The Moveable Holocaust

So another depraved proto-nazi mass murderer is ruining his country and his people once again. And for some other nazis, it would seem like for all the right reasons too. Duterte has declared war on his people; a war on drug addicts of which there are believed to be 4 million in the Phillipines; geez their economy must be flopping around like a half dead fish on a graving dock (remember how it was Bush-Raygun cut the budget and then demonized the homeless drug addicts created by the consequent socioeconomic collapse). And Duterte, what a gem; seems he wanted in on a recent gang rape too. Total mass murdering psychopath. When cocaine was cheap and easy in the US courtesy of those same nazis, a lot of people were doing it and it ate up quite a few nest-eggs too. Now heroin is all the rage since it’s cheaper than those opiate painkillers. One guy went through $200,000 worth of overpriced black market product in 2 months; bye bye big bucks. I used to tell people coming into some money to make a plan for how you spend it so that you get something you need or that can provide for yourself. I got a mobile home and a vehicle because the buses are so bad where I live (generally most mass transit systems in the US are providing 3/5ths of the service needed to actually be a reliable alternative to the car) cut back by Raygun, the Bush oil nazis, and the cold-blooded zombie nazi Newt during the murdering ’80’s; there are a lot of superrich nazis that definitely don’t want the gas-powered car replaced or even to become efficient (people had small cars modified to get 200 miles per gallon with additives). I digress.
When a superrich person smells a resource worth some money, they start throwing their weight around politically and socially to have their way with the situation, whatever it requires. Usually it requires lots of heavily armed sadistic mass murdering psychopathic types to take out the opposition to your either death-dealing and/or planet-killing initiatives and projects. Usually there is a network of people who stand to make money off the mass murdering, planet killing initiatives, so they will collude in making money any way they can, legal or illegal-the killers get paid cash out of the ever-growing till of stolen proceeds. When a person discovers the criminal fraud or outright theft, they are in a world of hurt then, because they know way too much about the mass-murdering “fearless leader” and his/her friends.
Look at the US drug war; everyone was in on it. First Bush and friends flood the country with cocaine starting in 1980 under Raygun, ostensibly to support and arm the nicaraguan contras. Then they cut the budget massively, throwing the economy into a partial collapse that eliminated millions of great well-paying union jobs. Out on the street everyone went after the banks robo-signed their mortgages, houses, and asset base away. And guess what? They started self-medicating with anything available in order to survive that which is practically unsurvivable by doing what? Bush’s cocaine, which is a crime in the US, especially if you steal or turn tricks to pay for it. Some heroin addicts wanted to make it so they could get their heroin prescribed to them by a doctor(Toronto Globe and Mail). Great idea, but Harper deep-sixed it; why? Because the laws making it illegal acted as a price support for the black market.
There’s no jobs right? Now Bush never gets in trouble for dealing cocaine and heroin, and neither does Rush Limbaugh for dealing oxycontin. He is alleged to have had good reasons why it is that he trafficked in oxycontin. Hey, it’s Rush Limbaugh, that rightwing icon, everyone’s favorite buffoon, a buffoon among proto-nazi buffoons. And since he’s a nazi, it’s A-OK with the other nazis that he traffics in oxycontin; understandable to them (“he’s one of us”-like Mitch McConnell). If you or I were to traffic in oxycontin, we would go to federal prison for 16 years, but not Rush. He’s a good nazi spewing those wacko illegitimate syllogisms that only other braindead nazis listening to him on the radio can make sense of and “understand”. The blowhard inveighs against drug use even while he is both using and trafficking in oxycontin, which is more dangerous than heroin. One 50mg. pill kills a child. But they hate children anyways, unless they’re screwing them.
Do you see the ubiquitous double-standard in law enforcement? If you’re a black person doing cocaine, you go to prison. If you’re Rush Limbaugh doing and dealing oxycontin, you get a reward-good nazi. And on it goes. So when a greedy billionaire gets wind of a windfall deal or project, he or she chases it with everything they got; money, lawyers, connections until they get it and profit from it many times illegally. Witness the Dakota access pipeline builders just plowing up a native american graveyard, a sacred site, doing it before any kind of legal protection would kick in to stop them. And of course, the judicial bench is mostly populated by worthless republican shadows of humanity indoctrinated into the greed-motivated, planet-killing worldview and paradigm, so they will never do the right thing in this situation either-too complicated. Just look at their investment portfolios and connections if you want to know how they’ll judge a situation. Clarence Thomas is a perfect example. He is a Koch puppet; he will sell out the country and the people in the service of their self-serving ambitions, and then find the legal reasons why that is A-OK again. Remember the Holocaust, the Shoah, was completely legal under German law.
What I am saying is that greed is the most deadly planet killing addiction out there. When a person sees a gravy train, they are going to chase it until they get what they think they got coming. This is where the whole idea of guaranteed return on investment comes from and this is the foundation of the rationale that when an investor places a lot of money on a project and it doesn’t work out, then that should be the state’s problem, not theirs, so PAY UP TAXPAYERS for our screwup. A UN legal expert has already said that the TTP trade deal is illegal because it was created in secret and did not include community input in it’s development. However, this is exactly what the trade deals seek to guarantee for the investor; a guaranteed profit/adequate return on investment and if they lose, then they want to be able to sue the nation for their losses. And I am sorry, that is just not how the game works. And this is the real shame too, that a company makes more of a profit by cutting corners and enslaving people; there are so many different ways that greed can kill. So when they come to your valley with the thugs and the guns, make them leave and never come back because they are totally evil and will only destroy everything in sight and even then some. Whether it’s logging, mining, fracking/drilling, or dam building, it is going to fawk sheeeitt way up (did you know that a dam can be a huge source of greenhouse gases?). Yup. They and what they do will be a problem for you and your people even after they get what they want because your worldview threatens their depraved acquisitioning or theft if you will. They bring only death wherever they go because of how they do things. They leave a trail, they leave a mess for us to clean up; there’s 15,000 unremediated uranium mines in the US and the tailings piles are blowing the crap all around the reservations killing people; cancers, deformities, other illnesses completely from those damn mines. There is a much better way of doing things than that; the correct responsible way.
And mass death in hidden forgotten bad places is the name of their game if they don’t like you. Rick Scott privatizes prison healthcare; the only way they can make a profit is by withholding care. So the inmates die in droves denied illegally the healthcare that would’ve saved their lives. And the homeless denied housing for whatever reason will be at an increased risk of dying from either physical violence on the street or from untreated medical conditions that finally maim or kill them. The old folks who lost their retirement funds to the Bush 2008 fraud/collapse; social security only covers 3/5ths of their total expenses so they are picking between the food bills, the drug bills, or the electric heating bills-ALL TOO HIGH. . . Slow death policies from the new nazis in both the corporate funded republican and the repugnicratic party. They always collude in secret against our interests in their bipartisan cooperation in screwing us out of what little pittance we earned.


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Lyle Courtsal is a disabled author/activist who has worked variously as a school bus driver, tree planter, truck driver, and shipyard laborer. He has also attended three colleges, but prefers studying on his own. During the past several years, he has developed a street outreach method for getting intensively self-poisoned, dually-diagnosed addict/alcoholics off the streets and into truly helpful hands while maintaining constitutional standards of non-discrimination and privacy. His technique has an 80 percent success rate. Lyle likes really big, old, live trees; Frisbees; sailing; mid-70s long nose Kenworths going really fast; hardcore rock; true decency; generosity of spirit; and freedom. He presently more-or-less exists in Seattle, Washington. He goes to church at least once a month whether he needs it or not. Check out the book-Enjoy!!

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