The NSA/CIA/FBI Nazi “Eco-Terrorism” Shibboleth.

Yup, around 30-40 years ago, when the nazis first took power in the US under Bush-Raygun, the environmentalists were suddenly the new internal “enemy”. Back then, there were very smart and principled people who resisted all kinds of aberrant garbage the new corporatist nazis under Bush were doing. They fought animal vivisection by raiding facilitles, they blockaded huge Old Growth forest clearcuts, they tried to stop all kinds of evil nasty things that greedy evil white right people did in the US. So the moniker “eco-terrorist” was created by the nazis to categorize these people and attack them even when they were doing perfectly legal things, which was most all the time. Because, you see, they were stopping criminal activities by the corporations and the universities that serve them before they could collectively mess up the planet and it’s inhabitants even more than before. . . . Because it really is the same criminal activity and disrespect; same capitalist nazi crap, different generation.
The lying nazi crap reached a peak during Redwood Summer when they were blocking the logging of old growth timber that summer. Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney were nonviolently blocking the logging with their friends when suddenly their car blew up; a bomb had been put on it and was detonated remotely. Then the feds charged both of them with terrorism saying that they had built a bomb and that it blew up accidentally, when actually they had planted it in the car, and then blew them both up. This is a classic US fascist setup and the real shame is that a couple of years later, Judi Bari died of her injuries. The worst criminals in Amerikkka demonizing the best of America once again. And the setups like this abound too. Look at Oswald and the Boston Bomber.
So lets see what others have done too. There was the anti-vivisection lab raiders liberating lab animals-they went to prison for up to six years each for doing the correct thing about horrific possibly criminal animal abuses. The people who sabotaged the GM tree lab by torching it went for six years+. This was done only after all the proper legal regulatory processes were so corrupted as to be completely unable to scientifically evaluate the long term impacts of introducing GM trees into existing ecosystems; the whole protective apparat was just bought off and totally corrupted from above by the University of Washington-one more evil death-dealing university in the US pantheon of capitalist miseducation.
And this is the pattern too. The mining company, or the energy company, or the logging company, or whomever else comes along and says,”I want this. . . .”. and then both lobbies and bribes off the relevant parties in both congress and the regulatory agencies until it gets what it wants even thugging up, threatening, even killing environmentalists and others, regulations and consequences be damned especially under the republicans. And a lot of times unless there is serious and persistent well financed grassroots opposition, the stupid, greedy, lying planet-killing bastards get what they want. And time and again, courts and regulatory agencies completely fail the situations they are presented with and why is that? Because there are weak human beings in positions of power who are easily manipulated by wrong information and then bought off by the pack of lobbyists following closely behind. And they stay bought off and compliant with criminal corporations’ wishes for long, long periods of time. There’s the congressman’s salary and then there’s the backdoor lobbyist payola greasing the rails of the bill spewing process. That’s why they go in broke and come out rich. Think of it; we didn’t have single-payer healthcare for thirty years plus because Max Baucus and a few othe repugnicrats could block it persistently for all that time, and maybe he was paid very well to do it too.
So if the system is totally corrupted and does not respond to the truth because of that, is it OK to vandalize the machines that are destroying the planet illegally? That is a hard question to be answered by the people on the ground in the situation. Very few judges out there are capable of litigating complex cases like that without their emotionalized biases taking over the situation and ruining it as far as coming up with a decent, legal, and appropriate decision; most times judges find for the rich businessman rather than the more complicated community issues that are brought up. And a lot of communities don’t have the resources to counter well paid corporate attorneys even if they are correct and the attorneys are lying and working the loopholes. And this is the rub; that a lot of communities just don’t care about the issues anymore; they can barely keep up with the bills, let alone the news. And activists, that’s the reason they don’t get involved-because they have too much to lose and they don’t have one extra minute or dollar to devote to the cause; it’s not because they don’t care, they just can’t begin to find the time or the money working three jobs when in the 9170’s, you only had to work one good paying one.
So when most people come home and get their eleven minutes of propaganda from the local network outlet, they probably don’t know to fact-check the issue and come to a reasoned conclusion, they instead just go with the soundbites, however dishonest and bad they may be. I have seen two issues now where the big money pushed the lies on the TV where the people didn’t know what to do and mostly responded to the lying propaganda and voted against their interests because they hadn’t done the thinking to see through the lies. They fell back on their emotional conditioning (the hard-working lying thieving corporate bastard is the underdog BS-but the ploy works with a lot of Americans because they don’t think it through-that’s why Bush wanted to cut public education-you’d figure out the scam then). Finally, I leave you with this situation. Tennie White was a black organizer who tested out this piece of ground for PCB contamination. There was very high levels of the chemical in the ground. She was prosecuted by the EPA for falsifying sample tests; a completely bogus charge. The EPA was colluding with the company to minimize the amount of toxic contamination by attacking the person, a black person, telling the truth on the samples. Expect more of this kind of malicious kangaroo court proceeding with Pruitt as head of the EPA.
And now we come to the situation at Standing Rock. The police and the military contractors there had been indoctrinated into the idea that they were facing a violent insurgency that was well armed because all the police and the military contractors were armed to the teeth, as in ready to massacre the nonviolent protesters for whatever excuse was given. There were youth horse-riders who were wounded by live fire, a helicopter dumped pesticide and herbicide on protesters in the first few days of autumn, and a nine year old girl was reported as shot to death by a sniper; a sniper from Ohio was shown later special-did he do it? The point of all this is that the police response was totally unsupervised overkill by people that were indoctrinated by false information to hate on and possibly fire on innocent, nonviolent protesters. Some cops quit the duty because they did not want to be a party to this kind of abuse and lawlessness. And maybe the response should have been given to police officers experienced in crowd management and de-escalation, not aggressive counterinsurgency. Because what played out at Standing Rock was criminal and the strategy and tactics endangered the lives of nonviolent peaceful protesters. And in other places, we have military people dressing up dead farmers as terrorists after they’re dead (Algeria and Colombia) trying to say that they were terrorists when they weren’t. What happens when the cops are criminals and use force wrongfully? Not enough yet. . . . Because the lie they’re always trying to pass off is that the left is the threat rather than the rightwing murderers. The guy who shot Pope John Paul II was a rightwinger tied to the turkish grey wolves, not a leftist as big propaganda outlets were trying to say from the start with no evidence. This pattern repeats itself ad infinitum too, with the goal to blame the poor people for what the rich people actually do. The police and military at Standing Rock were looking for an excuse to harm, maim, torture, beat, shoot, and imprison innocent nonviolent protesters that were trying to get their nation and people to commit to start doing the correct thing about global warming. 105+ environmentalists have been murdered in Honduras besides Berta Caceres. These mass murders are crimes, and nothing to be celebrated. The real shame to see is how willing a lot of people in Amerikkka are willing to believe the lies, want to believe the lies rather than face the more complicated truths about situations.




So Why’d He Do It?

So why did the guy from Uzbekistan do it? What do you know about Uzbekistan? Well, there was a CIA black torture site there for one thing. And yeah, they were boiling people alive there too. And Uzbekistan is a Bush-Clinton CIA economic paradise too, much like the Ukraine complete with sweatshops, starvation wages, no regulation, and death squads should you try and organize a union, why, just like in Colombia under the Bushs. Life is cheap in other words. And certain lives are to be taken by certain others, like your young NYC attacker. This is what is produced in a totalitarian dictatorship; and so what if they call him president; that still is the overall social dynamic. So he’s young and he doesn’t know how long he’s going to live since there’s so many ways to die, so he’s going to make his life and death count; his fate will remain under his control, thank you very much. . . .
He’s heard about what was done in Iraq by the US and the coalition of the bribed off. And we all know that the bosses never really get any punishment no matter how many people they harm or murder off. So the coalition intentionally bombed and took out the electricity, the water, the sewage, the refrigeration (electrical), food plants, and whatever other civilian support infrastructure they could get in pursuit of McCain’s bomb them back into the stone age goals; which by the way are totally criminal under international law. Kissinger’s and Killary’s goal is to reduce a nation’s population by 1/3rd, any means necessary. I got an email on this prior to WTO N30 ’99. And you face the consequences every day; your people slowly dying of a variety of reasons (and there’s nothing you can do to stop it) because, remember the 16 year Iraqi medical blockade done by Clinton, Albright, and Holbrooke? Also totally criminal as well. And once again, they don’t get any time for the crimes as usual. And let’s remember what Albright said when asked if 500,000 dead children was worth the massive theft of Iraqi oil that was committed after the medical blockade. She said,”It was worth it” without a second’s thought. And that is why I know that she is more disgusting inside than outside. . . gawd that face is ugly. . . and that’s how a criminal thinks too. Hell awaits. The total death toll due to the blockade alone was around 1.5 million dead I figure. Les Roberts did an on-the-ground medical assessment and came up with loss rates much higher than Iraq Body Count, and they counted 1,000,000+ dead. So let’s say 2-3 million dead due to a variety of causes, just like Vietnam and Korea, also massive war crimes/crimes against humanity where the laws of war were just like so much toilet paper to be disposed of and ignored. . . .
The reason all the rightwing hate George Soros so much is that he isn’t as much of a nazi as they are; that there’s some humanity to the man. And that is the reason why it is that my friend’s fortune was looted by the criminals that did him; he was a decent man, not a criminal and so they looted him into the pavement. So if both parties are into plundering nations into the pavement and you don’t have the means to come up with a viable future in the context in which you are placed and try to live in, as Saipov faced in Uzbekistan, then they go out with a bang that you will never forget, not a whimper like so many others just dying slow of starvation, disease, random attacks done by psychos, and airstrikes done by other psychos for all the wrong reasons. Yup, the US/Saudi/Israeli coalition has been implicated in systematically bombing hospitals (Kunduz, Aleppo, etc.), schools, community centers full of civilians, shelling housing with white phosphorus, thermite (in Ukraine), gas attacks on civilians (no, Assad didn’t do them), and murdering doctors too; clear repeated systematic attacks on innocent civilians over and over and over again until Kissinger’s goal is achieved. Saipov wanted revenge for what the Bush and the coalition did to his home and his people. It’s sad because I am just as disgusted with the obscenely criminal conduct of my misleaders; it’s just that I know there’s a Hell forever and maybe he forgot. And maybe he wanted you to understand a little of his pain too. Lord have mercy. . . .


Financing of Network. . .

Financing of National-International adaptive network for reducing opiate fatalities and crises. (for Joseph Parks MD). Take a dollar or your county based revenue stream and make it into ten with a revolving loan fund. In order to maintain local control over your capital resources and physical assets, create a city-county-state public banking local-regional system that accumulates assets and cash under a not-for-profit corporate umbrella. Seattle-King County is in the middle of developing a city-county based public bank now. State legislator Bob Hasegawa has been in on this development process from the start here in Washington state. Anything you can do to prevent patient/client abuses is a real good idea for public relations. I found a really good three day front line PTSD program at in Gaza.

I am trying to get the basics financed first for a person; low barrier housing, food, medical access, then on to the rest as the need crops up. I have found in my own case that if my providers had respected me enough to listen to me, that we all would have been a lot farther down the road than if they just went off what they incorrectly thought of me on delusional first impressions. If you run into national roadblocks or a huge amount of stupid assholes blocking your way, declare a county level public health emergency (because that is what it really is-a survival emergency), and go around them. The emergency status should give you the authority to self-finance. And look up the public banking institute and Ellen Brown for legal expertise. She’s not a jerk. I hope this is a help to you. Lyle Courtsal, for more stuff on treating PTSD and depression nutritionally with supplementation, superfood drinks, diet, etc, feeding the brain in order to stabilize it-a lot of addicts don’t eat right at all. . . . so they are more susceptible to drug cravings.

PS The zero tolerance drug free nazi policy is a big roadblock to helping addicts recover because of the US policy of nazi criminalization of drug users and addiction. Portugal is the model you want to go off of because theirs is a healthcare based response to addiction that works really, really well unlike ours. I have two safe needle drug injection sites going in in Seattle and also have arranged for private nonprofit low barrier housing plus services housing to go in as well since the federally funded housing has the nazi zero tolerance drug free and gang free policy in it. This housing is important because 25% of the homeless have untreated medical conditions as well.
PPS Notice how this is asking you to take a principled stand against an illegal and immoral policy-something I am finding Amerikkkans are real bad at; how does this find you?


Why Housing for All?


Because most everything else just is not even minimally adequate. She said that he invaded her tent in the middle of the night. She was no shrinking violet so he was put out again pretty quickly. But if she hadn’t been as big as she was, he would’ve overpowered her and had his way like the lost rabid dog he was. And then it started raining; winter was upon her; the wind was blowing and boy it was cold too. She was soaked and shivering by morning; the sun warmed her a little and off to the bus she went to try and survive another day in killer hateland. . . This is the story that the republicans don’t want you to hear; they only talk about the homeowners on the brink and want you to panic and say no to the housing taxation; leather upholstered SUV’s and all. But there was no housing for Esther, Michael, and Rebecca. And where are they now? Two are dead and one has not been found yet just in 2016 here. They crossed the hate line and now they’re dead or gone at least (cain’t find ‘em. . . ).
So we hear the stories about the people on the verge of losing their houses to the tax man. Why is it that they are so short on money? What you are seeing is the endpoint of 30+ years of systemic theft via republican budget cutting and union-busting. . . Your wages are going through the floor, the boss hates your guts cuz you won’t shut up, and the mythic survival services safety net that would help you if you were fired or laid off is now gone after another wave of republican budget cuts and new illegal nazi rules pushing the homeless out of the feeds and into the street, out of the housing into the street, out of the hospital into the street, and from the street to the prison for breaking whatever law the nazis said you violated-it ain’t funny how the judges just ignore exonerating testimony these days-money must be really hard to come by. Yup and that’s why this one shitty thinks it’s got $740 mil. coming in stolen proceeds from their judicial system. . . yer busted again while completely innocent and it’s all about the money and the hidden quotas. Was I talking too loud, screaming too much at losing Esther last night to the rabid street dogs (see missing and murdered on, or are you just too alive for the street nazis who hate you and assault you, and get away with it cuz they’re white. . . . .
So the republicans say that something different will work here besides reasonable taxation; what is that? For thirty years here, you have had the chance to work out something better and there’s still at least 189 children and 292 adults here that are homeless-total . Then there are those that are inadequately housed; couch-surfing is a little better than the cold though not much. . . . And the worst of you will bleat “get a job, get a job”, but the truth is that the US has never adequately employed it’s people in it’s entire short sordid history and you wouldn’t give them a job anyways. That’s why the republicans hate Howard Zinn even in death; his book, A People’s History of the United States was just too much truth for them. So when they try and pull your heartstrings about ma maybe losing the house because she can’t pay the minimal additional taxes, ask them why they didn’t just give her $100 or what she needed in order to pay off the tax man. They’ll tell you it’s the principle of the thing and blow both you and her off, leaving her behind in their leather upholstered SUVs. Sorry suckahs. . . I got mine by stealing from you. . . and they made it legal too when Raygun was president. . . bye, bye pension. . .
See, there’s some people that they see as useful and will take care of them, but then there’s others like me that they just hate, hate, hate because sometimes I tell them too much truth too. So I won’t be housed by their people, I will only be housed by real Americans, better people than them who don’t let their hurt feelings get in the way of caring for people different than them; who understand how the killing floor is in winter time-yes ma, people do die out there all the time. Yup, its definitely safer inside and some mostly private bureaucrats work you so that you definitely know that you gotta be a certain kind of non-person in order to first get and then keep a roof over your head and four safe walls with a lock on the door to keep the rabid street dogs out; and remember, not all street dogs are rabid, just a few enough to screw it up for everyone else. Just look at how they’ll lie up how horrible those street people are when actually, no, they’re not. They’re just like most of the rest of you, they have the same hopes and dreams as you, have the same set of nightmares as you just worse, and all of it to be crushed under Herr Trumps, Herr Mnuchin’s and Herr Sessions subversive criminal nazi bootheel lying up charges every step of the way.
And let me tell you, that is how they really are; hateful. When I would go and deal with the massive level of abuse that would occur in the housing authority as it struggled to privatize under that nazi bootheel that time, they would retaliate against me by trying to evict me again, and again, and again, and again. And as the cuts proceeded in secret or at least hidden from public view courtesy of the corporate media, more and more staff would leave, leaving the crap criminal abusers to run the project the rest of the way into the ground, nazi style. One tenant was anally drug-raped and the drug rape team (done it before too) just moved on to the next while the crap staff covered up and transferred the victim-survivor to another place-out of sight, out of mind. . . And yeah, I have a witness to the abuses too. Probably won’t come forward-too much to lose, but some still do even now. . . Hello hateful wall of silence. . . . $18 billion worth even.
There is something we can do for each other; make sure that we all have a safe space to call a home of our own, a place where no one else can go without substantial legal authority. And look, if you add up the numbers, its about the same amount as you donate to the Community Foundation, and it actually is getting something done other than lining some bureaucrats’ pocket who probably hates your guts enough to deny you what you got coming-lied up rumor mills among “professionals” are like that. Because as always, Amerikkka under the republicans is doing everything but what needs to be done; house, feed, and care for our people so that they have a safe and dependable foundation to regrow their lives in a whole new direction. It is way past time for us to make those essential investments in our people and our collective future. And who really kicked that can down the road for the last thirty years? Who redirected $54 bil. of capital away from pressing domestic priorities and into the stupid oil war crime machine? Who did the subversive zero-tolerance drug free nazi policy the last thirty years that turned everyone into liars and killed two of my friends last year? Who blocked Obama’s stimulus plan for regrowing the economy and upgrading failing infrastructure? You got it-the republicans again. . . And now they turn around and try to blame those that would try to house everyone for domestic situations that are happening completely as a consequence of their budget cutting and other failed and very destructive socioeconomic policies, that also happen to just gobble tons of money up and is unaccounted for. Sorry that isn’t going to fly with me knowing now how it is that they don’t take responsibility for what they have wrought; not even global warming after 30+ plus years of the fossil fuel profiteers running the rest of the country into the ground-how’s your groundwater these days? Not so good in fracking country, huh. . . Nope, they just rip and run. . . So for starters, let’s commit together to housing ALL of our peoples to show that we actually do honor all life and mean it-walk our talk finally because maybe it’s the last chance we get. This is not a drill. . . . We are under attack by our own people. . . and most all have lost their way.
Lyle Courtsal, (PTSD, depression stuff not generally used in US medicine). See also In the Land of Hungry Ghosts, by Gabor Mate’ MD.

Addendum: So most federal housing has a crap zero-tolerance, drug free nazi policy that excludes those using drugs from housing. So let’s set up some low barrier very/extremely low income housing that does not exclude drug users from housing because, guess what? a person who is housed will reduce their drug consumption by 15-30% because they’re off the street and consequently de-stressed. So you can get this thing going where the person won’t quit drugging until they’re housed and de-stressed, but the housing management won’t take them until they’re drug free, so either way the druggie is screwed by the system of zero tolerance nazis-that was the original motivation for creating subversive and harmful drug war policy; it was to demonize and criminalize the people of color and the hippies, shutting down the popular revolution that the 60’s was for America. Then you work on supporting them enough that they feel like they can actually quit and maintain a consistent sobriety; hopefully the housing management knows enough about drug use to realize the importance of relapse prevention resources so that if the person wants to use again, they can access MEDICALLY COMPETENT and NON-JUDGEMENTAL services that will assist them constructively in continuing to maintain sobriety-I also don’t sweat the little things. The only reason I would evict or even consider evicting a person is if there is MAJOR PROVABLE property damage, or MAJOR PROVABLE disruption or large-scale drug trafficking. The three major components of an effective opiate harm reduction system is 1) community public health resource information, 2) safe needle drug injection sites, and 3) medically supported housing. 25% of the homeless population have untreated medical conditions. We have a supported housing plus services housing complex here where I live managed by a private sector nonprofit. Finally we did get a five year track record of solid outcomes on a public health based harm reduction system in Seattle-Merrily Manthey and Kent Pullen worked on that in cooperation with King County Public Health and Bastyr University ( naturopathic college). It was awhile ago (around 2000, but it worked really well. Bush cut the funding around 2000-no money for black ops. See the book, The Final Mission: Spooky 8, by Bob King.


Ban the Bans. . . .

—“It’s important because issues of solidarity, mutual aid, and anarchism are on people’s minds,” the organizer continued. “They’re the things people had been talking about after the hurricane, because that’s how so much of the organization of relief efforts had been happening. Giving an overtly political space for people to have those discussions was really special.”

Yup, they did it 60 times, 20 people made up 60 lies about me and put me in prison when I was COMPLETELY innocent. Really nice looking people too; cars, the look, that smile. . . But underneath, there was this pain, the stress, this tiredness with the world overall that hindered them from seeing the beauty under the surface in me and my friends. There’s this sense of perfect timing, that they are aging out of their best years right when we need them to continue the struggle they profess to support the most-darn. . . I miss Alice a whole lot more than I can say. . . . But movements lose their appeal and people get scared and “take a break”; don’t I know with my illnesses and all. But somehow we need to retain our humanity in the face of multiple stressors and pseudo-moralistic attacks on those humanely complex moral standards (Oh, it’s THOSE type people over there again. . . ). It’s just too much sometimes and we hurt each other unconsciously; our pent-up emotions just get the better of us, and when we get a reason to justify the attacks, it’s even worse too. . . .
We get more defensive about our space being close to the edge towards the end of the day. So when someone goes beyond the borders of your naturally imperfect sense of propriety, you may just violently overreact. And I have seen this happen many times-overkill can just become a part of a person’s nature through force of unconscious habit-it seems easier at first to just run a person off legally rather than assist them constructively. So recognizing that, don’t overreact, or act consciously and deliberately if at all possible at the very least. Maintaining that discipline can be hard; we are all still learning, huh. And that learning under pressure can sometimes be pretty difficult too. Stick with it. You’ll get it. I did. . . .
When the determination of justice in a situation comes to he said-she said garbage, that is when one should realize that one is walking on shaky ground in a grey area legally, so make sure that you are under control when doing anything that could have destructive consequences. First, do no harm. . . should be our guide. And when I think about involving the police, I do so only after I am sure I have solid legal grounds; with the bans, it should be more than just one person’s uncorroborated, unproven hearsay for convictions, sentences, incarcerations, exclusion orders, and evictions. Everyone should be afraid when it becomes too easy to hurt people. And that harm only compounds the unraveling chaos that can sometimes occur as a consequence. So lets resolve to hold ourselves back from doing unnecessary harm to anyone for any reason.
What that means legally is make damn sure that you can prove your allegations. Don’t push the truth or just outright lie making up allegations out of thin air to harm someone you don’t like for whatever reason, because you may go to prison rather than them if it is egregious as it is in my case. Twelve other homeless or poor people were similarly falsely accused without any specific or substantial proof and then banned illegally from the Boiler Room for a year; this in the middle of a winter survival emergency-bad, bad, bad; wrong, wrong, wrong. . . . The law however is set up that a civil preponderance of evidence standard must be met for each situation you are accused of. If this standard cannot be met, as it wasn’t in my situation that time and the time before that, and the time before that, then the accuser, the prosecuting attorney, and the judge all could be breaking the law by bringing a charge without any substantial evidence, basing the whole legal attack on your person and life on lies made up out of thin air along with the usual irrational emotionalized prejudices.
What this means for us in this dangerous time is that we need to be more restrained in our use of the police to solve all of our problems for us. They can’t do that. And when a person calls in a complaint that is fabricated in order to harm another person legally, that not only does not satisfy the legal burden required to issue the order, it is a form of illegal malicious harassment as well-repeated premeditated felony perjuries, repeated falsified police reports, and repeated reckless endangerments. And it should be good for six months to two years for the perpetrators on the staff of the Boiler Room-not me. . . . because they did it on purpose, with malice aforethought. So no one should act on a person’s uncorroborated hearsay with no corroborating evidence or testimony; this testimony factor is a hard one too because most all the Boiler Room youth staff were willing to lie in order to both protect the space (“their space”), and the fearless lying fascist criminal leaders too-the boss liar.
This is pretty typical behavior for the US too; if you are inside, white, and enfranchised (you got money), you will always appear more credible to a rightwing judge than the person you’re lying about and therefore much more likely to be believed than the person who is actually telling the truth, especially if you are doing something the court needs done, the people relevant to the situation invalidate and denigrate the person telling the truth, and the liar uses common cultural stereotypes to demonize the person actually telling the truth (He was a gang leader with the devils disciples, had an imaginary blue bmw (no plate number of course-I’d buy volvo, not BMW) with four imaginary gang associates stalking poor little lying her, threatening her-no specific dates, times, places, and what was said because the alleged incidents never happened and I ain’t no satanic/luciferic gang leader either, I’m an Orthodox Christian and a real American-ain’t no good nazi no how. . . . For more on this, look up the McMartin school case; the children were telling the truth, not the abusing adults, but who was believed? The adults of course. . . . And that brings up one more thing; it’s all about the evidence (if there is any), not just your deeply held but totally wrongful, emotionalized beliefs about a person and a situation based solely on your evaluation of their appearance and manner.
Lyle Courtsal


Yes We Can. . . Take the Radioactive Whammy Out of the Fukushima Wastewater.

Dear People,
    The increased cost of treating out fukushima wastewater to drinking water quality should be offset by the savings gained in reducing long term systems costs like lowered disease rates, sustained fisheries, and happier, less stressful workers and relatives. I sent the addresses to your seattle consulate emergency line Friday when I was blocked going to you online; increased surveillance/internet blocking in US since January. Stupid. here is information from my friend will at,, 206-383-4817. See also Mr. Wiseman worked with Will in developing these processes detailed.

Dear People,

There are ways of dealing with that radioactive water so that the radioactive “whammy” is taken out of it or is at least significantly reduced. There’s filtration that removes ultrafine particles ( stage water filtration takes out uranium dust-systems to small city scale), distillation that concentrates the crap so that it is more effectively processed by the anti-whammy process (does it also move the tritiated molecules into what is distilled out?) (, and finally what a friend terms the browns gas process ( and other radionic processes as well that directly neutralize the radiation. There are also other processes that I haven’t thought of at the Green Chemistry journal; processes like chelation, and others that separate or remove the tritiated water from the “clean” water. So please contact these people if you are interested in moving forward with a process or combination of processes to clean up that water and save the planet. (he will do technical consultations).

I am also a physicist and I have worked with many of the worlds leading scientific community in the past and I am also trying to put together what I believe is an important perspective to my trying to put into reality, Plasma Nuclear Decontamination Technological projects.
Thereof, due to the current Fukushima Nuclear Contamination that is currently destroying the entire Northern Hemisphere’s aquifers, and contaminating the entire planet.
I headed up a team scientists in the early 1990s where we had filed patents on our discoveries and while working at that time also working with the renown Dr. Yull Brown, thus our finding out that water based and sourced plasma technologies will in fact transmute the elements and as well also readily neutralize all nuclear contaminates and particulate.
Our patents became classified almost immediately.
Yet, currently during this worldwide nuclear extinction event that Plasma Nuclear Decontamination Filtration Technologies will readily transmute all nuclear contamination and the means to do so is urgently is urgently needed to be further explored immediately.
This matter needs to be immediately addressed and to be now brought into effect due to this current (Fukushima and fifteen thousand other mostly not being reported nuclear meltdowns and leaks now also occurring and taking place.).
The observation of what Plasma Technologies are, is in fact only to be further  considered to be an infinite and never ending and expanding way of learning to explore and to find logical understanding of this critical future of human, planetary, and universal sciences and knowledge.
And, in one way of considering this as to what it is currently and for what it will be in the future is in actuality, the beginning of a next step up the ladder of human thinking and doing for the next many thousands of years to come.
Plasma Energies, Plasma as a transmutation and Nuclear Filtration Technologie can also be transcended from as well also from simple power sources such to be powered as technologies from the source of the plasma that is produced from water primarily and from other simple means as was explained by the inventor now deceased Paul Patone Geet International who had appeared several times on my AllDayLive TV program. l.
  I feel that is my most important reason for contacting your offices is to see if you can perceive what I am explaining here.
I have written and posted on-line many thousands of news reports on these subjects and as well as many one hour educational media programs concerning this concern but I feel that if we as a people and as a concerned community do not wake up soon and move forward to address this Nuclear Extinction Event Circumstance and to try to find the right people to work with and to try to get these right people to work with me to start exploring, architecting and building (Manufacturing) Plasma Nuclear Decontamination Technologies, then there literally may not be any hope for the human race to survive this time in our global historical moment.
To begin to find a means to manufacture Nuclear Decontamination and Water and Air Filtration Technologies as soon as possible and to have you and your offices also consider that your assistance concerning this matter will be greatly appreciated.   Sincerely and thank you (Dr.) Will P. Wilson  –  apfn Fukushima Nuclear Extinction Event  –  – apfn Plasma Nuclear Decontamination  –

A Simple, Artless Perversion. . . .

Hatred and anger have always been root amerikkkan values because war is for our criminal misleaders, the most profitable activity. And lying up reasons to hate others is also a nother core amerikkkan motivated. And the churches is where many times that hatred finds it’s birth in wrongful judgmental beliefs. This many times is the main reason why it is that so many things that could work well in this country usually crash and burn in serious dysfunction. And that hatred, that irrationa judgementalism is born in selfish narcissistic expectations rather than mature acceptance, understanding, tolerance, compassion, even Love. It is in fact the opposite of Love in most every way. It is the entryway to the luciferic void on the way down to the perfect punishment in Hell prepared for the hater, murderer, the exploiter, and the liar.
How does this hatred express itself in real life? This person took over a two story building in town, and immediately terminated the tenancy of a friend of mine in a wheelchair. Then this person got rid of the benches across from her new secondhand store along with the garbage can. Why was this? She explained to me that these people were taking advantage of the system; how exactly, I don’t know, but clearly this woman was in hater lala land on everything she thought about the situation, but I am sure she, working in cooperation with the police or whomever (republican headquarters is just right down the street.), she managed to completely ruin the neighborhood with her delusional and malicious attitudes. This is just one example among many of people who also ruin communities via their various malicious delusional beliefs. Take the homeless for example. This woman at fox news in Seattle hated on the homeless telling malicious lies about them for six months in order to push the usual nazi clean-‘em-‘up agenda you’ll see the real estate interests do all over the US. Down in Olympia, they went so far as to pay someone to throw a brick through a window in order to hate on and demonize the homeless for that damage. Of course the newspaper reporter just went with the story told her; no proof involved, guilty until proven innocent just like nazis do because you know, the homeless aren’t really people deserving of due process protections.
Now let’s look at some other hate-filled delusional nazi beliefs. I was accused by a catholic woman crackhead of being a gay person and gays were bad according to her because they exploited children. No, crazies of all stripes exploit children, even fine upstanding respectable white people like Dick Cheney exploit children; it almost never is the people you think it would be and a lot of times it is a relative or a friend of the family; quite normal looking really. The only way you can even get close to their tendencies is to psychologically profile them. I was even accused of going for children by this psycho nazi logger in the community. I hated to tell him that actually it was him and his friends who were much more likely to mess with children than me, but facts are not important to the rightwingers among us. Truth is just too complicated and grey for their hate-filled agendas. That’s why they end up murdering so many people when they finally snap and decide. Of course then there are the Bush’s among us lying up reasons to go to war, even dropping three skyscrapers in order to first blame and then attack the Islamic world in order to steal the oil in Iraq; the worst foreign policy decision made possibly in human history, but God forbid that our money wouldn’t be used to benefit their military investments and oil business. Tony Blair knew that his activities invading Iraq were criminal and yet he did it anyways. The oil deals had been made months in advance; the money was just too good for the pig murderer.
And now we turn to my final one and my favorite one too. I volunteered at a youth center for six months opening it up in the mornings to get the homeless out of the cold rainy weather in the mornings. Little did I know that the manager of the place was a rabid brain dead zero-tolerance, drug free nazi; absolutely no help to anyone on the street either sober or using. She had the youth staff voting on whether a person was a gang member or not, so she could kick them out of the place in cooperation with the cops; who believed every lying word the nazi and her staff said. 6-8 of my homeless friends were banned from the place for a year based on either her lying word or the votes by the staff against the person. I had this person lie up allegations on police reports at least six times against me; no consequences for her. She was an enfranchised white nazi drug warrior; she could do no wrong in their eyes. Heck, I had one of them a sergeant lie up allegations against me along with other officers on the force who also lied about me too. I wasn’t like them; therefore I must be a criminal. And the prosecuting attorney Ashcraft was a personal friend of hers so there was no way he was going to prosecute her for repeat pre-meditated class B felony perjury or repeated falisfying police reports, no way, not her and justice be damned. He was a nazi too. So I did a total of four months in prison when I was completely innocent; not a lot of time when it comes to wrongful convictions, but still wrongful anyways and extremely damaging for me in a variety of ways, but who cares about me? No one in Port Townsend. I had a total of 20 nice white people say a total of 60 lies about me; no consequences for them either. They’re white people.
So I wrote it all up, stopped her from getting her social worker license, and then made sure that everyone knew that you are not helping anyone, anyone when you maliciously label them wrongfully and push them away from help and support they need in order to make a change, say, leaving a gang or, quitting drugs. People like this drive people to drink and drug more, not quit. And this litany of fascist corruption continues on down the line. So you can’t get into housing if you can’t pass a drug test, and you can’t quit drugs until you get housing, adequate food, and medical support in quitting should you decide to quit. It’s a death-dealing double bind that most people solve by going homeless and doing whatever they damn well please, fuck you and your goddamn stupid wrongful death-dealing nazi rules. And I don’t care if you do drugs, just don’t hurt or kill yourself or someone else or destroy private property. Otherwise, you can do whatever you need to do to get through the day in my kingdom. And they also have found that a person will significantly reduce both the frequency and the intensity of their drug consumption if they are housed but don’t let the truth get in the way of your irrational psychopathic puritannical hatred. Hey look nazis, there’s still native americans alive; didn’t ill and kill all of them and the rest of us off. And remember, the nazis did kill off a whole lot more than 6 million jews, they murdered off EVERYONE who was not like them. That’s what they did then and that’s what they want to do now again here in the US too. And that is why it is that rather than help the homeless get off the street and help them get their lives back together, this town would lie up charges against them and criminalize them, ruining their lives further, again when they were clearly innocent of all charges. And the convictions were based on prejudice most all the time with no supporting evidence because the haters didn’t want to help the homeless, the nazis wanted them run out of town. And that is why I only shop at Safeway and in Port Townsend when I absolutely have to. Because cops always shot people to death who had shoplifted less than ten dollars of items from Safeway, especially when they were black.

And this is scriptural too. Remember the bit about The Leader of All Shall Be the Servant of All and that bit about Thou Shalt Not Kill (ill and kill). Well tell that nazi Eric Prince and Betsy Devos that they got it all wrong and hell awaits if they don’t  repent and change their ways. Article Blackwater Founder Eric Prince Implicated in Murder.