Zero Tolerance is for Jerks, Nazis, Assholes, and Idiots. Same Difference, Huh. . .

Port Townsend has declared itself a drug-free community. And oh gawd, are these pathetic braindead white proto-nazi yuppie scumbags dedicated to the goal too. There’s the chimacum prevention coalition and then there’s the little nazis lying and snitching off their friends who aren’t braindead nazis like they are. See, the nazi drug warriors knew that the people in the city weren’t going to go for the goddamn garbage; they knew better. The fascists in the country were the perfect suckers for this nazi shit; they didn’t know any better and they loved destroying their neighbors lives and stealing their stuff too. The nazis taught us that if you get the children’s heads filled full of crap when they’re young, they’ll probably be nazis for life unless they run into something better, like the 60’s rebellion. Most enfranchised white people in the US are proof positive of that; they always aspire to climb up the crap-pile and never think to look back for people they might have left behind. They have been misdetermined to be better than the rest, so up they go. . . And never mind that none of them really understand the first thing about why it is that people do drugs and should be allowed to do so. Because you see, this is modern eugenics in action.
Some fascist jerk/snob will come along and say”I can survive without drugs; whats your problem?” And I will say “you’re a sick shallow incompetent braindead one-dimensional fascist idiot who messes up more on the job than doesn’t”. And the fascist boob will sit there and just smile smugly knowing that even the boss knows he’s an incompetent boob, but that doesn’t matter. The incompetent nazi clone is drug free, and never mind about how many lives he’s endangered and screwed up on the job and at home, because he’s an incompetent boob who doesn’t know the first thing about what he’s doing even when he’s stone cold sober.
And never mind about how many people who needed pain drugs during the murdering 80’s and afterwards couldn’t get them because the criminal Raygun nazis locked down the good pain meds. See, the murdering 80’s was the beginning of the new nazi drug war torture state and part of that ongoing comprehensive torture in every aspect of our lives was the fact that a person couldn’t get good pain meds easily. That was part of the torture overall; I ran a woman to three hospitals one day before a nurse finally gave her what worked for her tooth pain and yes it was a prescription painkiller, not that over-the-counter crap that doesn’t work and destroys your liver. And that was a half day odyssey to do that, so there goes the day again all due to crap set up under the Bush-Raygun new nazi torture state; food stamps a half hour at the store, food banks a half day spent for garbage no one else would eat (even Bonehead Boehner talked about the tiering of healthcare access with intent by legislation). So many other corporate funded nonprofit programs they have forced on situation and situation also function as or more poorly because they were intended and designed as propaganda stunts, not as actually effectively workable programs. This is mostly because the donors have to have the programs fit their delusional fascist worldview in order to get funded instead of it actually being designed to effectively work on the specific sometimes very complicated problems. Just because you’re big and superrich doesn’t mean you aren’t dumber than a rotten three dollar piece of wood. And they are too.
And this ongoing cruelty, this mindless ruthlessness is rooted in Amerikkka’s long history as a specifically anti-Christian puritanical fascist state; that’s the reason why it was that these wacko extremist puritans were run out of England, went to Amerikkka, and then murdered off 7,000+ quakers and 16,000,000 native americans once their worthless thieving, mass murdering asses got here. And they’re just not happy unless they are killing off someone; let’s see, 2-3 million dead vietnamese and four generations of deformities from that bloody mass murdering criminal fiasco, and now 2-3 million more dead arabs, all in the service of a warped satanic pseudo-theology of violence and fascist domination that is now succeeding in also killing off all life on the planet in dictatorship after military dictatorship. So my question is, what can’t they tolerate? and better yet, who?
Well me for one. I told them the truth about cannabis in a drug policy meeting here in nicey-nicey nazi Port Townsend, and I didn’t hear the end of it. One person accuses me of “promoting drug use”; nope, sorry nazi, this is called E-D-U-C-A-T-I-O-N. Another person, a pro-tem judge no less another nicey-nicey braindead yuppie proto-nazi, accuses me of working for the mexican cartels; no I believe that regular Americans grow the best bud at home on their own. What I am doing nazi, is telling the T-R-U-T-H; something this attorney hadn’t done in a long, long time. The common denominator here was emotionalized fascist demonization made up out of the thin air of their pathetic cruel fascist imaginations; that is exactly what the drug war propaganda was designed to do; justify unreasoning hatred in the minds of haters who needed a new target for their repressed and misplaced anger. It takes guts to go after the real problem in Amerikkka; much easier to attack the innocent defenseless poor than take the big pigs on. I had people lie up all kinds of abusive things about me here, why just like the 60’s when the nazis went after the anti-war, anti-fascist long hairs then, saying all kinds of things about them that just wasn’t true at all. But that’s enfranchised white nazis for you; they will say something, anything to mess you up and get over one more time. And the worst of them did too. I was accused on a police report no less, of stalking an anti-drug nazi woman with a non-existent blue BMW full of nonexistent thugs (I wouldn’t buy a BMW, I am a volvo man and I like green ones too). First the director of the Boiler Room project accuses me of wanting to join a gang, then all of a sudden, I am a gang leader with a carful of thugs no less, then all of a sudden this lying nazi rabid dog has no specific dates, times, places, and things that were said because guess what, all the stuff she said was made up by her and her friends at the Boil ’em up Room, even the executive director got in on the carnage, a church man no less (see why no one goes to church anymore. . . because it’s full of nothing but lying fascists who pathetically imagine themselves the judgement of God-hey, where’s the love guy?). Remember now nazis, you’re supposed to house, feed, and care for the poor, not ill and kill them off by withholding housing, food, and medical care by cutting the budget out from under people. That’s in the bible too, ya dumb nazis.
What was really disgusting and not a little terrifying was to see just how many white right judges went right along with the lies too; putting me in prison for a total of four months when I was completely innocent of all charges. This wasn’t about legal guilt though, this was totally about an attack on a person with a higher level of independent self-determining consciousness and expertise based on that outlook. And most all the white people in Port Townsend went along with it when the lying nazi woman told the lies all over town too. They wanted to believe it was true; they were bored, they needed another life to destroy to be really happy again. It was like watching a daytime soap opera unfold. This is what the islamic refugees are also running into in towns in a lot of the US, even though too, their only “crime” was being a person with brown skin and being the victims of a nazi-inspired CIA war crime and accompanying racist demonization campaign-911; Bush Did It and all those stupid war crimes in the mideast too.
See, the real problem is that the drug war is not only a war on people, it is a war on a transcendent holistic worldview and consciousness, one that grasps more levels of awareness and existence than the nazis running the US want you to know about or be part of. This state of mind is also a healing and liberating level of consciousness as well. In other words clone, you’re breaking media and systems programming and these thieving nazi pigs are definitely not happy about it either. They want you in that box they made for you to die in; how can they make a killing if you aren’t around to do their dirty work? And this really is about taking your right to self-determination back from the nazis with their false promises and linear worldview borne of hyper-competitive alienation in a contrived and controlled game that lets the rich win over and over and over again, while pitting frenemies against one and another for the few crumbs that are left over after the hyper-satanic nazi one-percenters get done messing up, destroying, and stealing everything else. There has to be the illusion of a winner and a loser in the propaganda game; otherwise people would come to the vastly more uncomfortable awareness that we’re all toast now given how much the nazi onepercenters have whipped the planet to death the last 150 years.
So now the damn nazis have yet another way of demonizing and stealing from people better than they are; call ’em druggies and steal all of their stuff because they reject the fundamental values of the nazified US Drag in self-determining on their usage of drugs to survive another hellish day in fascist white american suburbia-you know, mother’s little helper. . . because life generally sucks so much most all the time for so many people in the damn nazi corporate slave state regime now. And suddenly somehow it is our fault for doing what is necessary to survive the corporate fascist nightmare they created for us to die in. They couldn’t possibly be responsible for the present situation and even if they really are, they sure as hell aren’t about to admit it publicly. We have to pry the truth out of them any way we can. What we find out over and over and over after around thirty years of work is that they completely knew what they were doing and decided to cover it up iin order to keep on making the really big nazi bucks (
Look at how the scumbags at the DEA go after and lie about cannabis having no medical uses or value, when the truth out there completely disproves that particular set of capitalist lies (see the four page A-Z medical index at by Lester Grinspoon MD-Princeton, and then take a lool at the National Hemp Association-replacement plant=based protein source for hormone-laden beef and collapsing fisheries). And friends say that that’s what the DEA and the FDA are all about; they’re flunkies for the real nazi killers in the big pharma corporations, Big Pharma and their killer substances which kill around conservatively 100,000 people a year, though probably more than that now with the abundance of opioid drugs out there, both prescription and black market courtesy of our criminal warlord frenemies in Afghanistan. (Ever notice how Ill and Kill Clinton pose as progressives while supporting these kind of depraved head-chopping psycho CIA militias all over the mideast with their NATO partners while cutting the budgets out from under the poor people at home, why just like Cameron and his nazi friends in the UK too-how stupid can you be to suppress the Chilcot report. . . ). And really, who could blame a person for wanting to feel better than they would normally in the US Drag? I don’t blame people at all; it’s just that so many of them are dying because of misuse or mistakes. And really that is what the nazis, eerrr republicans like the Koch brothers really want too. They have said as much in the propaganda they peddle to the children in our schools courtesy of the new textbooks children are getting in the private charter schools now. Just ask John Kasich why he’s not a Koch insider anymore; not a good enough nazi (Dark Money, by Mayer). That’s the reason why it is suckers like the nazi hater anti-drug scammer woman would not want people educated about killer addictives; she has already given up on them ever recovering and either way, she doesn’t want them dying in her homeless project so she just lies up a crime, calls the police, bounces them out onto the street or prison, smacks herself on the back, says “good job” in her sick psychopathic mind and goes on to the next homeless victim to ruin the hell out of their lives too. and you can count on some other jerk saying,”they deserved it” too.
And you know what, it would seem like improving the quality of life for tens of millions of people domestically would actually be the best way of reducing people’s desire to self-medicate and survival crime rates too, huh. You know, housing, food, and adequate medical care available for all regardless of status, criminal or not, druggie or not, because that would significantly reduce the probability of a person self-medicating to avoid the daily rot of their existence under the present bipartisan corporate plantation slave state dictatorship regime provided to you and ruining your life courtesy of Bush-Clinton; more similar than different. . . . People will say that Clinton is different than Bush, but I realize that is a pathetically disconnected upper class microanalysis. They are very similar in many major ways and that is what is so hard for a lot of white yuppie fascists to swallow; just how much they have deluded themselves into believing that they are sooo different, when really they aren’t in their practical political expression and actions.
Remember how ready Ill Clinton was with the subversive fascist ant-terrorism laws after the Murrah federal building attack; and just how the war-mongering fascist super-predator Killary was so ready to demonize young black people with a projection of her own mindless greed-motivated fascist rapacity as the real superpredator. Simply look at how many ways the elites running the democratic party found to make sure that the war-mongering proto-nazi corporate puppet criminal won over the real democrat Bernie Sanders; don’t wonder why the youth are doing lots and lots of drugs after watching another election process get just absolutely criminally raped electronically and administratively by the slave-owning corporate funded repugnicrats in the room. They’re just as bad in every way as the nazis doing the coup against Dilma Rousseff in Brazil; and see how Killary supported the honduran coup against democratically elected Zelaya; how many times have US nazis like her done that to a democratically elected government historically and for the same pathetic greed-motivated reason too. And also it is specifically fracking corporate nazis like her who have a history of doing such coups to support their planet killing fascist ambitions historically. Greed Kills, but not only that, it earns you a hot seat in hell forever too. Kissinger and Killary. . . . burning forever. I will hang around a while longer just to see that three days after I am dead, thank you Jesus Christ.
So instead of supporting addict/alcoholics medically and healing them out, the nazis lie about them, steal their stuff, and throw them in prison. The cities in the state of Washington make a whole lot more money off you if you are found guilty than if you are innocent; more money for police, judges, and lawyers and all the rest of the BS just so you are NOT fulfilling your Holy independent God given human potential. Oh that should help a lot, well not exactly since Gabor Mate’ has proven that 90% of people doing needle drugs in Vancouver BC had been abused as children or had other serious violence exposures (book-In the Land of Hungry Ghosts, by Gabor Mate’ MD). So now with the have have-not divide, we see how this plays out in communities all over the US. The good fine upstanding respectable black people with the houses and the degrees and lots of lawyers get rid of those poor black people on the street by demonizing them and attacking them with the rabid dog police; ridding their communities of the poor trash throwing them in prison so they can get a federal grant and build those nicey-nicey new condos that no one can actually afford since there’s no viable economy to pay the rent with out there now. Oh there you go Lyle, reality again. . . And what is really sad and pathetic about Amerikkka overall is that their new found success is absolutely no protection from the rabid dog racist nazi cops attacking them still regardless of their status in cooperation with their racist white neighbors next door as so many of them found out the hard way.
See? druggie or not, criminal or not, you’re still fawked if you’re not a racist white nazi in the US as I know so well from my own experience getting systematically criminalized by racist white yuppie nazi liars right here in wonderful nicey-nicey fascist Port Townsend Washington. . . And every white person who was told the massive systematic lies that the racist white nazi yuppie rabid dog told them about me believed them because the stupid fascist proto-nazis wanted to believe they were true. This was the next imagined external threat that they had been conditioned to fear for the last 30-40 years since they were four years old. This even though I could legally prove they were lies. All the stinking bastards; judges, lawyers, even my public defender still wanted to believe they were true; even when I could conclusively prove they were lies. Weird to see how all the stinking white nazi bastards involved would completely invalidate my testimony and believe hers even after I proved she was repeatedly, massively, and systematically lying along with her hater yuppie nazi associates.
And that is how you end up with 2 million plus in prison and six million people on probation/parole. Consider this; fully 2/5ths of them are completely innocent and shouldn’t be in there and the rest are seriously overpenalized to boot, but how is corporate amerikkka going to have any really cheap slave labor if everyone is released from prison? And that is what fascist zero tolerance drug policy is really all about; not only criminalizing hippies, political targets, and people of color who aren’t nazis, but making slaves out of them as well just like the nazis before and during the second world war. And let me tell you, the fascist zero tolerance educational methods in our schools also have a really poor success rate, but who cares? Can’t exploit and poison them if they’re smart, huh; why do you think Bush pushed education “reform” actually budget cutting privatization starting in the 1980’s?( Because schools that actually worked would turn out smart people; cain’t have that in a new nazi military-corporate slave state plantation dictatorship huh. What they are looking for are compliant braindead worshippers who mindlessly obey and genuflect upon command in the workplace and everywhere else. And that is what their charter school system in florida is doing too; failing miserably at a whole lot of really pretty important things.
My new friend Sara was homeless at age 39. She knew better than to even ask the system here for help; all they would do is ruin her further as had happened so many times before. I would’ve took her in if my landlord had allowed it, but no. These assholes here were just looking for an excuse to either put her in prison or run her out of town, not help her out. That is why they all go drug-free so they can think of themselves as better than other people and leave them behind to die alone out in the woods the way my friend Miguela did here the other day. Someone went after him with a bat, then someone else put him in a jail cell with three nazis so they would beat the hell out of his black ass, (and they did, believe me). And so, the other day, he was found hung; either suicide or lynching around here. And so she was murdered by a meth cook and his associates because she had escaped another one trying to mess with her around here and turned him in. Once she did that, the police should have taken her in and hid her out, but no, she just went on doing what she did until some white nazi pig psycho took her out. I blame the zero tolerance drug free fascists running this county for that; a person with a problem knows better than to even ask a worthless hellbound braindead hater to suddenly love and help them out. And that is also the reason why when I did brief counseling in my volunteer street outreach efforts that I got so much better outcomes than most of the so-called social work/psychology professionals out there. There is nothing more useless to a homeless person than a counselor; they need housing, food, medical care, transportation, and higher education before that. Only a totalist fascist dictatorship would need counselors in order to both indoctrinate and then maintain the abortive, contrived top-down fascist work-is-freedom indoctrination.
The only thing down there in florida that is working is them killing off a whole lot of prisoners by illegally denying them medical care in their nightmare of a for-profit healthcare system. And does anyone remember how GW Bush rigged the system in Texas loading the bureaucracy with his nazi cronies so that the legal system there became an assembly line death machine; guilty, guilty,guilty. . . zap, zap, zap. They probably miss the good old days when they could hang them and watch them slowly twist in the wind choking to death if the drop didn’t break their necks. And these planet killing mass murdering rightwing fascist pigs really think they’re Christians and are going to heaven after creating all this stinking hell on earth. I don’t think so. . . Bye, bye nazis, burn baby burn. . . We warned you but you didn’t listen. . . . So down you go, all alone to the perfect punishment for all eternity. . . . We’ll see you down there too, and we will know that you earned it, you deserve it, you qualify-you’re the best braindead mass murdering nazi tools ever grown up in the history of the country and your success is succeeding in killing off all the complex lifeforms on the planet including yourselves. (, book-Prison Profiteers). Burn forever; you deserve it again and again and again. . .


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Lyle Courtsal is a disabled author/activist who has worked variously as a school bus driver, tree planter, truck driver, and shipyard laborer. He has also attended three colleges, but prefers studying on his own. During the past several years, he has developed a street outreach method for getting intensively self-poisoned, dually-diagnosed addict/alcoholics off the streets and into truly helpful hands while maintaining constitutional standards of non-discrimination and privacy. His technique has an 80 percent success rate. Lyle likes really big, old, live trees; Frisbees; sailing; mid-70s long nose Kenworths going really fast; hardcore rock; true decency; generosity of spirit; and freedom. He presently more-or-less exists in Seattle, Washington. He goes to church at least once a month whether he needs it or not. Check out the book-Enjoy!!

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