Lets Save Some Lives!!

Rather than pick people apart with illegal laws and misused invasive tech, I know, lets provide people with what they actually need in their specific situation to make their lives better. By using a patient/client centered model, we can get around the dictatorial have have-not dyad that presently threatens to destroy this country’s essence and future. Take a look at my ebook at http://www.3mpub.com, another great book In the Land of Hungry Ghosts, by Gabor Mate’, and The Phoenix Program, by Douglas Valentine. Then take a break, have fun (if they let you), and eat hemp foods if you can find any.




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Lyle Courtsal is a disabled author/activist who has worked variously as a school bus driver, tree planter, truck driver, and shipyard laborer. He has also attended three colleges, but prefers studying on his own. During the past several years, he has developed a street outreach method for getting intensively self-poisoned, dually-diagnosed addict/alcoholics off the streets and into truly helpful hands while maintaining constitutional standards of non-discrimination and privacy. His technique has an 80 percent success rate. Lyle likes really big, old, live trees; Frisbees; sailing; mid-70s long nose Kenworths going really fast; hardcore rock; true decency; generosity of spirit; and freedom. He presently more-or-less exists in Seattle, Washington. He goes to church at least once a month whether he needs it or not. Check out the book-Enjoy!!

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