Marko Pozzi-Monday March 12, 2018 10:18am-Jumped off High Bridge Port Angeles


Marko Pozzi-Monday March 12, 2018 10:18am-High Bridge Port Angeles.

—So who gets charged for the repeated massive travesties of justice that happened to Marko here in fair Port Townsend?

—Marla Overman kicked him out of the Boiler Room for responding to the “Smoking Makes You Impotent” slogan by saying,”If that was true, I wouldn’t even be here”; a serious violation of his free speech rights. This anti-smoking campaign was Marla’s favorite jihad and she harmed a great deal of people with her irrational absolutist attitude-people just smoked outside and didn’t quit. This was one more wrongful ban for the haters at the Boiler Room; I counted a total of 12-14 such wrongful bans in the time I  have been following them; 12-14 people wrongfully banned from supportive saving shelter by a bunch of hater maggots who hated the poor and never should’ve been allowed to harm as many people as they did. But this is what you find out about nonprofit survival services delivery; there is no oversight so criminal abusers in the volunteer pool just continue to get away with even sometimes very serious criminal violations of the law. The attorney general doesn’t care either; he would’ve done something if he did. I did have one manager act to stop a lying abuser over there at Olycap, but she was the exception, not the rule. Most of the managers all looked down on the clientele, and treated them like crap if they didn’t like them-which is very, very illegal discriminatory abuse. Most people working in the system are either buddhists or anti-christians like Bruce McComas.

Why is Mr. McComas important to this story? The managers at the paper mill like him used the nonprofits as a tax break; rather than pay taxes to the state for services, they just donated directly to the survival services nonprofits. Thus he was mainly responsible for overseeing and maintaining the legal operating standards of these nonprofits as required by federal and state law; this never actually happened though because as a Christian, he imagined himself as better than the homeless, and therefore did not act to protect them or their legal rights. This was also true for a former chief of police here, Conner Daly, who clearly refused to pursue a case against Marla Overman; this even though I had the evidence on the repeated class B felony pre-meditated perjuries, the repeated falisified police reports, and the now 12-14 reckless endangerments for him all ready to go. Clear bias, prejudice, and serious negligence on his part and the part of the PTPD. This bias is counted on by the nazi drug warriors who push the zero tolerance, drug free nazi garbage; this in violation of even the Holy Scriptures on drug and alcohol use. Moderate use is OK, just so you don’t lose your soul and become something else a lot more monstrous in your life. See? once more the double standard rears it’s ugly head; one standard for the working people who have things and quite another for the vulnerable homeless adults out in the weather.

This is how they’d do it. Four of them Marla, Steve Baruch, Colin Gabe and other associates (Brian Coon, etc.) would fabricate a story that would criminalize the person that was good enough to be almost believable but again no evidence, just four+ liars trying to puke up the same rotted, lied up story on the person custom fabricated to ruin and criminalize the person, harm them in other words. It was good enough for the judges who had forsaken evidentiary standards decades ago in favor of the money and the fun of destroying yet another person’s life more completely. The people affected would be banned from the location for a year. I want all the liars involved in both my situation and Marko’s to do one year in prison unless they admit they fabricated the story and deal with the instigators, Marla, Colin, and Steve. We are both federally protected persons.

—The police here would refer to Marko as a frequent flyer; always going to jail for some BS reason or another. Again, guilty until proven innocent in a community where 20 lying white people told a total of 60 lies about me all over town-Marla included. . . They find that in certain parts of this country up to 70% of the people in the area will consider a person automatically guilty if the police pick them up. This was true in North Dakota and it appears to be true here as well. Let’s take a look:

1) the Pennysaver situation: That toilet tank was getting ready to fall off that wall, crap installation that it was, for months before Marko was finally the lucky winner to have it finally fall apart on him. Somehow that was his fault-how much time did he do on that when it wasn’t his fault at all? Too much as usual. Around three times more than they should. And remember, out of 75 appearances forced on me by photo-nazi cops both here and in Seattle, judges have done the right legal thing in these situations exactly twice. All the other times, they presumed guilt against the evidence and the law, railroading us into the guilty plea; coerced because I had to get out of jail in order to save my living situation; the only way you could get out with a wrongfully high bail was to plead guilty; this even when you were actually innocent.


2) the Siren’s whiners; Marko played a lot of pool there because once it was closing time, he had nowhere to go and who cared about him? Too much work for their lazy self-centered hating yuppy asses. So he got in trouble there too. He was big and somehow that was his problem in the judges eyes; I got this treatment too; this even after all my exonerating evidence and testimony had been ignored once again. It was my fault in the eyes of Judges Harper, Landes, Harrison, and the redhead; this even though their malicious emotionalized beliefs ran in complete contradiction to the actual provable truth.


3) The psych services here were not a help; this was because I was not respected enough to be adequately listened to about how I was treating my conditions out before. Everyone wanted to dope me up when that definitely would not work. They had no experience with what actually worked in both my case and Marko’s; very similar, his was just much more intense and needed treating out better. A respectful interactive process is essential for things to work effectively. Forcing a wrong treatment on a person especially when incarcerated for whatever wrongful BS reason will definitely make the person’s condition worse.

And all the practitioners involved refused to act on Marla’s repeat criminally abusive conduct; my efforts to deal with her criminal abuse had been shut down from above by the executive director at Jefferson Mental Health Services at that time; this even though they were mandatory reporters under state law. That negligence should be criminal in itself. I have never had any mandatory reporters actually fulfill that legal responsibility in my extensive experience; so legal protections that are supposed to work to protect vulnerable adults actually don’t at all because the reporters hate the person and then don’t act to protect them.

The prosecuting attorney at that time, Chris Ashcraft, was a close friend of Marla’s, so forget about any objective consideration of facts proving that she had repeatedly lied about situation after situation after situation regardless of the truth. These are homeless people we’re talking about here; they don’t have rights because maggots like Marla, Colin, Steve, etc. don’t see them as even barely human. So when confronted with the liars and the lies, the management and the executive director of the Boiler Room, Bruce Marsden defended the lying employees; this with no witnesses (no grounds for prosecution or conviction). This is pretty typical behavior for criminal corporations. This is why people hate so-called Christians. . . . because when push comes to shove, they aren’t really at all. . . I should be more fair; everyone in Port Townsend who was anyone didn’t really appreciate the homeless and the poor; I had 20 of them fabricate a total of 60+ lies about me alone, so you knew they weren’t really going to get out there for anyone else, unless they knew them of course and they were considered people of value, you know, hardworking people who had lived here a long time, someone people knew about, and had productive lives once upon a time.

I met Marko in jail when I went there on my set of lied up charges (11-1501, 13-2-109-7-Attachment D-Jefferson County). And in Attachment D, you will see another police report on another situation at the UU Church, a poetry reading. The malicious misrepresentation of intent is all through this document. First, they say that Marla was outside when I arrived (she lied this up on another situation later too). That was not possible or true since the poetry reading had already started and she was one of those people who like to be on the front row looking all cosmic and sheeit, so she was actually inside when I got there. They lied on that police report repeatedly too, with her associates Ahren etc. collusively lying their heads off to buttress her lies on that police report found in 13-2-109-7 Attachment D. They said I came along with my van and systematically surveilled the place; no, I was looking for a parking place that I liked. In order to get the ban somewhat legal appearing, they misrepresented my conduct sensationalizing it, and also falsely alleged that I was repeatedly stalking her (this repeated fabrication was essential to legally justifying the issuance of the order; this and the lied up crap about me jumping around and screaming in their yard-again never happened

. One police report was a real hoot; Marla lies and says I was in the front yard jumping around all crazy and screaming things; then her husband lies and says I was in the backyard; no I was on my way to check on my friend at Discovery View and was nowhere near their property at all. I had tried to get the judges to reduce the exclusion area from 500 foot to 10 foot on the order since her lied up story said that I had threatened her physically with my three imaginary goon/thug friends in the imaginary blue BMW; to no avail. . . These yuppy nazi pricks hated me the way the US hated Mumia Abu-Jamal and Leonard Peltier; we were just too humane for anyone here. Both Mumia and Leonard are innocent of all charges as well.

Marko was great too. He would cook up all these concoctions so that he could turn out color paintings in jail, which he did all the time; great stuff too. I would tell him to save them but he would just throw them away!!! So sad. . . . I took his story on how he was railroaded this time so that he had a somewhat serious affidavit to present the court. It didn’t matter though; he was rotten eggs to those rotten judges and persecutors, so he’d get 10 to 30 to 90 days at a stretch which just ruined his condition and made him a lot worse off than before. All he needed was a home or an apartment; he got everything but that and that cost everyone a lot more, and now he’s dead. Somehow he ended up with charges in Port Angeles; you get charged for just breathing too deep at the wrong time over there. . . especially if you aren’t white and right. . . I don’t know how much time he did over there, but probably way too much as usual; this even though a prison cell is both much more expensive and destructive than an apartment. Did he get a mental health evaluation? Refugee detention runs $167/day-$61,000/yr in the private prison system created by the republicans; god forbid they should have to work at all. . .

Remember that youngster who got sent to Rikers Island for three years without a charge because he couldn’t bail out; he committed suicide too after he got out. No work, no life, no help at 23 or even 68 so goodbye, my friend. Some people have to pay on this or you ain’t squat PT. This is what they should get:

1) Marla Overman: one year solid for repeatedly fabricating stories about me and others like Marko; very much the fascist overreaction that was also illegal and violated Marko’s free speech rights; the bans do incredible physical and personal harm. If you have this kind of emotionalized reaction to what people say and do, you should not be in social work, delivering survival services, or involved with vulnerable peoples at all. She is not the first criminal abuser messing up the homeless I am familiar with, she is the thirtieth social worker abusing homeless and other vulnerable adults between Seattle and here that I have reported since that time in Seattle I was doing street outreach and media work.

I would get stories on abuses and forward them. In one situation, I had a durable power of attorney (the Fouche’s) trying to steal a house out from under a 93 year old woman Albatina Ferulano by lying and saying she was incompetent so they could move her out of the house, wrongfully commit her to a mental institution, and then steal the house from her. The Fouche’s also lied up charges against a friend of mine to get him out of the way by putting him in prison on a false charge saying he had assaulted Albatina; he went because he was black and Albatina was isolated so it was easier to steal the house out from under her, which they eventually did-good catholics all. . . . Alabatina was too; she had taught school volunteer for 50 years at a catholic school after they built a house for her; she was great too. . . . better than the rest.

2) Colin Gabe: one year solid for also repeatedly fabricating stories about me and others in collusion with Marla and Steve as well as others. Those who do not come forward as witnesses to the lies should go down six months minimum for also lying to protect her. The last person who said that they had fabricated allegations against him was Antonio Lopez 3-5 months ago, who said that he had provided a statement to the Port Townsend PD; funny thing; they can’t seem to find it. . . Another “lost” report. . . . Sure. . . . They “lost” a lot of evidence on my friend Robert Cook’s cases in Seattle too.

3) Steve Baruch: sic months suspended based on three years good behavior; all parties associated are removed from the board as well with the termination details on their history. See above also. He can still be the maintenance man at the Boiler Room, but must also be removed from the board given that he had also repeatedly colluded in fabricating allegations about people they didn’t like or whatever drove them to do what they were doing (more of that zero tolerance drug free nazi stuff again or just plain prejudice? both actually). The thing to think about here though is that Noah Harrison defended Marla after getting the illegal anti-harassment order for her based on the false allegations against me. Noah claims to be all up fro helping the poor; here though it is clear that he took a stand against me as a disabled person and protected a criminal abuser who was criminally abusing the poor. This even though the facts and the evidence and the testimony proved my innocence on an order that had no substantial basis even under very low civil preponderance of evidence standards.

4) Brittany: lied and said I cussed her out one day, and then lied up a huge story another day about all this stuff she said I did that didn’t actually happen at all. I did no such thing. Six months suspended based on three years good behavior. It was amazing just how many people were willing to lie and say that I had cussed them out when I actually hadn’t; cops, volunteers, yuppy nazis, judges. There seemed to be a motivation to misrepresent, demonize, and systematically criminalize the homeless even when they had done nothing wrong at all. Why would that be? They really hate people who they think don’t work for a living as if those sow business owners who put the homeless out of their businesses during the Christmas holidays work. Sure they do, just not too hard. I work, I just don’t get paid. The homeless were coming in the places to shop like anyone else but since the owners complained to the PT mainstreet nazis, then they were targeted for elimination by them too (shades of Dickens A Christmas Carol).

5) Ahren; six months suspended based on three years good behavior for lying about me along with the rest at the UU church event. Those details are on the police report on that situation, where all the good Boiler Room employees collusively lied and misrepresented my actions maliciously. He tried to say all kinds of things negative about me; funny though, he still gave me his card. This is also covered in Attachment D. Has it disappeared yet too?


The survival services nonprofits in Port Townsend were gossip factories that Marla Overman exploited and manipulated with her massive repeated fabrications along with her associates at the Boiler Room. Marko’s situation in Port Townsend was created by their misrepresentations about his conduct and are also a violation of his free speech rights. He was not disruptive; he was just independent in his opinions. This is not allowed in the corporate fascist nonprofit subculture and that is also true at a lot of corporations too. You shut up, do your job, and toe the line or you are out. He and I were out because we did not mindlessly conform and did not care to. This subculture of abuse guarantees that monies donated don’t get used effectively in the projects and so either the outcomes are really bad or nonexistent. There were exceptions like K. who got the person fired who lied on a police report about me at Olycap-Ms. Lauterman.

This is why it is that I think that spending a lot of monies solely on psych services instead of housing is really stupid. First you house, feed, and care for people, then you can “help” them if they think what you are doing is helpful. Usually a person like myself or Marko is not listened to or respected so our input, however accurate, is not effectively responded to by service providers. We don’t exist, therefore our opinions and experiences as older men with various conditions don’t count. one can see how this is a recipe for failure if you actually are interested in helping people. People like Colin weren’t; he was there to get college credit for the volunteer work, not actually do it correctly and respectfully. The US used to pay people salaries to deliver human services; now untrained unpaid volunteers or low paid employees do a very bad job of it and hurt people more than they help them. Don’t expect good outcomes if the volunteers are abusive of the clientele or service recipients; they will learn to avoid you like the plague and isn’t that really what people want anyways. They want people like Marko and me to just go away and who cares how? the truth of our situations is unpleasant, therefore we and our truth does not exist. . . . hidden away in prison; the last place Marko should’ve gone with his conditions and talents.

The downtown seattle association and the PT Mainstreet group both were real estate funded nonprofits that worked with the police and the system to push homeless and poor people out of the downtown core of their respective towns. Most of these efforts justified their actions by spreading around lied up stories about the homeless and the poor in the media and the community via their websites and other meetings and initiatives in the neighborhood, just as Marla and her associates did repeatedly. I remember the blond reporter at Q13 Fox who just lied about and hated on the homeless on TV for the rich in Seattle for six months so they could again abuse and persecute them from place to place. This is very similar behavior to what me and 12-14 other homeless and poor people, Marko included, got from Marla and the staff at the Boiler Room as well as a lot of others in Port Townsend. And this illegal abuse didn’t stop there. Bob Rosen illegally and wrongfully kicked 15 people out of the Quilcene Community Center including myself because he didn’t like poor people, and the couple running the Coyle Community Center also illegally and wrongfully kicked around 15 people out of there too. What’s with these criminal haters?

It was this weird racket cooked up by the powers that be in Port Townsend. The nonprofit funders wanted their town to be a zero tolerance, drug free nazi town even if that was both subversive of the Bill of Rights and international human rights legal standards. This would also be a double standard in policymaking since so many other housed people party in various ways all the time. The way they were going to achieve that was by lying about, demonizing, and criminalizing people like Marko Pozzi and me along with the rest because we weren’t like them. See, they didn’t want the poor people in town, they just wanted rich tourists for the trap. The lied up drug crap just gave them another excuse to harm innocent people they didn’t like. See how Trump cut civil rights enforcement funds, the Coast Guard, and then transferred $54 oil. from the domestic budget to the stupid oil war crimes budget in collusion with the criminal CIA torturers? They had humanitarian missions that he didn’t support at all; another criminal nazi wrench in the machinery of democracy that messed it and us up even more. . .

I knew Marko around three years ago. Since then a lot has happened both to me and to him. But we both really have gone nowhere fast because the community hated us and the money for achieving our personal goals was not there. I get 3/5ths of what I need for an adequate quality of life and so did he. It takes more than that for this monster to actually get up, walk, and get done what i want to get done and that was true for Marko too. We were not stupid, just disabled. I had done street outreach and brief counseling to the homeless in Seattle for 15 years and had an 80% success rate because I understood and I listened and effectively responded to the best of my ability at that time. and it was this experience and knowledge that left the hateful, incompetent boobs at the Boiler Room feeling really insecure and threatened; that along with the medical marijuana meeting that I went to, where Marla punished me once again for telling a truth more complicated than her delusional black and white thinking. That was good enough for everyone else to just run us under; even our families. Sure they cared about me, but when it came to understanding and supporting my healing process or even just accepting the truth about how i got this way; forget it. It was even worse for Marko though, because he was a whole lot smarter and talented than his parents; that’s why they abused him, rejected him, and sometimes even stole his money. This abusive, exclusionary dynamic against disabled people is a constant across cultures in Amerikkka too. You’re either employed and considered productive by the drones or they reject you, demonize you, and try to hurt you any one of a million ways.

So given that the psychobabblers were so just disrespectful of me and my conditions, let’s just first focus on just housing and feeding people; then worry about “helping” them “change” if that is possible which it is not in my case or Marko’s. Our conditions are permanent; we just weren’t going to get better. We’re 55+ and we are on the slow slide into the grave now. I also find that competent medical professionals are much, much more compassionate and understanding than the psychologists generally. Please if you can’t help us because you hate us (and tons of nicey-nicey white people really do hate the homeless), then just leave us alone; don’t harm us further. If you hate the homeless, house them. Marko was a brilliant person who wanted to do a big chicago blues band and he also wanted to paint too. Yet none of this was what was actually going on in his life at all because he was in hostile cultural territory peopled by nasties who denigrated him rather than acted respectful towards him and were supportive of his many gifts, talents, and ambitions. Well I guess you missed out big then, huh.

And now with automation potentially putting so many people out of work, there is one area where the robots and the AI won’t dominate and that is in the areas of the arts, music, and other forms of crafts and culture. If you had supported his gifts, you would’ve had a cultural niche filled that is right now empty in this peninsula. But you matter because you have stuff and we don’t because we don’t. And that is a pretty sad pathetic place for a people to be, huh. Lets see how much worse the situation gets when the tax cuts impacts really start kicking in in about six months. Then people will really be suffering on the street and the buzzards will also be really starting to harm the vulnerable again because effectively what little legal protections are left for them are not actually enforced as happened in Marko’s case.

I have watched judges just ignore exonerating evidence so many times in Washington state courts that it really isn’t a joke anymore. Seattle anticipates $700 million in revenue from prosecutions that are in the pipeline; guess you don’t get any money if the person is innocent though, huh. Prisoners have told me that October/November is when the quota for incarceration needs to be filled so they do that by any means necessary; even finding innocent people guilty when they aren’t. Most all the time when I was charged, they gave me a plea deal regardless if they had a charge or not; this was clearly about political and social persecution. You got stuck with the conviction if you wanted to save your place to live; you had to take the plea deal to get out; that would be a coerced plea too, where you had to plead guilty in order to save your house or living situation. Some judges would put an outsized bail on a person so that they couldn’t get out of jail even though they were innocent of all charges. There’s supposed to be a guy in Jefferson County jail who has been held like that for a couple of years. He won’t, so they won’t release him.

One time, the judge acted to make the order permanent after a lied up report came from a source at the democratic caucus maligning me wrongfully because I supported Bernie; clear politicized retaliation. I stood up to speak because I speak better when I do, and she freaked out because I almost fell over when I stood up. Somehow that was interpreted maliciously too-sick. . . It must be the beard they’re afraid of; its the only explanation I can come up with. So what is the point of this? When people like Noah Harrison say they side with the poor the actual record speaks otherwise. Let’s do better than him for judge this time. We have a good county prosecutor in Michael Haas; now let’s get a great county judge-like Crad Verser. He was fair and just in most of his decisions. In hard economic times, that’s the kind of judge you need, not a hanging judge presuming guilt based on appearances, politics, and bad allegations not supported by any evidence. Marko would be alive today if he had gotten the kind of fair-minded, disinterested justice that his and every situation required. I also really never got that either from either Landes or Harper, especially Harper. He clearly hated my guts and clearly and repeatedly ignored the rule of law expressed in my appeal. And at no time did any judge involved compensate for my lack of legal experience as legally required; instead just hammering home their arbitrary biases from the bench again ignoring rules of evidence and testimony in their efforts to protect a clearly abusive criminal nonprofit manager guilty of repeated premeditated class B felony perjuries, repeatedly falsifying police reports, and recklessly endangering 12-14 people by either putting them on the street in the winter or railroading them into prison any mean necessary including lying their stinking heads off repeatedly in order to do so. Now you know why there’s 2 million people in prison and 6 million people on parole/probation in the US-the money and the irrational hatred.

Lyle Courtsal  March 17, 2018



State of the Nation 2018


Dear People,
Yup, it’s a full shutdown again courtesy of the intransigent extreme right republicans. They refuse to assist and accommodate the DACA citizens. And then they don’t fund the response for the opiate overdose crisis. Why is this? Because of their judgmental and delusional destructive attitudes that they have towards people in situations whose complexity they fundamentally cannot fathom or even begin to understand; their hatred and misrepresentation fills in the gaps in their oversimplified belief systems. They always seem to attack people using fabricated allegations like those bad ole’ refugee drug dealers, rapists, and otherwise criminals that are brown and black. This is why I always made my investigative focus white-collar criminals. And yes, these extreme rightwingers ARE criminals many times, or else they blow smoke to protect other criminals whose activities benefit them. See article Mitch McConnell’s Freighted Ties to Shadowy Shipping Company at I wrote up an ebook on other guns for drugs operations similar to the ones Mitch is in the middle of and it is at Yup, that apparat funded rightwing death squads like the AUC in Colombia. Gangs of people were running around in Colombian cities shooting up the homeless people: the nazi version of “cleaning up the streets” for the drug funded real estate interests.
Yup, the nation and it’s peoples are in a bad way now under republican mis-leadership. God forbid that they should go without. A Wall Street trader made $740 million off the stock market in five years. And when the bankers were running a whole lot of bad debt, who got stuck with it and paid it off for them? We did when the system collapsed under the weight of their mismanagement. And now Mr. Mulvaney is whining because the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is actually effective at protecting your interests as investors in our economy. . . . Oh, the horror for the bank fraudsters that Mr. Mulvaney associates himself with. Mr. Mnuchin presided over a robo-signing scam at OneWest that was basically a looting operation too; If they could steal your house out from under you, they did and robo-signing foreclosures was definitely part of that racket.
We live in a situation based upon delicate equilibriums. If Mitch doesn’t want to provide people adequate healthcare, a good thorough education, or adequate food to eat, then it is time that he left office because he is not fulfilling his proper legal and personal responsibilities to the American peoples. If he wants to leave people to die slow on the street without help, then he needs to be run out of office so we can assist our people adequately. So rather than merely react to what they do, let’s get proactive at making the situation better for the rest of us by funding a county-based renewal program for all Americans making this our priorities:
1) Preventing unnecessary war crimes in the mideast using overwhelming force on innocent civilians. And how did ISIS end up so well armed? Conflict Armaments Research. If we are initiating conflict for no good reason, then maybe we should stop, and just be a nation among nations; all seeking peace and justice together.
2) Sheltering those people in the US who fled nations that they either were going to be murdered in or would have ended up starving to death in due to the collapse of the economy brought on by profligate criminal elite plunder courtesy of the NAFTA and other deals. Obama made some statements about labor/environment protections, but they are nowhere to be found in the deals. This failure is what is driving the migrations globally most times. International Organization on Migration. Remember the Rohingya; Remember Rwanda ’94; Remember Operation Condor and Gary Webb, who was actually murdered just like Vincent Foster. Most US-funded democracy to dictatorship transitions invlve murdering off up to 1/3rd of the nation’s people; this is the first step in the elite’s population reduction agenda. The goals are articulated at the Georgia Guidestones-a stairway going down to hell. . . .
3) A 2/5ths increase in investments in housing, adequate food, medical access, mass transportation, and higher education, scaling it up to meet needs adaptively so that we get the most bang for the buck when we spend them; in other words, if education at this private school used to be around 6-8 thousand dollars a year, maybe someone or a few people are looting off the top for themselves when you end up paying $20,000+ a year and the quality of the education is cratering. What did we find in many private charter school experiments? They looted monies off the top for themselves (Chicago-Rahm Emanual’s privatization crap that closed all kinds of community services including 30 schools creating a ripe environment for Chicago’s murder rate to go right through the roof-which it did).
4) We save peoples union wages and we pay them; a worker is worth his wages. And when someone loots a pension and cuts benefits in a corporate bankruptcy, we get our money back from the looter who is then prosecuted. What we see in slave wage countries are nations that are falling apart as their leaders loot tens even hundreds of millions of dollars out of their economies, meaning that necessary investments in the future are not made. I have two examples for you.
A) The I-35 bridge collapse in minnesota; the responsible officials, republicans all, did not repair the bridge for 10 years; this even though they knew it’s load-bearing capacity was going through the floor. They overloaded it with construction equipment and down she went. Who was thinking? No one.
B) A proposed seawall for New Orleans costing $250,000 was not built. This wall would’ve reduced damage to New Orleans by 2/3rds. Nope. sorry and the fatalities and the costs of rebuilding went through the roof as a consequence. They thought it was cheaper not to, and the costs went right through the roof as a consequence of doing it on the cheap, if at all. And yes, the levee was blown up in the ninth ward. The bombing of the slum in El Chorillo, Panama was said to only have killed off 200 people; the actual count was 4,000. And that was also termed “urban renewal” by some of the more insane among us.
5) We need to recommit to the international laws governing the treatment of stateless refugees and others informally designated as second-class citizens by the real criminals. This body of law requires that we both protect and provide adequately. The defunding of the civil rights division and the Coast Guard is very questionable given our presidents past activities, and has an overall degenerative, dehumanizing impact on our society. The delusional beliefs held by racists say that one race is superior to another, but what you actually find is that each person has a set of unique gifts, rather delicate in nature, that are easily destroyed by repression/oppression and related psychic and physical traumas. One woman who had her estate ripped off by Nicholas Deak, found him in the hallway of a NY high rise and murdered him for the privilege. Its pretty easy to buy off a court in the US. . . . You’ll still lose even if you’re in the right if the lawyer isn’t good enough and the judge is “prejudiced”.
6) October 2015, In These Times, I believe, discussed how chemical testing was seriously compromised by industry interests and the military; both of whom had interests in falsifying and lowballing the toxic harm of the products they were using. A testing technician, Tennie White was actually investigated and imprisoned for five years, because a chemical company and the EPA did not like the facts of the high levels of persistent and very toxic PCB’s in the areas she tested. There are many ways of doing tests so that levels are lower than they are overall on the site tested. See how this is all about the money?
7) We have a huge amount of arable land in the US that is presently being poisoned in a variety of ways. The ones that I am most concerned about are the fracking wastewater injection wells ruining our groundwater, and the flooding of our lands with Roundup/glyphosate. We were lied to agaiin during the murdering ’80’s when the industry told us that Roundup broke down in three weeks in water; it actually persists for longer than 7 years according to an insider; he is on the run and fearing for his life now. And now a lot of independent research shows GM foods to be inedible and harmful for us as well as the animals that feed on GM feed. If one looks closely, one can see how data and even research methodology has been “massaged” to produce the results desired by the funders. Remember Karen Silkwood. Nuclear waste is perfectly safe (not).
So now we are embarking on another round of extremely damaging budget cuts forced upon us by the tax cuts recently done. And a lot of these people try and tell you that they are Christians too; maybe instead they are also looters and murderers who find the religious airs a good facade hiding the truth; remember the bit about skeletons in the closet? It is between them and God in the end though, and he knows the truth better than we do. A lot of cities are working on fallback financing to make up the difference locally. This is a really good thing to do, thinking about how many times in the past cities have been ripped off by whatever the next big Wall Street bond scam/ripoff is ( I am not here to make a bunch of murdering nazi criminals rich. The Orange County derivatives collapse a while ago is instructive. Rather than try and hold looters accountable, since they almost never are in US courts, let’s just locally self-finance and cut them out of our regional games. This is what can finance our county-based future together. The foundation of a sustainable, survivable, and dynamically evolving constructive economy is the local regional micro-small-medium scale businesses that provide most of the employment in the nation. The elimination of the Glass-Steagall act and the downsizing of associated regulatory capacity like the CFPB by Bill Clinton (tax evader in chief) and his corporate repugnicratic friends resulted in the loss of 2,000 community banks and the 2008 fraud/collapse bailed out by the public. This is also the way it went down in the first partial collapse created by the first of republican budget cuts in 1980. I was asking that the monies spent went to mainstreet investments rather than the Wall Street looters. We have a lot of people to care for, and the better we do that, the better our collective future will be together. God Bless You and Keep You, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ and all the Saints and Angels, known and unknown. . . . Remember Jesus Christ loves you. . . . and I’m trying. . . .
Lyle Courtsal,

Hey Cal, Look Over Here. . . .

Sorry Cal,
But history proves you wrong as does simple logic and reality on the ground. Now Cal says that somehow thirty years of declining wages, recession/depression, and increasing rates of homelessness and suicidal overdoses is somehow a success. Wrong. Raygun cut the budgets and the taxes, and down the economy went in the first of six plus collapses just like 2008 and in Brownback’s kansas (“I’ll git you my pretty, and yer little dog too”), but not as bad. Cal being from the party of no and elite funded, will never go against his paymasters, because then he would lose his job, his funding, and maybe even his life. Hey like Serena Shim when she exposed the Turkey-NATO-ISIS connection. Everyone wanted a piece of the spoils from that stupid war that time so they’d let the mass shooting happen and then off to Africa for their chunk of the action. And Cal still believes that the russians took down MH-17; this even though we have on-the-ground eyewitnesses to the Ukrainians shooting it down on purpose in order to then justify an invasion-another really stupid rightwing move in a nuclear possible situation. Reality more complicated than he can understand is not allowed to impinge upon his enforced delusion and those of his bosses at the tribune and the times-remember when they bought them off and fired/eliminated the investigative journalists that time?
When it comes to education, Cal is once again dead wrong; no actual research done on the issue whatsoever or he would have run into the thousands of teachers just saying no to education privatization and how it actually has failed to deliver once again. Cal does not do the actual research or access seasoned education professionals, you know, the kind that actually have experience with teaching children in actual schools. The poor guy is forced back into cheerleading that which has failed for the last 30-40 years to deliver on the promises that matter to me, not the ones Trump makes up and then says he delivers on. Because you see, if all you deliver on in your version of success is more bodies and no jobs or actual substantive services, your “success” is actually one more failure to deliver to the rest of us. Yessirree bob, the OD/suicide rate is increasing. . . more money for Cal and his republican friends fronting for the pill mills. Another republican success story. . . No, I am not partisan, I am humane.
I’m glad you got yours Cal, but unfortunately my measure of success actually includes people that don’t just live inside the beltway with the bandits there. When assessed from that perspective, your policy has been and will continue to be an abject failure; since when is leaving behind 2/5ths of the population a success? Since the republicans started just lying for dollars 30-40 years ago. Lets see, how many war deaths and crimes has it been? Tons as in millions, and then to misrepresent and invoke the peacemaker MLK jr. as some kind of made over war-mongering capitalist re-enslaver has been the wet dream of every republican liar since the time when that republican doctor suffocated King in that hospital after the republican cops shot him dead. See Cal, if ma don’t have any money to buy the children presents cuz the grinch didn’t come through on what he promised, then mom can’t spend money at the store. Then the store goes bankrupt and the shopping malls lose customers, business, and collapse; why just like they’re doing now. And now, he and his friends just do the same ole’ pipeline crap and claim 42,000 jobs created; this even though like our tax cut, the jobs are temporary while the markets are still collapsing as the clean energy investments made under Obama continue to take off with the rest of the world; the largest job creating boom never publicized because, oh the horror, it was done under the leadership of a black man who actually cared sometimes.
But don’t worry. Cal and his friends changed the indicators for determining economic “viability” under Raygun. So even if if half the people of the US are forced to live and slowly die in abject poverty due to the tax/budget cuts, somehow or another, Cal and his friends will find some way to call dogpiss lemonade and continue to drink the koolaid, that is until someone tells them quietly that actually that lemonade is dogpiss, dumbass and pays him off to say so in case his bosses fire him for being too honest and responsible.
Ah, the difference between a journalist and a bent over mouthpiece for the corporados. The guy who exposed the main motivation for the creation of greater (or lesser) israel was fired for showing that they were interested in stealing the natural gas off the gazan coastline; this even though we were supposed to stop burning the stuff if we want to last until 2100. And Serena Shim laid it all on the line to expose the NATO-Turkey-ISIS connection and was murdered for the privilege. But ole’ Cal knows better than to hang ten like that; he likes the money and the company. . . . . And don’t worry, Cal’s friends in central america were happy to just keep on playing sitcoms oblivious, while some of the worst fascist coups were going on in those nations; the worlds on fire, dead bodies piling up that time, and Cal and his friends can’t even seem to find a firehose that doesn’t have holes in it and a pump truck that works. Let it burn; they said when they wanted to privatize fire services; wait, won’t sparks from the neighbors fire start our house too? Nope, and global warming is not real and that forest isn’t tinder dry either. Yuppers, this tax cut is great for us and who cares if we’re cutting the foundations out from under ourselves; we got ours, bye. . . . The point here is we’ve done this crap before and it didn’t work that time either. The band played persistently on though even as the titanic was going under that time too-talk about irritating, huh. This time though, maybe he and his friends will be able to miss the iceberg, huh. Doubt it. . . they’re in a heavy brain fog and they’re going too fast. . . . Life jackets anyone? Too expensive. . . . better bring your own. . . Temp workers in steerage. . . . !!
Lyle Courtsal www,,

PS Its simple; just anticipate exactly the opposite happening from what they promise you. . . Bush redux. . . . again and again and again. . .
boring, boring, boring. . . Article: Public Banking Institute Calls Largest Wall Street Banks Unsafe and Backs It Up.


A County-Level Housing Policy That Can Work-If You Work It. . .


How many lies this time?

When a person starts thinking about housing, one finds out that there’s a starting point and then you dive in. First you think that getting existing housing online is pretty easy; the cleanup and renovations look pretty easy and the place you’re looking at should be up and running in a month or two. Whoa. Get someone who knows what to look for and see what’s hidden in the mess you’re looking at because the more you look, the more things you’ll find that need work and the more the costs may pile up. So time for an estimator and a project manager so things are done in the sequence they need to happen so that you don’t end up spending even more money to deal with whatever needs done later on when you have more money. So yeah, it may be inexpensive to some, but more money than you may have on hand.
So we did Proposition 1 and a whole lot of issues came up with even more misrepresentations. There’s 481 homeless children and adults in the county, not 189. Proposition 1 would’ve cost $.36 per 1,000 assessed value, not $1.36 as was spread by one person and around $50-150/yr., not $750/year as spread by another unreliable source with a hysterical, naysaying agenda. If I was managing housing, I would use a two-tiered system with one tier being for those who may make a mess and break stuff, and another tier for those who won’t be as likely to do major disturbances, major property damage, and maybe steal stuff on the way out. Usually if you deal fairly, responsiblly, reasonably, and humanely with people, they will do their best to do you the same remembering how nasty it is to try and live in this rainy cold climate without shelter. Try not to steal their possessions out of their storage units if they are leaving anyways and don’t lie about them behind their backs-it just ain’t fair to do so.
So where do we get the money? Good question. Herr Trump just took $54 bil. from the domestic budget and put it into the stupid oil war crime budget. Maybe that should’ve stayed where it was if you don’t want the home front situation to get even worse than it already is. Is there a way to de-escalate the situations we’re in in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen? Yes, if the aggressors in the situations stopped bombing women, children and essential civilian support infrastructure in a calculated criminal mass murdering eliminationist strategy. It pisses people off when you attack, humiliate, ill, kill, and murder needlessly based on wrong hysterical information. And now the bankers and the businesspeople are boosting the value of their businesses by doing stock buybacks, enriching themselves but not creating employment or anything else in any new sectors so forget about crucial infrastructure investments. You find they’re pretty bratty and immature about how they deal with situations and people-they want a guaranteed return on investment and the worst of them will just sit there and let people die in droves unless they get what they want. You can only take for so long without investing before things start going really wrong-you gotta give back sometimes, not just keep on ripping, looting, and running.
And what to do about the Wall Street mess that’s getting ready to collapse a’ la 2008 again? Get your money out of the big banks because they will pay themselves and their friends with the ill-conceived derivatives liabilities before they pay you what you have coming. Better to hold a position than taking a big risk that doesn’t pay off in the end, huh. So let’s start on our county housing adventure by making use of existing housing before planning out and taking on new construction, which may still be necessary if everyone is to get adequate shelter in order to regrow their lives in a new direction. So lets do this; lets keep the banking local/regional and transparent so that if a person in a position of power is making big mistakes, we catch it before it’s too late to do anything about it. And that’s why I support the creation of a statewide public bank-one that works for us and keeps the money in the community as much as possible.
There’s always a lot of talk about taxes going up and how we can’t pay any more than we are already paying. And its true, because the money goes up, out, right, and stupid and we don’t get the secondary economic multiplier effects locally-jobs, wages, and tax revenues for creating more jobs and businesses. The money stays offshore once it leaves and they usually want your left leg before they will bring it back home too. It takes a hard, savvy negotiator to deal with them if a community wants to even hold its ground against their onslaught of demands. So don’t do anything impulsive or poorly thought out before signing on the dotted line. So we focus on diversifying into undeveloped local potentials before just letting them come in and rip things up again. We want people who want to commit to the area and it’s future, not just rip, run and leave a mess behind when they go, as has happened so many times in the past. So do you see now how crucial adequate housing is to saving lives and growing up a viable sustainable community? And with a good supply of housing, the prices should be lower than if certain people have a housing shortage they can game to their benefit and our loss.

Then you create a housing holding trust so there’s another layer of legal protection when the lying banking criminals come to steal your home with the robots-signing garbage. Another judge another hearing board another layer of crap for them to go through before they do the criminal deed of stealing your house. If a group of homeowners and renters get together, they then have to deal with another huge amount of people and legal crap before they can steal your homes that time.

Lyle Courtsal

Boy, The Moody, Beastly Machine Sure Didn’t Like This One. . . .


—AVAST BLOCKED TOO 11/28/17 4:34 PM did restart and she comes back from the dead. .

I Love You, Miss Ruby Red Slippers. . . Satori on a Flat Curve: Whooohoooo!!! .
So I have been doing street outreach for 15 years on the lowdown and have come to some conclusions. There is no oversight over the growing survival services nonprofit movement. And the management acts like most bureaucracies; unresponsively. So what I am trying to do is get people to think about three things. 1) some people don’t change when you tell them to, they change when they are able to. 2) Some people can’t think clearly enough to get it all at once; that’s why the access points (safe needle drug injection sites) are so very important in a continuum of care model. We have a track record of solid outcomes from 5 year continuum of care harm reduction systems in Seattle and Vancouver BC (Gabor Mate’ MD-In the Land of Hungry Ghosts), and three: Housing First then treatment and all that repressive stupid other crap like zero tolerance drug free areas that ‘wet’ people needing  the most help are usually banned or at least frozen out of culturally. Uhoh, cain’t work without that inclusive humane attitude, huh.
so what did we have going back then?
1) inpatient rehab for up to a year with outpatient relapse healthcare clinics part of king county public health
2) needle exchanges and access points with gear like defibrillators, etc.. Saw a nurse running around in an SUV in tennessee with the narcan along with the ambulances.
3) Van pickup to a hopefully compassionate and competent drunk tank, etc. Had this chief guy get ripped off for $300 at one one time.
4) A information database at the libraries for finding community resources like this stuff.
5) Had walking and bicycle medics with the city fire people. Nurse was under fire too.
6) Got a housing plus services supported housing happening here now Bayside Housing plus Services at the alcohol plant in Port Hadlock. Also got a safe injection site in Port Angeles.
7) Had some very low income and extremely low income low barrier Housing First housing going too. Boy, do we need a lot more too. Again NOT zero tolerance drug free housing. If a person is smart enough to understand that we need a diversity of housing community formats, we all are a lot farther down the road. One size fits all usually only works with the bosses friends and everyone else still takes a hike with no breakfast. I am thinking about charging a head up yo ass fee lately. . . . I don’t know ya so the estimate starts out at $25. I charged Killary Clinton $2 million dollars in cash or gold delivered for my support; never heard back.
8) I had people that I could call at this agency and operator 49 would take a message; that’s how we got the police backed down in Seattle. Nice to make a call and have something work out once in a while. A lot of veterans are killing themselves when they get foreclosed on; thought maybe a housing trust would be another layer of legal protection as well as a community builder/grower. Also working on public banking here too. Love ya, Lyle Courtsal,,

The NSA/CIA/FBI Nazi “Eco-Terrorism” Shibboleth.

Yup, around 30-40 years ago, when the nazis first took power in the US under Bush-Raygun, the environmentalists were suddenly the new internal “enemy”. Back then, there were very smart and principled people who resisted all kinds of aberrant garbage the new corporatist nazis under Bush were doing. They fought animal vivisection by raiding facilitles, they blockaded huge Old Growth forest clearcuts, they tried to stop all kinds of evil nasty things that greedy evil white right people did in the US. So the moniker “eco-terrorist” was created by the nazis to categorize these people and attack them even when they were doing perfectly legal things, which was most all the time. Because, you see, they were stopping criminal activities by the corporations and the universities that serve them before they could collectively mess up the planet and it’s inhabitants even more than before. . . . Because it really is the same criminal activity and disrespect; same capitalist nazi crap, different generation.
The lying nazi crap reached a peak during Redwood Summer when they were blocking the logging of old growth timber that summer. Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney were nonviolently blocking the logging with their friends when suddenly their car blew up; a bomb had been put on it and was detonated remotely. Then the feds charged both of them with terrorism saying that they had built a bomb and that it blew up accidentally, when actually they had planted it in the car, and then blew them both up. This is a classic US fascist setup and the real shame is that a couple of years later, Judi Bari died of her injuries. The worst criminals in Amerikkka demonizing the best of America once again. And the setups like this abound too. Look at Oswald and the Boston Bomber.
So lets see what others have done too. There was the anti-vivisection lab raiders liberating lab animals-they went to prison for up to six years each for doing the correct thing about horrific possibly criminal animal abuses. The people who sabotaged the GM tree lab by torching it went for six years+. This was done only after all the proper legal regulatory processes were so corrupted as to be completely unable to scientifically evaluate the long term impacts of introducing GM trees into existing ecosystems; the whole protective apparat was just bought off and totally corrupted from above by the University of Washington-one more evil death-dealing university in the US pantheon of capitalist miseducation.
And this is the pattern too. The mining company, or the energy company, or the logging company, or whomever else comes along and says,”I want this. . . .”. and then both lobbies and bribes off the relevant parties in both congress and the regulatory agencies until it gets what it wants even thugging up, threatening, even killing environmentalists and others, regulations and consequences be damned especially under the republicans. And a lot of times unless there is serious and persistent well financed grassroots opposition, the stupid, greedy, lying planet-killing bastards get what they want. And time and again, courts and regulatory agencies completely fail the situations they are presented with and why is that? Because there are weak human beings in positions of power who are easily manipulated by wrong information and then bought off by the pack of lobbyists following closely behind. And they stay bought off and compliant with criminal corporations’ wishes for long, long periods of time. There’s the congressman’s salary and then there’s the backdoor lobbyist payola greasing the rails of the bill spewing process. That’s why they go in broke and come out rich. Think of it; we didn’t have single-payer healthcare for thirty years plus because Max Baucus and a few othe repugnicrats could block it persistently for all that time, and maybe he was paid very well to do it too.
So if the system is totally corrupted and does not respond to the truth because of that, is it OK to vandalize the machines that are destroying the planet illegally? That is a hard question to be answered by the people on the ground in the situation. Very few judges out there are capable of litigating complex cases like that without their emotionalized biases taking over the situation and ruining it as far as coming up with a decent, legal, and appropriate decision; most times judges find for the rich businessman rather than the more complicated community issues that are brought up. And a lot of communities don’t have the resources to counter well paid corporate attorneys even if they are correct and the attorneys are lying and working the loopholes. And this is the rub; that a lot of communities just don’t care about the issues anymore; they can barely keep up with the bills, let alone the news. And activists, that’s the reason they don’t get involved-because they have too much to lose and they don’t have one extra minute or dollar to devote to the cause; it’s not because they don’t care, they just can’t begin to find the time or the money working three jobs when in the 9170’s, you only had to work one good paying one.
So when most people come home and get their eleven minutes of propaganda from the local network outlet, they probably don’t know to fact-check the issue and come to a reasoned conclusion, they instead just go with the soundbites, however dishonest and bad they may be. I have seen two issues now where the big money pushed the lies on the TV where the people didn’t know what to do and mostly responded to the lying propaganda and voted against their interests because they hadn’t done the thinking to see through the lies. They fell back on their emotional conditioning (the hard-working lying thieving corporate bastard is the underdog BS-but the ploy works with a lot of Americans because they don’t think it through-that’s why Bush wanted to cut public education-you’d figure out the scam then). Finally, I leave you with this situation. Tennie White was a black organizer who tested out this piece of ground for PCB contamination. There was very high levels of the chemical in the ground. She was prosecuted by the EPA for falsifying sample tests; a completely bogus charge. The EPA was colluding with the company to minimize the amount of toxic contamination by attacking the person, a black person, telling the truth on the samples. Expect more of this kind of malicious kangaroo court proceeding with Pruitt as head of the EPA.
And now we come to the situation at Standing Rock. The police and the military contractors there had been indoctrinated into the idea that they were facing a violent insurgency that was well armed because all the police and the military contractors were armed to the teeth, as in ready to massacre the nonviolent protesters for whatever excuse was given. There were youth horse-riders who were wounded by live fire, a helicopter dumped pesticide and herbicide on protesters in the first few days of autumn, and a nine year old girl was reported as shot to death by a sniper; a sniper from Ohio was shown later special-did he do it? The point of all this is that the police response was totally unsupervised overkill by people that were indoctrinated by false information to hate on and possibly fire on innocent, nonviolent protesters. Some cops quit the duty because they did not want to be a party to this kind of abuse and lawlessness. And maybe the response should have been given to police officers experienced in crowd management and de-escalation, not aggressive counterinsurgency. Because what played out at Standing Rock was criminal and the strategy and tactics endangered the lives of nonviolent peaceful protesters. And in other places, we have military people dressing up dead farmers as terrorists after they’re dead (Algeria and Colombia) trying to say that they were terrorists when they weren’t. What happens when the cops are criminals and use force wrongfully? Not enough yet. . . . Because the lie they’re always trying to pass off is that the left is the threat rather than the rightwing murderers. The guy who shot Pope John Paul II was a rightwinger tied to the turkish grey wolves, not a leftist as big propaganda outlets were trying to say from the start with no evidence. This pattern repeats itself ad infinitum too, with the goal to blame the poor people for what the rich people actually do. The police and military at Standing Rock were looking for an excuse to harm, maim, torture, beat, shoot, and imprison innocent nonviolent protesters that were trying to get their nation and people to commit to start doing the correct thing about global warming. 105+ environmentalists have been murdered in Honduras besides Berta Caceres. These mass murders are crimes, and nothing to be celebrated. The real shame to see is how willing a lot of people in Amerikkka are willing to believe the lies, want to believe the lies rather than face the more complicated truths about situations.



So Why’d He Do It?

So why did the guy from Uzbekistan do it? What do you know about Uzbekistan? Well, there was a CIA black torture site there for one thing. And yeah, they were boiling people alive there too. And Uzbekistan is a Bush-Clinton CIA economic paradise too, much like the Ukraine complete with sweatshops, starvation wages, no regulation, and death squads should you try and organize a union, why, just like in Colombia under the Bushs. Life is cheap in other words. And certain lives are to be taken by certain others, like your young NYC attacker. This is what is produced in a totalitarian dictatorship; and so what if they call him president; that still is the overall social dynamic. So he’s young and he doesn’t know how long he’s going to live since there’s so many ways to die, so he’s going to make his life and death count; his fate will remain under his control, thank you very much. . . .
He’s heard about what was done in Iraq by the US and the coalition of the bribed off. And we all know that the bosses never really get any punishment no matter how many people they harm or murder off. So the coalition intentionally bombed and took out the electricity, the water, the sewage, the refrigeration (electrical), food plants, and whatever other civilian support infrastructure they could get in pursuit of McCain’s bomb them back into the stone age goals; which by the way are totally criminal under international law. Kissinger’s and Killary’s goal is to reduce a nation’s population by 1/3rd, any means necessary. I got an email on this prior to WTO N30 ’99. And you face the consequences every day; your people slowly dying of a variety of reasons (and there’s nothing you can do to stop it) because, remember the 16 year Iraqi medical blockade done by Clinton, Albright, and Holbrooke? Also totally criminal as well. And once again, they don’t get any time for the crimes as usual. And let’s remember what Albright said when asked if 500,000 dead children was worth the massive theft of Iraqi oil that was committed after the medical blockade. She said,”It was worth it” without a second’s thought. And that is why I know that she is more disgusting inside than outside. . . gawd that face is ugly. . . and that’s how a criminal thinks too. Hell awaits. The total death toll due to the blockade alone was around 1.5 million dead I figure. Les Roberts did an on-the-ground medical assessment and came up with loss rates much higher than Iraq Body Count, and they counted 1,000,000+ dead. So let’s say 2-3 million dead due to a variety of causes, just like Vietnam and Korea, also massive war crimes/crimes against humanity where the laws of war were just like so much toilet paper to be disposed of and ignored. . . .
The reason all the rightwing hate George Soros so much is that he isn’t as much of a nazi as they are; that there’s some humanity to the man. And that is the reason why it is that my friend’s fortune was looted by the criminals that did him; he was a decent man, not a criminal and so they looted him into the pavement. So if both parties are into plundering nations into the pavement and you don’t have the means to come up with a viable future in the context in which you are placed and try to live in, as Saipov faced in Uzbekistan, then they go out with a bang that you will never forget, not a whimper like so many others just dying slow of starvation, disease, random attacks done by psychos, and airstrikes done by other psychos for all the wrong reasons. Yup, the US/Saudi/Israeli coalition has been implicated in systematically bombing hospitals (Kunduz, Aleppo, etc.), schools, community centers full of civilians, shelling housing with white phosphorus, thermite (in Ukraine), gas attacks on civilians (no, Assad didn’t do them), and murdering doctors too; clear repeated systematic attacks on innocent civilians over and over and over again until Kissinger’s goal is achieved. Saipov wanted revenge for what the Bush and the coalition did to his home and his people. It’s sad because I am just as disgusted with the obscenely criminal conduct of my misleaders; it’s just that I know there’s a Hell forever and maybe he forgot. And maybe he wanted you to understand a little of his pain too. Lord have mercy. . . .