No Longer a Democrat.

Why I am no Longer a Democrat

I realized the other day that I had something that a lot of people in the US don’t’ have. The ability to empathize with the situations of people very different than I am. And when I examined Mumia Abu-Jamal’s situation, I found out that we weren’t really so different after all. He ran into the superrich elite powers that be in Phlladelphia, Pennsylvania, the city of brotherly love, and they ruined his life. The land that the MOVE house sat on was coveted by those elites in Philadelphia; that’s why they let the 70 houses burn down so that the university could expand and ruin the neighborhood and destroy the lives of the people living in those houses. Its only 70 houses right? Yup. And they matter just like the rest of us matter; not very much to our criminal misleaders. I lost my friend Dawn Montoya to the developers in Seattle when her apartment lease blocked a Bush-era condo re-development there. She just disappeared one night and that was that. They got their project and she was dead and gone, no trail except a street report that she was in Western State Hospital, no trail there either but a real big cemetery with numbered headstones because we are ALL important even those perceived as loons; shit just seems to never die in this country huh, only the good people and she was great.
Mumia survived what he went through but what really happened there that he would be treated so badly by the injustice system? He was black and his people were in the way of “progress”. The old guard at the philly police department had a problem. They were being investigated. Did Faulkner as a relatively new cop see too much of the internal corruption in the department? Because the old guard probably hired a hit man to get rid of Faulkner to cover their you know whats. A guy even said that he murdered Faulkner and it fits (hollowpoints are used by hired men. Faulkner was killed by a hollowpoint slug; I don’t think Mumia did that one (as a journalitst, I would not use holoowpoitns for self-defense) and a .38 is a real common gun so it’s easy to set up a gun similar to his and kill off the “problem”, Faulkner, while putting it on Mumia when actually he was innocent. And that is the set-up pattern I have seen in the US. I have found out the hard way how most white americans see poor americans regardless of race; they don’t recognize them as basically human, so it’s real easy to just throw them away into the prison system and just forget about them for years even decades.
I used to see this all the time in the meetings that I went to over the years. The condescending and patronizing attitudes most public officials and others had for us unwashed heathen citizens at the meetings was plainly obvious. And then later on to find out that what do you know? We were correct about how they were going to fail again. Everyone says that Trump is the king of the tax break, well Killary is the queen then. That is all that Bill Clinton did; facilitate scam after scam after scam screwing the majority of us while running laughing to the bank with the filthy lucre stolen in that tax avoiding CIA scam that time. But that is not the main reason why it is that I have to say goodbye forever to the dems. That is hidden in the failures of the cultural mainstream of the US and the rot proceeds from there.
Do you remember McGovern? He also had an uphill battle in dealing with the dems just like Bernie; this even though he had huge popular support for what he stood for. Why was this? Because the democratic party is actually two or three parties, not one. One side is those elitist scumbags who are actually republicans, like slavery, and hate any form of regulation limiting their self-serving socioeconomic depravity. Max Baucus, a democrat, blocked any legislation pushing public single payer health insurance throughout his political career; a real letdown for me and a whole lot of other people needing basic healthcare. And when it comes to the party leadership doing the right thing in order to serve, keep, and grow up it’s mass base, it usually fails miserably and has many times on many issues, not just a few because ultimately, it is up to the individual legislator or strategically located official to do the right thing, eerrr the correct thing. The party does very little to unite its members behind a consistent platform that serves us, its mass base because the elite big money behind the scenes is running the show, right into the pavement most times.
So here we are in 2016 with a huge socioeconomic transition in front of us that is composed of many factors. Global warming is more than real, it is moving much faster than people thought it would. A huge number of our people are impoverished and what passes for the present democratic party leadership could care less; they got theirs, see ya. . . (I have to give them a break because doing anti-poverty work on a shoestring is like running into a fire when everyone else ie leaving. So what am I looking for from the dems that would make the situation better?

1) 2/5ths increase in social security payouts to $50,000/yr. income.
2) a local-regional-national network of not for profit public banks-county-level revolving loan funds under a regional network of federally controlled public banks SEPARATE FROM WALL STREET cuz those derivative scams may just come crashing down taking your retirement funds with them.
3) Extremely low income housing stocks funded adequately enough to house ALL of our people. Studies have shown that it actually is cheaper to house, feed, and care for people than it is not to do so; what is the real wealth of nations? A people who are allowed to develop their potential fully and that does mean free education including two years of community college and/or equivalent skills training from someone or a few people with EXPERIENCE in what you’re trying to learn and do.
4) Adequately funded medicare for all, YES, PUBLIC SINGLE PAYER HEALTHCARE, remembering that when a condition is dealt with early in it’s progression, it is much cheaper to deal with than when it is let go and allowed to develop into a major condition requiring major expenditures to deal with. So far, the US has not figured this simple medical reality out; the dems totally compromised the possibilities of this policy away by keeping the major monies in the private sector. There’s nothing lower than private, for-profit healthcare because short-term profit is generated by withholding care regardless of long term socioeconomic consequences. The administrative/overhead cost savings are around $324 bil. between the private sector (407 bil.) and the public sector ($83 bil.).
5) Adequately funded public and higher education; Clinton proposes closing 50,000 “underperforming” public schools to be replaced by the private sector charter school scams that failed so spectacularly in Chicago; they closed 30+ schools in poorer communities and called that “better”. Finally, their economic de-regulation initiatives led to much higher college tuitions across the board in both public and private institutions.
6) 2/5ths increase in food stamp payouts. Food banks are failing working and other poor people miserably in a variety of ways found in unregulated nonprofits. E-mail me if you want to know what the specific areas of failure are. It is especially important that women and children are fed adequately; the consequences of child growth stunting due to malnutrition are long-term and grave-see Boston Medical Center experts for more on that.
7) Let’s remember how much we lost as a nation and a people when the corporate repugnicrats first started cutting budgets out from under our future in 1980 when Raygun stole the election that time. Another four consolidation coups and global warming is now irreversible because that period of time 1980 to 1992 was our last chance to really get ahead of global warming. The oil and gas interests knew about global warming and they didn’t change direction at all, driven to kill again and again because they couldn’t change. This is the stuff of the collapse of civilizations.

Seems pretty simple huh, but not one of the above issues is anywhere near anything that the democratic party supports presently, and that goes for the women too. And this is directly because of the elite one percenter influence over the party (one percenters are the worst stupidest craziest most killing criminal people in a biker gang and Killary is definitely a psycho rightwing one percenter on bad days). Once or twice a year, the circus comes to town, and we are told who and what to vote for. And you know what, most times these candidates and initiatives have very little to do with anything we care about, so voters don’t turn out when its time because they don’t hear anything that makes them want to. Its a one percenter platform; the input from the mass base is disregarded in its creation or co-opted later on in the policy process meaning that the final policy is watered down crap that ends up being ineffectual for the situation(s) a person is seeking to address.
Now we hear about how it is that we need to understand the need for compromise and I understand that. But in the case of the Clinton’s consistent misleadership, we find that they don’t compromise their positions, they are actually actively promoting republican policies enthusiastically at our expense while lying and saying that they support our wishes just like Barack (“I feel your pain”.). He articulated a platform that was “progressive” but once he was in, he forgot all about what he had promised to us. Later I find out that he went in wanting to cut social security and that was a major priority for him and also Clinton as a CFR puppet. So the game they’re playing is to pose as “progressive” until elected, rip off the camo, and show their true colors as center-right bush republicans. This is a product of the bipartisan center-right corporate culture of the legislature; more than a little to the right of basically humane and realistic, and willing to steal anything that isn’t tied down. The Clintons and many others have gone over to republican lala land, much preferring that dogmatic oversimplification to the complexities of the many issues that they, and more importantly we, have to deal with out there.
They say that Clinton appeals to the older voters out there; thats because they already got theirs and were not directly affected by the the terrible republican economic policies the Clintons pushed the way the millenials were. So older dems get to live in their own lala land of what is left of the Great Society; not directly affected by the repeated crap the stupid fascist double talking lying backstabbing Clintons did. Also I know that the easiest way to re-democratize the country is to push a third party movement at the very least or maybe more. See, the millenials were deeply affected by the budget cutters of both parties during the murdering ’80’s. And now the Clinton nazis are desperate so they trot out the really graphic gun violence stories to try and claw back the support they lost with both their garbage economic policies and their huge rigging of the primary. And of course the stupid nazis have to trot out their favorite lie; that Ralph Nader was responsible for the dems losing the 2000 election. Notice now too how it is that the murder rates in major US cities are going through the roof; the budget cuts kicked in a year ago and now you are seeing the consequences. The stupid nazis at the WSJ even tried to say it was the “Ferguson Effect”. Just think, someone you know who is just like you, was paid to come up with a crap concept like that and then peddle the crap into the national big propaganda media outlets. See what’s wrong with Amerikkka? You are what’s wrong with Amerikkka because all you do is chase the money or the people with the money. It couldn’t be that the platform Clinton decided on and her extensive criminal history is what is losing her the election? No, not that. Its something else put up to distract you away from those simple facts.The crap slug rigged the primary to put herself in even when the numbers back then clearly showed that she would lose against Trump. But there’s no stopping blind rabid self-serving ambition, is there? Even when there’s millions of lives on the line in this crucial time of huge transition. IF that is the case, there’s few people more rabidly selfish than the Clintons, except the nazis, eerrr republicans. And that is one more reason among many, many others why it is that I won’t vote for them. This time I won’t be swayed by the desperate sirens’ call. Bernie or Bust, third party if he goes bust because of elite one percenter machinations behind the scenes.
What is the solution, you ask? There are many solutions and you will find they will come from the most unlikely of places. From your people unless you are too stupid to recognize their worth, their hidden constructive potential. And another thing too. In the long term, police state dictatorships socioeconomically implode under the weight of their own emotionalized fear, and the expenditures required to repress everyone of rabid one percenter ambitions. Additionally, the threat and consequent fear of capture, injury, or possibly death by militarized police forces inculcated via the controlled media has the effect of crippling or even completely destroying the creative potential of entire large sectors of your nations’ population; another drag on dealing with a difficult and challenging future that is actually made much more difficult by top-down paramilitaristic intervention or the threat of that destructive possibility.
So loosen up America, you are being manipulated extensively and the overall cultural uncertainty and fear is growing all the time as viable grassroots local-regional mainstreet options shrink under repugnicratic regional-global misleadership. So we extend my daily routine in hostile territory into conceptual development. You minimize the influence of a threat and a consequent fear by encountering the threat specifically, by learning about it and reducing it’s potential for creating or adding to already large amorphous unspecified fears in the manipulated mass population, us again. Remember, deer in the headlights syndrome, that tendency to freeze in the face of a threat, is countered by learning how to respond to it in advance as much as possible, or growing yourself up good enough that you can develop up a response to new conditions without just locking up for two or three months or years changing direction to deal with that new problem or set of problems. A certain agility of mind and heart is what is required so that a person or a group of people are not mired down by the limitations of their circumstances for way too long because of a poorly thought out overcommitment of time and resources. So necessary, a lateralization of power and a more responsive leadership for changing circumstances is what is needed and that means putting smart, experienced, dedicated people where they need to be in order for the systems in place to work better, responding to new situations and possibilities more of the way they need to. The idea is to reduce FUBAR by avoiding pitfalls and other possibly negative outcomes by seeing them coming from a long way away.
(see book, Turn the Ship Around, and take a look at a grassroots way of reversing global warming at and the National Hemp Association). Finally try and remember despite your own imperfections, that EVERY LAST BEING IS IMPORTANT; God, Mother Mary, and the saint and angels, known and unknown said so. Love ya, Lyle Courtsal


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Lyle Courtsal is a disabled author/activist who has worked variously as a school bus driver, tree planter, truck driver, and shipyard laborer. He has also attended three colleges, but prefers studying on his own. During the past several years, he has developed a street outreach method for getting intensively self-poisoned, dually-diagnosed addict/alcoholics off the streets and into truly helpful hands while maintaining constitutional standards of non-discrimination and privacy. His technique has an 80 percent success rate. Lyle likes really big, old, live trees; Frisbees; sailing; mid-70s long nose Kenworths going really fast; hardcore rock; true decency; generosity of spirit; and freedom. He presently more-or-less exists in Seattle, Washington. He goes to church at least once a month whether he needs it or not. Check out the book-Enjoy!!

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