Elderly/Disabled Torture.

Dear Ms. Hooyman,
I saw your presentation on the elderly on TV and I can tell you, you don’t even know the half of it yet. I had to deal with three real nasty cases of elder/disabled abuse because no one in your fair city of seattle would or could do it. One was a durable power of attorney stealing an estate, one was a person repeatedly overdosed on psych tranqs on purpose and then drug raped, and one was a person repeatedly persecuted for standing up for their rights. All three cases passed over repeatedly by every police agency in the state. How does this affect us?
Buford Pusser came out of that nazi camp at Hayden Lake, Idaho a full blown psychotic. He came to Seattle, asked Harborview for help, was denied illegally, and went down to Los Angeles and shot up a jewish daycare. It was a jew who had her family killed off who was doing the repeat murder attempts using drug overdoses, finally facilitating an anal rape of the tenant and getting completely away with it, protected because she could blackmail other officials who were also involved here. She wanted vengeance for losing her family in Latvia; sure enough this guy was a Latvian and, yes, they killed off a whole lot of jews back then, but he wasn’t involved. The victims name is Vladimir Fedorov and the perpetrators name is Karen Aubin. Aubin’s brother Michael was involved in child torture at Haut de la Garenne (see http://www.itn.co.uk keyword search Haut de la Garenne). The good, fine upstanding, RICH, respectable child torturers of Jersey objected to the investigation and it was halted; for a day. Turns out that the network was probably linked to Margaret Thatcher’s crew of nazi idiots-remember Jimmy Saville? The police chief of Manchester was probably murdered to protect them. You’d think decent people would assist Mr. Fedorov and investigate and prosecute out the situation; nope, the Seattle Hsg. Authority had him transferred to Everett and covered it up completely.
All the social workers and staff involved in all situations covered up for both the attempted murders and the estate theft and the county ombudsman did nothing as usual; not a good thing for a city to be doing. For more insight into what I and others went through in the torture at the Housing Authority torture dome under Tom Tierney, take a look at the move Bubba Ho-Tep. A funny depiction of a very serious serial killing machine. Place a person under stress, isolate them from help, deny them medical care, and systematically wear them down whenever they stand up for their rights and you have the new improved modern slow death machine ameriKKKan style. Why else would they protect Aubin and her cocaine dealing friend Kelly? They only had to deal with one 2,000 year old mummy. I had to face systematic organized crime and I won, I survived. What is going on at tri-court in the Seattle Housing Authority does qualify as torture in all forms medical and psychological under international law and the motivation was to drive the low income tenants out of the buildings in order to increase revenue; once again that pesky greed motivation that drives most all criminals.
We tried to have a symposium on elder protection and crime prevention, but it was sabotaged by a corporate/United Way nonprofit frontperson from the UW school of social work wasting our time selling her programs at your very corrupt military-corporate funded institution; just like the tenants weren’t even there at all again. We don’t have any money, Dearie, are you doing this for the credit? Now that the recession has hit your budget hard, look for even more sabotage of any efforts to achieve the goal of elder/disabled protection and any attempts at doing unbiased scientific research. I wrote an essay on the uselessness of corporate funded research and those who take the money and screw up. It’s called Microwaves, Murres, and Marijuana. You must request it since you are right in the middle of the swamp there. I have to know you are dedicated enough to request things from such as me. You see, I have standards and the institution you are dependent on has repeatedly failed to even meet those minimal standards. I am an American and a Christian, and I support the Bill of Rights and the right to personal privacy, unlike near every public and private institution in Seattle.
Further, if a city as corrupt as seattle actually is publicized as being so, the tourism and other businesses either don’t come or leave along with everyone else except those who are benefitting from the corruption and abuse. It is a deep shame to see you and your middle class friends repeatedly get suckered by the next jive huckster politician the global pigs who run seattle put up. it is your mess now; have a nice quake. I am getting too old for this shit and I have a constructive future in mind for all real americans, just so they meet my minimum standards of public and personal conduct.
Lyle Courtsal


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Lyle Courtsal is a disabled author/activist who has worked variously as a school bus driver, tree planter, truck driver, and shipyard laborer. He has also attended three colleges, but prefers studying on his own. During the past several years, he has developed a street outreach method for getting intensively self-poisoned, dually-diagnosed addict/alcoholics off the streets and into truly helpful hands while maintaining constitutional standards of non-discrimination and privacy. His technique has an 80 percent success rate. Lyle likes really big, old, live trees; Frisbees; sailing; mid-70s long nose Kenworths going really fast; hardcore rock; true decency; generosity of spirit; and freedom. He presently more-or-less exists in Seattle, Washington. He goes to church at least once a month whether he needs it or not. Check out the book-Enjoy!!

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