Two Children

Two Children

Surviving a chaos of violence, starvation and germs
bombs and missiles going off all around them
The stink of sewage from a ditch not far away.
Bullets zinging by them missing so far.
Huddled together living in fear of a
circumstance they don’t understand.
parents gone, dead, maybe murdered
Two children dead of heart attacks
found huddled together, five years of age
by a doctor doing on-the-ground body counts in Iraq
Way higher civilian counts than anyone else had.
He found two more just the same way
Somewhere else.

It was when the IDF used white phosphorus
on civilians in southern Lebanon.
charred, burned, dead bodies of innocent children
Call ’em what you want;
They’re still civilians.
Call ’em what you want; they’re still
War criminals.

Two children twelve years of age
House run under by an armored bulldozer
running in the streets starving under an
illegal food and medical embargo.
Parents dead, gone; no medical care for them.
Mama dead in childbirth
.308 sniper fire flies by them as they
fight tanks and dozers with slings and rocks
They swear after this they will fight
the rest of their lives to survive and
so their people and values survive too
the global predator that has come
and stolen their lands.

Two children playing, luxuriating in the noonday sun
Japanese children playing without a care
Big bright flash and they are gone
75% of them boiled away by a bomb
no one should ever use on
anyone, Ever.
Forward, demon progress;
no apologies
Only deformities

Lyle Courtsal 8/7/10


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Lyle Courtsal is a disabled author/activist who has worked variously as a school bus driver, tree planter, truck driver, and shipyard laborer. He has also attended three colleges, but prefers studying on his own. During the past several years, he has developed a street outreach method for getting intensively self-poisoned, dually-diagnosed addict/alcoholics off the streets and into truly helpful hands while maintaining constitutional standards of non-discrimination and privacy. His technique has an 80 percent success rate. Lyle likes really big, old, live trees; Frisbees; sailing; mid-70s long nose Kenworths going really fast; hardcore rock; true decency; generosity of spirit; and freedom. He presently more-or-less exists in Seattle, Washington. He goes to church at least once a month whether he needs it or not. Check out the book-Enjoy!!

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