Jill instead of Ill and Kill

JILL INSTEAD OF ILL AND KILL; http://www.Jill2016.com

Killary is a Goddamn Republican. I made a New Years Resolution
There is no Way in Heaven or Hell I am voting for that
Goddamn Lying Fascist Corporate *&%$#!!! No Effing Way!!!

–There really is 31 murders that are unsolved related to Ill and Kill Clinton. Vincent Foster’s body was moved from where he was murdered to where he was found dead. He knew way too much about the drug money laundering into the real estate projects, so he had to go. See youtube video The Clinton Murders. 175 tons of cocaine through Mena, Arkansas supporting nazi death squads all over the world, especially the colombian AUC; they would lie all the time about how much of the trade was controlled by FARC. See video The Clinton Murders on youtube.com.

–She gave a “pro-growth” speech to wall street insiders, pushing de-regulation in all its forms economic and environmental, just like a republican would. See http://www.globalresearch.ca article on that archived. Funny how closely associated the Bush’s and the Clintons are; same death cult, different parties, same corporate parasites. A wall street expert describes her plan to regulate the banksters as “moving deck chairs on the Titanic”. Not exactly Glass-Steagall, huh. http://www.wallstreetonparade.com

–She continued to fund and support the Honduran dictatorship even after she was told not to by the commander in chief. Many of the overseas funders for the Clinton Foundation were leaders of these slave state dictatorships. The violence in these military corporate slave states is what those children were sent out of their countries by their parents because they were going to be murdered if they stayed; some actually were after they were returned. First the trade deal or the budget cuts kill off the nations economy, then comes the guns and drugs from all of them too. Oh, just the other day, someone inside said that the secretary of state was always traveling with Clinton Foundation documents; indicating the presence of huge interrelated conflicts of interest for Wall Street’s bitch and her husband. No self respecting democrat would let a mass murdering criminal dictator stand. They would’ve reinstated Zelaya. Remember this; those children were returned to their country of origin by the nazis, eerrr republicans and then five were promptly murdered upon return. These are the people who matter to me and any decent person would have acted to save them, not murder them off or endanger them further.

–Let’s take a look at another DLC repugnicrat; Rahm Emanuel. So where were the great majority of the public schools recently closed in Chicago? In poor neighborhoods, black neighborhoods even. Was the budget cut load spread around to communities that actually could pay? Probably not; because of tax districts. And so bit by bit, those poorer communities are systematically decimated by budget cuts and privatization. Also extremely disappointing to see how Rahm buried that video of that man murdered by the police for more than a year. Now this is pretty typical conduct for racist zionists generally. The israeli judicial is plagued by racist and religious biases; forget about prosecuting and sentencing their IDF war criminals adequately. And Killary by saying she wants to block the BDS movement, seems to be enabling the criminal mass death dealing of the now overtly fascist Israeli apartheid state; remember how it was that there was a huge intelligence apparat built up under Raygun that included apartheid Israel, South Africa, and the US during the murdering 80’s and had a huge list of groups to surveil and probably interfere with as well. See book, The Burglary, by Betty Medsger. Also the entire collection of Covert Action Quarterly are probably in the Library of Congress; if not, they are somewhere else. This is where us regular guys learn how the professionals do it. See movie, The Professional about the DEA, CIA, and the mob. Not a nice story but the little 13 year old girl makes it.

–The DLC repugnicrats were specifically formed by the CIA and their corporate slave masters to do what they have done to both the party and the country for the last thirty years; rape it and the rest of the planet too. Give the party and the nation over to the worst corporate criminals on the planet. That is how the Rodhams made their money and she ended up in Wellesley; she could pay. My mom wrote her way in on a scholarship and those blue-blooded bitches treated her like the shit under their heels because she was the best of America, better than them. . . .

–You didn’t hear about how it was that Barack lied to the public when he said he was going to rein in Wall Street. He was heard telling the banksters that they didn’t need to worry about any serious enforcement or Glass-Steagall being reinstated under his watch, according to an SEC insider. See, he lied to you and just let them rip and run as usual. And she will too because she is a lying double talking corporate whore for the CFR too. Remember how her husband Bill repealed Glass-Steagall and did all those military-corporate slave state trade deals for their dictator friends then? Did you hear how she picked up the lie direct from the Wall Street Journal that what Sanders wants to do would cost $18-20 trill.? THAT WAS ANOTHER MASSIVE NAZI LIE FROM THE USUAL SUSPECTS. It would only be $1.8 trill.. MATH AGAIN. . . .

–She and those other DLC mass murderers killed off 1.7 million Iraqis with the 16 year Iraqi medical blockade, remember? Ill and Kill and Holbrooke and Mad Murdering Madeleine Albright did it along with all that crap in eastern europe they did too. Remember Rwanda ’94? They did nothing to save lives at all; and Kagame was their ugandan fascist figurehead who also did nothing or less than nothing; he took advantage of the situation to take power and create what? Another dictatorship posing as a democracy. The democrats were just fine with slavery and racism in the south in the 1800’s; it was the republicans who ended it back then, not the democrats. Kagame’s people wanted to steal resources in Northeast Congo.

–The Bush’s and their associates the Clintons did a fund drive for the haitian refugees, and then took the proceeds and invested the donated money into a five star hotel investment, leaving the refugees with no water or food as usual. Their plan for Haiti consists of free trade zones (no unions, no safe regulation, slave wages-think TPP) just like everywhere else that republicans and repugnicrats have invaded and ruined. Remember how she pushed that trade deal for two years and said that it was the “gold standard”, then lied and said she was against it? See, you can’t trust her; nothing about her is honest or reliable; Her word is no good.

–Just like Barack was no friend of black people, Killary will be no friend of women and children, especially poor ones. Ill and KIll presided over the end of welfare as we know it, cut medicaid/medicare, food stamps, social security, public education, housing, and initiated the private sector nonprofit replacements along with the Bush nazis that have never adequately met the need while punishing poor people illegally in a variety of ways, keeping the donated monies to pay their salaries ahead of feeding people or caring for them and spreading discriminatory exclusionary practices; poor not working not allowed to participate. PRIVATIZATION IS STUPID, PRIVATIZATION HAS FAILED REPEATEDLY IN THE PAST JUST AS IT IS NOW AGAIN IN SO MANY WAYS!!! It is just a gravy train for the fatcats; another way of stealing your money into their pockets.

–Whaat was going on in Benghazi? A weapons pipeline to support the fundamentalist wackos doing the killing in Syria. Expect more of the same from the hawk mass murderer Killary. She says that voting for the invasion of Iraq was a mistake, but is she telling the truth? AGAIN, HELL NO. And remember, what happened in Libya to Qaddafi was all about the oil once again, just like in Somalia and the Sudan along with Gaza and the Golan Heights as well. Likewise in Syria; it is the jumping off point for a later attack on Iran. We kept the Cheney nazi from nuking Iran in 2007-2008 by shutting down criminal attempts to get nukes to iraq so that Cheney could nuke Iran. An invasion of Syria and Iran ends up stepping on Russia and China’s toes heavily; our poorly thought out aggression is destabilizing the region and driving us towards regional-global nuclear war and planetary omnicide by multiple factors. Here I come Jesus. I told them not to attack Iraq, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Lebanon, and all of the rest. Did they listen? HELL NO. The only thing they are listening to is their insatiable will to power, and ever-growing GREED.

–And that explains so much about Ill and Kill. They will say anything for the money and the power. And like my ex-girlfriend, you can’t tell when they are telling the truth and when they are lying. But like her, they will do anything for the money including lying better than I breathe. Don’t listen to their promises; they’re lying. Look at their past history and record; IT SUCKS.

PS Dear whiney repugnicrats. Remember election 2000, when Al Gore could’ve actually fought to get those 86,000 black voters counted and then WON the election? He just dropped the ball when he could’ve made a real difference. Why was that? Win or lose, Al Gore as an insider had already won. It didn’t matter if he won or lost to him; it only mattered to us. I called the dem party and told them that I had 400 economists on my side pushing for a 2/5ths increase for social security payouts. I told Barbara Boxer too. And I also told them that Barack and Killary can become real democrats again any time after they stand up for this 2/5ths increase; that’s how I will know that they are not Bush republicans anymore. We were and are the ones who stand to lose under republicans or their spineless friends, corporate repugnicrats like Billary and Killary, Ill and Kill, and their errand boy Rahm. Likewise, Killary already a Wall Street insider who profits from modern global slavery, does not actually lose if she loses the election. We are the ones who will continue to lose under either corporate republican or corporate DLC repugnicratic leadership.
Lyle Courtsal www,3mpub.com, http://www.Jill2016.com, http://www.splcenter.org

PS There is NOTHING you can do to make me vote for that lying mass murdering nazi pig; I won’t do it. So lose again. . .


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Lyle Courtsal is a disabled author/activist who has worked variously as a school bus driver, tree planter, truck driver, and shipyard laborer. He has also attended three colleges, but prefers studying on his own. During the past several years, he has developed a street outreach method for getting intensively self-poisoned, dually-diagnosed addict/alcoholics off the streets and into truly helpful hands while maintaining constitutional standards of non-discrimination and privacy. His technique has an 80 percent success rate. Lyle likes really big, old, live trees; Frisbees; sailing; mid-70s long nose Kenworths going really fast; hardcore rock; true decency; generosity of spirit; and freedom. He presently more-or-less exists in Seattle, Washington. He goes to church at least once a month whether he needs it or not. Check out the book-Enjoy!!

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