from both the groups and the courts involved (as in believe the lies said about them to the point that they were criminalized with absolutely NO SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE-like in a nazi kangaroo court-some of the charges coming out of Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are like this. . . . ). And this is how I am now certain that the US overall IS nazi, it is not merely going nazi. It always has been nazi in its irrational abuses, discriminations, and consequent exclusions and even worse than that. I remember how it was for the homeless in some places like Spokane where a group of young psychos was attacking them because they were there. Or places like Poulsbo, where the assumption made by the city fathers was that any poor people loitering or otherwise unoccupied must be doing something bad; this is a town whose police were always busting my friends as they hitchhiked through for whatever reason they could trump up (it’s all about the money and nothing else for those nazis, and take a look at those extortionate fines too-set up in collusion with the insurance industry-crime rates going up, up, up, up. . . . ).
But what did you expect from a system that gives access to whomever’s got the money and nothing else? You’re going to get crappy, poorly developed irrational and mostly abusive policymaking that comes from people who mostly don’t have a clue about the situations they are dealing with and don’t care. Take a look at the fools. Max Baucus holds up national public single payer healthcare because he and his buddies are paid off by the health insurance criminals in order to preserve the scam; he and his buddies were not going to ever let that gravy train go by doing the correct thing for the country and our people. And do you think that guy is going to do the correct thing for the country and push that single payer system the way he or she should? Not in a million years; because they’re democrats in congress and you are less than nothing; you do not matter to them at all, even if you are in the majority-this explains their daily disdain and consequent disregard for the mass base.
And that explains the national failure to change and save itself, save the situation and “civilization” by actually doing the correct thing in the situation for a change, rather than just lining their shameless pockets doing the wrong thing persistently as always mostly happens in our congress and various agencies as well. Let’s see what other things have perished under their paid off fascist corporate bootheels. The McGovern candidacy, the Sanders candidacy, the Great Society programs that worked so well (I saw them work well too intergenerationally in Seattle-the stupid paid off rightwing nazis still persistently call them “failures” against the evidence and reality-again, what did I expect from lying nazi criminals who are told what to say by people even worse than they are-Heritage Foundation death cult members). Scott Walker actually stealing the bond monies from the unions of his state on the infrastructure investments they made; the kansas governor cutting the budget and killing off that states’ economy for the sake of the one percenters forcing their lies and delusions on the situation, making it much, much worse than even before; Rick Scott of Florida outsourcing prison healthcare to a for-profit company mostly schooled in how to deny saving healthcare; the prisoners are dying in droves down there denied care by another nazi skinhead with a God complex. See how it is that they locked up any realistic global warming response in the dustbin in the corner? This even though their paid off climate change denier is discredited and gone just like that loco holocaust denier they liked so much for so long paid by the oil companies to lie, lie, lie, and lie again (ya ever heard of a seven shot repeat lying witness-she was my girlfriend for awhile-not anymore. . . ).
They seem to be attempting to impose a specifically anti-christic fascist corporate version of reality and behavior on the culture and we are all the worse for it. They laugh at people’s misery, enjoying their personal advantage and not helping anyone. They can’t speak truths that their financial backers would abhor; this even though to do so would assist the community and other people in actually doing the correct thing for the situation they are dealing with. Because you see, they don’t respect the experts in the community enough to listen to them and actually do the improved correct thing-that costs money-but not as much in the long term as doing the wrong thing very persistently. That’s why they want to get rid of all those pesky government agencies that stop them from doing wrong or the wrong thing in the situation-think Bhopal (the EPA stopped them from doing that very dangerous chemical process in the US-good thing, huh).
And how’s about the economy? They get it wrong all the time because they are selling us a bill of goods that people even more depraved than them are selling as viable; this even though time and again what they propose is believed to be unworkable and when done, whaddaya know? It doesn’t work at all as wrongfully and falsely promised. The idea that tax breaks create jobs; nope, discredited by a study. The idea that abstinence works as a birth control method; nope, not quite. The idea that people of color are dumber than white people; nope, they just can’t afford good schools because the republicans and repugnicrats (like mad max up there) can’t seem to do the correct thing because the idiot one percenters with all that looted money, are paying them specifically NOT to do what would actually work. Smart people wouldn’t do the stupid things we are cooking up, so don’t educate them, they’ll figure out the scam again. And catch this one; in washington state, if you are disabled, you can do your own civil rights discrimination case (without help); wait, I thought the person was disabled and unable to do that effectively-again no actual substantial legal protection because the law is so stuffed chockful of loopholes, you could run a truck through them.
And this is what you can expect over and over from an unresponsive system that is authoritarian and run from the top by the worst men and women in the state to benefit themselves at the expense of the rest of us. This is what our history as a nation is littered with too. Tons of great ideas going nowhere because a bunch of stupid fascist greedheads are running the show into the ground for their benefit at our expense. And so what if it all falls apart ten or fifteen years down the road; by then they will be able to deny that the fiasco is their fault. And believe me when I say, they will always find a way to blame us for what they actually did. And that is exactly what the evil, subversive, fascist drug war did too; it repeatedly blamed the victim/survivor while protecting the real subversive fascist criminals responsible for the mess the stupid program made of our society and even our lives. The only “help” they had for us was faster into the grave and little else. Because you see, the law says unless you have a serious provable incident or activity that justifies banning someone from saving assistance-housing, food, medical care, higher education, you are breaking the law, nazis, and I know and God knows that you criminally and illegally discriminate and exclude in Port Townsend, Washington all the time, nazis-one nazi would make up the lie and the other nazis full of hatred and bloodlust would lie and say it was true. Anything so that they wouldn’t have to accept, love, and then help a person. Jed said he was a satan worshipper, you know, lie, cheat, steal, kill, and destroy. . . Yup, anything to be on top of the shifting pile of stupified, half-dead, stinking, rotting flesh.


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Lyle Courtsal is a disabled author/activist who has worked variously as a school bus driver, tree planter, truck driver, and shipyard laborer. He has also attended three colleges, but prefers studying on his own. During the past several years, he has developed a street outreach method for getting intensively self-poisoned, dually-diagnosed addict/alcoholics off the streets and into truly helpful hands while maintaining constitutional standards of non-discrimination and privacy. His technique has an 80 percent success rate. Lyle likes really big, old, live trees; Frisbees; sailing; mid-70s long nose Kenworths going really fast; hardcore rock; true decency; generosity of spirit; and freedom. He presently more-or-less exists in Seattle, Washington. He goes to church at least once a month whether he needs it or not. Check out the book-Enjoy!!

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